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French Army Preparing for Civil Unrest


French security forces are bracing for the eventuality of civil unrest and fear there could be a missile strike on a passenger airliner or a September 11-style attack, according to sources close to French intelligence…

The army has made contingency plans for the “reappropriation of national territory”, meaning to win back control of neighbourhoods where the population become hostile to the security forces and where guns are easily obtainable, according to the source. “There are a lot of alienated and angry fourth-generation immigrant kids in the suburbs and the prospect of radicalisation is increasingly likely,” the source said…

In the chaos following the fall of the Libyan dictator, Muammar Gaddafi, French officials described the north African country as an “open-air arms market”.

Editor: it is an open question which country is going to explode first and will sink away in massive violence: the US or France. The loyalty of the majority of the ‘French’ Muslims is with the Islamic State, not with the despised French state and its modern values. The time bomb is ticking and there is no way back. We’re all trapped.

[] – French intelligence fears Islamist ‘missile strike on airliner’ or 9/11-style attack

L’Amérique contre de Gaulle : Histoire secrète, 1961-1969

The official story is that the allies USSR, USA, UK and France were united in their struggle against ‘evil Germany’ and that they harmoniously could celebrate their common victory in 1945.

Well, not so fast.

big-three-yaltaGathering of partners in crime dividing the European loot: the progressive Anglo-Soviet alliance could celebrate its victory over rightist Europe, an assault masterminded by the Soviets since the early twenties and by the Americans since 1933. But where is de Gaulle? Answer: not invited.

The reality is vastly different. Although it is true that de Gaulle organized French resistance in order to retake France and to a certain extent cooperated with the British to get that job done, the truth is that during the war, de Gaulle was fighting the Anglos at least as much as he fought the Germans. Even stronger, already during the war he was dreaming of a future alliance with the ‘Fritzen’ and post-communist Russia and his real enemy was not Germany, but Anglosphere.

Why? Was de Gaulle ungrateful towards the Anglos to ‘help’ him liberate France? No, de Gaulle understood early on the game the Anglos and Soviets were playing and that it were they who wanted this war, that was forced upon Germany and Chamberlain-Britain, using paid traitor Winston Churchill as the local war instigator, serving Anglo-Soviet interests, or rather Soviet and US oligarch interests.

Later this year, when we have more time and finished making a quick buck, we’ll discuss the book ‘Allies at War‘ by the British historian Simon Berthon, who is clearly sympathetic towards de Gaulle, in detail:

The title of this book is intentional ambiguous

[] – L’Amérique contre de Gaulle : Histoire secrète, 1961-1969


The gist of the book and the video “L’Amérique contre de Gaulle“: from the start, the Americans tried to push France into a vassal role, which de Gaulle managed to resist to a large extent. Unfortunately, the US was informed all the time via a mole in Quai d’Orsay. De Gaulle resisted entry of US Trojan horse Britain into the Common Market as long as possible. He made sure France acquired nuclear weapons and even offered the Germans a nuclear alliance. He tried to tear Quebec off from Canada. He kicked NATO from French territory. De Gaulle fought a relentless war against the US dollar and called the American bluff of a ‘gold-backed dollar’ by buying up American gold in grand style, forcing the Americans to admit that it was all fake, which ended the ‘gold-standard’.

Still any questions about why de Gaulle is our hero? Charles de Gaulle, the true European. And Vladimir Putin is his successor.

Vive le Québec libre – De Gaulle tries to tear off Quebec from Canada. The Quebecois respond enthusiastically. In the end of the day the truth is ethnic.

Gordon Brown Advisor Damian McBride: Run for the Hills

Damian McBride in an RT interview about the current Labour leadership contest

A former adviser to Gordon Brown has urged people to stock up on canned goods and bottled water as stock markets around the world slide.

Damian McBride appeared to suggest that the stock market dip could lead to civil disorder or other situations where it would be unreasonable for someone to leave the house.

“Advice on the looming crash, No.1: get hard cash in a safe place now; don’t assume banks & cashpoints will be open, or bank cards will work,” he tweeted.

“Crash advice No.2: do you have enough bottled water, tinned goods & other essentials at home to live a month indoors? If not, get shopping.

“Crash advice No.3: agree a rally point with your loved ones in case transport and communication gets cut off; somewhere you can all head to.”

Editor: panicking reaching government circles. A second ‘2008’ financial crash is in the air, from which there won’t be a recovery.

