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Report – Upbeat Assessment European Offshore Wind

Estimated cumulative national installed offshore wind capacity by 2030

An new report titled “Unleashing Europe’s offshore wind potential” by London-based renewable energy consultancy BVG Associates paints an optimistic picture for the European offshore wind sector. Currently we have 12.6 GW installed in shallow European waters. By 2030 the offshore wind share to the EU electricity production could be 7-11%, which constitutes merely a fraction of the true potential of three European bassins: the Baltic, North Sea and Atlantic from France to the north of the UK.

Three offshore wind basins considered

Key findings for offshore wind:

  • Between 2,600 and 6,000 TWh/year can be generated at a cost of €65/MWh or below, corresponding with between 80% and 180% of Europe’s electricity demand with 2030 technology.
  • Of that amount 25% of the EU’s electricity demand could be met at an average of €54/MWh in the most favorable locations.
  • The industry has achieved unprecedented levels of competitiveness through rapid progress in technology, industrial growth and a reduction in the cost of capital.

LCOE (levelized cost of energy)

[] – Company site

The 64p pdf report, free download in return for your email address:

European Power Grid

[source] Overview border-crossing power exchanges.

In 2007, the EU was importing 82% of its oil and 57% of its gas, which then made it the world’s leading importer of these fuels. Russia, Canada, Australia, Niger and Kazakhstan were the five largest suppliers of nuclear materials to the EU, supplying more than 75% of the total needs in 2009. In 2015, the EU imports 53% of the energy it consumes.

The European Union has a decarbonisation policy that aims at phasing out most fossil fuels by 2050 (original goal: 95% cut from 1990 levels). Purpose: minimization climate change and help keeping global warming under 2 °C.

[] – Energy policy of the European Union


Renewable energy sources, that are supposed to replace fossil fuel, are notoriously intermittent. This requires a continental grid where large amounts of energy can be transported from one country to another. In 2002 the EU decided that by 2020 every member state should be able to acquire at least 10% of its electricity needs from neighboring states. Currently 22 out of 28 EU member states are on track, c.q. have already achieved that aim.

[] – The Great Grid Special: where is Europe going with its grids?

In the 2014 the EU proposed to extend the 2020-10% target to 2030-15%:

[] – Electricity interconnection targets
[] – Commission launches new electricity interconnection targets expert group

Long distance electricity transport over thousands of kilometers is extremely cheap and efficient, with costs of US$ 0.005–0.02 / kWh. As of 1980, the longest cost-effective distance for direct-current transmission was determined to be 7,000 kilometres (4,300 miles). The consequence is that it is possible to contemplate the design of intercontinental grids, where offshore wind energy from Northern Europe (North Sea, Irish Sea and Baltic) can be combined with abundant solar energy from Northern Africa, the Sahara and even Saudi-Arabia (ignoring political aspects).

[] – Electric power transmission

It is these kind of considerations that have led to the idea of the “European Super Grid”

[] – European super grid

Including Northern Africa into a European Supergrid. Technically feasible, but politically sensitive.

The Seven Brothers – Europe Taking Lead in US Offshore

Click for very large photo

The outgoing oil age was dominated by the so-called Seven Sisters, the giant Anglo [*] oil companies Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (now BP), Gulf Oil (later part of Chevron), Royal Dutch Shell, Standard Oil Company of California (SoCal, now Chevron), Standard Oil Company of New Jersey (Esso, later Exxon), Standard Oil Company of New York (Socony, later Mobil, now part of ExxonMobil), Texaco (later merged into Chevron).

[*] – if we categorize the Dutch as “Anglo-Germans”.

[] – Seven Sisters (oil companies)

It looks like wind is going to play a major role in the energy generation of the 21st century, taking over from 20th century oil and that this time the rising industry will be dominated by European firms:

[deepresource] – Ten Largest Wind Turbines To Date
[deepresource] – The Giants of a New Energy Age

  • The 19th century was dominated by British coal and Britain was the dominant power.
  • The 20th century was dominated by American oil and America was the dominant power.
  • The 21st century… ah well, you get the message.

[] – U.S. Offshore Wind Poised to Boom — for Europeans
[] – The US gets its first offshore wind farm, with a lot of help from Europe

790 GW Renewable Energy Potential SE-Europe


The report underscores that SEE possesses vast technical renewable energy potential – equal to some 740 GW.” This renewable energy potential is dominated by wind and solar. “The region’s wind energy (532 GW) and solar PV (120 GW) potential is largely untapped, and 127 GW of this overall renewable energy potential could be implemented in a cost-competitive way today.”

