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Storm of Protest in the Netherlands

The Dutch love wind mills, it is part of their national heritage and mythology. Without 17th century windmills, large parts of the Netherlands would still be under water. Earlier this week however, the Dutch love for wind mills was severely put to the test. The government announced it had made the decision where to place new turbines: 14 km from the coast. How high? 100-120 m. How many?


With a North Sea coast length of merely ca. 200 km, this implies that the landscape (seascape rather) will be drastically altered and that beach tourists, basically Dutch and Germans, will have to endure a horizon, plastered with turbines as far as the eye can see; a new ‘iron curtain’ so to speak. The tourism branch and municipalities fear decreasing visitor numbers. Extra distrust was generated when the government refused to reveal how the horizon would look like via an existing simulation. “Is it that bad?”, you hear people think. It is possible to place the machines further away from the beach, but that will cost billions extra. Likely, the last word has not been said on this topic.

[] – Kustgemeenten erg geschrokken van windmolens

Dutch celebrating their national icon [3:25]

Iranian War Games in the Gulf

Associated Press: “Iran’s Revolutionary Guard launched a large-scale naval and air defense drill Wednesday near a strategic Gulf waterway, using a replica of a US aircraft carrier as a target. Video of the drill appeared on Iranian state television. (Feb. 25)

This war game doesn’t prove anything, but as we have said several times before, this is the age of the missile, which is bad news for large metal objects like tanks, choppers, jets and certainly naval vessels. If Argentina had have enough Exocet missiles during the Falklands war, Argentina would have defeated Britain. Won’t be different with Iran-USA. Mighty impressive, these carriers, especially when they go under. Carriers are effective in an arena where you have to deal with Japanese single engine 150 mph fruit fly planes. But super sonic missiles is a different thing altogether. Carriers and other ships have no defense against them. That’s not us saying so, it is the US Naval Institute saying that.

[] – Iran Televises Major Naval Drill Against Fake US Aircraft Carrier In Persian Gulf
[deepresource] – Fleets Are Useless


Oxford Speech Marine le Pen

Bad audio quality. Not entirely clear why Madame le Pen, according to our youth heroine Brigitte Bardot, the new Jeanne d’Arc, would volunteer to go to Britain, this country is suicidal beyond repair. Only Sweden is worse and then we are talking really spooky people. Jeanne d’Arc 1.0, as we all remember, was burned to death by the English at a tender age of 19 in 1431, so why challenge fate. Let Britain die in peace. Hitler’s revenge. Marine should take an example of Jeanne d’Arc and take the lead in physically removing the Anglos and their nihilistic Frankfurter Schule multiculturalism from continental Europe, the colonization has lasted long enough now. The future is Eurasia, not North America, that will be a third world country in a decade or so. Chinese and Russians won’t require us to commit suicide, in contrast to ‘Americans’. America is so 20th century. Let’s pull the plug, let’s throw our inner child in the well and become Roman, anything but a human rights pussy.


Das Christenthum war der Vampyr des imperium Romanum, — es hat die ungeheure That der Römer, den Boden für eine grosse Cultur zu gewinnen, d i e Z e i t h a t, über Nacht ungethan gemacht. — Versteht man es immer noch nicht ? Das imperium Romanum, das wir kennen, das uns die Geschichte der römischen Provinz immer besser kennen lehrt, dies bewunderungswürdigste Kunstwerk des grossen Stils, war ein Anfang, sein Bau war berechnet, sich mit Jahrtausenden zu b e w e i s e n, — es ist bis heute nie so gebaut, nie auch nur geträumt worden, in gleichem Maasse sub specie aeterni zu bauen ! — Diese Organisation war fest genug, schlechte Kaiser auszuhalten : der Zufall von Personen darf nichts in solchen Dingen zu thun haben, — e r s t e s Princip aller grossen Architektur. Aber sie war nicht fest genug gegen die c o r r u p t e s t e Art Corruption, gegen die C h r i s t e n … [bron]

Friedrich Nietzsche, Der Antichrist, 1888

Perfect video. Perfect on a psychological level, because it consists solely of so-called heroes of the West, like John Cleese and Fox News presenters. Not a hint towards ‘white power’, no exaggerations (the world ‘genocide’ is justified, using a dictionary), just a clear message that we as a people and civilization are finished as a consequence of our Marxist values (if nothing happens). The true culprits are hinted at, but not named/identified.