[] – Stock up on canned food for stock market crash
[] – One of former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s advisers is in full-blown panic mode over China’s Black Monday

Read more…

The Absurd Coalition

absurdThe western rainbow left wants to buddy up with the most archaic right-wing people on the planet in order to ‘fight xenophobia’. You can’t make this stuff up.

charlie2Je suis Charlie mort

The face of the western libertine left, in charge today.

america-reaction-scotus-gay-marriage1.siThe official reaction of the White House after gay marriage was legalized.

islamic-gayThis is how Islam treats LGBT’s.


The murdered almost PM of the Netherlands Pim Fortuyn was a gay libertine lefty dandy himself. He was one of the first to recognize the true archaic nature of Islam. He wanted to defend modern values and Enlightenment against this archaism. But the imbecile Dutch left set him up to be killed anyway, because he questioned the wisdom of unlimited immigration from Islamic countries, a no-no for our resident US worshiping communists globalists.


We in contrast reject both Islam and modern values, although we recognize that the western left can be perfectly used to further corrupt and eventually bring down the United States/EU and pave the way for Paris-Berlin-Moscow/Euro-Siberia/Greater Europe/Boreas/The North/whatever (700 million) and a North-American annex from the Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic (perhaps ca. 120 million) or Eurosphere for short, a political vehicle/alliance/commonwealth/whatever, that should be able to survive the 21st century and balance Islam (2 billion), China (1.3 billion) and Africa (1-4 billion).

Harry-Hopkins+Joseph-Stalin1945, the victory of the sinister globalist left over nationalist Europe. But this is the archaic 21st century, so bye-bye Joe & Harry and bye-bye globalism.

The War on Donald Trump

Trump kicks out Mexican gate crasher Jorge Ramos. Douze points, Donald! That’s #1 and

Donald Trump is now leading the polls with a massive 40+%. Ron Paul never achieved anything like that. This is the first time in history that a candidate scored higher than 30%. Means that Trump is here to stay as one of the most serious applicants for the Republican nomination.

Meanwhile, German leading communist magazine der Spiegel as well as US lefties are seething with anger about the rise of Trump:

[] – Donald Trump’s American Idiocy
[] – Donald Trump Is Killing the Republican Party
[] – Trump macht Rassismus in den USA wieder hoffähig (Trump makes racism acceptable again in the US).

Well, well, well, this is the first time that the HuffPo pretends to be concerned about the fate of the Republican Party. They are THAT desperate.

If der Spiegel is angry, we have a happy day, because we know not everything is lost.

What’s the New World Order (NWO)? Nothing esoteric but plain and simple: a US global empire, without nations and borders, with mixed races and religions. A dream come true for the third world and an absolute nightmare for Europe, European America, Australia, Japan and even China. It is the American version of the communist dream. The world under control of the Self-Chosen banksters.

Who best represents the NWO?

USA: all the media, Wall street, US politics across the board, the Fed, CFR, thinktanks, NGO’s, George Soros.
Germany: Merkel, der Spiegel and the rest of the media, minus CSU, parts of all the other parties. Number one adversary in Germany is Gerhard Schroeder.
Holland: media, politics (VVD, Pvda, GL, D66) minus PVV and SP and fence sitters like CDA. And obviously the murdered Dutch martyrs Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh.

Who are the enemies of the NWO?

  • Putin-Russia
  • China
  • Islamic world
  • Right-wing parties on the rise everywhere in Europe, led by Marine le Pen of France and Geert Wilders in Holland (who once sort of participated in the government)
  • American Constitutionalists, lead by figure head Ron Paul with support from people like Pat Buchanan, Paul Craig Roberts, libertarians, Richard Gage, etc.

And now it looks that with Donald Trump an American Putin is on the rise, with the potential to hijack America from under the nose of the oligarchs.

All the alarm bells go off in Washington. Trump advocates two issues that are detrimental to the cause of the NWO:

  • halting immigration and restoration of the US border, where the NWO wants to eradicate all borders.
  • making peace with Russia, where the US wants to dismember Russia and add pieces of that country to the US empire, to finally turn against China. That’s the megalomaniac program.

Frans Timmermans on Migration

NWO mouth piece CNN interrogates the vice-president of the EU-commission. From [3:00] onwards it becomes clear that Timmermans is very well aware that the ‘handling’ of the current ‘refugee’ crisis doesn’t sit very well with the majority of the Europeans and that it causes the rise of xenofobic patriotic parties everywhere in Europe, who also happen to be not too pro-EU, to put it mildly. At least the Brussels types understand how corrosive this disaster is for the European project and more important, that their own careers could be on the line.

