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Spectacular Short Australian Payback Times Solar Installations Australia


[] – Payback Predictions For Solar + Storage In Australia

Neo-Ottoman Dinner

neoottoman[] Not your average Turkish take-away


Joe Biden: European-Americans in the Minority as Early as 2017


Not sure who is right, Joe Biden (2017) or the Census Bureau (2044), one thing is clear, namely that the US overwhelmingly white leadership doesn’t want to protect the status of the European-American majority and even tries to haste the demise of European-America. With these kind of empty suits as leaders, Paul Craig Roberts and Patrick Buchanan could be right that by 2025 the US will be a third world country, not to be taken seriously by Eurasia. And when the dollar reserve-currency free lunch will be gone for ever, the only question remains: how far will the US sink? Britain? Hungary? Ukraine?

But it is unlikely that all European-Americans will accept these development without a fight. Expect secession movements to develop like happened in Eastern Ukraine.

[] – Joe Biden – ‘A good thing when whites ‘absolute minority’ in 2017 (Census bureau projects majority-minority nation in 2044)

Twitter Support Islamic State


Hypersonic Weapons Change the International Balance of Power


The short story is: with the rise of hyper-sonic missiles, fleets have become largely obsolete, reduced as they are to huge sitting ducks. There is simply no defense for a large ship against an incoming MACH5 missile. You can still use you carriers to destroy small countries like Libya or Iraq, but not Russia and China or their client state Iran.

The Falklands War of 1982 already showed a glimpse of the future. ‘Second world country’ Argentina would have won that war against ‘First world nation’ Britain, if it had been able to acquire additional French-made Exocet missiles, which diplomacy by US foreign minister Alexander Haig could barely prevent.

The new reality is that in a major confrontation, the US navy is mainly a drain on US fiscal resources and as such, an asset of the enemy. There is no way that the US can ‘project power’ in the South China sea, if China is determined to declare that area as Chinese sphere of influence and if necessary act upon it.

[] – How Hypersonic Missiles Push America and China towards War

Stop Tsipras

gabrielGerman social-democrat Sigmar Gabriel. We hope he or Walter Steinmeier will replace Merkel at the first opportunity and mend relations with Russia.

Greece was on the right track last year. The recommended actions of the Troika were implemented and there was even a minor surplus. And than the Syriza gang came along with their empty promises that there was a way out of austerity. There is reason to believe that quite a lot of Greeks begin to understand that the proposed path by Syriza is a dead ally and that there is no alternative for the demands made by Brussels. There is only one obstacle: Tsipras.

Gabriel was the first leading European politician to voice what many think and say privately about Tsipras – that the Greek leader represents a threat to the European order, that his radicalism is directed at the politics of mainstream Europe and that he wants to force everyone else to rewrite the rules underpinning the single currency.

The unspoken message was that Tsipras is a dangerous man on a mission who has to be stopped.

Standing alongside his boss, Angela Merkel, as if to send a joint nonpartisan national signal from Germany, Gabriel said that if the Greek people vote no on Sunday, they would be voting “against remaining in the euro”.

Editor: we have a lot of criticism directed against Brussels (soft handling of the Mediterranean invader crisis, subservience to Washington related to Ukraine/Russia), but not in matters concerning Greece. No compromise here. At the end of the day, the Greeks will chose for Europe and austerity. The alternative, default and drachma is much more painful.

alexis-tsipras-yanis-varoufakis[source] The Syriza gang. How to dump these characters?

[] – Alexis Tsipras must be stopped: the underlying message of Europe’s leaders

Actions Islamic State


[] – One Year of the Islamic State Caliphate, Mapped

Syria Reality Check

aleppo[source] Aleppo citadel

Correspondent Robert Fisk traveled through Syria and concludes that the Assad regime is nowhere near defeat and that the war could go on for a long time.

Syrian “experts” – a lot closer to the battle than the think-tank boyos in Washington – speak of a more political strategy. What the regime must do, they say, is hold on to the major cities in a line from Aleppo south through Hama and Homs to Damascus (Deraa in the south may or may not be included in the plan) and deprive either Nusra or Isis of a potential capital in Syria. Isis’s present capital, Raqqa, is a fag-end of a city in the desert and even Palmyra, symbolic though its loss has been, is no metropolis from which rebels can claim national sovereignty…

But if you have to draw up a list of priorities for the Syrian regime to survive the coming weeks and months, they are easy to identify. It does not involve the Baath Party. Nor, for that matter, President Assad. The answer is simple: the Syrian army. New guns. New tanks. Aleppo.

[] – Can Assad’s regime survive the onslaught from Isis?

Samsung Doubles Battery Capacity


More substantial progress from the storage front. Samsung has achieved a whopping 1 kWh/kg. This is extremely good news for e-vehicle proponents (cars, bikes), who can double vehicle range without any added weight. We care more about 24 hour home storage cycles in combination with solar panels.

Innovation: new technology that enables Samsung to coat silicon battery cathodes with high crystal graphene. The bad news: no substantial cost reduction yet.

[] – Samsung Almost Doubles Li-Ion Battery Capacity

Several Black Churches Burned Down in South-Carolina


Mt. Zion AME is now the seventh church to catch fire since 21-year-old Dylann Roof shot and killed nine people in Charleston, South Carolina’s Emanuel AME Church. State and federal officials are looking into the blazes, some of which may be classified as hate crimes.

Editor: it is going to be a hot summer in America.