Brent Oil Price on the Rise Again


Brent oil price increased with 6% yesterday to $62, recovering from a minimum of $50 on January 20, 2015. June last year: $110

Editor: if the oil price can be more than halved in six months, it can also double in six months. Low oil prices encourage economic growth, which increases demand for oil, which increases prices. On top of that, a lot of North-American production facilities with high operational costs are being driven out of business due to the low oil price. It could take some time to get them started again. Perhaps Vlad’s purse will be full again next year.

[] – Olieprijs loopt stevig op


Joseph Stalin's Mug Shots
Police mug shot of Georgian serial bank robber #3316 and butcher of Russia, Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili aka Stalin (‘man of steel’)

We couldn’t believe our eyes, but yes, there it stood: quite a few in Russia want to rename Volgograd back into… Stalingrad!

The NGO Memorial, which specializes in documenting the history of the Stalinist purges, has sharply criticized a proposal to erect a monument to Josef Stalin in Moscow and to rename the city of Volgograd as Stalingrad.

We are highly skeptical about the phenomenon of NGO, which we see as anti-democratic (usually leftist) pressure groups, but this time we agree. Why on earth would you want to erect a monument in Moscow, or worse, make yourself the laughing stock of the entire world, by renaming a city after the largest criminal your country (or rather a neighboring satellite country) has produced?

What’s next, rename Murmansk into Gulaggrad? Novosibirsk in Beriabirsk? Irkutsk into Trotzkytown?

Nevertheless, in a cynical way, Stalin did something good after all. Stalin was such a thug, that he out-thugged the Wallstreet-subsidized Trotskyite, US-oriented branch of communism. And then you have to be a real thug.

Hole in one! Trotsky icepicked in Mexico by Stalins agents.

That was the real reason why the good palls USA and USSR parted after 1945, after they had combined forces since 1933, when Stalin-groupie Roosevelt came to power, to destroy Europe and divided the loot between them and organized the Stalinist Nuremberg show trial to construct the self-serving allied lies, virulent until today and carefully kept alive by the mob in Washington, their European satraps and Hollywood. Destroy the Nuremberg myths and you have destroyed the West. And precisely for that reason, at some point Putin could be tempted to produce his last trump card: make the contents of his WW2 archives public.

The renaissance of European civilization (Paris-Berlin-Moscow) can only happen on the ruins of Nuremberg and the Death of the West. In 2015 there is nothing more revolutionary you can do than reading the right books. The Stalinists no longer exist, but the Trotskyites are still at large, but call themselves neocons these days and run Washington, like Trotsky ran Soviet-Russia, shortly after the revolution. And these neocons have precisely the same revolutionary zeal and aim as the Bolsheviks: world government.

[] – Leading NGO opposes plan to rename Russian city ‘Stalingrad’

This dramatized and very professionally made documentary was shown on Russian television, discussing the Suvorov-hypothesis, namely that Stalin and not Hitler was responsible for Barbarossa [Here Hitler explaining the Molotov-Ribbentrop agreement and why he invaded Russia (9:01), no not for ‘Lebensraum’, but because he preempted a Russian attack with a few weeks, completely in line with Suvorov]. Russia is slowly moving towards revising history. Forget about the idea that the fake ‘free West’ would ever contemplate airing this kind of information. The American led West defeated the East between 1989-1991. Now, Putin-Russia (and China in the background) can help continental Europe to liberate itself from Anglosphere and abolish the West and when that task is completed, the newly created Euro-Siberian confederation can begin to liberate Euro-America from neocon-run Washington and bring a Ron Paul/Edward Snowden type to power. 1776 revisited.

EWEA – Potential Floating Wind Turbines Enormous

Floating wind turbines in deep waters offer an enormous potential for producing wind energy, says the European Wind Energy Association. According to the EWEA, the relatively small area of the North Sea is sufficient to produce four times more electricity from wind than Europe currently consumes (report July 2013).


A Sane American Voice

Not everybody in the US is a neocon monster, like Gideon Rose, Viktoria Nuland, John Kerry, Anne Applebaum, etc., etc.

U.S. diplomat Jack F. Matlock was U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union during the crucial years 1987-1991 that saw the end of the Cold War. Matlock witnessed the tumultuous final years of the Soviet Union first hand as Reagan’s Ambassador in Moscow.

Presented by the Committee for the Republic, February 11, 2015 at The National Press Club, Washington, DC

The Committee for the Republic is a citizen-based, non-partisan, nonprofit organization founded in 2003. The Committee sponsors speakers monthly on challenges to the American Republic, including the military-industrial complex, too-big-to-fail banks, campaign finance, and U.S. competitiveness.

Editor: our task is to systematically isolate the neocon cancer and eliminate it from the US body politic.