The EU is piling blunder upon blunder:

1) the mismanagement of Greek farce; they should have let the country go bust.
2) letting the US interfere in European affairs (Ukraine) and force the EU to adopt a sanction policy dictated by Washington, against the wish of the Europeans.
3) the EU has the largest economy on earth and 500 million people, but embarrassingly is still taking orders from a former colony that will be a third world country in a decade.

But the most unforgivable blunder the EU has made is the inaction regarding the gate crashers from the South. With the insane asylum policies in place, boiling down to offering the billions of the third world a chance to sneak into the first world on bogus asylum claims, the EU ‘elite’ outright provoked the invasion. They are the ones who are really guilty of the drowning of thousands in the Mediterranean. They even use their navies to pick up gate crashers from the high seas, rather than pushing them back, like the Australians do.

History will deal harshly with these clowns, who are putting the continuity of European civilization at risk. It was only since recently that the EU has an integrated political and economic system. And what’s the first thing these empty suit uninspiring bureaucrats do? Destroying Europe.

It is time for Europe-wide resistance against those who seek to destroy us.

[] – Frans Timmermans
[] – Timmerfrans: Snel iets doen aan vluchtelingencrisis, voor extreemrechts de macht grijpt

CIA Funding Cross-Mediterranean Human Traficking?

kerry-goonsThe mob we need to liberate ourselves from

On Thursday last, Nicolas Bonnal, writing for the French website Boulevard Voltaire, reported on an Austrian magazine’s scoop – courtesy of leaks from military intelligence stationed in Vienna – that the U.S. government is paying guides and middlemen who bring migrants to Europe across the Mediterranean Sea. The original Info-Direkt article reported that the guides are well-equipped with technology, and are old hands at working Facebook, Twitter and Skype, as were the agents who instigated the Arab Spring.

[] – Weaponizing Migrants

[] – Les Américains ont-ils organisé une invasion de notre Europe ?

Le journal autrichien Info-Direkt montre que, selon une fuite des services secrets viennois, les passeurs des migrants qui traversent la Méditerranée pour s’établir en Europe seraient payés par les Américains.

Is Fascism the Only Way Out?

That’s what the inhabitants of Kos at least seem to think, who are pleading for a political takeover by ultra-rightwing party Golden Dawn. This is precisely what you can expect Europe-wide if this flood is allowed to continue unhindered. It happened hundred years ago under the threat of communism, it will happen again under the threat of Islamic takeover of Europe.

‘Asylum’ Claimants on the Loose

Invaders from Ghana who made it into Italy, thanks to the asylum regulations of the criminal ‘elite’ in Europe, demanding better conditions. What do they expect, five star hotel? There is no war in Ghana. It is admittedly a shitty place, but that’s because it is populated by IQ65 Ghanese.

This year at least one million Africans made it illegally into Europe. Meanwhile the entire population of Africa and the Middle-East now knows that Europe is populated by ‘human rights’ pussies, who will not resist their own demise and hence millions will be planning to make the journey next year. All you need to do is to tell some prefabricated sob story and you’re good.

Africa currently has a population of one billion, which is expected to grow to four billion in 2100. Europe in contrast is a dying continent, thanks to modern values, with a receding population. If this madness won’t be stopped, we can write off five hundred years of European achievement.

It is like in 500 A.D., when the Roman empire was overrun by ‘barbarians’. It took 1000 years to recover from that disaster. What is currently brewing in Europe is worse than the invasion of the Huns, Mongols, Soviets and Americans and similar inconveniences combined, because of the potential scale.

Virginia Shooting

Is there anyone who after seeing this video still believes in a happy outcome of the American experiment? Or in multi-ethnic societies, relentless promoted by these types? In the future, multiculturalism will be a dirty word, like Bolshevism.

The Summer in America ain’t over yet. An execution was televised today, an execution of those who were busy producing a live program. The justification given was ‘racism’. The execution was a mirror event of the recent execution in Charleston by a Dylann Roof. In both cases, race was the sole motive.

[] – video execution
[] – Bryce Williams: profile of Virginia news gunman

Looks smart and well-integrated and all of a sudden goes bonkers anyway.

