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Large H2-Based Ammonia and Methanol Value Chains in NL

Hydrogen producer and distributor OCI N.V. and reneweable hydrogen producer North2 are teaming up to realize large-scale NH3 (ammonia) and CH3OH (methanol) value chains in the Netherlands. Scale: 4 GW by 2030. Gasunie will contribute via its planned Dutch hydrogen pipeline backbone.

Both methanol and ammonia are used as building blocks in a wide range of sectors and products such as transportation, furniture, clothing, healthcare and cosmetics, automotive and windmill blades. Ammonia is currently also largely used to make agricultural fertilizers, and green hydrogen-based fertilizers are crucial for decarbonizing the food chain. Ammonia and methanol are also emerging as the next generation clean fuel in shipping. Wind-based green hydrogen, used as input for ammonia and methanol production, can enable zero-carbon and fully green value chains.

This initiative is a major step towards the hydrogen economy in the Netherlands.

[] – First Large-scale green ammonia and methanol value chains in the Netherlands

New Way of Decarbonising Ammonia Production

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