Do as I say or else!

Having a Good Laugh With the Stand-up Comedians of Foreign Affairs

Good bye, Putin? Wishful thinking dressed up as prediction.

There can’t be a shred of doubt about the true intentions of the multiculti Straussian mob that is running the US for a century now: regime change in every country that refuses to surrender to the US empire and hand the world over to the Self-Chosen banksters. Victims so far: western Europe and Japan (1945), Korea (draw), Cuba (failed), Vietnam (failed), Chile, Nicaragua (failed), Panama, Grenada, Gulf War, Somalia (failed), Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan (will fail in the long run), Iraq (failed), NW-Pakistan (will fail), Syria (failed), Libya (failed), Yemen (failed). Next on the todo list of the ‘Empire of Chaos’ are Iran, Russia and China, in that order. And of course make sure that in the mean time no captive frogs (pun intended)…


…escape from the pond.

[] – Goodbye, Putin

Please buy my magazine

The man behind Foreign Affairs is a Gideon Rose, member of the CFR and not exactly a Christian God fearing cowboy. In general, Christian God fearing cowboys don’t have time for foreign policy; they don’t understand much of it anyway, they can’t find Eyeraq on the map and besides, the cows need to be back in the stable before sunset. As long as they are told on the telly that they are exceptionalist and the dollar is on top, the cowboys are happy to delegate foreign policy to the Gideon Rose’s of this world… with past & future disastrous consequences for the rest of the world and the kids of these cowboys, because they have to do the dying, while implementing the foreign policy designs of said Gideon Rose’s.

Earlier this month, Gideon certified this set of opinions:

The longer the Russian war against Ukraine continues, the more likely it is that President Vladimir Putin’s regime will collapse… Despite Putin’s bluster, the authoritarian regime he has constructed is exceedingly brittle. At the center stands Putin; surrounding him, the power-hungry loyalists he has folded into his inner circle.

Editor: thank God, our Gideon friend here doesn’t suffer from power hungriness, oh no he doesn’t. Gideon wouldn’t recognize power if he sees one.

The neo-tsarist ideology of Russian imperialism, Orthodox revival, and anti-Western Slavophilism that Putin has constructed has limited appeal to the cynical men who help him run Russia.

Gideon doesn’t realize that he is implying that said ‘cynical men’ will have more affinity with Gideon’s mafia than with Putin and Gideon might even have a point. The trouble is: Gideon’s mob has sub-room temperature approval ratings from the cowboys, where Putin’s ratings are at heights where you need an oxygen mask. What Gideon doesn’t realize either is that his club is beginning to run out of friends, big time. The popularity of the US is at the bottom of the barrel, together with Israel, North-Korea and Iran (‘axis of evil’). Oh, and Putin maybe anti-Western, but he is not anti-European, not at all:

Putin, Chirac and Schroeder here busy ridiculing the US leadership (that’s you Gideon) by letting Gideon & co. stampede into Iraq, to the tune of $3-5 trillion and let the Clouseau’s from Washington (that’s you, Gideon) hand over the largest part of Eyeraq to the sphere of influence of Eyeran. You can’t make this stuff up. Now the US has created the Islamic State, has to fear for its gas station Saudi-Arabia, as well as key ally Turkey, that is getting a bigger mouth with every passing day and could very well defect to SCO, making the US lose the entire Middle-East.

Therefore, Putin’s ability to retain their loyalty rests primarily on his control of the country’s financial resources. Thanks to the record-high energy prices that accompanied his assumption of power in 1999, Putin was able to personally purloin some $45 billion and still have enough money to raise the country’s standard of living, strengthen the Russian military, and keep his cronies happy. No longer. Oil prices have collapsed and are likely to stay low; Western sanctions are hitting hard; and the Russian economy is on the downswing.

This statement of course fosters the idea that the strange oil price collapse was intentionally engineered by Kerry, together with his Saudi satrap. And without any proof, Gideon bluntly states that Vlad has snitched $45B. That’s what Gideon would do, if he were in Vlad’s place. But he isn’t and Gideon’s pall, the Berezovski fool who brought Vlad to power, has recently committed suicide, which was reason for us to open our best bottle of wine, because we understood from that event what a disaster the rise of Putin is for the schemes of the Gideon’s of this world, in their own estimation.

Cynical Gideon Rose as a sort of modern Attila the Hun, wants the ram the entire world into a single power structure, owned by him and his ‘cronies’

Sooner or later Putin will be forced to make some cuts, but it is hard to know where that money will come from.

