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US Lt. Gen.: Turkey Shooting Down Russian Plane Was a ‘Very Bad Mistake’

Moderate Muslims Who Support Stoning After Adultery

You can’t get it more clearer than this: these people can’t and shouldn’t be integrated in European nations. A Muslim is something you return to sender. Turkey should be thrown out of every European organisation.

Wesley Clark Admits – Turkey Supports ISIS

Turkish Shoot-down Russian Jet

We are not going to pay too much attention to this incident. So much is certain that the Russian jet was downed close to the Turkish border and actually we don’t care that much if it crossed the border or not. The core observation is that it is obvious that Turkey was waiting for an occasion to punish Russia for interference in what it sees as its ‘neo-Ottoman’ back yard.

Let’s step back for a moment… the rape of Syria was planned by the US & UK and the dirty work outsourced to mainly Turkey, KSA and Qatar, who backed the plan, partly because of Sunni-Shia sectarianism (KSA), pipe-line ambitions (Qatar) and extending its sphere of influence (Turkey).

In the beginning IS was wholeheartedly supported by all, but once it became clear that IS had a ‘Caliphate agenda’, encompassing possibly the entire Middle East, all original supporters began to back off, except one: Turkey. Turkey was the exception because it smelled the possibility that IS could serve Turkey as an icebreaker for a neo-Ottoman empire.

And then out of the blue Russia showed up and spoiled the Turkish party; the Turks must have been seething with anger.

A few conclusions/observations:

  • Russia was terribly naive in flying so close to the Turkish border and not anticipating the depth of the Turkish rage
  • Turkey has laid its neo-Ottoman cards on the table for all the world to see, embarrassing NATO that now tries to deescalate
  • Russia should not respond, at least not now and from now on avoid operations near the Turkish border
  • For Paris-Berlin-Moscow supporters, like us, the long term effect is not that bad at all: write off Turk-Stream and South-Stream could get a new lease to life
  • Like in the case of Ukraine, the Europeans are not interested in escalation originating from this event
  • The US are in a terrible dilemma: they want both that Assad will be toppled, but also prevent an IS take-over of Syria. That explains their inaction, forget about the US inflicting real damage to IS; all these sorties must be mainly used to admire the view

[] – Downing of Russian Su-24 looks like a planned provocation – Lavrov
[] – Ankara’s oil business with ISIS
[] – Turkey Is Lying — Paul Craig Roberts


Putin’s Philosophers


You can judge a men’s way of thinking by studying his library.

Long-read discussing favorite three philosophers of Vladimir Putin:

[] – Demonising Putin’s Favourite Philosophers

Message to Bulgaria


Dear Bulgarian government,

Now that Turkey ventured to shoot down a Russian jet yesterday, unexpected possibilities open up for some major league Bulgarian Greatness. That dying institution in Brussels, aka the EU, has obeyed orders last year, issued by John McCain and blocked the South Stream pipeline.

[deepresource] – McCain Visits Bulgaria

That was not in the best interest of Bulgaria, as you yourself all too well realize. In 2015 however, a new situation emerged.

For starters, there is the enormous refugee influx. Interestingly, several eastern European countries refused to obey orders from Brussels to take in large numbers of gate crashers, instigated by the greatest enemy European Civilization has at the moment (we mean the Willkommenskultur-idiot in Berlin). Interestingly, these countries seem to get away with it. That should give you reason to pause.

Additionally, the Turks lost control of themselves and shot down a Russian jet, making Turk Stream impossible. That opens new venues for you Bulgarians, but you have to strike while the iron is hot, that is now.

Why not have a secret agreement with Putin that Bulgaria and Russia will build South Stream after all, regardless of what the irrelevant euro-fools in Brussels think about it. Once that deal is complete, implement it. Send a PR-company to Ukraine to record what happens to a country without gas. Tell the PR company that they can use Photoshop to exaggerate accentuate things a little.

jack frozen mummified
[source] Be creative, you get the point.

Present the report to Brussels and state the obvious, namely that Brussels can’t guarantee gas deliveries to Bulgaria and that therefore the Bulgarian government must act to protect its own citizens. Do it for them and do it for Europe, since Brussels is held hostage by Washington.

Good luck.