Meanwhile in Saxony…

Zonen-Gaby” (© Harald Schmidt) carts off to Heidenau, to preach toleranz, damit Herrchen in Washington nicht boese wird. Gets boos from the crowd whose interests she is supposed to represent, but doesn’t.

Cameron Talking About ‘Swarms’ of Migrants

It is not yet Geert Wilders’ ‘Tsunami of Islamization‘, but it is close. When top European politicians will begin to describe the invaders as ‘the enemy’, the job is done.


Geert wildersLaw of Life: if you don’t fight, you go under.
No Eighty Years’ War, no Golden Century

In 1672 we successfully resisted a simultaneous attack by the British, the French and the Germans. We are not going to give our country away to the third world, now do we? Currently we are not a shadow of our former selves, but we can grow again and rise to the occasion. Whatever may happen, history will return soon, in spades. The End of History is called off.

Howard Kunster Thinks Trump is More Dangerous Than Hitler

jhk[source] James Howard Kunstler during a visit in Amsterdam. For a prophet of the unsustainability of modern life he travels quite a lot.

Peak oil luminary and critic of America’s suburbia devoted his latest column to the Donald Trump phenomenon. First Kunstler tries to be nice and admits that Trump has a point when it comes to the immigration issue. But right after that he goes ‘full on the organ’, as the Dutch love to say.

But for me, everything else about Trump is frankly sickening, from his sneering manner of speech…

That’s quite a statement from somebody who doesn’t spare with vitriol himself when he is targeting his own enemies, like his classic ‘haircut in search of brain’ (John Kerry).

Did any of you actually catch Trump’s performance last week at the so-called “town meeting” event in New Hampshire (really just a trumped-up pep rally)? I don’t think I miscounted that Trump told the audience he was “very smart” 23 times in the course of his remarks.

He is absolutely a loudmouth and a bragger, has been all his life.

this is a man whose lifework has been putting up giant buildings that resemble bowling trophies, some of them in the service of one of the worst activities of our time, legalized gambling, which is based on the socially pernicious idea that it’s possible to get something for nothing.

Absolutely true. Gambling is as bad or worse than alcoholism. As a person we’re not really fond of him either.

Trump’s notion that he can push around world leaders such as Vladimir Putin by treating them as though they were president of the Cement Workers’ Union ought to give thoughtful people the vapors.

That’s BS. He repeatedly signaled that he expects and intends to have a good relationship with Russia and Vladimir Putin in particular.

The trouble is that it’s not inconceivable Trump could get elected. Farfetched, perhaps, but not out of the question.

It is likely that the real rulers of America, with whom Kunstler is in a love-hate relationship, will know how to block a candidate they don’t like, using their media machine. But Trump has money and more charisma than Ron Paul had in 2012.

When that happens, all the anxiety and animus will be focused on looking for scapegoats, and they are likely to be the wrong ones. World leaders considered Hitler a clown in the early going, too, you know.

No they didn’t. There was a general sense of admiration for the remarkable achievements of Hitler. He defeated the communists, which is always a good idea, considering the terrible human rights track record of these folks in Russia, China and Cambodia. He brought down unemployment from 7 to 3.3 million in the first year alone. He got rid of the scandalous conditions put on Germany in Versailles. He brought back those German territories that were taken from Germany in Versailles, inhabited by people who in great majority wanted to return to Germany.

But the Germans were wild about him. He pushed a lot of the right buttons under the circumstances. Trump is worse than Hitler. And the American people, alas, are now surely a worse lot of ignorant, raging, tattooed slobs than the German people were in 1933. Be very afraid.

Ironically, Kunstler is right. Germany was never a danger for America, that had an economy three times that of Germany. America was a danger for Germany and wanted to add that country to its empire and get the American Century started (at the cost of Europe) and succeeded big time, thanks to the coalition with the largest human slaughterhouse in history the USSR and the British empire.

But why is Kunstler so afraid of Trump and the ‘tattooed slobs’ (read: stupid goyim) that support him?

In one of his novels about the future of America, Kunstler predicts that the US will fall apart in several pieces. One of them is heartland USA, condescendingly described as ‘where Dolly Parton meets Hitler‘. We too think that that is going to happen.

Kunstler is deep down inside afraid that Trump could be the catalyst for such an event; not because Trump will actively try to organize the breakup of the country, but because he could break through the boundaries of political correctness and make the ‘tattooed slobs’ speak their mind. American Perestroika so to speak. And we all know where Perestroika led to in the USSR: to the breakup of the country.

