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Ivan Maisky & the Greatest Conspiracy in World History

[source] Soviet ambassador Iwan Maisky talking to Winston Churchill, August 1941.

According to conventional wisdom, in 1939 ze evil Natzis set out to conquer the entire world, beginning with Poland. Next they conquered entire Europe plus considerable parts of the USSR. It would be only a matter of time, before they would invade America, China, India, South-America and what not else. Not bad for a country with merely 11% of global GDP:

Global GDP distribution 1941 in %:

USA 29
British Empire 11
France 5
Germany 11
Japan 6
Italy 5

Nazi_Occupied_Europe_September_1943_MapTerritories occupied by German forces, September 1943

Thank God, we had the notoriously noble Allies such as the US, USSR, British Empire, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, France, Canada, India, Australia, Morocco, Yugoslavia, Greece, etc., standing by to fight and defeat the menace, end good, all good. This explanation was brought to you free of charge at your doorstep by the victorious Allies during their trial in Nuremberg.

Good, let’s cut the crap.

The problem with trying to get the historic record straight is that most people are afraid of the opinions of others, an attitude also known as political correctness. The average lemming learns from television and other mass media what the party line is and what ideas need to be adopted.

Another problem is that if you try to get the historic record straight, you run the risk of being accused of secretly being a sympathizer of those being reviled most by the official party line.

Everybody understands that history is written by the victors and invariably to their own advantage. But now that the USSR no longer exists and the US is on the way out, it could pay off to see if this conventional view, as promoted by the Nuremberg trial, could be amended. Obviously we would not be writing these rhetorical words if we weren’t convinced that the Allies did indeed turn the truth upside down. Well, perhaps not 180 degrees, but at least 170 degrees.

Where to begin?

In 1987, a Soviet spy who defected to Britain, published a book that turned everything upside down. Viktor Suvorov in his book Icebreaker, claimed that:

Stalin used Nazi Germany as an “icebreaker” to start a war in Europe which would allow for the Soviet Union to come in, clean up, and take control of all of Europe. Suvorov claims that, just as Stalin eliminated his political enemies by pitting them against one another, so too was the plan when he gave Hitler the support to attack Poland, knowing that the act would trigger a war between Germany and the United Kingdom and its allies. The principal argument is based on an analysis of Soviet military investments, diplomatic maneuvers, Politburo speeches and other data.

Recently, Viktor Svorov has considerably sharpened his arguments made in Icebreaker in a follow-up book:

[] – The Chief Culprit: Stalin’s Grand Design to Start World War II

Here Viktor Suvorov explaining his theories, invited by C-Span, a US TV-channel not entirely in line with the aspirations of the the true US elite.

This book sold very well in Russia, but the western court historians never paid attention to it, as the AngloZionist-led West is not interested in revising history. Russia underwent a transformation, which paved the way to critically examine the Soviet past; Anglosphere has not undergone a transformation yet and is still interested in maintaining the Nuremberg status quo.

But we continental-Europeans are no AngloZionists and not interested to stay much longer in their multiculti bankster empire and as such have a different perspective and realize full well that well-founded historic revisionism could function as a torpedo, hitting our multicultural tormentors mid-ship. We are less interested in rehabilitation of the Nazis, but rather in attacking our overlord by eliminating the lies that keep him in a position of power. Our purpose is ‘saving European civilization’ from the US & other western oligarchs from multicultural destruction, not advocating the reintroduction of a system that perhaps once was necessary to attempt to stave off communism. But since communism is no longer around, Nazism is no longer useful, if it ever was.

The point however is that Suvorov is not radical enough. He only understands the politics of the USSR, concentrates on the relation Hitler-Stalin, but completely overlooks that secretly Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin had already decided on a detailed plan to destroy Germany and the rest of continental Europe by the Spring of 1939. At least, if we are to believe a Finnish writer named Erkki Hautamaki. In reality these three had already prepared for WW2 as early as 1933, when two Jewish diplomats, the American ambassador to Paris William Bullitt and Soviet ambassador to Washington Maxim Litvinoff managed to get the USSR diplomatically recognized by the US, which was the beginning of what was to culminate in the combined effort to destroy the European planetary domination and replace it with theirs:

Details of the theory of Hautamaki can be found here (scroll downwards):

[deepresource] – Greece Wants WW2 Reparations From Germany

The question now is: how to verify the hypothesis of Erkki Hautamaki? His theory is based on the so-called Mannerheim-files, a number of documents in the possession of the Finnish leader, who decided to become an ally of Germany, for the simple reason that the Germans were the only ones willing to come to the rescue of the Finns against the Soviets during the Winter War. But these documents went missing, but not the gist. How to verify? In other words: if Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill were already ‘in bed’ together, how did the necessary process of communication went about?

Our answer to that question is to concentrate on:

London, Spring and Summer 1939.

Four locations played a very prominent role in bringing WW2 about, c.q. attempts to sabotage the coming war:

1. Pied-a-terre Churchill until 1939 – 11 Morpeth Mansions
2. US Embassy – 1 Grosvenor Square
3. Soviet Embassy – 6/7 Kensington Palace Gardens
4. Flat Tyler Kent – 47 Gloucester Place

london-1939bThe destruction of the European world was masterminded within a few square miles in the center of London, early 1939.

There are only two candidates for Churchill to manage to communicate with Roosevelt and Stalin: the US and the Soviet embassy in London.

And as it turns out, Churchill used both communication channels to coordinate the Anglo-Soviet master plan to destroy Europe.

First the US embassy. How do we know that Churchill used the US embassy illegally, behind the back of his superior PM Chamberlain?

Easy: from the embassy clerk Tyler Kent, who had to type & decipher all the messages between the two conspirators Roosevelt and Churchill. Watching the following video (2 parts), nota bene made by the BBC, are probably the best spent 25 minutes to understand WW2:

[] – The Roosevelt Legacy and The Kent Case

[] – [21:48] David Irving, transatlantic communications Churchill-Roosevelt and at [24:18] refers to communications between Churchill’s son and Maisky, the Soviet ambassador.

It is a well-known fact that Churchill had been warning beating the war drums against Germany since the mid thirties and there is reason for that, because he was used as a tool by financial circles we will elaborate on in a different context when reviewing this book.

But now the Soviet link. That’s a more difficult nut to crack.

This post was triggered by the publication of a new book by Israeli historian Gorodetsky: The Maisky Diaries: Red Ambassador to the Court of St James’s, 1932-1943.

[] – Gabriel Gorodetsky
[] – The Maisky Diaries: Red Ambassador to the Court of St James’s, 1932-1943


[] – How Moscow’s man in Westminster charmed Churchill out of Britain’s wartime secret
[] – Ivan Maisky

Gorodetsky discusses the diaries of the Soviet ambassador Ivan Maisky to London. Maisky is the man we need to focus on if we want to verify that there was indeed a secret communication channel between Churchill and Stalin.

Here is a video of a presentation by Gorodetsky of his new book:

At [57:00] briefly Gorodetsky touches the Suvorov theory, mentioned above, namely that Stalin embarked on the Molotov-Ribbentrop non-agression agreement in order to bring Germany into war ainst Britain and France, a theory we support. Predictably Gorodetsky rejects that possibility.

Youtube text: tuesday, February 26th, 2013 – “The Dramatis Personae behind the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact” Gabriel Gorodetsky: Quondam Fellow, All Souls College, Oxford, and Incumbent of the Rubin Chair for Russian Studies, Tel Aviv University.

Gabriel Gorodetsky will re-examine the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact in the light of the personal diary of Ivan Maisky, Soviet ambassador in London from 1934-1943. Rather than focus on the traditional controversy concerning the role of ideology in the formulation of Stalin’s foreign policy an emphasis will be put on the role of the personalities involved in the process, as well as the political culture in which they performed. The impact of the purges on the execution of foreign policy, in enhancing preconceived ideas and mutual suspicions, would emerge as a key to understanding Stalin’s fateful decision to side with Nazi Germany, paving the way to the outbreak of World War II.

It is obvious that Maisky would not publicly admit in his diaries that he played a part in a conspiracy between Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin to get WW2 started. And equally, court historian Gorodetsky has no intentions of lifting the veil either and damage his own tribal interests.

So neither Maisky nor Gorodetsky will hand us a smoking gun. However a clue can be found in another book by Maisky that can be found online:


p55 – I do not know who was responsible for the meeting between Churchill and myself, Churchill or Vansittart: but it is a fact that on that warm July evening in 1934 the six of us were seated at table talking about various current topics. When after coffee the ladies, according to British custom, withdrew to the drawing-room, and only the three men remained at table, a more serious conversation began. During this conversation Churchill frankly explained his position to me:

‘The British Empire/ said Churchill, ‘is my be-all and end-all. What is good for the British Empire is good for me too; what is bad for the British Empire is had for me… In 1919 I considered that the greatest danger to the British Empire was your country, and therefore I was an enemy of your country. Now I consider that the greatest danger for the British Empire is Germany, and therefore now I am an enemy of Germany. At the same time I consider that Hitler is making ready to expand not only against us but also to the east, against you. Why should we not join forces to combat our common enemy? I have been an adversary of Communism, and remain its adversary, but for the sake of the integrity of the British Empire I am ready to cooperate with the Soviets.

[pdf] – Ivan Maisky, “Who helped Hitler”

There you have it! Churchill confided to Maisky (and thus indirectly to Stalin) during his ‘wilderness years’ 1930-1939 that he was ready for an alliance with Stalin in order to destroy Germany… as early as 1934. That attitude would not change until 1945. And Churchill early on had powerful Zionist financial backers that wanted him to bring about war in Europe in order to get the US global empire started. And before 1938, both the US and USSR were under firm control of said interests. The years 1937-1939 were a struggle between the British war party with Churchill as its leader and PM Neville Chamberlain. The latter understood perfectly well the game that was being played and he managed to avoid any personal meeting with Roosevelt, despite repeated invitations. Chamberlain was a decent man, who really defended the interests of the British Empire, unlike the corrupt war monger Churchill. Chamberlain understood that the post-Versailles order could not be maintained and that the existence of Germany needed to be accepted. But when Hitler handed the Czech crisis clumsily (Germans are great engineers but not great diplomats), the war party in Britain finally got the upper hand and PM Chamberlain was forced to issue the fatal war guarantee for Poland under heavy pressure of the Americans and British war party. That was precisely the mechanism with which the Americans could get the war started in Europe, by encouraging the Poles to dump any prudence at all and provoke a war with Germany under the false assumption that the Allies would help them regardless. That was a lie, the Poles were just being used as the useful idiot to get the war started and after the war were handed over to the loving care of Stalin.

Summary: Viktor Suvorov claims that Stalin tricked Hitler into invading Poland by giving Hitler a false sense of security via the Non-agression Treaty and Suvorov is correct. What Suvorov fails to see is that in the Spring of 1939, when Hitler tried to solve the Danzig crisis peacefully, Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill were already in agreement that a European war was desirable in the interest of the US and USSR, which meant carving up Europe and add them to the US and Soviet sphere of influence. The way to achieve war was for America to push Britain and France into giving the Poles a carte blanche with this reckless Polish war guarantee…

61098-forrestaldiariesamericaandworldjewspushedbritainintoworldwariilifemagazine15october1951Life magazine, October 15, 1951

…and once that was in place, the Americans only needed to incite the Poles for maximum demands (including persecuting the Germans forced to live in Versailles Poland and preying on Eastern Prussia) to ensure that Germany was forced to invade Poland (to come to the aid of their persecuted countrymen) and the European scale war was a fact and thanks to Churchill would be escalated into a world war.

It was btw exactly the same game the Americans played in 2014 in Ukraine: inciting Ukrainian nationalists to ethnically cleanse Donbass from ‘Moskals’, in an attempt to lure Russia into military intervening in the Ukraine and as such trapping Russia in a major military confrontation, just like happened to Germany in 1939. But Vladimir the Great knows his history and didn’t bite, much to the chagrin of the neocohns in Washington.

In 1939 Poland, Britain and France were used by the US and USSR and they couldn’t have done so if not for the traitor Winston Churchill, who had been beating the drums of war for years… in the interest of his mainly Zionist financial backers (much more on that later).

Independent conformation of the narrative as presented above can be acquired from this:

On 25 April 1939, four months before the outbreak of war, the American ambassador to France William Bullitt called American newspaper columnist Karl von Wiegand, chief European correspondent of the International News Service, to the U.S. embassy in Paris and told him:


Just like in WW1, in WW2 Germany was the hunted and the US, Russia/USSR, Britain and France were the hunters. In Nuremberg they told the world that it was precisely the other way around.