We would not worry too much about Russia, if we were you, Gideon. Unlike your multiculti USA you have created by relentlessly promoting mass immigration, Russia is a real nation and meanwhile knows everything about the true causes of communism and who is running the show in the US. Russia was sick but is now immune. Russia is used to poverty. And at least as important, Russia is backed by China. And China knows that it needs to stand by Russia, because otherwise it will be next. And in Europe, the US can only rely on suckers like Poland, Baltic states and we are sorry for having to say that, our own Holland. Not Germany, not France.

For 15 years, Putin’s record of success won him enormous public support. He crushed the Chechen rebellion, presided over military reforms, built infrastructure, improved the lives of ordinary Russians, and regularly outwitted the West. And then, just after the Sochi Olympics, he blew it all.

As if he had any alternative. Taking Crimea (in full approval of the Crimean population, but what do you care about self-determination) prevented losing his Sevastopol marine harbor to NATO. And perhaps you blew it, Gideon. You could not prevent Germany and France from crafting the Minsk deal, now could you. You are not as smart as you think you are. We know that Nuland was fuming with rage and we like to see that, Gideon. In fact we hope that someday the Maidan cookie monster will explode with rage.

Maidan cookie monster fanatic

Ukraine, which was well on its way to becoming a Russian vassal state under former President Viktor Yanukovych, has turned against the Kremlin.

You mean these paid agitators from Lvov? It remains to be seen how anti-Kremlin these people will turn out to be if the billions from Europe won’t come, as they won’t.

The ruble, along with the Russian economy, is in free fall, as Western sanctions bite.

The free fall of the ruble reversed since January.

Putin, Russia’s “Man of the Year,” is now routinely compared to Adolf Hitler.

You will routinely call everybody a Hitler; it’s the core of your business model. You do realize that the rise of the internet is not exactly in your advantage, because it slowly eats away the traditional stories, as promoted by your media and Hollywood for decades? You do? Fine.

Putin knows he’s in a tough spot. He started the war in Ukraine, and now it’s up to him to bring about some satisfactory conclusion, even though it’s clear from his erratic behavior that he lacks a strategy.

He did not start the war in Ukraine, it was you and your Nuland bitch who started the war by hijacking the Maidan Revolution. And what do you mean, no strategy? Putin wants a confederation with Europe and we are going to get it. At your cost: exit West from history, the very branch you are sitting on. Turkey is going to resurrect the neo-Ottoman empire, including Israel and Saudi-Arabia, with support of Russia, China and Europe, that is glad it got rid of ‘EU-candidate’ Turkey on the cheap. Australia will probably go to China, exactly as the Australian leadership fears. Never forget Gideon: Russia, China, Islamic State, American constitutionalists and European Right are your misfortune. And America is going to balkanize, because, you see, you can’t ignore race after all, no matter how much your kind would like to see it otherwise, because race is incompatible with that shabby NWO of yours, that nobody wants, except you and the third world.

Face it pall, your century is over.

He has no way to crush Ukraine without unleashing a global conflict.

Too bad for you, he has no intention to ‘crush’ Ukraine. Thanks to your foolish actions, he now has Crimea, the economic black hole rump-Ukraine can now be paid for by the West. And Putin made enough noise to make Germany and France block Ukraine NATO-membership, that’s all Putin needs. Yes, the sanctions do bite, but also for Europe, that will begin to question the value of the Atlantic alliance. Most of the French leadership has already openly stated that an alliance with Russia is next.

The awful Lenin was succeeded by the dreadful Stalin.

How dare you speak with so much contempt of an American ally, who catapulted you into world power on the cheap!

In the meantime, the West should do all it can now to support Ukraine and encourage Putin to deescalate the war. The West can also limit the fallout from a possible regime collapse by supporting Russia’s neighbors—especially Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine—economically, diplomatically, and militarily. When the rotten Russian dam breaks, as it inevitably will, only strong and stable non-Russian states will be able to contain the flooding, shielding the rest of the world from Putin’s disastrous legacy of ruin.

Note that our Gideon friend here intends to setup Belarus and Kazakhstan as well against Moscow militarily. Has been noted for future reference, you arch-warmonger.

The only levies that are going to break are American ones:


Can you read graphs, Gideon? No, than we’ll explain it to you slowly. The graph says that the financial state of the US is worse than Greece (total debt 13.37 times GDP). And that Italy and Germany are in excellent and France in reasonable financial shape, compared to your financial house of cards aka USA. Enjoy the collapse buster, once Eurasia will get serious with de-dollarization of the world.