European Americans have been on the receiving end of the Washington policies ever since 1965, the year when the non-elected president of the US, who entered the White House by stepping over a corpse, decided to open the flood gates of America for third world immigration, which had been the aspiration of LBJ’s ethnic group for almost 100 years. European Americans hated that development, increasingly so with every passing year. But they didn’t dare to say so because of the power of political correctness. When the lid goes off that Box of Pandora, anything can happen. And with the internet around, people get information from sources other than the MSM. And day in, day out they get the message rubbed in that America is no longer exclusively their country. And they start to realize who is passing that message.

Kunstler says that the herd might search for a scapegoat, but he doesn’t say who that could be. But we know very well which group Kunstler has in mind: his own group. Hence the panic.

[] – Worse Than Hitler

Smart black woman ridicules the #blacklivesmatter brouha. She knows it is fake and a big bluff and what is more: she fears that the movement could turn very bad and that racial escalation, followed by violence and eventually segregation could be next on the program, entirely against her best interest. She is glad to live in America and wants to keep it that way.

BBC Candid About the ‘Refugees’ from North-Africa

kleberGermany: “Flüchtlinge…”

Sacha de Boer-0011Netherlands: “Vluchtelingen…”

BBC-newsBritain: “Refugees…”

Day in day out, we hear on the eight o’clock news reports about new waves of colonizers arriving in Europe. The US soft controlled media in Europe invariably talk about ‘refugees’, pushing sob stories to create the illusion that all of these people are in dire need to seek refuge in Europe. This maybe true for people from Aleppo, but for the vast majority of these people this is a blatant lie.

In a rare moment of honesty, the BBC describes the true motives of most of the gate crashers from North-Africa: boredom with their own lives and not attempting to escape from war and persecution:

Many people trying to start a new life in Europe want to escape war or extreme poverty, but large numbers of young Algerians are willing to risk death crossing the Mediterranean because they are bored and fed up with the lack of opportunities at home.

These countries are miserable and dull because these people themselves are miserable and dull, unable to lift themselves to higher levels and now they are going to make our European countries miserable and dull and crime ridden. The European elites are carrying out policies for which they don’t have a mandate at all from the population. This will put said elites at a terrible risk. Nobody expected in 1988 what would happen next year in Eastern Europe. Could happen in western Europe as well. Soon.

[] – Risking death at sea to escape boredom

Soldiers of Allah Flooding into Europe Unhindered

The suicide of Europe is in full swing. The criminal nihilistic globalist 1968 elite of US satraps even picks them up from the high sea.

[] – Allah Akbar gillende moslims stromen Europa binnen.

[] – Zo zweept Qatar moslimbendes naar Europa

Trump Rally in Mobile, Alabama

Here is the full coverage of the speech Donald Trump held two days ago in Mobile, Alabama for a huge crowd of perhaps 25,000 people.

[Google Maps Mobile, Alabama]

We didn’t care to listen to the speech, as we stopped the video at time point [0.04/53.41]. Did you notice what we noticed after we maximized the video to the entire screen?

demographics-mobile-alabamaDemographics Mobile, Alabama

The crowd is almost entirely white and that in a town that is majority black. Apparently not much ‘integration’ is going on in Mobile, Alabama. Like everywhere else in the world, people prefer to be among their own kind, regardless of how much our resident lefties denounce this universal behavior as ‘racist’.

US-demographics-2020Demographic situation US in five years time. Don’t be deceived by the large ‘white areas’; they merely represent regions with less than 40% ‘people of color’.

The history of European-America is over. The run to the emergency exit is next (secession). The official stake of the coming struggle will be between constitutionalism of the Southerners and Middle-America against neo-Trotskyism of the Washington neocons and both big city seaboard leftists. But the real hidden unspoken underlying issue will be race. If Trump prevails, a very big if, but we have to admit that the chances of the populist Trump are much better than the previous dissident Ron Paul (whom we liked much, much better than Trump)… if Trump prevails, the GOP could morph into the party of European-America. It already was, but this time explicitly. And when that happens, the fate of America is sealed.