They lied.

But with the internet around nobody can stop the truth anymore.

[] – Excerpts from the Maisky Diaries
[] – Stafford Cripps in Moscow, 1940-1942

[deepresource] – The Winter War Finland-USSR 1939-1940
[deepresource] – 1941
[deepresource] – William Bullitt, the Architect of World War 2
[deepresource] – The Soviet Story
[deepresource] – The American Century
[deepresource] – Stalingrad
[deepresource] – US Dissidents Embrace Historic Revisionism
[deepresource] – The Chief Culprit
[deepresource] – 1941 – Iwan Maisky, Soviet Ambassador to London
[deepresource] – Why We Fight: The Battle of Russia
[deepresource] – The Truth About Pearl Harbor
[deepresource] – Hiroshima and Nagasaki
[deepresource] – The Battle for Norway – Hitler’s Pre-emptive War
[deepresource] – 74 Years Ago: Operation Barbarossa


The Winter War Finland-USSR 1939-1940

We haven’t watched the documentary (yet) and perhaps never will because it was produced by KPBS, San Diego, a subsidiary of Time Warner, which means we get the interpretation the US empire wants to plant in our heads.

We post it nevertheless because the Winter War is one of the mysteries of World War Two. Tiny Finland fought bravely against the USSR colossus… and didn’t loose. The Soviets abandoned the attack suddenly on 13 March 1940, which they had started on 30 November 1939 and agreed with Finland on peace terms quickly.

Why did this happen? Was the USSR really that weak? Sure, the Finns fought bravely, but come on: 170 million Soviets, armed to the teeth, against 3.7 millions Finns… you gotta be kidding us!

And the year later, the Finns attacked the Soviets together with the Germans. Why did they join the Germans?

Official history writing, as provided by the US-Soviet Alllies doesn’t come up with a satisfactory explanation. They have to hide something. First of all, the Soviets needed to be portrayed in Nuremberg as ‘peace-loving’, out of the blue attacked by ‘evil Germany’. This explanation was necessary to keep the European loot as a US-Soviet war booty, justified in the eyes of the world.

The real explanation comes from Finland itself and the legacy of Marshall Mannerheim:

[] – Finland in the Eye of the Storm

The winter war of Finland did not stop because of Stalin’s fear of a possible threat of western allies attacking to defend Finland. It ended when Hitler sent Stalin an edict that Stalin shall cease the acts of war against Finland, or Germany will bombard Soviet troops and fight for Finland unbidden. The Marshal received from Hitler information about this edict and copies of the plan of the western allies and Stalin concerning Finland.

Do you get that? Finland according to this source was saved by none other than Hitler. And the USSR complied because it didn’t felt ready yet for a confrontation with Germany, because Stalin was early 1940 waiting for the confrontation between Germany and Britain/France to happen first, so the USSR could attack Germany in the back once the West-Europeans had exhausted each other.

Who were in on this scam? Answer: Roosevelt, Stalin and sidekick & intermediary Churchill.

Churchill-Stalin-PaktEarly 1939, months before Germany intervened in Poland to prevent a Polish ethnic cleansing operation against the Germans forced to live in Versailles Poland, Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt had decided upon a four front war in Europe based on a huge deception. The USSR would invade Finland. The French and British would land in Norway under the pretext of coming to the aid of the Finns, a complete lie. The real aim was to occupy Scandinavia and encircle Germany and attack it on four fronts (north, west, east and south), see map.

The Americans were also involved:


It is obvious who had decided on the destruction of Germany and Europe: the Americans and the Soviets. They had the means…

Global GDP distribution 1941 in %:

USA 29
British Empire 11
France 5
Germany 11
Japan 6
Italy 5

and the motive: dethrone Europe, that had dominated the planet for five centuries.

And once you know that it becomes clear why the Finns joined the Germans in their pre-emptive attack against the USSR, that by June 1941 was in a state of full mobilization: the Germans were the only ones the Finns could rely upon to survive: they joined the Germans out of solidarity for their act one year earlier, that ended the Winter War.

[deepresource] – William Bullitt, the Architect of World War 2
[] – Winter War


On October 3, 1941, the German leader spoke to his people to explain why the Wehrmacht had invaded the USSR on June 22 with 153 divisions, together with the armies of Finland (14 div), Romania (13), Hungary, Slovakia (2) and Italy (3).


Quotes from the speech:

I did not want this struggle… I took a decision only when I saw that Russia had reached the hour to advance against us at a moment when we had only a bare three divisions in East Prussia, when twenty-two Soviet divisions were assembled there. We gradually received proof that on our frontiers one airdrome after another was set up, and one division after another from the gigantic Soviet Army was being assembled there… But in August and September of last year one thing was becoming clear. A decision in the West with England which would have contained the whole German Luftwaffe was no longer possible, for in my rear there stood a State which was getting ready to proceed against me at such a moment, but it is only now that we realize how far the preparation had advanced… The position in May had so far advanced that I could no longer dismiss the thought of a life and death conflict… But the possibility of surprise, which remained for me as a last weapon… When I see the enemy levering his rifle at me I am not going to wait till he presses the trigger. I would rather be the first to press the trigger.

Hitler justifies the German attack as a preemptive strike against an adversary that was preparing for an assault against Germany and the rest of Europe. The victorious US and USSR could cover this up during their victors trial.

The statements made by Hitler match completely with the findings of the US chairman of the Nuremberg tribunal Justice Jackson, who had to admit to his partners in crime (the false accusation made against the Germans of having started the World War) that after thoroughly searching German archives, all he could find was:


MR. JUSTICE JACKSON. I really think that this trial, if it should get into an argument over the political and economic causes of this war, could do infinite harm, both in Europe, which I don’t know well, and in America, which I know fairly well. If we should have a prolonged controversy over whether Germany invaded Norway a few jumps ahead of a British invasion of Norway, or whether France in declaring war was the real aggressor, this trial can do infinite harm for those countries with the people of the United States. And the same is true of our Russian relationships. The Germans will certainly accuse all three of our European allies of adopting policies which forced them to war. The reason I Say that is that captured documents which we have always made that claim-that Germany would be forced into war. They admit they were planning war, but the captured documents of the Foreign Office that I have examined all come down to the claim, “We have no way out; we must fight; we are encircled; we are being strangled to death.”

Some Allied fool (or perhaps an Anglo traitor, sympathetic the plight of the Germans) put this piece of damning text in the minutes of the tribunal, completely undermining the credibility of the Nuremberg Stalinist show trial.

Below you will find a number of inner-German secret diplomatic dispatches, dating from early 1941, that all mediate the same message: the German leadership detects that the USSR is secretly busy mobilizing its giant army and deploying it near the western frontier. This can only mean one thing: the USSR is preparing for the final attack against Germany and the rest of Europe. Germany has only one option left: start a surprise attack itself.

This was the stuff that Jackson found in the archives of the defeated conquered German nation. Jackson knew he was lying when he sentenced the German nation on behalf of his masters in Washington.

WW2 was nothing but a premeditated war on Europe by the globalist powers USA and USSR in order to destroy, partition and colonize Europe. We continental Europeans should never forget that and not be too sentimental about what will be the next great geopolitical event after the destruction of Europe in 1945 and the collapse of the USSR in 1991: the dismemberment of Anglosphere.

“I am a pathetic liar and I know it”


This is what Jackson found in the archives (German):

Berichte des Oberkommandos der Wehrmacht an die Reichsregierung
über den sowjetrussischen Aufmarsch gegen Deutschland.

Oberkommando der Wehrmacht F. H. Qu.., den L3. 1. 1941

WFST/Abt. L (1 Op)

Nr. 00 110 a/41 g. Kdos.

Geheime Kommandosache
Betr.: Sowjetrussische Grenzverletztingen.

An das Auswartige Amt

z. Hd. Herrn Botschafter Ritter

Nachdem bereits im Herbst des vergangenen Jahres vereinzelt Flug-
zeuge der UdSSR. die Demarkationslinie nach Westen in groBer Hohe
überflogen, teilt das Oberkommando der Wehrmacht mit, dafi neuer-
dings am 10. 1. 1941 bei Wojciechowice eine fremde Maschine bis tief
liber deutsches Gebiet einflog. Flughohe ca. 1200 m. Gestalt und Ab-
zeichen liefien einwandfrei erkennen, daB es sich am ein Flugzeug der
UdSSR. handelte. Das Oberkommando der Wehrmacht wird von
GegenmaBnahmen zunachst absehen, hat aber Anweisung erteilt,
etwaige weitere Grenzverletzurigen fortlaufend zu melden.

Das Auswartige Amt wird von hier entsprechend unterrichtet.

Der Chef des Oberkommandos der Wehrmacht
Im Auftrag: gez. W a r l i m o n t.

Read more…

William Bullitt, the Architect of World War 2

William-BullittWilliam C. Bullitt, crypto-communist and driving force behind the US diplomatic recognition of the human slaughterhouse USSR as a first act of government of the Roosevelt administration. US ambassador to Moscow between 1933 and 1936 and US ambassador to Paris between 1936 and 1940. Right-hand man and confidant of Roosevelt. The Victorya Nuland of the thirties.

The history you were taught in school and promoted by the media and Hollywood until today is plain wrong and serves the interests of the US financial oligarchy only. The official story is that the notoriously noble allies, such as the US, USSR, Britain + empire, France + empire, Poland, Yugoslavia, Greece, Norway, Holland, Belgium single-handedly, without help from outside and all by themselves (albeit outnumbering the Germans 6:1, a detail really) defeated evil Germany. End good, all good.

The reality was that by 1933, the US and USSR were resp. economy #1 (US a staggering 29% global GDP) and #2 (USSR 13% global GDP). The world in 1939 was nevertheless still dominated by the European empires of Britain, France, Holland, Spain, Portugal and Belgium, a state of affairs that had emerged since the Europeans began to explore the planet in grand style since 1400:

World_1914_empires_colonies_territoryEuropean empires 1914

But the emerging globalist powers US and USSR were determined to change that situation and take the place of Europe. And the only way to achieve that was war.

The political incorrect truth is that by the beginning of the 20th century, both the US and Russia had been taken over by a tribe of which William Bullitt was a prominent member. Landmark events: 1913, founding of the Federal Reserve in America and ‘Russian’ revolution of 1917 (confirmation by Vladimir Putin).

Key pillars of their political power were: Wall Street in the US (it still is) and the Marxist ideology in the USSR. And the tribe was determined to conquer the world using an alliance between “ZOG-USA” and “ZOG-USSR”. Target: Europe.

And that opportunity arose in 1933, when lefty Roosevelt and his entourage of Stalin lovers, including our William Bullitt, got hold of the presidential office. And what was the first thing the Roosevelt government did?

As Soviet ambassador Litvonov says in the video of what the aim is: “real friendship and peaceful cooperation between the two largest republics in the world”. That did not include peaceful cooperation with other countries, certainly not those countries which defended themselves most vigorously against communism: Germany and Italy. Litvonov and Bullitt, both shown in the video and members of the same ethnic group, were the key figures in linking the emerging globalist powers USA and USSR together to prepare for the largest slaughter in history: WW2. The European world was to be destroyed to pave the way for the rule of their ethnic group.

Who was William Bullitt?


[] – Reading Eagle, December 14, 1941

So Bullitt already sympathized with killing field USSR from the early days of the revolution, hardening accusations by European right-wingers (like Hitler) that there never had been a ‘Russian’ revolution, but that in reality the Soviet government had been run by the tribe during the first two decades after the revolution.

US ambassador William Bullitt arrives in Moscow after he crafted the US diplomatic recognition of the USSR.

Which was precisely the rationale behind the deportations: to prevent that Europe would suffer the same fate as Russia had suffered, where millions and millions perished under communism before the war and and a fate that possibly America could suffer in the near future, if the European mother civilization doesn’t intervene and liberates its somewhat problematic son and troublemaker America.

William Christian Bullitt. This is how an unbearably arrogant pr**k looks like. Despite his name, there is nothing Christian about him. He will advocate the Gulag, the bombing of every German city, making up horror stories in Nuremberg, just as long his tribe will get a hold of power. Killing JFK, flying planes into buildings on 9/11, plotting for war against Iraq, Libya, Syria, the overthrow of dozens of regimes, like the one in Kiev and likely the downing of MH17… nothing is too crazy for these people and their unbroken will for power.

[] – William Christian Bullitt, Jr.