[] – Cost-competitive renewable power generation: Potential across South East Europe (pdf 124p)
[] – 790 Gigawatts of Cost-Cutting Renewable Energy Potential in South East Europe

MERITS Seasonal Heat Storage Breakthrough

Everybody prefers to talk about wind and PV-solar when it comes to renewable energy. The reality is that electricity is only a relatively small part of the energy consumption of private households. Take the Netherlands:

[] – Energieverbruik door huishoudens, 1990-2013

Natural gas: 3/4 (space heating, cooking, bath)
Electricity: 1/4 (lights, TV, fridge, freezer, router, etc)

In other words: the greater challenge is to replace fossil fuel for heating purposes with renewable sources. Two major renewable sources for heating are
1) thermal solar
2) geothermal

The problem with thermal solar is the mismatch between supply and demand. You need heat in the Winter but the sun shines mostly in the Summer. Apparently a major breakthrough has been achieved in storing large amounts of solar heat in molten salts.

[] – Developing a compact rechargable heat battery
[] – Merits in slides
[] – Thermal energy storage

European Solar Transition Losing Steam

europe-solarVery bad news for the solar energy transition: it is stalling in Europe. Although per capita Europe clearly leads globally in both solar and wind, solar expansion is clearly on the wane.

[] – Can We Afford The Future? By Richard Heinberg



[] – Solar Power Per Capita & Wind Power Per Capita Leaders

Greater European Natural Gas Pipeline System


Peak Oil Europe Was 2005


It is semi-official: Europe is clearly beyond the oil peak and demand is in strong decline from 14 mbd in 2005 to 11.5 mbd in 2014. This rapid demand destruction could help explain why oil prices collapsed recently: European demand destruction supersedes oil depletion. Drivers behind this development: rapid introduction of renewable energy sources as well as rigorous energy saving measures, like switching to more fuel efficient cars. And of course the steep decline after the western financial crisis of 2008 (Lehman, ‘subprime’ US debt).

[] – Europe oil consumption peaked 2005

Very Strong Support in Europe for Renewable Energy



[] – Europeans Keep Saying Yes To Renewables

Yearly EU Wind Energy Report

Just out: the yearly EU wind energy report. Highlights:

  • Increase global wind capacity over the last 20 years: from 3 GW to 370 GW
  • European share: 130 GW
  • Leading European countries: Denmark, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Romania and Germany, generating between 10-40% electricity from wind
  • By 2020, at least 12% from EU electricity will come from wind
  • European manufactures produced 43.5% of the 52 GW new global installed capacity
  • Levelised cost of EU onshore wind in 2012: 4.5-9.7 euro cent/kWh. Offshore: 9-15 euro cent/kWh.

[full report] – 2014 JRC wind status report. pdf, 92p

[] – The technology, market and economic aspects of wind energy

Is Europe’s Central Heating Being Switched Off?

Gepubliceerd op 23 mrt. 2015 – Youtube text: The disaster movie “The Day After Tomorrow” was based on solid scientific concerns about global warming’s impact on the North Atlantic Current, also called the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, what most people think of as “The Gulf Stream” – although that is a simplification. The movie was obviously over the top in terms of the projected impacts, but after a decade in which science has downplayed the possibility of such an event, a new paper shows that the circulation is indeed slowing down. This could signal potential impacts on weather, the food chain, and circulation of oxygen and nutrients throughout the ocean.

[] – World Ocean Heartbeat Fading?
[] – Global warming is now slowing down the circulation of the oceans
[] – What’s going on in the North Atlantic?

Geupload op 15 okt. 2009 –

Read more…

Russia Continuous to Divert Gas from Europe to Asia

Strategic disaster in the making for Europe, that runs the serious risk of running out of fuel if the Middle-East descends further into chaos.

The Americans can be proud of themselves and their actions in Ukraine, by managing to let their Euro-serfs shoot themselves in the foot, by driving a wedge between Europe and Russia. That’s what you get if you believe that your worst enemy (neocon-run USA) is your savior, a mindset aka as the Atlanticist Faith.

China and Russia will seal an agreement later this year on piped gas from Western Siberia, China’s foreign minister said on Sunday, a deal that will continue Russia’s economic shift towards Asia and away from Western Europe.