French PM Urges EU to Limit Migrant Mumbers

vallsManuel Valls, the Spanish PM running France.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls Tuesday has urged the EU to limit the number of migrants it allows into the bloc, AFP reported. “Europe must say that it can no longer accommodate so many migrants, it is not possible,” he told foreign reporters, as cited by Suddeutsche Zeitung. “Controlling the EU’s external borders is essential to the future of the EU,” he added. The PM said the bloc must protect itself by tackling the migrant crisis at its root, and ensuring the people who have fled Syria are dealt with in countries that border it.

The only question remains: who is going to pull the virtual trigger to politically eliminate the inmate running the German asylum?


BLM Fraud Exposed in a Single Statistic


The ‘Black Lives Matter’ idiots should pause a little and study the statistic presented above and verify that in America the black race has only one serious enemy: the black race. Not that the BLM hysterics will take these figures to heart, because the embarrassing moral weakness of the Christian, media brainwashed European Americans is just too much fun to leave unexploited.

Even the (Jewish) author James Howard Kunstler can’t take the movement serious:

[] – Boundary Problems

Ah well, BLM could make itself useful, grotesquely overplay its hand and provide the pretext to blow the republic up… for the greater good of mankind… and the white race in particular.

Smart black women who understands her ‘black privilege’ of belonging to the 4% of the black race that is living in the US, rather than in Africa. The very realistic possibility of a wave of secessions could end this privilege. That is what she is afraid of. There are probably not enough of her to prevent that scenario.

Ukraine Running Out of Gas

Max. temperatures Ukraine, November 25, 2015: 3 degrees Celcius = 37 degrees Fahrenheit

Russia has decided to halt gas deliveries to Ukraine. Reason: Ukraine is too far behind with its payments. But the recent sabotage of electricity cables into Crimea could also play a role.

Poor Ukrainians. In their cold homes they now have a lot of time to contemplate if that Euro-Maidan circus was really worth it. Russia has gas, Europe doesn’t. And Nuland-USA is only interested in Ukraine in as much it can be used to generate conflict with Russia, just like Poland in 1939 was used by the US to generate conflict with Germany. Perhaps you Ukrainians can keep yourselves warm by waving the EU-flag in your freezing living room.

Alternatively you could of course make a U-turn and kick Porky out of office and make up with Russia again. You can still associate with Europe, Mother Russia won’t mind, as long as NATO is kept out. Oh and Crimea is gone for ever.

[] – Gazprom: Russland stoppt Gasversorgung der Ukraine
[] – Russia Halts Natural Gas Supplies to Ukraine as Payments End

GOP Jews Line Up Against Donald Trump


The Jewish magazine with the communist progressive sounding name The Forward reports that the GOP Jews are united in their rejection of the leading GOP presidential hopeful, Donald Trump:

[] – Donald Trump’s Rise Sparks Widespread Angst Among Jewish Republicans

At a recent board meeting of the Republican Jewish Coalition, the big donors and high-powered operatives in the room went around the table to make sure they had someone supporting each potential Republican nominee.

Nobody backed Trump.

So what has The Donald done to deserve this unisono rejection? Does he want to cart them off to some heavy duty, industrial strength five star wellness resort, deep in eastern Poland?

Not really.

Trump goes at great length to show his solidarity with Israel at every occasion and even has a daughter who volunteered to become Orthodox Jewish.

So what is the real reason?

“There are a lot of folks who are, to be charitable, into white identity politics, and to be uncharitable are outright racists, who are supporting Trump,” said Nathan Wurtzel, a Republican political consultant and principal at The Catalyst Group, who is Jewish. “It’s very off-putting and disturbing.”… Republican Jewish leaders, certain that with each major gaffe Trump would sink himself, are only beginning to take Trump seriously… Jewish Republicans, however, don’t look quite like other Republicans. Many RJC board members are pro-choice and support same-sex marriage, which puts them at a distance from much of the party… Trump is seen as a threat to the vision of a bigger, more inclusive GOP, which many leading Republican Jews have advocated… “In order for us to become a party [of anyone] other than white men, we need to be reaching out,” Norm Coleman, a former senator from Minnesota, told the Forward… Trump has also drawn the backing of an enthusiastic contingent of white nationalists. “You’ll see it a lot on the Internet”.