Gideon, you are a loser.
What are you now?

Gideon wants to lecture you about race, as in ‘abolish it‘ (but not in Israel).

Thanks to Paul Craig Roberts for alerting us to this article.

Armed Americans on a Stone’s Throw From Russian Border

U.S. soldiers attend military parade celebrating Estonia's Independence Day near border crossing with Russia in Narva
Narva, Februari 2015. The Cold War is back.



Estonian-Russian Border control check point?

[] – USA halten Militärparade vor russischer Grenze ab

Ron Paul Summarizes Ukrainian Crisis


Our favorite US politician Ron Paul (although the colorful Democrat James Traficant comes close) summarizes, in our view correctly, the events of the last year in Ukraine.

[] – Interventionism Kills: Post-Coup Ukraine One Year Later

It was one year ago last weekend that a violent coup overthrew the legally elected government of Ukraine. That coup was not only supported by US and EU governments — much of it was actually planned by them. Looking back at the events that led to the overthrow it is clear that without foreign intervention Ukraine would not be in its current, seemingly hopeless situation.

By the end of 2013, Ukraine’s economy was in ruins. The government was desperate for an economic bailout and then-president Yanukovych first looked west to the US and EU before deciding to accept an offer of help from Russia. Residents of south and east Ukraine, who largely speak Russian and trade extensively with Russia were pleased with the decision. West Ukrainians who identify with Poland and Europe began to protest. Ukraine is a deeply divided country and the president came from the eastern region.

At this point the conflict was just another chapter in Ukraine’s difficult post-Soviet history. There was bound to be some discontent over the decision, but if there had been no foreign intervention in support of the protests you would likely not be reading this column today. The problem may well have solved itself in due time rather than escalated into a full-out civil war. But the interventionists in the US and EU won out again, and their interventionist project has been a disaster.

The protests at the end of 2013 grew more dramatic and violent and soon a steady stream of US and EU politicians were openly participating, as protesters called for the overthrow of the Ukrainian government. Senator John McCain made several visits to Kiev and even addressed the crowd to encourage them.

Imagine if a foreign leader like Putin or Assad came to Washington to encourage protesters to overthrow the Obama Administration!

As we soon found out from a leaked telephone call, the US ambassador in Kiev and Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, were making detailed plans for a new government in Kiev after the legal government was overthrown with their assistance.

The protests continued to grow but finally on February 20th of last year a European delegation brokered a compromise that included early elections and several other concessions from Yanukovych. It appeared disaster had been averted, but suddenly that night some of the most violent groups, which had been close to the US, carried out the coup and Yanukovych fled the country.

When the east refused to recognize the new government as legitimate and held a referendum to secede from the west, Kiev sent in tanks to force them to submit. Rather than accept the will of those seeking independence from what they viewed as an illegitimate government put in place by foreigners, the Obama administration decided to blame it all on the Russians and began imposing sanctions!

That war launched by Kiev has lasted until the present, with a ceasefire this month brokered by the Germans and French finally offering some hope for an end to the killing. More than 5,000 have been killed and many of those were civilians bombed in their cities by Kiev.

What if John McCain had stayed home and worried about his constituents in Arizona instead of non-constituents 6,000 miles away? What if the other US and EU politicians had done the same? What if Victoria Nuland and US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt had focused on actual diplomacy instead of regime change?

If they had done so, there is a good chance many if not all of those who have been killed in the violence would still be alive today. Interventionism kills.

Copyright © 2015 by RonPaul Institute. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit and a live link are given.
Published February 22, 2015.

Germany Booming Despite Ukrainian Crisis


Despite all the talk about European recession, Greek tragedies, ‘collapsing euro’ and what not, the German locomotive of the European economy is doing fine:

– Economic growth over 2014: 1.6%
– State surplus: 18 billion euro (2nd largest since reunification)
– Unemployment is low, wages are increasing.
– The renewable energy transition is well underway

And the prospects for 2015 are rather good, with current low oil prices (as long as it lasts). Imagine what would happen if normal relations with Russia could be restored.

Add to that the phenomenal German export surpluses, based on high-tech, not oil or cheap Walmart merchandise:

Country Surplus/Deficit
Germany 285
China 150
Saudi-Arabia 100
Japan -109
USA -472

Trade balance in billion $

… then it should be clear that Europe, with Germany at its economic and technological core, is rapidly advancing towards planetary pole position. In order to finish the job, France needs to find the strength to assert itself as the prime political power in Europe, realize its potential for political grandeur and accomplish a confederation with Germany and prime European military power Russia, a confederation that should succeed the EU.