Chamberlain accuses ‘world Jews’ of having pushed Britain into war with Germany, a war he would have liked to prevent. What was the key element in bringing war about in Europe? The British and French (empty) ‘guarantee’ for Poland. Once that guarantee was in place, early 1939 under American pressure, all the American diplomats needed to do to destroy and conquer Europe was to encourage useful idiot Poland to not give in to any reasonable German demands, like giving back the German town of Danzig to Germany. The Polish government felt emboldened by the (empty) promises of support by the Americans, French and British and began to persecute the Germans, forced to live in Versailles-Poland, with the aim to cleanse Poland from Germans and conquer Eastern Prussia. In 1945 the Poles would finally achieve their criminal aim, backed by the Alllies, and ethnically cleansed 14 millions of Germans from lands that had been German for centuries, an operation were millions got killed. The situation in Western Poland in 1939 was almost identical to the one in Ukraine-2014, where a Russian minority got targeted by the Ukrainian majority, after a western backed nationalist violent coup in Kiev, again emboldened by (empty verbal) support from the Americans, who merely like to use the Ukraine to foment conflict between the West and Russia.

Who are these ‘world Jews’ Chamberlain was talking about? We will elaborate on that later when we discuss Winston Churchill, but one of the most prominent was no doubt William Bullitt.

[source] Bullitt and daughter, he had with a Louise Bryant, a hardcore USSR groupie and feminist (goes hand in hand). Birds of a feather flock together. Bullitt divorced her when he found out she preferred a woman over him.

On 25 April 1939, four months before the outbreak of war, Bullitt called American newspaper columnist Karl von Wiegand, chief European correspondent of the International News Service, to the U.S. embassy in Paris and told him:


From: The War Around us by Wolfgang Peter May [google]

Straight from the horse’s mouth:

War in Europe has been decided upon.

That was four months before the Germans invaded Poland to come to the aid of their beleaguered countrymen, forced to live in Versailles-Poland.

[BBC news reel] – British report about the German refugee crisis

‘Hundreds of thousand’ German refugees arrived from Poland in Germany proper in August 1939, which prompted the invasion of the Germans. In 1945, 14 million Germans would be expelled from their homes by the Poles, who finally managed to carry out the ethnic-cleansing program they already intended to carry out in 1939, emboldened as they felt by the Americans, British and French. Today, Ukrainians try to do the same thing in Donbass and throw out Russians, which Russian covert support could prevent. Vladimir Putin knows history very well and so far managed to avoid giving the US a pretext to escalate the conflict.

And this was how the Americans perceived how they could manage to get the war started: over Poland:

Poland has the assurance of the support of Britain and France, and will yield to no demands from Germany. America will be in the war soon after Britain and France enter it.

Decided upon by who?

Answer: Roosevelt, Stalin and paid British traitor (albeit with American mother) Winston Churchill.

Stalin? Yes, we already know that from the revelations of Finnish author Erkki Hautamaki:

[deepresource] – Greece Wants WW2 Reparations From Germany

Hautamaki learned from the Mannerheim Files that war had been decided upon in April 1939, exactly as Bullitt had hinted to von Wiegand.

But it can be easily deducted as well that the Soviets were in on the scheme to destroy Europe, using Poland (and Britain and France) as useful idiots. How? By realizing that the Soviets were not punished for taking the eastern half of Poland, three weeks after the Germans invaded from the West. Poland was never the issue, the country was gladly handed over to the loving care of Stalin after the war. Poland was used by the US and USSR to get the war started, a war they alone desired to greatly expand their spheres of influence. Obviously they could not admit that openly afterwards, so they set up their little Stalinist show trial in Nuremberg to distort the truth, the one we are still stuck with today.

So why this famous Ribbentrop-Molotov non-aggression agreement of August 1939? Viktor Suvorov had it exactly right: Stalin knew that Hitler needed to act in Poland, to help the Germans living there and save them from ethnic cleansing and persecution by the Poles. Stalin offered the illusion to Hitler that he had at least his back free in the East and could avoid a two-front war. It was a lie and a trap. Stalin wanted to get the war started as well. He wanted Hitler to walk into the trap, the Americans and Soviets had designed for the Europeans. When Bullitt hinted to Wiegand in April 1939 that ‘war had been decided upon’, he meant to say: decided by the US, USSR and the war party in Britain (Churchill, Cooper, Eden, Halifax, Vansittard and many others, but not the royals, not Chamberlain and obviously not the British population nor the American population, who for 80% were isolationalist).

[deepresource] – The Chief Culprit, Viktor Suvorov

But the American elite had different plans…

They knew precisely about the comparative strength of the parties involved and that an alliance with the USSR could catapult the US into planetary pole position and that prospect was too tempting. Half a year before Roosevelt managed the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor, the US elite began to mentally prepare its population for the war:

[deepresource] – The American Century

The Americans and Soviets succeeded in their aim to destroy Europe and divide the loot between them. Meanwhile Russia got rid of communism, as well as the US parachuted oligarchs after 1991, thanks to Vladimir Putin. No wonder the Anglos hate him, because he managed to escape from the NWO and succeeded to build an alliance with China, India, Pakistan, Brasil, Iran and perhaps Turkey, that is strong enough to withstand the Anglo lead western assault against Eurasia.

Now it is continental European payback time in the spirit of the French general Charles de Gaulle and his vision of Europe of the Fatherlands (“Paris-Berlin-Moscow”). History will return to the US like a boomerang. What the US and USSR did to Europe between 1939-1945, can Greater Europe and China do to America, using again secret diplomacy. No, we are not going to bomb every American city; after all we Europeans are not Americans. Besides, the poor black folk currently living in these cities wouldn’t know by which truck they were hit.

No, it is much smarter to let the Straussian US leadership work for European interest for a change and continue to promote mass immigration, inevitably bringing US society to a breaking point (some of the smarter Americans already understand that mass immigration no longer serves the interest of the US elite). In parallel, remove the dollar from all economic transactions in Eurasia (China, Russia and India are working on that as we speak), reducing the economic and financial leverage of Washington and increase ethnic tensions in the US. And quietly hint to China that Europe won’t defend Australia, giving China the opportunity to double its territory on the cheap, provided it will confront the US in the South China sea, just like America gave Eastern Europe to Stalin in 1945.

What Europe should wait for is the US equivalent of Slaviansk/Ukraine-2014: a European-American insurgency, we Europeans should support and reverse 1776 and as such offer a substantial part of Euro-America to live European rather than third world lives. Within a European framework or ‘culture circle’, economically, culturally and technological dominated by Paris-Berlin-Moscow. The alternative is the Gulag on American soil. Take your pick, Euro-America.


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74 Years Ago: Operation Barbarossa

German newsreel, June 22, 1941, announcing the German attack (with English subs)

In Holland it is 23:45 CET and we suddenly realize that today it is 74 years go that Germany invaded the USSR. We plan to elaborate in great detail on that event in the future, but nevertheless some preliminary remarks now.

We have repeatedly said that everything that is promoted as the truth concerning WW2 is a lie and Barbarossa is no exception. Rule number one concerning justice is that the judge must be impartial. That essential principle was violated to the extreme, when the victors of WW2 put on robbes in Nuremberg and began to judge WW2. As was to be expected in advance, based on knowledge of human nature, the verdict was entirely to the advantage of the victors.

The official Nuremberg explanation was that Germany invaded ‘unsuspecting peace loving USSR’ to acquire ‘Lebensraum’, as Hitler had announced in his ‘Mein Kampf’ pamflet in the early twenties. Meanwhile, there is a growing number of historians that reject that vision and instead claim that Germany attacked the USSR as a preemptive strike and was an act of desperation and to at least have the advantage of dealing the first blow, an act justified by international law. But if you lose the war, as Germany did, your opponents can claim that they were raided in an act of unprovoked aggression.

In the video, the Germans accuse the Russians and British to have conspired against Germany. Hitler, from the early twenties on, had hoped for an alliance with Britain and Chamberlain was not unwilling to accommodate him. But just like the Americans in 2014 prevented an rapprochement between the EU and Russia, in the thirties the Americans had the bought and paid-for traitor of the British cause, Winston Churchill to drive a wedge between Chamberlain, who represented the wishes of the majority of the British and Germany.

On October 3, 1941, Hitler explained to his people why he had decided to attack and broadly he is telling the truth.

[] – Operation Barbarossa: What would Europe look like if the Soviets hadn’t defeated Hitler?

Anglo author for the occasion is building on the ‘wisdom’ of Nuremberg.

[] – Was Stalin to blame?

Leading Israeli daily discusses the theories of new historians, claiming that an ill-prepared Germany merely preempted a Soviet attack, planned for July 1941 and that in reality the USSR was in a state of full mobilization from Smolensk to Wladiwostok when Germany attacked.

Soviet defector Viktor Suvorov was the first to launch the new theory regarding operation Barbarossa.

Russian television examines the Suvorov hypotheses pro and contra.

[mp3] – American revisionist historian Mark Weber explaining Operation Barbarossa.

[deepresource] – Viktor Suvorov, The Chief Culprit

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Europe, August 1939

German news reports about German refugees coming from Poland.

For those who think this is German propaganda, watch this:

[British newsreel August 1939] – short British video clip, talks about German refugees in the hundreds of thousands, ruthlessly persecuted.

Europe 1914, ethnic map. Note how relatively small the landlocked area is occupied by majority ethnic Poles and note that the Germans inhabit the entire southern Baltic coast.

Versailles Poland 1933. The ethnic distribution was more or less the same as in 1914, but the Allies had created the boundaries of the new Polish state such that many Germans were forced to live in a hostile new environment. After all WW1 had been masterminded by Britain to downsize Germany, after it had become a threat to British supremacy, that had lasted throughout the entire 19th century. Eastern Prussia is cut off from Germany proper to deliberately create extra difficulties for the Germans. Danzig, for 97% ethnic German and although administered by the League of Nations, is part of Poland.

After Germany in 1939 has succeeded in reacquiring all the German territories taken from them in Versailles (Saar. Rheinland, Sudetenland, Memel, Austria [*]), after a war that was forced upon them by Britain, with Russia and France as side-kicks, there is one remaining item on the German todo list: get Danzig back and acquire the right to connect Eastern Prussia with Germany proper via an Autobahn as well as a railway line and put an end to Polish harassment of German traffic through Poland.

The demands were reasonable, but the Poles refuse to cooperate, not in the least because the Americans get involved, which is almost always bad news. They apply pressure on the British and French governments to guarantee the present boundaries in Europe and Poland and on March 31, 1939, the British and French agree to sign the fateful Polish war guarantee. From then on, the Poles abandon all restraint, secretly encouraged by the Americans, who smell their chance to create a war in Europe, with themselves eventually involved. After all, the Americans own almost a third of the world’s production capacity, but are still a geopolitical backwater, a situation the Americans desperately want to change, at the cost of Europe. The Americans tell the Poles that they can do what they want, because the Allies will support the Poles through thick and thin, which is precisely what the Poles want to hear.

[*] Austria was never part of Germany, but Austria had requested to become part of Germany itself in Versailles. But since WW1 was fought to downsize Germany, not to enlarge it, the Austrian request was rejected. There is no doubt that the majority of the Austrians did accept the Anschluss in 1938, despite the US propaganda to the contrary, like in the Sound of Music.

The Polish war guarantee emerges shortly after March 16, 1939, when Hitler makes his big mistake and invades the rest of Czechoslovakia, with the justification that the country threatens to descend into chaos after the secession
Czechoslovakia was an artificial country, created by the Allies, not by the Czechs or Slovaks and not a single shot was fired by the ‘Czechoslovaks’ All the territory had always belonged to

The Germans, not exactly the world’s greatest diplomats

The Battle for Norway – Hitler’s Pre-emptive War


[] – Henrik O. Lunde, Hitler’s pre-emptive war, the battle for Norway, 1940 (2009)


In the beginning of April 1940, Germany and the Allies Great-Britain and France invaded Norway at the same time. Why was it that the outpost Norway became the first war theater between the Allies and Germany? The standard popular Hollywood explanation is that Hitler wanted to grab Norwegian territory as a first step of conquering Europe from the Atlantic to the Ural mountains. Lunde shows that this view is untenable. Hitler wanted Scandinavia to remain neutral in a war that was forced upon him by the British and the French. The Norwegian campaign was an escalation of the war initiated by Churchill. Germany had two major vulnerabilities: dependence on oil from Rumania and iron ore supply from Sweden. The Russians knew it, the British and French knew it. After Britain and France had declared war on Germany on september 3, 1939, after the conflict between Germany and Poland over Danzig had escalated, they were reluctant to act upon the war declaration. Germany never wanted war with Britain and France in the first place and Britain and France had too much respect for the German military to attack Germany directly in an all out war. They remembered all too well what had happened in World War 1, namely a Germany at war with Britain, France and Russia at the same time and nevertheless gradually gaining the upper hand in 1917. It was only the American war entry that brought down Germany in the end. In 1940 Germany had a non-agression pact with Russia and America was not yet in the war. So Churchill came up with the idea of attacking Germany indirectly by attempting to interrupt the supply of Swedish iron ore from Narvik/Norway. If this plan had succeeded, Germany would have lost the war even before it had started. Germany had no options other then intervening in Norway. In this review we only consider the decision taking process that lead to war, as described in the first two chapters of the book. The rest of the book deals with the details of the battles and is not considered here. We are only interested in the big picture and diplomatic maneuvering that lead to the invasion.