Reading between the lines it is obvious what the problem with Trump is in the eyes of the Jewish GOP supporters: he is too white. He wants to build fences to keep Mexicans and what not out. And that contradicts with the vision Jews have for America for more than a century: an America where the people of European descent have been pushed into minority status (so the Jews can rule supreme, just like in the USSR 1917-1938). And since Europe is an American colony, we will have to suffer the same multicult fate as Americans, unless of course we dump that former European colony at the first opportunity and strike a deal with Russia and China and redesign the world on our terms.

[] – Jewish Involvement in Shaping American Immigration Policy, 1881-1965: A Historical Review
[deepresource] – Paul Krugman: “White Americans Are Losing Their Country” (and Krugman loves it)

Read more…

Dear Greece…

It wasn’t big news at the time, July 16, 2015:

A formation of Turkish fighter jets violated Greek airspace a total of 20 times on Wednesday before being chased off by Greek aircraft, Kathimerini English reports.

With the events of today in Syria in mind, here is something you Greeks can do in return for these hundreds of billions of euro’s northern Europe lend gave to you since 2008:

Next time shoot down every single Turkish plane that intrudes in your airspace.

(These kind of Turkish provocations happen regularly)

This could initiate the desired final break between Europe and the Muslim world headed by Turkey, as well as destroy the leftist fantasy that Europeans and Muslims can & should live together. Thanks in advance.

[] – Turkish and Greek jets engaged in tense jockeying after Turkey violated Greek airspace

Amazon Beats SpaceX – Succeeds in Vertical Landing

[] – Blue Origin

Blue Origin is an American privately-funded aerospace developer and manufacturer set up by founder Jeff Bezos. The company is developing technologies to enable private human access to space with the goal of dramatically lower cost and increased reliability. It is employing an incremental approach from suborbital to orbital flight, with each developmental step building on its prior work. The company motto is “Gradatim Ferociter”, Latin for “Step-by-Step, Ferociously”. Blue Origin is developing a variety of technologies, with a focus on rocket-powered Vertical Takeoff and Vertical Landing (VTVL) vehicles for access to suborbital and orbital space.

[] – Houston, you may have a problem: NASA under pressure after Amazon boss Jeff Bezos’ reusable rocket makes historic flawless vertical landing

Dramatic Decline Refugee Numbers Greece


The approaching Winter as well as bad weather in the eastern Mediterranean are probably responsible for the dramatic decline of the number of people trying to make their way into Europe, down from 4500/day a week earlier to 155-478 now.

Expect however that if Europe in the coming months won’t come up with a series of harsh measures (effective fences + resolute naval operations in the Mediterranean) the number of gate crashers could be much higher in 2016 than this year.

[] – In Griechenland plötzlich deutlich weniger Flüchtlinge

Could the US Lose Europe?


Yesterday we were pleasantly surprised by an article in Foreign Policy, calling for realism, read: Western restraint in Syria. Today we’re even more surprised to find an article written by yet another bunch of Washington foreign police wonks, namely Robert D. Kaplan and Elizabeth Rosenberg of the National Interest, advocating that the West should make peace with Russia.

[] – Time to Act on Ukraine

Most interesting in this article is that a fear shines through that the US might lose Europe over the conflict with Russia over Donbass/Crimea. The authors recognize that the sanctions hurt Russia and the EU most, not the US. Not difficult to see why:


The authors expect that the EU will not prolong the sanctions regime beyond June 2016 and want to preempt that with a deal now with Russia, aiming at ‘getting Russia effectively out of eastern Ukraine’.

Regarding the Syrian question, the EU and US have diverging attitudes; the US resents what Russia is doing but for Europe Putin is the last hope to pacify Syria and stem the influx of refugees. The authors are afraid that Russia could drive a wedge between the US and Europe. The goal of the proposed deal with Russia should be to

…demonstrate powerful American leadership, and keep Europe in our corner.

[deepresource] – Foreign Policy Magazine Gets It

Sweden: Nø Møre Refugees

Press cønference with Swedish VP. Dråstic meåsures åre ånnøunced tø curb the huge influx øf gåte cråshers. Sweden is å feminist run hell høle, sø the Veep’s femåle cømpaniøn døes the tålking, måking the Veep løøk like ån idiøte (which is precisely whåt he is) and prøvides før søme åpprøpriåte humånitåriån decørum [0:16], a nice tøuch ånd perfect timing. Well døne. Alwåys nice tø see åffirmative åction lefties crying. And nøw gø høme ånd båke cøøkies.