Reserve Currency Status[source]

Each century a new reserve currency: Portugal, Spain, Holland, France, Britain, US

If that vision would become reality, then it is not difficult to forecast what the 7th global reserve currency is going to be, replacing the dollar.

There is currently only one party interested in torpedoing that scenario and that is obviously the US, that with all might tries to drive a wedge between the EU and Russia. The key to overcome US resistance against abdicating as the world’s hegemon lies in China. The solution is a daring European move: France en Germany simultaneously leaving NATO/the West overnight and becoming member of SCO and bring the center of political gravity back to Eurasia, where it has been home for thousands of years, only shortly interrupted since 1945, as a result of the Anglo-Soviet war on Europe 1933-1945. And pass the message to the people of European descent living in North-America that this move is directed against the Washington elite, not against them. And that if push comes to shove and things go terribly wrong in the US, Greater Europe will come to their aid, if necessary militarily, like in 1776.

North-America would lose political prestige in becoming a junior partner of Paris-Berlin-Moscow (‘Eurosphere’), but the people of European descent would be spared the fate of having to live in a third world country. The likely moment that this event could happen is when the US pushes for conflict with Russia to the brink of war.

You could also see it as payback time. In 1933 the US and USSR quietly started to build a coalition with the aim to encircle Europe, play Britain/France/Poland out against Germany and destroy Europe. The time has arrived to undo that European disaster. The USSR no longer exists. With a reborn Russia, Europe can very well do business and realize the Gaullist dream of Europe of the Fatherlands.

Let’s cross the Rubicon.


[] – Wirtschaftsboom: Deutscher Staat schafft Milliardenüberschuss


US dissident Edward Snowden is the #1 candidate to play the role of American Vaclav Havel and at some point become the interim president after regime change in Washington. The fact that the Snowden documentary received an Oscar, is a sign that not all hope is lost with the US.

[] – Snowden documentary CitizenFour grabs Oscar

NATO Provocations in Estonia

Location: Narva, at the Estonian-Russian border, 100 km from Russia’s second town St. Petersburg. A fact of some strategic importance is that Narva is situated next to an artificial lake that supplies Petersburg with a limited amount of electricity (125 MW). The population of Narva is majority Russian.

[3:25] American flag.

[] – Lange Amerikaanse colonne aan Russische grens Estland

In 1939, the US used Poland to get WW2 started. The core of the problem was that the Poles wanted to ethnically cleanse Versailles-Poland from the German minority, which forced Hitler to intervene. Before the invasion, the US had pushed Britain and France into a war guarantee for Poland:

[The Forrestal Diaries] Played golf today with Joe Kennedy [Joseph P. Kennedy who was Roosevelt’s Ambassador to Great Britain in the years immediately before the war]. I asked him about his conversations with Roosevelt and Neville Chamberlain from 1938 on. He said Chamberlain’s position in 1938 was that England had nothing with which to fight and that she could not risk going to war with Hitler. Kennedy’s view : That Hitler would have fought Russia without any later conflict with England if it had not been for Bullitt’s [William C. Bullitt, descendant of Hyam Salomon, then Ambassador to France] urging on Roosevelt in the summer of 1939 that the Germans must be faced down about Poland ; neither the French nor the British would have made Poland a cause of war if it had not been for the constant needling from Washington. Bullitt, he said, kept telling Roosevelt that the Germans wouldn’t fight, Kennedy that they would, and that they would overrun Europe. Chamberlain, he says, stated that America and the world Jews had forced England into the war.

(Note the similarities. Today Washington is ‘constantly needling Germany and France’ that the Russians need to be faced down over Ukraine. William C. bullitt may be dead, today we have Kerry (Kohn) and Nuland (Nudelman) continuing where Bullitt left off).

At the same time, the Americans encouraged the Poles to do whatever they wanted, provoke the Germans, because, the Americans, British and French would come to the aid of the Poles regardless. That was a lie, but it was sufficient to encourage the hotheaded Poles to demand everything and began to develop designs on the Germans forced to live in Versailles-Poland. This interpretation is now quietly supported by Russia, that knows precisely what really happened in 1939:

The Russian defence ministry posted a potentially inflammatory essay on its website which claimed Poland resisted Germany’s ultimatums in 1939 only because it “wanted to obtain the status of a great power”. The lengthy diatribe… also lashed out at Britain and France for giving the Poles “delusions of grandeur” by promising to intercede if the Nazis invaded. “Anyone who has been minded to study the history of the Second World War knows it started because of Poland’s refusal to meet Germany’s requests,” the statement read. “The German demands were very modest. You could hardly call them unfounded.”