  • Chapter one – deals with the events from the Allied perspective
  • Chapter two – deals with the events from the German perspective

Editor: It is important to understand that there is no difference in the way the British and French behaved in Norway and in the Low Countries. Small countries Norway, Holland and Belgium were put under great pressure from the Allies to abandon neutrality and reluctantly cooperate in the Allied war effort against Germany. And in both cases it was Churchill who was the driving force behind all the operations.

The author Henrik Lunde is a Norwegian-American, who spent his career as an officer in the U.S. Army, including multiple combat tours as a highly decorated Airborne Ranger. Later, he served as Director, National and International Security Studies, U.S. Army War College. In other words, Lunde is a westerner, but to his astonishment has to admit that the war in Norway was forced upon Hitler by Churchill, the latter being anxious to finally get the war started and escalated. Lunde understands that the ‘wish to help the Finns against the Soviets’ was merely a pretext for the Allies to invade Norway and cut of iron ore supplies to Germany.

Everything about the official WW2 narrative is a lie, carefully concocted by the Allies in Nuremberg to their own advantage:

The Big Picture
Churchill’s backers (review later)
Poland (review later)
Norway (read below)
The Low Countries
Barbarossa (review later)
Pearl Harbor

WW2 was the premeditated destruction of Europe by the globalist powers USA and USSR in an alliance that originated from 1933.

The USSR is dead.
Anglosphere is still at large, trying to ram every country into their planned global empire, a pipe dream, it won’t happen, as the China + Russia + Caliphate are too strong, resistance in Europe is growing and even a large number of European-Americans are unhappy with the way their society is developing.

Let’s restore centuries of European Greatness and liberate ourselves from those who aim for our (multicultural) destruction, if necessary in a unspoken alliance with post-globalist Russia, China and Islam.


Paris-Berlin-Moscow is the winning formula, plus those North-Americans who want to end the empire and lead a European life.

Now back to Lunde’s book:

Why Norway?

1. The Allied Perspective

In the beginning of April 1940, both Germany and the Allies Great-Britain and France invaded Norway. Why was it that the outpost Norway became a war theatre?

NW-European war theater April 1940

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The Truth About Pearl Harbor

According to official (allied) history writing, on December 7, 1941, the navy of the Empire of Japan launched an unprovoked surprise attack against Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Except it wasn’t a surprise attack and it wasn’t unprovoked.

In the US nobody ever asks why Japan attacked Pearl Harbor (PH), it is a forbidden question. It suffices to determine that Japan did and that retaliation was justified and required, just like was the case with the New Pearl Harbor: 9/11.

The question why Japan attacked PH is interesting though, certainly after a good look at the 1941 balance of power between the US and Japan:

Global GDP distribution 1941 in %:

USA 29
British Empire 11
France 5
Germany 11
Japan 6
Italy 5

The economy of the US was five times that of Japan, please let that sink in.

Now why would a political entity attack another political entity, that is five times stronger and a defeat was almost preprogrammed?

Answer: desperation, the Japanese were cornered by the Roosevelt government.

If you want to design a perfect metaphor for the true story of PH and the interaction between the US and the empire of Japan, this could be the one:

Tall forty year old man approaches small six year old boy, puts his wallet on the floor and says to the boy: ‘pick it up’. The boy senses that nothing good can come out of this and hesitates. The man insists with a threatening voice: ‘!’. The boy reluctantly picks it up. Next the man says: “what are you doing with my wallet” and gives the boy a kick in the face, so hard that the boy smacks against the wall, leaving him unconscious and severely wounded.

The tall man is of course the US, the little boy Japan, the wallet Pearl Harbor, the kick in the face Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Sorry for being so graphic, but the history of the Second World War and geopolitics in general are not for the faint-hearted.

In August 1945, the US could add Japan to its global empire, which had been the intention all along. Luckily for the German people, they were defeated two months earlier, otherwise Berlin no doubt had been nuclear pulverized as well, instead of merely turned into rubble by conventional bombs. The US applies harsh methods to those who resist becoming a member of the US global empire. In 2015, Russia, China and Iran better pay attention.

Back from metaphors to historic reality. Essential time line to understand Pearl Harbor:

  • 1908-11-30Root-Takahira agreement; the US giving Japan a free hand in Manchuria. The US basically confirmed that Japan could annex Korea and Manchuria with impunity. Theodore Roosevelt wanted Japan as a counterweight against Russia in the East.
  • Already in the mid-thirties, Roosevelt had openly declared that there should be a New World Order under US leadership, that should guarantee the peace and that the US, UK, USSR and China should cooperate and that the ‘authoritarian states’ Germany, Italy and Japan were seen as antipodes of a liberal world order and ‘danger to world peace’. The gun was already pointing at the desired target, years before the Axis alliance came about, where neither Germany, nor Italy or Japan were ever a threat to the US. The US were already busy crafting an alliance that owned 65% or more of world GDP against the Axis powers 22%. It was clear from the start who would win the coming confrontation: the globalist powers USA and USSR would win, Europe would loose.
  • The american ambassador in Tokyo Joseph Grew already warned in autumn 1939 against an oil embargo, otherwise Japan would be forced to get the oil from British or Dutch colonies elsewhere in Asia. In order to prevent this, Roosevelt ordered to move his Pacific Fleet from San Diego to Pearl Harbor in Januari 1940.
  • 1940-09-27 – Japan joins the “Axis” by signing the “Tripartite Pact” in Berlin, together with Germany and Italy
  • 1940-10-07McCollum memorandum. Lieutenant Commander Arthur McCollum of the Office of Naval Intelligence submits a memo, stating now that Japan has become a member of the Axis, a unique opportunity has arisen to get the desired war against Germany ‘via the Japanese backdoor’ (in order to add Europe to the US empire, our words). [wikipedia]
  • 1940-10-xx – Americans succeeded in breaking the code of the Japanese navy. Despite that Yamamoto had ordered strict radio silence, several Japanese ships communicated their ‘encrypted’ positions. This data was captured in Hawaii, Seatlle and other American locations. From this date, the American leadership was complete aware of all the maneuvers of the Japanese navy since October 1940.
  • 1941-08-01Imposition US oil embargo against Japan. This was the decisive provocation intended to corner the Japanese and designed to make Japan deal the first blow. From January 1941 Yamamoto started to draw the first plans for a surprise attack on PH. The August 1941 oil embargo forced the Japanese to capture the Dutch East Indies as the only alternative source of oil. US and UK diplomats had already told the Japanese that such a move would mean war. A Japanese assault would be threatened in the flank by the Pacific fleet. Hence the decision to attack PH, see map below.
  • 1941-08-14 – During the Atlantic Conference, Roosevelt promised Churchill that the US would soon enter war in Asia. 27 Jan 1942 Churchill declared in Parliament: “On the other hand, the probability, since the Atlantic Conference, at which I discussed these matters with Mr. Roosevelt, that the United States, even if not herself attacked, would come into a war in the Far East, and thus make final victory sure, seemed to allay some of these anxieties.” [source] Roosevelt and Churchill were conspiring together for war in Europe since the mid-thirties. [Chamberlain].
  • 1941-09-11 – Roosevelt ordered explicit shooting of German U-boats, after Germany kept ignoring US provocations in the Atlantic. With a war against Britain and USSR forced upon them, the last thing they needed was an additional adversary USA.
  • 1941-11-05 – Cable from Japanese FM to amb. that 25 November was the dead line, because Japan was running out of oil. This message was also intercepted by the Americans. It was obvious that a war would start after November 25. All the Americans needed to do was sabotaging negotiations.
  • 1941-11-21 – Final Japanese offer to State Department: Japan offers to withdraw from Axis. But US refuses to lift the oil embargo, because the US wants Japan to remain part of the Axis, provoke an attack against PH, so the US finally gets its war against Germany, desired since 1933, destroy Europe, add Europe to the US global empire, so the US can advance to global pole position at the cost of Europe.
  • 1941-11-25 – FDR’s war council, Secretary of War Henry Stimson’s notes speak of the prevailing consensus: “The question was how we should maneuver them [the Japanese] into … firing the first shot without allowing too much danger to ourselves.
  • 1941-11-27 – Washington orders the carriers Enterprise and Lexington to a mission to the islands of Wake and Midway, leaving the fleet in Pearl Harbor even more unprotected. The commanders in Pearl Harbor, Kimmel and Stark were left in the dark about the intentions of the Japanese and blamed afterwards for the disaster. Pearl Harbor was a pawn sacrifice in a greater chess game about global supremacy, which the US would win and left Europe defeated.
  • 1941-11-29 – US Secretary of State Cordell Hull showed a reporter from The New York Times a message saying that Pearl Harbor was going to be attacked on 7 December.
  • 1941-12-01 – Emperor Hirohito authorizes a war against the US, UK and Holland. He has no choice, he needs to get his oil from somewhere.
  • 1941-12-07 – Japanese attack against Pearl Harbor
  • 1941-12-08 – Mission accomplished, the US government has created the necessary casus belli and can begin to cash in on the ownership of 30% global GDP and go on a conquest spree: US declares war against Japan and Germany (the latter had been the main target since 1933).

The map clearly illustrates the rationale behind the Pearl Harbor attack. Japan needed to liquidate the US fleet stationed in Pearl Harbor in a surprise attack, because it knew that otherwise the Americans would use it (blue arrow) to combat the Japanese fleet (red arrow) on it’s way south towards Dutch East Indies oil sources as well as Japanese oil tankers heading from the Dutch East Indies home to Japan. Japan got almost 100% of its oil from the US. The US imposed an oil boycott shortly after Japan became allied to Germany with the clear intent to use Japan as a means to finally get its desired war with Germany, so the US could carve up continental Europe together with its Soviet pall. And organize a show trial in Nuremberg to put the false ideas concerning WW2 in your head, dear reader.

Mission accomplished. The greatest conspirators in world history, in bed since the thirties, all three of them. Here in Yalta, the globalists gathered to divide the European loot among each other. The Polish war guarantee, enforced on UK and France by the Americans, the Molotov-Ribbentrop trap, set for Hitler by Stalin, and hot-headed Poles volunteering to be the useful idiot, was enough to get the war started in Europe. A world war that was enforced upon Hitler-Germany and Chamberlain-Britain by the extra-European powers USA and USSR, as well as paid traitor Winston Churchill.

[] – Robert Stinnett, Day Of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and PH, 2001
[] – The McCollum Memo: The Smoking Gun of PH
[] – R. Stinnett, December 7, 1941: A Setup from the Beginning
[] – Pat Buchanan, Did FDR Provoke PH?
[] – John V. Denson, FDR, Pearl Harbor and the U.N.

Why We Fight: The Battle of Russia

US propaganda movie from 1943. The hypocrisy is as usual breathtaking. The courage of Soviet army is praised sky high… because they are doing the dirty work so the US can advance to global pole position, at the cost of the European mother civilization. A few years later when Europe was subjugated, which had been the mutual aim of the US and USSR since 1933, the very same USSR would become the ‘Evil Empire’.

1941 – Iwan Maisky, Soviet Ambassador to London

From [1:40] mr Maisky claims, shortly after the beginning of the German attack on the USSR, 22.6.1941, that the USSR did not want this war and that it was forced upon the USSR by Hitler.