[] – The changing face of America
(as always: click on the best rated reader comments to find out what the in this case British population is really thinking about the ‘changing face of the West’)

Poor Donald Trump, poor white crowd. They want to ‘Make America Great Again’. Not going to happen. Third world countries aren’t great. This public in Mobile is going to be taxed to the hilt, not to pay for glamorous space programs, like in the sixties when America was still 90+% white, but to pay for the ever ‘rising tide of color’. For the housing, for the hand-outs, for the Obama-care, for the crime fighting. The clock is ticking until the almost inevitable is going to happen, namely that what happened in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria, Donbass and all those other sad places with ethnically mixed populations: the Great Divorce.

In the 20th century all the dying took place in Europe, mainly as a result of the globalist/imperialist ambitions of Britain (instigator of WW1) and the US (instigator of WW2, together with their Soviet palls) to make room for the American Century at the cost of Europe. But there isn’t going to be a third Anglo Century (thank God, from a European perspective). Of all the formerly white territories, Anglosphere is the most ‘advanced’ on the path of self-destruction. It could be all over within a decade.

1984, scenes from the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia-Herzegowina, Yugoslavia. See them standing there, all these people with their superficial and artificial ‘Yugoslav identity’, created as late as 1922 out of thin air, brotherly standing next to each other, celebrating their own (still) communist country. Nobody suspected what would happen in the very near future. In 1989 international communism evaporated and only two years later the civil war started, leading to the break-up of the ‘country’ (basically a Serb colony).

[] – Trump’s audacious Southern spectacle is part of his strategy

Trump’s enemies in the controlled media have correctly detected Trump’s strategy: southern, read: white. Flip through the 23 photos of the rally to identify Trump’s support.

[deepresource] – Marco Rubio is Going to Bring Us a New American Century
[deepresource] – The End of the American Century

The Witch of 43rd Street

[] – Crosstalk discussion of Uber-hawk Samantha Power
[] – Samantha Power
[] – Ueber neocon Cass Sunnstein, Samantha’s hubby and no doubt her polit handler guru
[] – Samantha Power Goes to War
[] – Humanitarian Intervention: Destroying Nations to Save Them
[] – Samantha Power and the Genocide Gambits

Beauty tip for Samantha: when you’re 45, you no longer wear your hair long.

Rutte Krijgt Aframmeling voor Griekenland

de-hondPVV weer de grootste

negen-zetelsDe PvdA houdt het knus en blijf single digit partijtje en doet als lijst 7 toch nog leuk mee. We geven de moed niet op hoor!

CDA tweede en SP derde. VVD afgezakt naar een vierde plaats. De regering van het land wordt geleid door een coalitie van #4 en #7. Oftewel 30 zetels of 20% van het electoraat. Goed bezig!

Kissinger Disses US Foreign Policy


Interview with breathtaking honesty between Henry Kissinger and co-ethnic Jacob Heilbrunn.

I have always had an expansive view of national interest

Kissinger is talking about a euphemism for the US global empire/NWO, of which he used to be a supporter and still would like to be a supporter, were it not that he is burdened with a king-size brain, that tells him it is not going to happen.

China inherently presents a fundamental challenge to American strategy.


It sure does. So what’s the point of the quarrel with Russia?

Heilbrunn: And do you think they’re pushing for a more Sinocentric world, or can they be integrated into some sort of Westphalian framework, as you outlined in your most recent book, World Order?

Kissinger: That’s the challenge. That’s the open question. It’s our task. We’re not good at it, because we don’t understand their history and culture. I think that their basic thinking is Sinocentric. But it may produce consequences that are global in impact.

To date the Chinese thinking is Sinocentric indeed. But recently the Chinese leadership was already openly hinting towards ‘de-Americanizing the world’. That sounds like a global ambition to us. And it doesn’t sound like the Chinese are interested to be integrated in ‘Westphalian frameworks’ of sorts.

Heilbrunn: How greatly do you rate the chances of a real Sino-Russian rapprochement?

Kissinger: It’s not in either of their natures, I think—

Heilbrunn: Because the Russians clearly would like to create a much closer relationship.

Kissinger: But partly because we’ve given them no choice.

Precisely. Russia under Putin clearly played the European card and still does. The current SCO/BRICS arrangement is purely ad hoc, forced upon Russia and China by the aggressive behavior of the US and its silly dream of a US global empire, where the US is ten years away from third world status. Meanwhile, America’s most important ally Europe is very uncomfortable with the present situation and refuses to engage in further antagonizing European-Russian relations.


I saw Putin at the end of November 2013… Ukraine… America was passive.