It looks like the US could try to use the Baltic states to get WW3 started, now that creating a major war over Donbass likely failed, thanks to the Minsk agreement, hammered out by the Russians, French and Germans, against the will of the ‘Americans’ like Kerry and Nuland, who were furious about the European ‘insurbordination‘. Now it is the Russian minority in the Baltic states that can be used to provoke Russia. The US has every incentive to get WW3 started, because if it does nothing, in a few years time the dollar will be history and the US will fall apart. By getting WW3 started they can blame the war for economic collapse and impose martial law and the US elite can stay in power.

It is high time for secret German-French-Russian-Chinese diplomacy to get rid of the NATO cancer and prepare the world for a massive surprise, comparable to the Molotov-Ribbentrop accord in August 1939.

Narva-power station-Petersburg

Erdogan Supplants Atatürk


The 20th century was the secular-progressive century. The century defined by liberal capitalism and Bolshevism. That century is now almost over. The communist East saw the first cracks in its system with the Polish Solidarnosc uprising in 1980 and a decade later the Soviet system was dead and buried.

The US-led West reached its zenith in 2004-2008 with the Iraq debacle and Lehman crash. The US is trying to maintain its supreme position by milking the reserve currency status of the dollar and creating trillions of fresh money, but the rest of the world is seeing through that scam and attempts to ‘de-dollarize’ the world and will probably succeed, with vast consequences for the inner stability of the US itself.

Today full-time doomer Dmitri Orlov is painting a scenario of that collapse, the Amherst Cauldron. We in contrast suspect that the destabilization of the US will grow out of a Ferguson / ‘black-lives-matter’ situation, that no longer can be contained, resulting in US states that will attempt to secede, which Washington will try to prevent. Most of the US one big Yugoslavia/Ukraine.

So how is the 21st century going to look like?

Religious. Fundamentalist. Archaic. Traditionalist. Reactionary. Tribal. Identitarian. ‘Right-wing’. Post-Marxist. Birds-of-a-feather. Strict gender roles.

Are you still there?

The best examples to illustrate this scenario are Russia, that officially adopted Orthodoxy again, but most of all the world of Islam. We have seen the Iranian revolution under Khomeini, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Sunny-Shi’ite divide in Iraq, the rise of the Islamic State and Boko Haram.

And then there is the natural leader of Islam to observe the same tendencies: Turkey.

Turkey was one of the losers of WW1, and losing a war almost always means regime change. It happened in Germany (Kaiser Wilhelm fled to Holland), the Czar was murdered by the Bolsheviks and in the Turkey, the Ottoman empire had to make way for a secular nationalist regime under Kemal Atatürk.

Hundred years later that secular regime is now systematically being replaced and Turkey is, in slow-motion, following the path of Iran. Turkey instinctively feels that connecting to Europe is not going to happen and is now opting for plan B: the return of the Ottoman empire and is secretly using the Islamic State mercenaries to pave the way for that empire.

[] – Wer ist der größte Held?



Apple has a problem: too much money ($178B). What do most companies do in this situation: expand and invest in new territories; after all, a human may have two ears, but only one mouth, so it does not make sense to have two iPhones.

What territories to expand in? Apple is hiring people with an automotive background, according to the WSJ up to 1000 people. Rumors about a project code-named “Titan”. More indications: battery company A123 Systems is suing Apple for snatching away valuable top technicians.

We’ll be curious to learn how the iCar is going to look like, perhaps a mix between a Fiat 500 and an iPhone, no doubt online as you drive, instruct your car by voice what your destination is. Start the car: tap an icon. Update the latest software while you drive. Cruise control, perhaps even automatic driving; currently many companies are working on that. No doubt electric, perhaps integrated solar cells, low energy consumption, fuel cells, sold as a ‘green car’.

[] – What Apple Is Driving At
[] – Designer über Apple-Auto: “Es muss begeistern, nicht verschrecken”

Putin Conciliatory

Vladimir Putin stresses the importance of the Minsk agreement and believes that Germany and France are sincerely looking for a peaceful way out of the Ukraine crisis.

He stressed that as a large European country, Ukraine should focus on “strengthening the economy and social sector, and mend relations with the southeastern part of the country.”

Editor: more proof that Putin is not interested in the disintegration of Ukraine. This is not about Russian land grab in Donbass; this is about preventing Ukraine from becoming an ‘AngloZionist/NATO colony’ and instead become a European country (not ‘Eurasian’) between Europe and Russia. And Putin does not say it out loud, but he means that Russia is ‘large European country’ as well.