This is all to the advantage of China, that now can replace vulnerable overseas supply routes from the Middle-East, that can be interrupted by the US navy, by overland pipelines, leaving the unreliable supply from Muslim lands to the Euro-fools, ‘lead’ by the 1968-generation human rights trash a la Juncker, Merkel and Hollande. As the Middle-East descends ever more into chaos, these supplies become less certain with every passing day.

[] – China and Russia Set to Finalize Another Major Gas Deal

European Energy Union


More self-serving hot air from Brussels. The bureaucrats invented a new way to make themselves important and provide excuses for more well-paid but useless EU paper pushing jobs. The EU presented a new plan for a ‘European Energy Union’. The weak-willed 1968 baby boomer cowards, human rights commies and Honecker-look-alikes, desperately looking for leadership from Washington, have come up with the idea of reducing fossil fuel dependence from Russia.

In itself it is not a bad idea to spread dependencies over as many parties as possible (even if you are not anti-Russian and we are most definitely not anti-Russian), but before you set that goal, you must be sure that there are alternatives. Here is the kicker: there are no alternatives other than rapidly setting up a renewable energy base, which is going to take decades anyway.

If the EU wants to make itself useful for a change, it needs to go to Moscow and hammer out an all-encompassing agreement, without informing the Americans, with the following contents:

  • Lifting of all sanctions
  • Accept Russian Crimea, but Ukraine compensated for the loss of income Sevastopol lease
  • Time table for the removal of all US troops from Europe
  • Joint European-Russian investment program for the reconstruction of Ukraine
  • If necessary build South-Stream, but better to save money and use existing Ukrainian pipeline infrastructure, including Ukrainian transfer fee income after some European-Russian arm-twisting/disciplining of Ukraine. Redefine Ukraine as economic European-Russian borderland, but with clear Slavic-Orthodox roots. Never Ukrainian NATO-membership (but NATO itself does not have much future anyway).

[] – The European Commission Unveils Its Energy Union Plan

Flawless First Flight European IXV Space Plane

An experimental vehicle to develop an autonomous European reentry capability for future reusable space transportation (‘space taxi’) has completed its mission. ESA’s Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle flew a flawless reentry and splashed down in the Pacific Ocean just west of the Galapagos islands.

[] – ESA experimental spaceplane completes research flight
[] – Europe’s mini-space shuttle returns


[] – Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle


ESA has great plans for this kind of kit. Giorgio Tumino explained the objectives in an interview with Euronews: “When we look at the future possibility to bring back to Earth astronauts, or samples from asteroids, or in the long-term from Mars, this is a technology that is a must to have on board, to be able to come back to Earth.” These kinds of vehicles could also be used to refuel satellites in orbit, bring science experiments back from the ISS, and even deal with space junk.

[] – Why is Europe’s IXV spaceplane mission so vital?

South Stream 2.0


It is a done deal now: South Stream is history.

Or is it?

The map shows the Black Sea pipeline (“Turk Stream”) that is going to be built, with almost the same trajectory as the original South Stream one, except that now the new pipeline will end in Turkey rather than in Bulgaria. The difference is that Turkey is not member of the EU (and never will be) in contrast to poor Bulgaria. Turkey is not interested in obstructing the construction of the pipeline with “Third Energy Packages”, like the EU did until Putin called Brussels bluff, and says ‘thank you very much’ to Putin-Russia for this little present. Turkey and Russia, unlike the Euro-fools in Brussels, realize that Europe will need natural gas for decades to come. A pipeline through Turkey means additional billions of income for Turkey from transit fees, to be paid by European consumers, ruled by incompetent US satraps in Brussels. On top of that, Turkey will get an enormous and completely unnecessary political leverage over Europe, just because the Euro-cowards are too afraid to kick American *** hard by refusing to take any more orders from Washington. If Europe does something Turkey doesn’t like, Turkey can shut off essential gas supply in a minute.

The new situation also encourages Turkey to loosen its ties with the West and become a member of the SCO alliance, the alliance with a future, unlike the West. This new alliance will enable Turkey to project its power over the Arabian peninsula with the end goal of reestablishing the Ottoman Empire and removing the US from the Middle-East. And all the signs are that this is precisely Turkey’s intention. And as long as the US has a big mouth against Russia and China, both the latter will give Turkey the free hand in the Middle-East, as long as it hurts US interests. The West gets smaller with every passing day.