That is absolute baloney; US NGOs had been preparing the ground in Ukraine for years. The Maidan uprising may have been a spontaneous grass roots event, but the US State Department was quick to seize the opportunity and hijack the revolution, bring in neo-Nazi hotheads from Lvov, who smelled their chance to ‘Ukrainize’ bi-lingual Ukraine and get rid of the ‘Moskals’.

Heilbrunn: Another country that’s obviously taken a lead role in Europe is Germany—on Ukraine, on Greece—

Kissinger: They don’t really seek that role. The paradox is that seventy years after having defeated German claims to dominating Europe, the victors are now pleading, largely for economic reasons, with Germany to lead Europe. Germany can and should play an important role in the construction of European and international order.

It is difficult to discern any leadership at all in Europe these days.

Btw, Germany never ‘claimed to dominate Europe’. Between 1815-1945 it had been solely Britain that unofficially claimed leadership, or rather occupied the dominating role in Europe, by ensuring that Germany never got the chance to dominate in the first place, even if it had wanted that role (it didn’t). After 1945, Britain ended up as a US colony and it is the US itself since 1945 that claims the dominating role in Europe. The hypocrisy is breathtaking again.

The United States has put forward no concept of its own except that Russia will one day join the world community by some automatic act of conversion.

Read: will become part of the US empire, er… we meant to say ‘Westphalian framework’.

The West hesitates to take on the economic recovery of Greece; it’s surely not going to take on Ukraine as a unilateral project. So one should at least examine the possibility of some cooperation between the West and Russia in a militarily nonaligned Ukraine. The Ukraine crisis is turning into a tragedy because it is confusing the long-range interests of global order with the immediate need of restoring Ukrainian identity. I favor an independent Ukraine in its existing borders.

Agree in principle, but it could very well turn out that too much blood has been spilled and Donbass separatism is irreversible.

Heilbrunn: But we have witnessed a return, at least in Washington, DC, of neoconservatives and liberal hawks who are determined to break the back of the Russian government.

Kissinger: Until they face the consequences.

Fascinating, straight from the horse’s mouth, Kissinger confirms that Washington wants to break up the Russian government [read: drawn Russia into the Western camp].

we refuse to learn from experience. Because it’s essentially done by an ahistorical people.

That’s absolutely true. Like the former USSR, the US is a young ideological country that won’t grow old.

Heilbrunn: The Atlanticist generation in Germany and the approach it embodied have largely disappeared.

Kissinger: That’s a pity.

Heilbrunn: The younger CDU [Christian Democratic Union] politicians that I’ve met are not that interested in the United States, which is a dramatic shift, since the whole Adenauer policy was based on Westbindung.

Kissinger: It’s partly their fault and partly our fault.

Germany and the rest of Europe are gradually turning eastwards now that the Iron Curtain has vanished, already 25 years ago. Endless economic opportunities are opening up. For Europe, not for America, Russia is an important trading partner.

[] – The Interview: Henry Kissinger

The difference between the likes of Kissinger and Heilbrunn on the one hand and neocon fanatics like Nuland on the other is that Kissinger and Heilbrunn recognize a train wreck when they see one:

[] – They Knew They Were Right: The Rise of the Neocons

Heilbrunn was once a neocon himself until he drew the right conclusions from the Iraq disaster.

[] – Jews have replaced WASPs in foreign policy establishment, Heilbrunn in NYT

No need to frequent neo-Nazi sites like Stormfront; the New York Times will do just fine these days to keep you informed about the US power structure. They now admit themselves that they run US foreign policy (and the rest of US society, like immigration policy, we would like to add). And once you have accepted the fact that ‘these people’ control giants like the US per their own admission, it is not a big step to accept the fact that they once controlled that other giant the USSR as well, as claimed by none other than our hero Vladimir Putin. Until an even greater crook like Stalin gradually pushed them aside, between ca. 1938-1953. But the USSR could still be used by ‘these people‘ to organize the War on Europe (WW2). Once that job was done, the US foreign policy establishment could agitate to get Russia under control again (Cold War), in which they succeeded after 1991. Until in 2000 the Russian Charles de Gaulle came along and kicked them out again. Until today.


On October 3, 1941, the German leader spoke to his people to explain why the Wehrmacht had invaded the USSR on June 22 with 153 divisions, together with the armies of Finland (14 div), Romania (13), Hungary, Slovakia (2) and Italy (3).