[] – Another black church on fire in South Carolina
[] – Five predominantly black Southern churches burn within a week; arson suspected in at least three


Tonight 22,000 people demonstrated for Europe, outnumbering the 13,000 who demonstrated for a referendum ‘no’ yesterday.

The Greeks begin to realize that they could lose the position, the Ukraine can only dream about: being member of EU and euro area. It is far easier to leave the euro area than become a member (again). Tonight they showed up by the thousands and demonstrated to stay in the EU and euro and to vote ‘yes’. 70% of the Greeks want to remain in the euro.

[] – Demo in Athen: Für Europa, gegen Tsipras

[] – Eurogroup refuses to extend bailout program to Greece

Donald Trump Fired by NBC

“they bring drugs, crime and rapists”

More signs that the US is approaching the breaking-point. Broadcaster NBC fired presidential candidate Donald trump (more or less ‘embraced‘ by Paul Craig Roberts) because of his ‘racist remarks’ against Latino’s. Trump wants to sue NBC for this move. His offensive remarks: “they bring drugs, crime and rapists“, which of course is true, but that is something you can’t say in the land of the free and the home of the brave of former fame.


Hart Aber Fair – Griechenland

Yesterday talk show “hard but fair” about Greece on ARD (first German TV channel), a platform to use less than diplomatic language and bluntly state the truth.

One of the conclusions: either Tsipras goes or Greece leaves the euro.

[] – “Die Jungs von Syriza zum Teufel jagen”
[] – Greece Struggles to Get Citizens to Pay Their Taxes
[] – Tax evasion in Greece – In flagrante

The core of the problem is: Greeks don’t pay taxes. Libertarians will probably love Greece for that reason, but we northern Europeans refuse to pay taxes for them. In the past this problem was solved by printing endless streams of new drachmas and thus indirectly collect taxes via inflation. That worked in the past, but now the Greek central bank no longer can print euro money. So the core of the problem is: either Greeks grow up and learn to pay taxes, like the rest of the Europeans or get lost from the euro. We would prefer the latter, because we are not certain that Greeks can be educated, but we fear that the Greeks will not leave Europe voluntarily. We still keep promoting the idea of a temporary European-run caretaker government, not unlike what the Americans did in Kiev. The difference would be that the Americans use ‘their’ government in Kiev to exploit the country and use it as cannon-fodder against Russia, where Europe tries to keep Greece afloat.

Greece Will Vote ‘Yes’

[source] Nice poster, but the outcome of the referendum will be Ja/Yes.

The Greek population wants to remain in Europe and in the euro and therefore they will vote ‘Yes’.

[] – Greece: First Polls Indicate “Yes” to EU Deal

In a poll conducted by Alco for the Greek newspaper ‘Proto Thema’, 57% of the participants said they would vote yes in the upcoming referendum, favoring a deal.

Another poll conducted by Kapa Research for ‘To Vima’ found that 47% of the population will vote yes approving the agreement, while 33% will vote ‘NO.’

[] – Europe’s big guns warn Greek voters that a no vote means euro exit

Germany, France and Italy joined the European commission in insisting that Sunday’s poll was about continued eurozone membership

[] – Tsipras droht mit Rücktritt

Tsipras threatens to step down in case of ‘yes’ outcome.

Editor: our intuition is that the Greek population will understand that international patience with Greece is now exhausted. The only alternatives for Greece are either comply wit Brussels or leaving the euro and reintroduce the drachma. Our hope is that if Greece votes ‘yes’, that at least the Syriza bunch will step down and the pro-EU parties will return to power. We have reason to believe that Tsipras is willingly committing political suicide with this referendum. He pokered, bluffed, lost and now needs a way out –> referendum with a sure ‘yes’. Tsipras became PM on 26 January 2015 and possibly will be gone next week. Greece and Europe lost a costly half year.

Structure Dutch Government Debt

buitenland = abroad

[] – Government debt per creditor

Read more…

Global Warming in the Netherlands – NOT

max-temp-nl[] The maximum temperatures during 1988-2015 were indeed higher than 1952-1988, but not higher than 1910-1948.

We don’t have strong opinions about climate change / global warming, neither for nor against. We simply haven’t paid enough time to study the subject to form an opinion. But in the case of tiny Holland we are not yet convinced that global warming is real.

The Secret Turkey-IS Connection

atta[source] The is the cartoon of the year

How much more proof do you need that the Turkish deep state is using IS for its own purposes. Get this: Turkish public prosecutors were arrested. Crime? They ordered the search of trucks bound for Syria, operated by the Turkish secret service MIT. The trucks carried arms. The Turkish controlled media remain silent about the affair.

Turkey doesn’t want the rest of the world to know it and officially remains a member of the western alliance. In reality Turkey is looking southwards to reestablish the Ottoman empire and is using IS to function as a bulldozer to get rid of the old European colonial Sykes-Picot frontiers and ‘designer countries’ like Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Saudi-Arabia, created on the drawing boards in the foreign offices of London and Paris a century ago.

[] – Turkish media’s deafening silence on arms-laden MİT trucks linger due to fear

Conspiracy Theory Virulent in Syriza Circles


Syriza adherents claim that behind the scenes, an EU-backed conspiracy of pro-EU parties is hoisted in the saddle, with the goal to take power back from Syriza, after the Greek population will accept the EU offer in the upcoming referendum and subsequent downfall of the Tsipras/Varoufakis gang.

Editor: we would be surprised if something like this was NOT going on.

Buying Renewable Energy Straight From The Source

Dutch TV add offering electricity directly from renewable producers.

[] – van de bron (from the source)

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