For fourteen years, Putin-Russia’s grand strategy has been rapprochement to Europe

The big winners in the Iraq drama after giving Washington the finger in 2003.

…but at a decisive moment, Europe and its two greatest losers Merkel and Hollance…

Spineless dangerous incompetent European losers, determined to run Europe into the ground by obeying any order from Washington, like giving Europe away to Islam.

… did not have the guts to oppose the neocon-criminals in Washington and say no to the Ukrainian misadventure. Now the SCO-strategy is to weaken the West by ‘stealing’ Turkey from the alliance, in perfect symmetry with the theft of Ukraine and attempted theft of Syria from the Russian sphere of influence. And Turkey, being the de facto natural leader of Islam and potential owner of most of the fossil fuel resources west of the Gulf, is a much more valuable ally than basket case Ukraine.

Putin playing chess
The Western ‘je suis Charlies’ outfoxed again by the geopolitical Grandmaster.


Highspeed Rail Concentration in China

CRH380 harmony bullet at a Wuhan high-speed train maintenance base

The two largest Chinese train builders, CNR and CSR will merge into one company with 170,000 employees, for the purpose of competing on world markets against Alstom-France, Siemens-Germany and Bombardier-Canada in the highspeed rail segment. So far, Chinese products are mainly based on German, French and Japanese technology, but the ambition is to change that.

[] – China verkündet Mega-Fusion der Zugbauer
[] – Schnellfahrstrecke

High-speed Railroad Map Europe 2015

High-speed Railroad Map East Asia 2013

High-speed Railroad Map United States 2013

Moscow Confirms “Turkish Stream”


Yesterday we expressed our fear that Europe could have missed the boat with South Stream and indeed, Gazprom Deputy Chief Executive Officer Alexander Medvedev confirmed that South Stream is history and that instead “the Turkish Stream” is going to be build, even if the EU showed signs of being prepared to make a U-turn. And we believe Russia is credible. The European loss of face is enormous.

Putin-Russia has been courting Europe for full fourteen years, but under the current circumstances had no other choice than to quit. The nagging of the Euro-dwarfs Juncker, Hollande and Merkel simply became too much. As late as June Putin openly advocated a confederation with Europe, but was snubbed. We cannot begin to describe the depth of our rage.

China, Turkey and the US can’t believe their luck.

Satanic Washington got what it wanted, hook, line and sinker: destroy European-Russian relations, that got too cosy to the taste of the US. The neocons organized a Pinochet style CIA coup in Kiev, handpicked a satrap government and forced Putin to exercise damage limitation, by preventing NATO from taking Sevastopol, as well as wannabee operetta Nazi’s genociding Russians in Donbass (nota bene under Kolomoysky Zionist control, you really have to despair at the quality of what passes as Nazi’s these days). And they likely had a hand in co-organizing the downing of the MH17, the flying Lusitania. And from then on they could demonize Putin to their hearts content, dragging the Euro fools with them, completely against their own interest. Washington must be roaring with laughter, f*ck the EU!

China, because Russia has been successfully driven into their arms for a long time to come. Huge Russian infrastructure projects, like high-speed railway lines, will go to Chinese firms, not European ones. Additionally China is jubilant that with this move, Turkey is likely bought into the SCO-alliance, next to existing SCO-member Iran. And since Turkey and Iran will take over the entire Middle East in the coming decade, at the cost of Saudi-Arabia and the West, this means that the entire Middle East, with all its fossil fuel resources will then be under control of the Beijing-Moscow axis.

German Bundeswehr strategic assessment: more than 70% of fossil fuel reserves are situated in the “strategic ellipse” and Europe is now completely left out, because these Euro-idiots let themselves being maneuvered into black hole Ukraine on orders of the satanic Washington neocohns, destroying the relationship with Russia in the process, carefully build up over decades.

Turkey is jubilant as well. Out of the blue and completely unnecessary, Turkey got control over a large chunk of future fossil fuel supply from the Middle East and Russia to Europe and acquired corresponding leverage over Europe, illustrating once again the total incompetence of the European political class, that has outsourced the management of its interests to Washington, an extremely stupid idea. And when Egypt (including Suez canal) will sooner or later fall to the Caliphate, this would mean that Europe will be completely shut off from any source of fossil fuel.