Right, and now over to a closed meeting, four years later, in the run-up to the Nuremberg tribunal. Mr. Jackson, the chairman of that tribunal has closely studied the German archives and arrives at a startling and alarming conclusion, the minutes of which mysteriously ended up in the tribunal minutes, probably by mistake by an American clerk who did not understand the significance of the document, completely undermining the validity of the outcome of that trial:


MR. JUSTICE JACKSON. I really think that this trial, if it should get into an argument over the political and economic causes of this war, could do infinite harm, both in Europe, which I don’t know well, and in America, which I know fairly well. If we should have a prolonged controversy over whether Germany invaded Norway a few jumps ahead of a British invasion of Norway, or whether France in declaring war was the real aggressor, this trial can do infinite harm for those countries with the people of the United States. And the same is true of our Russian relationships. The Germans will certainly accuse all three of our European allies of adopting policies which forced them to war. The reason I Say that is that captured documents which we have always made that claim-that Germany would be forced into war. They admit they were planning war, but the captured documents of the Foreign Office that I have examined all come down to the claim, “We have no way out; we must fight; we are encircled; we are being strangled to death.”

Fortunately for the Americans and Soviets, it were them and not an independent judge, who presided over the trial. You see, Americans and Soviets aren’t exactly accustomed to the higest standards of justice, but that is what you can expect from parvenus.

So how did the allies solve this little problem? Simple: Nuremberg public prosecutor Vishinsky, the mastermind of the Moscow show-trials had an idea how to solve that problem.

Andrei Vyshinsky, Moscow 1934.
Vyshinsky’s role in crafting the Soviet legal system in the early 1920s paved the way for Josef Stalin, who “could never get his fill of blood,” to legally turn Russia into a human slaughterhouse. Vyshinsky’s efforts were essential to establishing the legal framework necessary to wrongly convict the millions of people needed to populate the largest and most inhumane prison system ever created – the Gulag Archipelago. And that criminal sat in the chair of the public prosecutor in Nuremberg, judging (inventing?) the crimes of the Germans. And the Americans played along, in their horniness to add western Europe to their empire.

Vyshinsky brought with him a list of nine points that according to the Soviets should not be discussed during the Nuremberg show-trial:

  1. USSR/Versailles relationship
  2. Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact
  3. Molotovs vist to Berlin as well as von Ribbentrop’s visits to Moscow
  4. Any issues regarding the political system of the USSR
  5. The Baltics Soviet republics
  6. Soviet-German agreements regarding exchange of German population from the Baltics
  7. Soviet foreign policy and more in detail, the straits and Soviet territorial claims
  8. The Balkans
  9. Soviet-Polish relations (West-Ukraine/Western Belo-Russia)

Source Vyshinsky: Stefan Scheil

With this list any possibility of German defense was blocked in advance, because the discussion of the context of the war was eliminated. Germany started the war, because Germany crossed the borders first. That was the reasoning.

A Finnish source claims that Americans, Soviets and the Churchill war party had already decided upon the destruction of Germany, even before Germany felt itself forced to intervene in Poland. And that matches precisely with the discovery made by Jackson. If that source is correct, and we strongly suspect it is, than this Maisky chap must have been lying through his teeth in this video.

And indeed, Iwan Maisky had several clandestine meetings with Churchill, leader of the British war party. These meetings took place behind the back of Chamberlain and could have been used to coordinate the planning of the future war between Churchill and Stalin. At the same time, Churchill was on the phone with Roosevelt on a daily basis, just as illegally. And for this we do have proof that Churchill and Roosevelt were plotting for war, long before the US found the Pearl Harbor loop-hole, provoked by the US oil-boycott, to circumvent Congress that blocked US war entry:

Watch this fascinating 25 minute BBC documentary about the American clerk Tyler Kent [mirror part-1, part-2], who oversaw the Roosevelt-Churchill plotting for war against Germany and decided to be a Edward Snowden avant la lettre and warn Congress, at the time not yet a paper tiger. Unfortunately, Churchill intercepted Kent and threw him in jail.

Here a large German archive (see for selected samples below), which must contain the same material Jackson and his crew must have encountered. In the Spring of 1941, German intelligence discovered that the USSR was secretly in a state of full mobilization, from Wladiwostok to Brest-Litovsk and was preparing to overrun Europe and bring the ‘blessings of Bolshevism’ to the shores of the Atlantic. So the Germans had the choice: deal the first blow or wait for the Soviets to deal the first blow. Logically they choose the former and that was the only reason why the Soviet army made it to Berlin and not Amsterdam. But the problem is that if you lose the war, like the Germans did, everybody can accuse you of having started it, even if it is not true. International law knows a provision that allows for preemptive strikes, like the Germans did. But international law in the hands of mass-raping & city nuking Americans or Soviets is of course a joke. They wanted to add Europe to their respective globalist empires and they would not let themselves be distracted by formalities like international law.

We predict that our hero Vladimir Putin, the Russian de Gaulle, will be willing to open his war archive and confirm this explanation of events, provided he will get greater Europe in return and protect the Siberian part of his country from becoming incorporated into the rising Chinese superpower, once the American problem will have been dealt with, so we can start the coming Greater European confederation with a clean slate and Europe, now including Russia, can return to global prominence, where it naturally belongs. The very fact that Putin prudently began to propose a revisionist view lite of the events of WW2, clearly points in the direction of such a willingness. But that was in 2009 and European-Russian relations were very cosy, until the Nuland bunch intervened, early 2014. But we should not be too sad about that event, because as we have stressed before, Paris-Berlin-Moscow could evolve into a death-trap for Europe if it happens prematurely. First the US must fall apart and only the day after we can confederate.

[] – tellingly the Russian justice ministry resists attempt to criminalize historic revisionism, against what are probably Soviet-apologists in lower echelons of the judiciary.

Samples from German archives:

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Dutch History Illustrated by ‘Schoolplaten’

1666 – Dutch fleet preparing for yet another battle against the British.

Yours faithfully had the privilege to attend primary school during the golden early sixties in the Netherlands and regularly thinks back with nostalgia to the class room, the three rows of two-seat-benches (‘schoolbanken‘) with build-in ink pots, the maps and the headmaster teaching history.

But the point of this post are the ‘schoolplaten‘, no need to translate that word into English, on the walls, mostly illustrating the great moments in Dutch history. Spending a weekend collecting almost all of them and put them in chronological order and adding comments, is all in all a very pleasant task.

A schoolplaat is a piece of hard carton with typical size of 80 x 110 cm, sometimes reinforced at the corners with a piece of iron and a picture painted on it, that is not directly High Art, but sufficiently attractive and above all lovingly made. The purpose was education of children, the first ones were brought to Holland from Germany in 1839, but from 1857 on-wards they were all Dutch made by artists like Jetses, Ising, Bueninck and many others and served their purpose until the sixties, after which they went out of fashion. The pictures usually have an idyllic character, the harsher aspects of life are avoided and Dutch history is presented in a positive light only.


Idyllic scenes of typical Dutch landscape

Below a large number of pictures that illustrate Dutch history in chronological order:

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The Chief Culprit


The truth about World War II is buried under the self-serving lies, the Anglo-Soviet Allies came up with in their Nuremberg show-trial, to justify their own war of conquest of Germany and the rest of Europe. WW2 was the largest battle in world history, in essence the one between Soviet-Russia and National-Socialist Germany, the rest was a side-show. The official Nuremberg story is that Germany attacked the ‘peace-loving USSR’ out of the blue, for no reason other than acquisition of territory (‘Lebensraum‘).

In 1978 a Soviet spy named Vladimir Bogdanovich Rezun (pen-name Viktor Suvorov) defected to Britain. In 1990 he published his book Icebreaker, which brought him worldwide fame/notoriety. Wikipedia summarizes its content as follows:

According to Suvorov, Stalin planned to use Nazi Germany as a proxy (the “Icebreaker”) against the West. For this reason Stalin provided significant material and political support to Adolf Hitler, while at the same time preparing the Red Army to “liberate” the whole of Europe from Nazi occupation. Suvorov argued that Hitler had lost World War II from the very moment he attacked Poland: not only was he going to war with the powerful Allies, but it was only a matter of time before the Soviet Union would seize the opportune moment to attack him from the rear. This left Hitler with no choice but to direct a preemptive strike at the Soviet Union, while Stalin’s forces were redeploying from a defensive to an offensive posture in June 1941, providing Hitler with an important initial tactical advantage. But this was strategically hopeless because the Nazis now had to fight on two fronts, a mistake Hitler himself had identified as Germany’s undoing in the previous war. At the end of the war, Stalin was able to achieve only some of his initial objectives by establishing Communist regimes in Eastern Europe, China, and North Korea. According to Suvorov, this made Stalin the primary winner of World War II, even though Stalin was not satisfied by the outcome, as he intended to bring Soviet domination to the whole continent of Europe.

[] – Video with Suvorov ‘The Chief Culprit’ book discussion

We claim that Suvorov was only correct for the Soviet part of the story. Yes, the USSR was indeed one huge war machine, that had as its only goal to unite the world under the banner of Bolshevism (“world communism”), as its official coat of arms clearly illustrates:

Still have any questions regarding the intentions of the USSR? Russia, what Russia? The World!

Suvorov does not understand that even before the war began in September 1939, Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill (not Chamberlain) were already in agreement about the feasibility of the partitioning of Europe and carving up the European loot between the US and USSR. Suvorov could not know that at the time, because the Finnish author Erkki Hautamaki had not yet published his discussion of the so-called Mannerheim-files, read our discussion here. For the broader context of the conflict of the 20th century, our summary here.

The ugly, sinister face of the globalist New World Order. The European world is destroyed, thanks to Churchill-Britain, who let the Anglo-Soviet parvenus in. Joseph Stalin and Roosevelt’s handler Harry Hopkins represent the new rulers and conquerors ‘liberators’ of Europe. 1933 mission accomplished. The Left/globalism has won over the Right/local sovereignty. And now off to Nuremberg to invent a pack of lies to cement our power position, so the city nukers and Gulag builders can grant themselves the moral patina necessary to build a new world.

Come on, Vladimir! Open your war archives and deal the liars from Washington the final blow by telling the truth about WW2 and join European civilization and help restoring its beauty and greatness.

Now in 2015, shortly before the end of the American era, we Europeans must face the sin we committed against one of the most important principles of the Enlightenment: independence of justice. Without questioning, let alone verifying, we accepted the Allied stories at face value. The Nuremberg trials violated that principle. It is our task to question everything and demand that the Allies finally open up their war archives. The result of that process will be a new beginning for our civilization, enabling us to finally close the Marxist chapter of history that began in 1848.

Below you’ll find the most interesting quotes from Viktor Suvorov, “The Chief Culprit”, that illustrate that it was Stalin who had been preparing for an assault against Germany and the rest of Europe all along.

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Greece Wants WW2 Reparations From Germany


In a latest move to escape from the only sensible path for Greece to follow, namely the path of the Troika, Athens now threatens to take hostage German-owned property located in Greece, as a security until WW2 reparations payments have been made.

[] – Does Germany owe Greece wartime reparations money?
[] – Athen droht mit Pfändung deutschen Eigentums

Are these measures justified? In order to answer that question, you need to understand WW2. Here is the spoiler: German reparations to Greece are NOT justified. It is more reasonable that Greece pays Germany, although it is unlikely that Germany will insist on payments.


Let us explain.

If we are to believe American propaganda, the Germans started WW2 because they wanted to ‘conquer the world’ (quite an unusual thing to do for nationalists, come to think of it) and we can trust Hollywood to come up with a map of Europe, with a swastika stamped on it and a black ink blot spreading over Europe (‘Nazi’-occupation), accompanied with a sinister undertone to illustrate that an insatiable German drive for ‘Lebensraum‘ was at work here. Fortunately, there were the notoriously noble Allies such as Americans, Soviets, British, French, Poles, Canadians, Australians, Indians, Norwegians, Danes, Dutch, Belgians, Yugoslavs, Greeks, Moroccans, Algerians, Egyptians and what not (quite a long list actually), who were ready to liberate Europe from evil. End good, all good.

Now, you can accuse the Germans of a lot of things, but not stupidity. Were the Germans really looking for a fight with this kind of force majeure, outnumbering the Germans 1:6?

Of course not.

But this war happened nevertheless, so could it be that in reality is was precisely the other way around? That that long list of enemies was being lined up against Germany? That was indeed the case. WW2 was a conspiracy of Roosevelt and Stalin plus paid British stooge Churchill against Germany, using Poland as useful idiot. Churchill, who headed the British war party, managed to push Chamberlain aside and take over government. The US pushed Britain and France in the war against Germany, here Chamberlain’s confirmation. Britain pushed Norway, Holland, Belgium and Greece out of neutrality, Britain had Canada, Australia, India and others in their empire, France had Morocco, Algeria and others and finally the USSR supported the Yugoslav coup, directed against Germany. That’s what we mean when we say that all countries mentioned were lined up against Germany.

