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Solar Costs Will Fall Another 40% In 3 Years


Photovoltaic solar energy is just like that other solid state technology, IT: the per Watt solar installation cost is decreasing all the time, like the cost of memory storage or processing power in IT. The fact that budget furniture giant IKEA has started to sell solar panels says it all. The world does not really have a long term energy problem, but it certainly could have a timing problem and a huge dip in economic output, due to shortages in fossil fuel. The sooner the inevitable energy transition takes place, the better it is.

[] – Why solar costs will fall another 40% in just two years

P.S.: end of 2017 minus January 2015 = three years, not two.

160$/kwh Storage in 2016

In October last year we reported that storage of less than 100$/kwh was in the cards, now EOS announces that a 160$/kwh milestone could be reached next year, for large scale storage.

In comparison, your average $135 fully charged car battery has a capacity of something like 0.6 kwh, that’s $225/kwh. Energy efficiency battery storage: better than 90%.

[] – Eos Energy Storage’s Aurora Battery System Commercially Available In 2016, At $160/kWh

EOS Aurora 1000 | 4000 [source]

What’s Left of the Forests


More people means less forest.

[] – Humans Cross Another Danger Line for the Planet

Climate Change?

We are agnostic as far as climate change (formerly known as global warming) is concerned. What we do suspect though, is that those, who would love to establish a global empire, love the opportunity to use climate change, real or fake, as a means to impose global taxes and global measures. The globalists hate peak oil, because that will cause the world to become bigger again and less interconnected, but they love global warming/climate change.

[] – Climate Change is Global Communist Tyranny-Lord Christopher Monckton

Peak Oil is Now

John Hofmeister, the former president of Shell Oil, says: “the world is going to be oil short within the next three to four years” and confirms that Peak Oil is real and it is here now.

US #1 Gas Jockey Dies

Can’t make this stuff up: in king Abdullah’s Saudi-Arabia, the punishment for adultery is stoning to death. That’s a narrow escape then for Charlie and Camilla. It also illustrates that political opportunism (read: fossil fuel) always trumps moral principles.

King Abdullah is dead. Long live the king (Salman).

What’s the difference again between ISIS and Saudi-Arabia? Spoiler: none. Not that we care. We see fundamentalist Islam as a perfect container to keep the Arab IQ85 crowd locked up safely into their own territories, after making themselves impossible in Europe with their archaic mindset, so our resident nihilistic 1968 lefties have insurmountable trouble ‘integrating‘ these chaps into Europe and ruin that once magnificent civilization in the process. Way to go ISIS/Saudi-Arabia! Chop-chop! And give the American neo-bolsheviks and their wannabee world empire the finger.

US Defense Secretary Hagel: “King Abdullah was a powerful voice for tolerance, moderation and peace”. In the light of what happened in Syria, with strong Saudi involvment, this is quite a statement. Anglo politicians can be a little hypocritical at times.

Buckingham Palace is mourning. British are traditionally fond of humor.

Short history of Saudi-Arabia.

The most important thing in the life of a Brit is that the German doesn’t win. If that comes with the ruination of the British empire, so be it. That explains to a large extent WW1, WW2, the Soviet occupation of eastern Europe, oh and the existence of Saudi-Arabia.

The territory of what is now known as Saudi-Arabia, was part of the Ottoman-empire, before British and French imperialists showed up in the Middle-East. The Germans tried to circumvent the Suez-canal by building a railway between Berlin and the Middle-East, but the British did not like that and tried to sabotage the project. Key element of the British grand strategy was to destroy the German WW1 Ottoman ally by promoting independence of Arabia from the Turks. That’s where ‘Lawrence of Arabia‘ came in. This fine British homosexual managed to promote himself as the leader of the Arab tribes and set them up against the Turks, and yet avoided getting himself stoned because of his sexual preferences.

In order to achieve his aim, Lawrence used the most archaic and martial tribe he could find, the Wahabist Sauds. In 1918 WW1 came to and end and the Turks lost control over Arabia. Finally in 1932 Saudi Arabia came into being. And then the British made a catastrophic mistake by failing to realize that Saudi-Arabia had the world’s largest oil reserves and snubbed the Saudi request to support oil exploiration in their new country. The Americans however did. And the rest is history.

