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Dutch History Illustrated by ‘Schoolplaten’

1666 – Dutch fleet preparing for yet another battle against the British.

Yours faithfully had the privilege to attend primary school during the golden early sixties in the Netherlands and regularly thinks back with nostalgia to the class room, the three rows of two-seat-benches (‘schoolbanken‘) with build-in ink pots, the maps and the headmaster teaching history.

But the point of this post are the ‘schoolplaten‘, no need to translate that word into English, on the walls, mostly illustrating the great moments in Dutch history. Spending a weekend collecting almost all of them and put them in chronological order and adding comments, is all in all a very pleasant task.

A schoolplaat is a piece of hard carton with typical size of 80 x 110 cm, sometimes reinforced at the corners with a piece of iron and a picture painted on it, that is not directly High Art, but sufficiently attractive and above all lovingly made. The purpose was education of children, the first ones were brought to Holland from Germany in 1839, but from 1857 on-wards they were all Dutch made by artists like Jetses, Ising, Bueninck and many others and served their purpose until the sixties, after which they went out of fashion. The pictures usually have an idyllic character, the harsher aspects of life are avoided and Dutch history is presented in a positive light only.


Idyllic scenes of typical Dutch landscape

Below a large number of pictures that illustrate Dutch history in chronological order:

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Britain Masterminded WW1


This is not a history site, but the interpretation of the past has great repercussions for the geopolitical present, as any educated German can confirm. The past two centuries have been the centuries of the dominance of Anglosphere, first the British empire and now the American empire. This is reflected in this overview of subsequent reserve currencies over the past six centuries, showing that every century has a new ‘top dog’ (Portugal, Spain, Holland, France, Britain, USA)…

Reserve Currency Status

Another indicator for the might of a political entity is the GDP, showing that China is well on its way to become the top dog of the 21st century and could replace the US, that in its turn began to replace the British Empire in the twenties:

fall-empires2[Deutsche Bank]

But China is not of interest here, it is The Great War or First World War as it became known after World War Two. Most people, who are not professional historians paid by a government, will accept that history is written by the victors. Or that victors can enforce that the defeated party, in casu Germany, signs war guilt clauses, like happened in Versailles and Nuremberg.

So if the historical truth is generally distorted by the victor(s), what can be said now, one century later, about who was really responsible for the outbreak of World War One?

On the night of 30-31st of July, 1914, feeling entrapped by a seemingly inevitable march of events, the German Kaiser Wilhelm mused to himself doomily:

‘Frivolity and weakness are going to plunge the world into the most frightful war of which the ultimate object is the overthrow of Germany. For I no longer have any doubt that England, Russia and France have agreed among themselves – knowing that our treaty obligations compel us to support Austria – to use the Austro-Serb conflict as a pretext for waging a war of annihilation against us… In this way the stupidity and clumsiness of our ally [Austria] is turned into a noose. So the celebrated encirclement of Germany has finally become an accepted fact… The net has suddenly been closed over our heads, and the purely anti-German policy which England has been scornfully pursuing all over the world has won the most spectacular victory which we have proved ourselves powerless to prevent while they, having got us despite our struggles all alone into the net through our loyalty to Austria, proceed to throttle our political and economic existence. A magnificent achievement, which even those for whom it means disaster are bound to admire.’

The Kaiser was entirely correct.

Earlier this year we commemorated that 100 years ago World War One (WW1) broke out. Today no serious continental European historian will accept the victor’s verdict of Versailles: “Germany is guilty”. Instead the consensus is that the Great Powers ‘stumbled into war‘, ‘it was a chain reaction’ really, a mutual suicide, an ‘accumulation of misjudgments & shortsightedness’ that led to the disaster.

All rubbish.

The Scottish authors Gerry Docherty and James MacGregor in their new book have meticulously shown that WW1 was long planned in advance by Great-Britain. They debunk that Germany was to be blamed for the war. It was Great-Britain that managed to draw France and Russia into a coalition against Germany, with the sole purpose of conserving the preeminent position of the British empire, by destroying the rising power Germany. That truth can easily be distilled from the war aims of the parties involved:

  • Britain: wanted to destroy a rising Germany that was seen as a threat to the supremacy of the British Empire.
  • Russia: wanted to dominate Bulgaria and control the Bosporus
  • France: wanted German speaking Alsace-Lorraine back, lost in 1871
  • Germany: had no territorial or other aims other than to prevent becoming destroyed

Mastermind of World War One Britain managed to unite the ambitions mentioned above into a single coalition with the aim to destroy Germany. In the end they prevailed, because they could make a Balfour deal with the US ‘Zionist Lobby’ du jour: “we British give you Palestine, if you bring your Americans on our side into the war”. And not even that was enough to bring the Germans down. In the end they trusted the Americans (Wilson’s peace plan) and prematurely disarmed and that broke their backs.

The interpretation of history, the guardianship of history is presently owned by Anglosphere, because they have the power to do so, at the cost of continental Europe. But many, including us, foresee a rapid decline of US power in the coming years, offering the opportunity to correct the self-serving historic lies that define western culture of today and lay the foundation for a renaissance of European civilization, centered around the coming Paris-Berlin-Moscow confederation that will replace the dying West.

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