As a consequence Germany had to face almost the entire world. And if Germany had NOT been allied to Italy and Japan, Germany might even have prevailed. After all, it was Italy and its silly invasion of Greece that opened the Greek door for the British to invade, forcing the Germans to invade Greece to counter that threat against their only source of oil, Ploesti/Romania, that was now in range of British bombers. That British operation delayed Barbarossa with a few valuable months and was the reason why the Germans failed to take Moscow before the onset of the extreme cold winter 1941-1942. And without the alliance with Japan, the US would not have found a way to join the war against Germany, via the provoked Pearl Harbor attack.


For an average television watcher, who thinks that a bag of cheese doodles, a couch, a television and a Steven Spielberg movie, suffice to understand history, this inevitably sounds like blasphemy. That’s because you believe in the pack of lies the Allies concocted in Nuremberg, to their own advantage.

Here is a chronological list of all the invasions the Germans carried out between September 1939 and June 1941, a rather impressive list one might add:

1939-09-01 – invasion of Poland

1940-04-08 – invasion of Norway

1940-05-10 – invasion Low Countries and France

1941-04-06 – invasion Yugoslavia

1941-04-11 – invasion Greece

1941-06-22 – invasion USSR

…resulting in this, rather spectacular result:

German occupied Europe, 1943

And at first sight, one is excused to think that it was all the Germans fault. After all, nobody invited Germany to invade their country, now did they? All true.

Nevertheless, there is a little problem with that explanation, because there are a few ‘details’ left out from that story:

  • How about Poland preparing for ethnic cleansing of Germans, forced to live in Versailles Poland, before the start of the war in September 1939?
  • How about Britain and France declaring war on Germany on September 3, 1939?
  • How about German intelligence finding out in February 1940 that Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill were busy plotting for war against Germany?
  • How about Britain and France preparing for the invasion of Norway to cut off iron ore supply from Narvik as early as January 1940?
  • How about Britain and France preparing for an assault against the industrial heart of Germany via the Low Countries early 1940?
  • How about hundreds of thousands of mobilized British and French troops roaming the French country side after September 1939?
  • How about the USSR invading Finland and secretly plotting with Britain and France to connect Soviet troops with British and French troops in Sweden to encircle Germany?
  • How about Soviets meddling in Yugoslavia with the purpose of setting up another front against Germany, before the Germans invaded Yugoslavia?
  • How about British landing in Greece on a location nearest to the only oil source Germany has, namely Ploesti, Romania, before the Germans invaded Greece?
  • How about the USSR being in a full state of mobilization, from Wladiwostok to Smolensk, preparing for the assault against Germany and the rest of Europe?

You could of course think that the garbage above is written by chain-smoking, tax-avoiding, child-beating Neonazis, with tattoos all over, who open their first beer bottle at 11 o’clock in the morning, hacking on a computer in moms basement. That’s not the case, but there is no way for you to know that. So don’t believe us.

The Allied war archives are closed and for very good reason, because they are hiding a lot of dirty secrets. Unfortunately for the Al(l)lies, revealing information has started to leak from an unexpected source: Finland.

[] – Finland in the eye of the storm
[revblog] – Finland in the eye of the storm
[juliusmilaitis] – Finland in the Eye of the Storm. Erkki Hautamäki’s book

Very brief summary of Finland’s role in WW2: after the Winter War between the USSR and tiny Finland (1939-11-30 – 1940-03-13) Finland became allied to Germany. Finland invaded the USSR together with Germany in June 22, 1941. The Finnish leader during the war was marshal Mannerheim. After the war, Mannerheim handed over all his secret documents (S-32 file or Mannerheim Files) to a trusted aide, Vilho Tahvanainen, who kept them, familiarized himself with the content and wrote a book about it, published in 1970:

Book written by Mannerheim’s special agent Vilho Tahvanainen, “Special Task”, a copy of which which we recently got in our possession. This book could revolutionize our understanding of WW2 and trash the allied Nuremberg lies.

Now, we don’t speak a word of Finnish and you don’t probably either, here a sample of that strange language:

Hyvä lukija, olet naiivia uskoa kaikkea amerikkalaiset ja neuvostoliittolaiset sanovat. Olet tuhlaa elämääsi istuu television ääressä, ja hyväksyn kaikki Hollywood sanoo nimellisarvoon..

See, not the faintest idea what that means. Fortunately we have the three “Finland in the eye of the storm” links, given above, as well as this book, also in Finnish, written by Erkki Hautamäki, who elaborates on the Mannerheim files.

These two books describe a total different story about WW2 than the official lie. Mannerheim was told by the Germans what the allies were really up to, according to their gathered intelligence on February 1940, when Finland was under Soviet attack. Here is a map of what the Allies (UK, France and USSR) had planned together:

Mannerheim files, WW2 big picture. Detailed plan agreed upon between Churchill, Stalin and the French high command, early 1940. The Allies have agreed on four fronts to destroy Germany: North, West, South, East. Eventually all fronts would materialize, albeit with considerable delay, because the Germans found out. The fundamental decision of the Allies to destroy Germany originates from early 1939, before the beginning of the war.

Early 1939, the Americans had pushed Britain and France into a war guarantee for Poland and the British and French hoped that this would deter Germany from attacking Poland. At the same time, the Americans encouraged the Poles to not give in to any German demand concerning the 97% German town of Danzig. But the Germans were so much under pressure from developments in Poland: mobilized Polish army, Polish persecutions of the Germans, forced to live in Versailles Poland and an escalating Danzig-crisis, that they accepted an out-of-the-blue Soviet offer for a non-aggression agreement, so the Germans did not need to fear a two-front war and the Germans hoped that the non-aggression agreement would deter the British and French from declaring war. When the Germans invaded, the British and French, with great reluctance, obliged to their treaty obligations and declared war. On September 3, 1939, the situation in Europe was such that Germany, Britain and France were at war with each other, which all three of them had hoped to avoid. The very fact that neither Germany, nor Britain and France were interested in war is illustrated that nothing happened for a full seven months, the so-called Phoney War of Sitzkrieg. The only ones, who were really interested in a European war were the Americans, Soviets and paid US stooge Churchill.

The great revelation of the Mannerheim files is that at least as early as Spring 1939, the West (Roosevelt, Churchill, but not Chamberlain) and USSR were already in bed together, determined to destroy Germany (and Europe). The US paid stooge Churchill, behind Chamberlain’s back, French military circles and Soviets (with American support in the background) had agreed on October 15, 1939, on a joint war against Germany.

North front. The plan was that the USSR would attack Finland (happened indeed on November 30, 1939) and that the British and French would invade Scandinavia under the pretext of coming to the aid of the Finns, where they in reality were only interested in surrounding Germany, as well as cutting off Swedish iron ore winter supplies via the Norwegian harbor of Narvik [1][2][3][4]. The British/French invasion of Norway did indeed happen on April 8, 1940, but came a few weeks too late, because the Finns and Soviets had already reached a surprising peace agreement, which until today nobody really can explain. Why would a colossus like the USSR attack a tiny nation like Finland and withdraw after a few months? Here is the kicker: because the Germans understood the allied plans and threatened to bomb the Soviets, when they would not let go of Finland, despite the non-aggression agreement. And the Soviets did. The Germans knew everything and preempted the operations. They invaded Norway at the same time as the British and French did and 8,000 Germans had predictably little trouble defeating 25,000 British and French troops, as well as 50,000 Norwegian troops, who got what they deserved, because they had abandoned neutrality, after caving in from pressure from Churchill.

West front, same story, see map. Both the Dutch and Belgians, like the Norwegians, had given in to allied pressure to allow overpass to British and French troops on their way to the Ruhr area. The Germans preempted the attack and occupied Holland and Belgium, read Goering’s NMT testimony about why Germany invaded Holland and Belgium [] or Dutch-Jewish court historian Lou de Jong with his late revelations. The upshot of the allied experiences at the north and west front was one of total surprise about the speed with which the Germans advanced. Stalin understood that in 1940 he was not yet ready for war against Germany.

South front: with the allied plans in the North and West shattered, the British saw a possibility to open a south front, when Italian operetta warrior Mussolini, without knowledge, let alone approval of Germany (Hitler was furious), began to attack Greece and thus violated the neutrality of Greece. This opened the possibility for the British to ‘come to the aid of the Greeks’ and bring troops ashore near Thessaloniki, bringing the only essential source of oil the Germans had within reach of British bombers: Ploesti, Romania. That was the only reason why the Germans were forced to invade Greece and kick the British out. The war would have been lost without oil supplies, just like the war would have been lost if the Germans would not have intervened in Norway, when the British and French tried to interrupt the supply of iron ore via Narvik.

So, to answer the question regarding German war reparations to the benefit of the Greeks: no, not justified. The British never directly supported the Greeks in their struggle against the Italians, but used the Italian invasion as a pretext to threaten a German vital interest: oil in Romania. Did the British anticipate the German invasion of Yugoslavia and Greece? Of course they did, it was the British intention precisely to spread German forces thin, cause a delay and give Stalin valuable time to complete his military buildup against Germany.

East front: the official lie is that Germany attacked ‘unsuspecting peace-loving USSR’ in search for Lebensraum. All baloney. It is true that when Hitler was a nobody and was doing time in Landsberg prison in 1923 and had time to write his Mein Kampf pamphlet, that he was dreaming of acquiring ‘Lebensraum‘ in the East, notably in the Ukraine. Why? Because the murderous British food blockade during the Winter of 1918/1919, which forced Germany on its knees and got nearly one million Germans killed, brought Hitler the conviction that Germany did not have the means to feed itself and that it needed to acquire new land. And since the other European powers had colonized almost the entire world, there was nothing else left than land in the East. On top of that, the USSR was embroiled in civil war and very weak. But that was during the first half of the twenties, when Hitler was nowhere near power. When Hitler came to power in 1933, the USSR had become a powerhouse and scared the hell out of Hitler. In the German archives there is not a hint that after 1933, Hitler ever planned to invade the USSR. The British, French and Soviets had planned that the latter would reach Berlin in the summer of 1940, the smashing success of the Germans with their Blitz-Krieg surprised everybody and convinced the Soviets that they needed more time to prepare for the final assault against Germany. That moment came the following year, but already during the Molotov-visit to Berlin of November 12-13, 1940, Hitler became convinced that the USSR was not really interested in sticking to the terms of the non-aggression-agreement and secretly was preparing for war. That impression was based on the outrageous territorial demands Molotov made and Hitler began to prepare for the worst. By May, 1941 it was clear that the Soviets could attack any moment and the Germans decided to deal the first blow and it was that decision that ultimately was responsible for the outcome of WW2, namely that not the entire Eurasian landmass fell into the hands of the Soviets, but that the lesser evil, Soviet ally USA, also got a piece of the European pie.

Summary WW2

By 1939, The USA and USSR had the first and second largest economies on earth, yet the planet was still dominated by a handful of competing European countries and their empires:

Global GDP distribution 1940 in %:

USA 29
British Empire 11
France 5
Germany 11

This little table clearly shows that the conventional Nuremberg tales are lies. Germany never had a chance against four combined Allies, with an economy six times that of Germany. When the war was over the Allies organised a war trial the cover up all the traces of the rape and construct a pack of vicious lies that the world believes until today.

The US and USSR decided to exploit the inner-European post-Versailles quarrel about whether Germany was allowed to exist at all and team up, destroy Europe and divide the loot between them. And that is what happened. Before the beginning of the war, the British and French leadership had reluctantly come to terms with the existence of Germany and the impossibility to uphold the post-Versailles order in Europe. But in Britain there was a war party, lead by Winston Churchill, who operated for American-Zionist interests (Focus group), not for British interests. It was solely him who put Britain on the war path with Germany, by stoking against Germany for years in parliament, with inflammatory speeches, written by Royal Dutch Shell chairman Waley Cohen. Watch this fascinating 25 minute BBC documentary about the American clerk Tyler Kent [mirror part-1, part-2], who oversaw the Roosevelt-Churchill plotting for war against Germany and decided to be a Edward Snowden avant la lettre and warn Congress, at the time not yet a paper tiger. Unfortunately, Churchill intercepted Kent and threw him in jail.