[] – Pepe Escobar – What Game is the House of Saud Playing?
[] – Huge backlash after British monarchy homors Saudi Dictator King
[] – The king is dead

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Cheapest Electricity in the World from Solar

Currently the cheapest electricity in the world, 5.8 cent/kwh, is produced in Dubai from the 100 MW Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park in Seih Al Dahal, Dubai. With energy prices like these, the Gulf states would be well advised to use their oil wealth to invest in a renewable energy producing future, after the end of the fossil fuel era. How about using cheap solar energy to desalinate seawater and produce fresh water? Or use electricity to produce hydrogen or even fossil fuel from water and CO2 in the air? This way the Gulf states can prevent a fallback to the camel-based economies of the past, when oil & gas run out.

There clearly will be a life after the end of the oil age.

[] – Cheapest Solar In The World


[] – Solar Energy in Dubai Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park
[] – Dubai’s DEWA procures the world’s cheapest solar energy ever

Printing a House

Youtube text: published April 27, 2014. A Chinese company is using 3D-printed blocks to build cheap and quickly assembled houses as a possible solution to the urgent problem of modernizing housing conditions in Chinese villages. The blocks are made from a mixture of sand, concrete and glass fiber, materials processed from common construction waste, which is pumped layer after layer through the top of a 6.6-meter-tall, 32-meter-long industrial printer.

[] – 3D Printed 5-Storey House Shell — China

On March 29, 2014, ten 3D printed houses, each measuring 200 square meters, appeared in Shanghai, China. The buildings were created entirely out of concrete using a gigantic 3D printer, and each costs only 30,000 RMB ($4,800).


[] – WinSun China builds world’s first 3D printed villa

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South Stream 2.0


It is a done deal now: South Stream is history.

Or is it?

The map shows the Black Sea pipeline (“Turk Stream”) that is going to be built, with almost the same trajectory as the original South Stream one, except that now the new pipeline will end in Turkey rather than in Bulgaria. The difference is that Turkey is not member of the EU (and never will be) in contrast to poor Bulgaria. Turkey is not interested in obstructing the construction of the pipeline with “Third Energy Packages”, like the EU did until Putin called Brussels bluff, and says ‘thank you very much’ to Putin-Russia for this little present. Turkey and Russia, unlike the Euro-fools in Brussels, realize that Europe will need natural gas for decades to come. A pipeline through Turkey means additional billions of income for Turkey from transit fees, to be paid by European consumers, ruled by incompetent US satraps in Brussels. On top of that, Turkey will get an enormous and completely unnecessary political leverage over Europe, just because the Euro-cowards are too afraid to kick American *** hard by refusing to take any more orders from Washington. If Europe does something Turkey doesn’t like, Turkey can shut off essential gas supply in a minute.

The new situation also encourages Turkey to loosen its ties with the West and become a member of the SCO alliance, the alliance with a future, unlike the West. This new alliance will enable Turkey to project its power over the Arabian peninsula with the end goal of reestablishing the Ottoman Empire and removing the US from the Middle-East. And all the signs are that this is precisely Turkey’s intention. And as long as the US has a big mouth against Russia and China, both the latter will give Turkey the free hand in the Middle-East, as long as it hurts US interests. The West gets smaller with every passing day.

For fourteen years, Putin-Russia’s grand strategy has been rapprochement to Europe

The big winners in the Iraq drama after giving Washington the finger in 2003.

…but at a decisive moment, Europe and its two greatest losers Merkel and Hollance…

Spineless dangerous incompetent European losers, determined to run Europe into the ground by obeying any order from Washington, like giving Europe away to Islam.

… did not have the guts to oppose the neocon-criminals in Washington and say no to the Ukrainian misadventure. Now the SCO-strategy is to weaken the West by ‘stealing’ Turkey from the alliance, in perfect symmetry with the theft of Ukraine and attempted theft of Syria from the Russian sphere of influence. And Turkey, being the de facto natural leader of Islam and potential owner of most of the fossil fuel resources west of the Gulf, is a much more valuable ally than basket case Ukraine.

Putin playing chess
The Western ‘je suis Charlies’ outfoxed again by the geopolitical Grandmaster.


Losing Our Energy Slaves

[] – Our ‘energy slaves’ impact environment

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