Quotes from the speech:

I did not want this struggle… I took a decision only when I saw that Russia had reached the hour to advance against us at a moment when we had only a bare three divisions in East Prussia, when twenty-two Soviet divisions were assembled there. We gradually received proof that on our frontiers one airdrome after another was set up, and one division after another from the gigantic Soviet Army was being assembled there… But in August and September of last year one thing was becoming clear. A decision in the West with England which would have contained the whole German Luftwaffe was no longer possible, for in my rear there stood a State which was getting ready to proceed against me at such a moment, but it is only now that we realize how far the preparation had advanced… The position in May had so far advanced that I could no longer dismiss the thought of a life and death conflict… But the possibility of surprise, which remained for me as a last weapon… When I see the enemy levering his rifle at me I am not going to wait till he presses the trigger. I would rather be the first to press the trigger.

Hitler justifies the German attack as a preemptive strike against an adversary that was preparing for an assault against Germany and the rest of Europe. The victorious US and USSR could cover this up during their victors trial.

The statements made by Hitler match completely with the findings of the US chairman of the Nuremberg tribunal Justice Jackson, who had to admit to his partners in crime (the false acquisition made against the Germans of having started the World War) that after thoroughly searching German archives, all he could find was:


MR. JUSTICE JACKSON. I really think that this trial, if it should get into an argument over the political and economic causes of this war, could do infinite harm, both in Europe, which I don’t know well, and in America, which I know fairly well. If we should have a prolonged controversy over whether Germany invaded Norway a few jumps ahead of a British invasion of Norway, or whether France in declaring war was the real aggressor, this trial can do infinite harm for those countries with the people of the United States. And the same is true of our Russian relationships. The Germans will certainly accuse all three of our European allies of adopting policies which forced them to war. The reason I Say that is that captured documents which we have always made that claim-that Germany would be forced into war. They admit they were planning war, but the captured documents of the Foreign Office that I have examined all come down to the claim, “We have no way out; we must fight; we are encircled; we are being strangled to death.”

Some Allied fool (or perhaps an Anglo traitor, sympathetic the plight of the Germans) put this piece of damning text in the minutes of the tribunal, completely undermining the credibility of the Nuremberg Stalinist show trial.

Below you will find a number of inner-German secret diplomatic dispatches, dating from early 1941, that all mediate the same message: the German leadership detects that the USSR is secretly busy mobilizing its giant army and deploying it near the western frontier. This can only mean one thing: the USSR is preparing for the final attack against Germany and the rest of Europe. Germany has only one option left: start a surprise attack itself.

This was the stuff that Jackson found in the archives of the defeated conquered German nation. Jackson knew he was lying when he sentenced the German nation on behalf of his masters in Washington.

WW2 was nothing but a premeditated war on Europe by the globalist powers USA and USSR in order to destroy, partition and colonize Europe. We continental Europeans should never forget that and not be too sentimental about what will be the next great geopolitical event after the destruction of Europe in 1945 and the collapse of the USSR in 1991: the dismemberment of Anglosphere.

“I am a pathetic liar and I know it”


This is what Jackson found in the archives (German):

Berichte des Oberkommandos der Wehrmacht an die Reichsregierung
über den sowjetrussischen Aufmarsch gegen Deutschland.

Oberkommando der Wehrmacht F. H. Qu.., den L3. 1. 1941

WFST/Abt. L (1 Op)

Nr. 00 110 a/41 g. Kdos.

Geheime Kommandosache
Betr.: Sowjetrussische Grenzverletztingen.

An das Auswartige Amt

z. Hd. Herrn Botschafter Ritter

Nachdem bereits im Herbst des vergangenen Jahres vereinzelt Flug-
zeuge der UdSSR. die Demarkationslinie nach Westen in groBer Hohe
überflogen, teilt das Oberkommando der Wehrmacht mit, dafi neuer-
dings am 10. 1. 1941 bei Wojciechowice eine fremde Maschine bis tief
liber deutsches Gebiet einflog. Flughohe ca. 1200 m. Gestalt und Ab-
zeichen liefien einwandfrei erkennen, daB es sich am ein Flugzeug der
UdSSR. handelte. Das Oberkommando der Wehrmacht wird von
GegenmaBnahmen zunachst absehen, hat aber Anweisung erteilt,
etwaige weitere Grenzverletzurigen fortlaufend zu melden.

Das Auswartige Amt wird von hier entsprechend unterrichtet.

Der Chef des Oberkommandos der Wehrmacht
Im Auftrag: gez. W a r l i m o n t.

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