None of the German invasions was an unprovoked act of aggression, it was precisely the other way around. In all cases, the German invasion was prompted by preparations/actions of the opponent. You don’t believe us? How about referring to that American, who of all Americans, was in the best position to know the truth about WW2? And we all know that there is nothing nobler than an American. After all, they say so themselves, day in, day out, via their media outlets and Hollywood. An American, who in 1945 had access to all the German archives and who sought and sought… but could not find. That American was Robert H. Jackson, the head of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal.

And what did Nuremberg Tribunal chieftain Robert H. Jackson say during a meeting in London in 1946, when he was preparing the Anglo-Soviet victors Stalinist show trial:


MR. JUSTICE JACKSON. I really think that this trial, if it should get into an argument over the political and economic causes of this war, could do infinite harm, both in Europe, which I don’t know well, and in America, which I know fairly well. If we should have a prolonged controversy over whether Germany invaded Norway a few jumps ahead of a British invasion of Norway, or whether France in declaring war was the real aggressor, this trial can do infinite harm for those countries with the people of the United States. And the same is true of our Russian relationships. The Germans will certainly accuse all three of our European allies of adopting policies which forced them to war. The reason I Say that is that captured documents which we have always made that claim-that Germany would be forced into war. They admit they were planning war, but the captured documents of the Foreign Office that I have examined all come down to the claim, “We have no way out; we must fight; we are encircled; we are being strangled to death.”

We must fight; we are encircled; we are being strangled to death.
That does not really sound like a country plotting to acquire Lebensraum, let alone conquer the world, now does it? Yet the Allies insisted on that interpretation, to hide the fact that in reality it were the US and USSR who wanted to conquer the world and the US does so until today. The war against Germany was the first step for the US to establish a world empire. After the defeat of Germany, the USSR was next. Now that the USSR is defeated the entire world is next on the program. The US never ‘liberated’ Europe, instead it set it up for destruction, like all other countries it destroyed since.

Those who win a war, write the history. But there is no example in history where the despicable pack of lies is so huge, so enormous, than the one concocted by the Allies in Nuremberg. And the incredible damage it did to Europe will be hard to undo. But we have no choice but to engage in that battle for the truth. The Anglo-Soviet Nuremberg tales are an instrument to mentally colonize the Europeans. Now that the USSR is dead and we are rapidly approaching the end of the American era, it is time to bring these stories to the dumping ground of history.

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US Dissidents Embrace Historic Revisionism

The map clearly illustrates the rationale behind the Pearl Harbor attack. Japan needed to liquidate the US fleet stationed in Pearl Harbor in a surprise attack, because it knew that otherwise the Americans would use it (blue arrow) to combat the Japanese fleet (red arrow) on it’s way south towards Dutch East Indies oil sources as well as Japanese oil tankers heading from the Dutch East Indies home to Japan. Japan got 100% of its oil from the US. The US imposed an oil boycott shortly after Japan became allied to Germany with the clear intent to use Japan as a means to finally get its desired war with Germany, so the US could carve up continental Europe together with its Soviet pall. And organize a show trial in Nuremberg to put the false ideas concerning WW2 in your head, dear reader.

In the United States there is still a sizable minority that resists the neocons and their destructive world imperial dreams. Figureheads of that movement are Ron Paul, Justin Raimondo, Lew Rockwell, Paul Craig Roberts, Edward Snowden and many more and these are the people Europe should do business with after the end of the American era for restructuring of the United States and trans-Atlantic alliance. One of the most important intellectual outlets of that movement is

For some time now the people behind that site have found the courage to question the holy grail of the US, namely that World War II was the ‘good war’, in a moral sense. Sarcastic Europeans, like us, would certainly confirm that for the US WW2 was a very ‘good war’:

  • Material: everybody was destroyed, except the US homeland
  • Political: US became top dog at the expense of Europe
  • Territorial: western Europe was added to the US empire
  • Financial: Bretton Woods, cementing the $ as the world’s reserve currency, giving the US a license to print at the cost of the rest of the world (“you work, we print paper to ‘pay’ for your work”)

Any healthy cynic would suspect that with this list of US advantages, WW2 did not happen entirely accidental, but by US design and that was indeed the case. In 1941, the US owned almost 1/3 of the world’s economic output, three times as much as the USSR, Germany and British empire individually. The US was an economic giant, but a geopolitical dwarf and predictably wanted to change that. How? By buddying up with the Soviets and beating the war drums against Germany since 1933, bribing the US stooge Winston Churchill and order him to bring Britain into war with Germany and finally by provoking Germany’s token ally Japan to attack Pearl Harbor to avoid strangulation by the imposed US oil boycott. All by design.

In December 1941 the US war against Germany was a fact, after 8 years of careful preparation. By that time the US had crafted a behind-the-scenes alliance, that owned 58% of global GDP, against the Axis merely 22%, so the outcome of that war was preprogrammed and for that reason the Allies were never interested in anything else but total victory. Four years later they could divide the European loot between themselves and their Soviet allies, the largest bunch of mass murderers in history and next let Stalin co-preside over a fake victors show trial to top it off, accuse the Germans of the most horrible crimes and themselves getting away with bombing every German city, as well as frying two Japanese cities as a nuclear testing ground, so their global empire could see the light of day. The Soviet elite was the worst what history has to offer, but the US elite between 1913-now come as a good second.

Geopolitical pecking order 1939:
1. Europe
2. USA

How do you change that? Simple, just let #2 team up with #3 and you get the following 1945 pecking order:
1. USA
3. Europe

[] – The Pearl Harbor Myth: Rethinking the Unthinkable

[] – World War Two, a View From Different Eyes

[] – World War Two: The Good War?

[] – Nuremberg: Sentence First! Verdict Afterwards

[] – US Offers Complete Support for Russian Territorial Demands in Europe

[] – When Life Really Stinks

[] – Hitler vs Stalin

Today, the pecking order is:

1. USA
2. EU
3. China
4. Russia

If the EU changes camp, the NWO will be history and automatically implies an upgrade of Europe and a return to world power, in coalition with Russia. And that is what likely happen if the US tries to start WW3, that should bring them the world. Not going to happen. The US is a truly multicultural society, but Mother Nature doesn’t like multicultural societies and let’s them fall apart.

The US-lead West tries to ‘integrate’ Russia and China into a single world empire, using globalist institutions, like the UN, World Bank, IMF and a host of other global organisations. The goal is a world without nations and borders, run from Washington/Tel Aviv. In this worldview, a nation is a discriminatory, ‘racist’ concept. This program is an absolute nightmare for Europeans, both in Europe and in North-America. It would mean the end of European civilization and white man. Even North-Americans of European decent, who can think beyond their wallets, should have an interest in sabotaging this program.

With every passing year, the implementation of said program becomes less likely. The US is rapidly morphing into a third world country and in ten years time, nobody has to take it seriously anymore. The ad hoc alliance Russia-China is more than strong enough to withstand the pressure from Washington and Europe is not really interested in a conflict.


Joseph Stalin's Mug Shots
Police mug shot of Georgian serial bank robber #3316 and butcher of Russia, Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili aka Stalin (‘man of steel’)

We couldn’t believe our eyes, but yes, there it stood: quite a few in Russia want to rename Volgograd back into… Stalingrad!

The NGO Memorial, which specializes in documenting the history of the Stalinist purges, has sharply criticized a proposal to erect a monument to Josef Stalin in Moscow and to rename the city of Volgograd as Stalingrad.

We are highly skeptical about the phenomenon of NGO, which we see as anti-democratic (usually leftist) pressure groups, but this time we agree. Why on earth would you want to erect a monument in Moscow, or worse, make yourself the laughing stock of the entire world, by renaming a city after the largest criminal your country (or rather a neighboring satellite country) has produced?

What’s next, rename Murmansk into Gulaggrad? Novosibirsk in Beriabirsk? Irkutsk into Trotzkytown?

Nevertheless, in a cynical way, Stalin did something good after all. Stalin was such a thug, that he out-thugged the Wallstreet-subsidized Trotskyite, US-oriented branch of communism. And then you have to be a real thug.

Hole in one! Trotsky icepicked in Mexico by Stalins agents.

That was the real reason why the good palls USA and USSR parted after 1945, after they had combined forces since 1933, when Stalin-groupie Roosevelt came to power, to destroy Europe and divided the loot between them and organized the Stalinist Nuremberg show trial to construct the self-serving allied lies, virulent until today and carefully kept alive by the mob in Washington, their European satraps and Hollywood. Destroy the Nuremberg myths and you have destroyed the West. And precisely for that reason, at some point Putin could be tempted to produce his last trump card: make the contents of his WW2 archives public.

The renaissance of European civilization (Paris-Berlin-Moscow) can only happen on the ruins of Nuremberg and the Death of the West. In 2015 there is nothing more revolutionary you can do than reading the right books. The Stalinists no longer exist, but the Trotskyites are still at large, but call themselves neocons these days and run Washington, like Trotsky ran Soviet-Russia, shortly after the revolution. And these neocons have precisely the same revolutionary zeal and aim as the Bolsheviks: world government.

[] – Leading NGO opposes plan to rename Russian city ‘Stalingrad’

This dramatized and very professionally made documentary was shown on Russian television, discussing the Suvorov-hypothesis, namely that Stalin and not Hitler was responsible for Barbarossa [Here Hitler explaining the Molotov-Ribbentrop agreement and why he invaded Russia (9:01), no not for ‘Lebensraum’, but because he preempted a Russian attack with a few weeks, completely in line with Suvorov]. Russia is slowly moving towards revising history. Forget about the idea that the fake ‘free West’ would ever contemplate airing this kind of information. The American led West defeated the East between 1989-1991. Now, Putin-Russia (and China in the background) can help continental Europe to liberate itself from Anglosphere and abolish the West and when that task is completed, the newly created Euro-Siberian confederation can begin to liberate Euro-America from neocon-run Washington and bring a Ron Paul/Edward Snowden type to power. 1776 revisited.

Historic Excursion

The new born Caliphate in the 7th century

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The American Century


On February 17, 1941, Time Life magazine published a ground-breaking article, written by a Henry Luce, titled: The American Century.

Media mogul Henry Luce is ready to take over the world and so is America

Although the Roosevelt government would need almost another year to circumvent Congress and finally bring the US into war with Germany, after eight years of preparation, the entire US ruling elite was ready for the war, that should and would bring the US in planetary pole-position at the cost of the intentional destruction of the European mother civilization. Like in WW1, Germany would be the hunted and the US, (Soviet) Russia, Britain and France the hunters.

All pre-conditions were fulfilled:

  • The US had the world’s largest (oil-based) economy by far:
  • 2000-years-economic-history

    Global GDP distribution 1940 in %:

    USA 29
    USSR 13
    British Empire 11
    France 5
    Germany 11
    Japan 6
    Italy 5
  • The secret alliance with the USSR, Britain and France was already in place, with the allies owning 58% and the Axis merely 22% of global GDP. On top of that, the Axis consisted of three relatively small countries, with little or no resources and limited food production capability. It was clear from the start who would win this confrontation. And it were British and French fools, who were still in the intra-European quarreling Versailles mindset vis-a-vis Germany, who failed to fully appreciate that there were two new giant kids on the block and unintentionally opened the European door for the Anglo-Soviet parvenus.
  • The US diplomatic corps had one and a half year earlier managed to bring Britain and France into war with Germany:
  • [Chamberlain said] …neither the French nor the British would have made Poland a cause of war if it had not been for the constant needling from Washington. Bullitt, he said, kept telling Roosevelt that the Germans wouldn’t fight, Kennedy that they would, and that they would overrun Europe. Chamberlain, he says, stated that America and the world Jews had forced England into the war. In his telephone conversation with Roosevelt in the summer of 1939 the President kept telling him to put some iron up Chamberlain’s backside.

    ‘World Jews’, what ‘World Jews’ did Chamberlain mean? Here the Soviet Jew Litvonov bringing about the beginning of the US-Soviet alliance together with US Jew William Bullit [1:08]. Not in 1941, as conventional wisdom likes to have it, but already in 1933. It would be William Bullit and his ‘constant needling’ that would push the British and French into war with Germany.

    [] [Life Magazine, October 15, 1951]

  • On September 23, 1940, Japan had joined the Axis, providing the opportunity for the US to enter war with Germany and conquer continental Europe, ‘via the Japanese backdoor’, together with their Soviet allies. All that the Roosevelt government needed to do was to engineer Pearl Harbor via an oil boycott of Japan, combined with impossible demands to get it lifted (“dismantle your entire Asian empire“), leaving Japan no other option than to get the oil from the Dutch East Indies, a move that would require the Japanese to remove the threat in the left flank from the US fleet in Pearl Harbor while moving southwards, a move anticipated and intentionally provoked by the Roosevelt government. Japan had an economy of 20% of that of the US. In other words, Pearl Harbor was an act of Japanese desperation and nothing else.