[] – Wladimir Putin gibt sich versöhnlich
[] – Putin: France, Germany genuinely want to find compromise over E. Ukraine

Where to be Born According to the Economist





[] – USA Is The 16th Best Place To Be Born In The World

Tentative conclusions (not supported by the liberals/cultural Marxists of the Economist):

1) it greatly helps to be: small, Protestant and white
2) being #16 suffices to be ‘exceptionalist’ these days

Global Wind Statistics 2014


2014 was a good year for wind energy. Never before was so much new capacity installed.

[] – Global Wind Statistics 2014

Etre Français



Wind Turbine Lifespan

Gordon Hughes: windbag and shill for the fracking industry, producing hot air when he opens his mouth.

Here is an article from 2012 where a prof Gordon Hughes is launching a frontal attack against wind power:

[] – Wind turbines ‘only lasting for half as long as previously thought’

Wind turbines ‘only lasting for half as long as previously thought’ as study shows they show signs of wearing out after just 12 years… A study of almost 3,000 turbines in Britain – the largest of its kind – sheds doubt on manufacturers claims that they generate clean energy for up to 25 years, which is used by the Government to calculate subsidies… In Denmark, where wind power has been used for longer, the decline in output was less dramatic, which he said could be down to their smaller size and possibly better maintenanceHis report for the anti-wind farm charity the Renewable Energy Foundation (KEEP), noted: ‘Onshore wind turbines represent a relatively mature technology, which ought to have achieved a satisfactory level of reliability in operation as plants age.

The British government is not impressed by the arguments put forward by Hughes:

A spokesman said: ‘Our expectations of wind turbine lifetimes are based on rigorous analysis and evidence. Britain’s oldest commercial turbines at Delabole in Cornwall have only recently been replaced after 20 years of operation, and the technology has come on leaps and bounds since that project started generating in 1991.

Professor Gordon who?

[Gordon Hughes – The myth of green jobs]

[] – No fracking ‘will lead to sky high prices’

The fracking debate has been hijacked by “political posturing” and could leave Scots stuck with sky high energy bills compared with other parts of the world, a leading economist has warned. Professor Gordon Hughes, a former world bank adviser, warned Scotland could be sleepwalking into key decisions over its energy future without a “genuine debate about reality rather than phantasms”.

Well, the good professor has a horse in this race and that is fracking. On top of that he formulated his opinions for an anti-wind platform.

So, what do the wind energy ‘paid shills’ have to say about Hughes study?

[] – Study on turbine lifespan is “just more anti-wind propaganda”

The article does not really address the figures Hughes is giving. Instead they point at the anonymous peer review and that the professor has a history of being anti-wind and refers to the official British government pro-wind stance.

Here is a more detailed study that also addresses the findings of Hughes:

[] – How does wind farm performance decline with age?

We find the ageing effect to be present, but much smaller than predicted by Hughes, in line with experience of other rotating machinery… We find evidence of important, but not disastrous, performance degradation over time in a large sample of UK wind farms. When variations in the weather and improvement in turbine design are accounted for, we find that the load factors of UK wind farms fall by 1.57% (0.41 percentage points) per year.

[] – Wind turbines for 40 years?

And here is a German wind power specialist saying that the official 20 years life span of a wind turbine is often related to the time of a permit and says nothing about the economic life span. Herr Romberg suggests that with proper maintenance wind turbines can operate for 40 years, not 10-15 years as Hughes suggests.

Editor: electricity generation with wind energy is a relatively new technology and there are hardly enough older turbines around to test the claim that these turbines have a life span of 20-25 years. As a rule technology improves with time, and modern turbines can’t be compared with the shabby machines produced 20 years ago. And as the professor indicates himself: maintenance is very important. And since wind in Denmark is not really that different from wind in the UK, longer life spans in Denmark must have to do with better maintenance. But if a commercial airliner, like a Boeing 747, can be operational for decades on end, spending more time in the skies than on the ground and having to deal with vastly higher wind speeds and stresses than wind turbines, than it is safe to conclude that mature wind power technology will be able to deliver turbine designs that can last decades as well.

As a reminder: the Eiffel tower has been around since 1889, that is 126 years. Yale estimates that the tower could last another 2-3 centuries. There is no reason to assume that steel wind turbine towers could not last a similar long time span. Here is an example of a Dutch windmill from 1458 or older and still works. In Havana there are almost exclusively cars around from the fifties and not even particularly well maintained. Maintenance is everything.

Century old T-Ford

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