The losers are Russia and Europe and the pathetic spineless Juncker, Hollande and Merkel and their convenient rock solid but fatal and masochistic Atlanticist faith are entirely to blame for this disaster. They will go into the history books as the Honecker’s and Ceausescu’s of western Europe, unable to say no to their overlords at the right time. They sit with their lazy *sses on the most advanced and greatest economy on the planet and yet don’t know what to do with it, other than waiting for orders from Washington.

Russia has to acknowledge that its plan A (Europe of the Fatherlands, including Russia) failed and are now reluctantly executing plan B, to find themselves driven into the welcoming arms of the Chinese.


Europe did not merely shot itself in the foot; it shot itself in both feet, hands, chest, head and genitals (if any). Nobody expects the EU to declare war on America. It would have been sufficient to say no to the sanctions, no to the take-over of Ukraine, yes to South Stream. Europe should have acted just like Schroeder/Fisher and Chirac/Villepin acted in 2003 over Iraq. Just say no, that was all, which would have come at the price of being called a “cheese eating surrender monkey” once again; who cares what the Americans say anyway. They will be history soon, like the USSR in 1991. Ukraine should have been a European-Russian affair and the US neo-bolsheviks should have been kept out.

Few people realize how dramatic for Europe this turn of events really is.

[] – Moscow confirms status of South Stream

South Stream in Perspective


Let’s do a simple calculation of what a pipeline like South Stream actually means in terms of energy:

Diameter pipe: 81 cm
Capacity: 63 billion m3 natural gas/year
Energy content 1 m3 natural gas: ca. 12 kwh
Energy generated in one man-day of work: 1 kwh (very hard work)
Total energy per year in kwh: 756 billion
Total man-days/year equivalent South Stream: 756 billion
Number of man-year equivalent: 3 billion (based on 250 workdays/year)

In other words: this pipeline of 81 cm diameter represents the equivalent of the physical workforce of more than the entire adult male population on the planet, as long as the gas keeps flowing. Europe just missed out on 3 billion virtual energy slaves, that’s 6 per European. And why: because spineless ‘soft-power’ dimwits like Juncker, Hollande and Merkel take orders from Washington, that’s why.

EU Backpedaling on South Stream


Soft power zombie & beta male Jean-Claude Juncker (‘soft-power’ = veiled language to express the intention that the EU will play the 2nd fiddle in the western alliance until Kingdom comes, despite the fact that Europe has long overtaken former colony and financial and racial house of cards USA in most technological & economic areas), who heads the EU commission, has finally realized that the EU is grotesquely overplaying its hand against Russia:

(Reuters) – European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has insisted the $40 billion South Stream natural gas pipeline can still go ahead and accused Russia of holding EU-member Bulgaria to ransom when it said it had abandoned the project. Speaking after talks with Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borisov, whose country South Stream would traverse making it a major beneficiary, Juncker rebutted Russia’s statement that EU competition rules had killed it.

You can’t make this stuff up! For this farce to happen, all Putin needed to do was paying the Sultan-in-waiting Erdogan a visit and it finally started to dawn even to the Europeans that they were surrounded, if Turkey would indeed leave the western camp and join SCO, a very realistic possibility. If that were to happen, than all virtual thought experiments of the Nabucco variety, aiming at reducing fossil fuel dependency on Russia, would be worthless and Europe should seriously face the possibility that it could be completely cut-off from fossil fuel from both Russia and the Middle-East.

Here is yet another major EU U-turn, after gamma male Herman van Rompuy expressed his views in a farewell address in Paris during his last days as ‘president’ of the EU, that perhaps Ukraine would be better off as a federal state, a reasonable proposition made much earlier by Vlad the Great and if the EU had enforced this policy early this year, against the will of the US, the whole Ukraine & sanctions mess could have been avoided.

You could say, better late than never, but the damage in terms of loss of European prestige is enormous. Europe is the premier address on this planet in many regards, but tragically without leaders, just spineless Atlanticist 1968 cultural Marxist trash, begging for US leadership.

[] – EU’s Juncker says South Stream pipeline can still be built
[] – South Stream Pipeline Issues ‘Not Insurmountable,’ Says Juncker
[] – South Stream: Nach Putins Stopp rudert Juncker plötzlich zurück
[] – The Scrapped Pipeline Project

European Wind Potential

Map shows average wind speed at hub height (80 m onshore, 100 m offshore)

It is obvious from the map that most potential for new wind-energy is located in the North-Sea. Exploitation to that effect is underway, driven by the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark.

[] – EEA project Wind Wind–Energy potential in Europe Energy potential in Europe 2020 2020–2030

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