    The map clearly illustrates the rationale behind the Pearl Harbor attack. Japan needed to liquidate the US fleet stationed in Pearl Harbor in a surprise attack, because it knew that otherwise the Americans would use it (blue arrow) to combat the Japanese fleet (red arrow) on it’s way south towards Dutch East Indies oil sources as well as Japanese oil tankers heading from the Dutch East Indies home to Japan. Japan got 100% of its oil from the US. The US imposed an oil boycott shortly after Japan became allied to Germany with the clear intent to use Japan as a means to finally get its desired war with Germany, so the US could carve up continental Europe together with its Soviet pall. And organize a show trial in Nuremberg to put the false ideas concerning WW2 in your head, dear reader.

It was in this context that Luce published his article, with the sole intent to prepare the US public for war. The article contains no less than 82 references to ‘war’, not as a warning, but as an appetizer. There are only five references to Germany, one to Japan and zero to Italy, and although it is clear that the coming war will be against the Axis, the Axis is hardly taken serious. War with the Axis powers is merely an opportunity to realize an ‘American Century’. And that was what the article was about and that is what the world got.

In Luce’s article there is no reference to the USSR either, for good reason, since hanging out with the largest bunch of mass-murderers in world history is not something you would want to advertise. And although Churchill eloquently claimed in a radio broadcast in October 1939, shortly after the outbreak of war in Europe, that “Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma“, in reality, he and American elites knew better than that and that Soviet-Russia would join the gang-rape of continental Europe eventually. Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill had already decided upon the fate of Europe early 1939 via two secret diplomatic channels: 1) Washington-London and 2) London-Moscow. And Churchill (American mother) was the spider in the web and he operated illegally behind the back of prime minister Chamberlain, via the American embassy in London, where ambassador Joseph Kennedy saw it all happening, as well as his clerk Tyler Kent, who intended to be the Edward Snowden of 1940, but unfortunately was caught by the Churchill mob before he could warn Congress that Roosevelt and Churchill were secretly plotting for war:

[mirror part-1, part-2]Tyler Kent, the failed Edward Snowden of 1940, who tried to warn the world that Roosevelt and Churchill were plotting for war. Note the mindset of the Marxist BBC ***hole, who seriously tries to criminalize Kent (‘stealing documents’) for intending to inform US Congress. How dare you, Tyler!

And the other link, with Russia, was made via the Soviet ambassador to Britain Iwan Maisky, through whom Churchill and Stalin plotted for cooperation in the coming war with Germany, again all behind the back of Chamberlain. When Luce published his article, Stalin was already busy for preparing the war against Europe to bring the blessing of Bolshevism there, a war that was pre-empted by an ill-prepared Germany, three weeks in advance on June 22, 1941:

Soviet defector Suvorov making the case that Stalin, not Hitler was to blame for WW2. Dirty little secret about Barbarossa: ‘peace-loving USSR’ in June 1941, was in a state of full mobilization to prepare for the final assault against Europe.

In essence, World War 2, was the war between the two greatest peoples of Europe, the Germans and the Russians, the rest was a side show. The mutual destruction of Germany and Soviet-Russia was what brought about Henry Luce’s windfall American Century. America never liberated Europe. America set Europe up for destruction and conquered Europe, together with their Soviet palls and created the false moral patina to justify this act during the victors show trial in Nuremberg.

It is time for us continental Europeans, including Gaullist France and Putin-Russia, to get rid of allied propaganda and reassert ourselves. First in our own lands and next on North-American soil, when disintegration there will have set in.

[] – Henry Luce, The American Century
[] – The American Century

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The Soviet Story


Film not for the faint-hearted. This is about that part of history, the Steven Spielberg’s and Roman Polanski’s of this world will never make a movie about. Until the war began in 1939, the National-socialists had killed a few hundred, mostly National-socialists in internal power struggles (night of the long knives: ca. 85) and ca. 91 Jews during the Kristallnacht, prompted by the killing of a German diplomat von Rath in Paris by a Jewish assassin Herschel Grynszpan. And that was it. 91: that’s a well-placed Baghdad car bomb, of which hundreds went off as a result of the US Iraq-invasion, based on lies, but we digress.

By 1939, ca. 21,000 mostly communists were locked up in German concentration camps, where in the USSR between 1929-1953, 14 million of anti-communists were locked up in slave labor camps under far harsher conditions (GULAG). In comparison, in the US today, 2.5 millions people are locked up, that’s more than hundred times as much as in German concentration camps, for crimes far lesser than intending to implement a murderous totalitarian social system.

But between 1917-1939, the Soviets had killed millions of their own citizens. It was enough for the commissars to have doubts about the strength of your communist convictions, to get yourself arrested and executed in the neck.

Official coat of arms of the USSR. USSR=SSSR=CCCP

USSR = Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
CCCP = Союз Советских Социалистических Республик
SSSR = Soyuz Sovetskikh Sotsialisticheskikh Respublik

The coat of arms and the name of the monster (USSR) say it all: there is no reference to ‘Russia’, neither in the name, nor in the coat of arms. Hammer and sickle are stamped upon the entire world, because that was the true intention of the Soviets: conquer the entire world, unlike the Germans, who merely wanted the German territories back, taken from them in Versailles: Saar, Rheinland, Sudentenland, Memel and finally Danzig. Rump-Austria had voluntarily applied for membership of Germany in Versailles but was refused. After all, WW1 was initiated by Britain to downsize Germany in the first place, not to enlarge it.

After the end of the Russian civil war (1917-1922) between the Reds and the Whites, when the Bolsheviks consolidated power, they immediately began to work to make their vision of global communism reality using their Comintern, a sort of ‘NGO’ avant la lettre. And country #1 on their global todo-list was… Germany. Why Germany? Because Germany, like Russia-1917 had lost the war (masterminded by Britain, exploiting their French, Russian and American sidekicks) and was suffering from the consequences. Like in Russia, large parts of the impoverished German masses were open for the communist message and hoped for survival, guaranteed by an omnipotent communist state. The only way out for the Germans to escape the fate of becoming a Soviet republic, was to introduce a form of national socialism, to counter the threat of international socialism, which would have led to the inevitable decapitation of the German nation, like had happened in Russia, where everybody with a brain was murdered.

But all these truths are buried under the rubble of history. In 1933, the Americans had the largest economy on earth by far:


Global GDP distribution 1940 in %:

USA 29
British Empire 11
France 5
Germany 11
Japan 6
Italy 5

The WW2 scam made visible. The allies had 58% of combined global GDP, the Axis merely 22%. All the US and USSR needed to do to cover up the greatest conspiracy in world history was to blame Germany for WW2 in a victors show trial in Nuremberg, where in reality they were responsible for maneuvering Europe into war. It was clear in advance who would win this conflict to those in power.

But geopolitically the US were a backwater and the American ruling classes were determined to change that and catapult themselves into planetary pole position. And they knew that an alliance with the greatest mass murderers in human history (USSR) was precisely the opportunity to achieve that goal. And du moment Roosevelt was elected, the US diplomatic recognition of the USSR came about, an act all civilized European nations had shunned:

And the Soviet ambassador to the US, Maxim Litvinoff mentions in [1:03] who it was, who had brought the US-USSR coalition about: William Bullitt (the Viktoria Nuland of the thirties), who would be the right-hand man of Roosevelt and US ambassador to Paris, where he would push the British and French into a war with Germany, via the Polish war guarantee and by secretly instigating the Poles to do whatever they wanted to prevent the Germans from getting Danzig back, with the sole aim of getting the war in Europe started, to the benefit of the US and USSR. The real reason for the German invasion was not territorial conquest (apart from Danzig) but to intervene in an escalating situation where tens of thousands of Germans, forced to live in Poland thanks to Versailles, had fled to Germany proper.

That’s something you never hear about.

Why do we bring this up?

Answer: to better understand the present situation. Analogy:

Germany defies NWO=Russia defies NWO

But… Putin is not Hitler, because…

Vladimir Putin knows his history and what happened in 1939 and avoided to walk in exactly the same trap the Germans stumbled into: come to the aide of the beleaguered Russians in forced to live in Donbass-Ukraine and invade and give the Americans the pretext to start WW3, like Germany stumbled into Poland to come to the aid of the beleaguered Germans forced to live in Versailles-Poland and give the allies the pretext to start WW2.

[] – The Soviet Story

Britain Masterminded WW1


This is not a history site, but the interpretation of the past has great repercussions for the geopolitical present, as any educated German can confirm. The past two centuries have been the centuries of the dominance of Anglosphere, first the British empire and now the American empire. This is reflected in this overview of subsequent reserve currencies over the past six centuries, showing that every century has a new ‘top dog’ (Portugal, Spain, Holland, France, Britain, USA)…

Reserve Currency Status

Another indicator for the might of a political entity is the GDP, showing that China is well on its way to become the top dog of the 21st century and could replace the US, that in its turn began to replace the British Empire in the twenties:

fall-empires2[Deutsche Bank]

But China is not of interest here, it is The Great War or First World War as it became known after World War Two. Most people, who are not professional historians paid by a government, will accept that history is written by the victors. Or that victors can enforce that the defeated party, in casu Germany, signs war guilt clauses, like happened in Versailles and Nuremberg.

So if the historical truth is generally distorted by the victor(s), what can be said now, one century later, about who was really responsible for the outbreak of World War One?

On the night of 30-31st of July, 1914, feeling entrapped by a seemingly inevitable march of events, the German Kaiser Wilhelm mused to himself doomily:

‘Frivolity and weakness are going to plunge the world into the most frightful war of which the ultimate object is the overthrow of Germany. For I no longer have any doubt that England, Russia and France have agreed among themselves – knowing that our treaty obligations compel us to support Austria – to use the Austro-Serb conflict as a pretext for waging a war of annihilation against us… In this way the stupidity and clumsiness of our ally [Austria] is turned into a noose. So the celebrated encirclement of Germany has finally become an accepted fact… The net has suddenly been closed over our heads, and the purely anti-German policy which England has been scornfully pursuing all over the world has won the most spectacular victory which we have proved ourselves powerless to prevent while they, having got us despite our struggles all alone into the net through our loyalty to Austria, proceed to throttle our political and economic existence. A magnificent achievement, which even those for whom it means disaster are bound to admire.’

The Kaiser was entirely correct.

Earlier this year we commemorated that 100 years ago World War One (WW1) broke out. Today no serious continental European historian will accept the victor’s verdict of Versailles: “Germany is guilty”. Instead the consensus is that the Great Powers ‘stumbled into war‘, ‘it was a chain reaction’ really, a mutual suicide, an ‘accumulation of misjudgments & shortsightedness’ that led to the disaster.

All rubbish.

The Scottish authors Gerry Docherty and James MacGregor in their new book have meticulously shown that WW1 was long planned in advance by Great-Britain. They debunk that Germany was to be blamed for the war. It was Great-Britain that managed to draw France and Russia into a coalition against Germany, with the sole purpose of conserving the preeminent position of the British empire, by destroying the rising power Germany. That truth can easily be distilled from the war aims of the parties involved:

  • Britain: wanted to destroy a rising Germany that was seen as a threat to the supremacy of the British Empire.
  • Russia: wanted to dominate Bulgaria and control the Bosporus
  • France: wanted German speaking Alsace-Lorraine back, lost in 1871
  • Germany: had no territorial or other aims other than to prevent becoming destroyed

Mastermind of World War One Britain managed to unite the ambitions mentioned above into a single coalition with the aim to destroy Germany. In the end they prevailed, because they could make a Balfour deal with the US ‘Zionist Lobby’ du jour: “we British give you Palestine, if you bring your Americans on our side into the war”. And not even that was enough to bring the Germans down. In the end they trusted the Americans (Wilson’s peace plan) and prematurely disarmed and that broke their backs.

The interpretation of history, the guardianship of history is presently owned by Anglosphere, because they have the power to do so, at the cost of continental Europe. But many, including us, foresee a rapid decline of US power in the coming years, offering the opportunity to correct the self-serving historic lies that define western culture of today and lay the foundation for a renaissance of European civilization, centered around the coming Paris-Berlin-Moscow confederation that will replace the dying West.

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