Summary of measures:

  • mostly temporary residence permits (3 years) only
  • The right to family reunification will be subject to a very strict time limit
  • ID checks will be enforced on all modes of public transport to Sweden

[] – Sweden tightens rules to curb refugee numbers
[] – Sweden Close to Collapse
[] – Zendtijd Politieke Partijen: Zweden Democraten

The populist right-wing Sweden Demøcrats tries to discøurage pøtential gate crashers tø cøme tø Sweden with this spøt, showing an icy Sweden, with people sleeping outside and burning asylum centers.

Read more…

Russian Jet Was 10-15 Seconds Over Turkish Airspace

syria-jet-turkeyEven Putin-Russia hating der Spiegel admits that if a Russian jet was flying over Turkey at all it must have been for 10-15 seconds max. Even der Spiegel calls the air battle ‘questionable’. Actually, the crash location and vector of the plane indicate that the Russian plane could very well have ‘touched’ Turkish airspace for a few seconds, so from a strictly formal point of view, Turkey was right to defend its air space. As said earlier, if Russia is wise and we think it is, the response should ‘asymmetric’ at best… or better none at all. In the future keep a safe distance from the border.

[] – Fragwürdiger Luftkampf: Nur ein paar Sekunden auf der falschen Seite

Turkey is the Enemy of Europe

Turkey gives essential support to those who were responsible for the Paris massacre. There is only one reason why Turkey shot down the Russian jet: pure frustration with the Russian support for Assad and destruction of IS, Turkey’s neo-Ottoman proxy army. Turkey grand strategy is to extend its influence deep into the Arabian peninsula, to begin with Syria. For that purpose Assad needs to go, but it looks that Putin-Russia will block that move. That doesn’t sit very will with our neo-Ottomans friends in Ankara, so Turkey exploited the first opportunity to escalate the situation in the hope that NATO can be mobilized against Russia. It is very unlikely that the Turks will succeed with their childish transparent motivations; perhaps certified lunatics like John McCain will buy it, or Poland and the Baltic States, but not Obama, not Germany, not France. Nobody will see this event as an attempted attack by Russia against Turkey.

Russian Pilot Dead

US backed Allah mob exited over death of a Russian European pilot. It is this mob that the US and EU elite wants us to ‘integrate’ with. Fancy that? Of course you don’t.

*** UPDATE ***

Both pilots, who were not exactly distributing Christmas presents, were probably shot while descending with their parachutes.


Consequences Turkey Downing of Russian Jet


  • End of Turk Stream, making the EU energy situation even more precarious than it already is.
  • End of massive Russian tourism to Turkey; western tourism to any Muslim country is on the way out anyway.
  • Driving Russia even more into the favor of the German population that hates to see Turkey becoming a member of the EU

Interesting, Turkey depends on Russia for 60% of its natural gas and that share is likely to increase over the coming years.

map-turkish-stream-enTurk Stream – now probably history

That didn’t last very long

Joe Biden Running His Mouth

mccain-caliphA picture says more than thousand words

Poor Joe Biden. It is admittedly not easy to keep up with all the lies your own foreign policy is based upon, but this is very amateurish. Biden told an audience of Harvard students:

“… our biggest problem is our allies – our allies in the region were our largest problem in Syria. The Turks were great friends – and I have the greatest relationship with Erdogan, which I just spent a lot of time with – the Saudis, the Emiratis, etc. But what were they doing? They were so determined to take down Assad and essentially have a proxy Sunni-Shia war, what did they do?

They poured hundreds of millions of dollars and tens, thousands of tons of weapons into anyone who would fight against Assad, except that the people who were being supplied were Al Nusra and Al Qaeda and the extremist elements of jihadis coming from other parts of the world.

Now you think I’m exaggerating – take a look… Now we have – the President’s been able to put together a coalition of our Sunni neighbors, because America can’t once again go into a Muslim nation and be seen as the aggressor – it has to be led by Sunnis to go and attack a Sunni organization.”

Biden admits that the US assembled a coalition of allies in the Gulf and Turkey. He also admits that the real extremists aren’t Syrian at all but Jihadist foreigners. We wonder though which ‘Sunni organisation’ Biden has in mind when he is fantasizing about this non-existing organisation attacking IS.

Next, Joe Biden carries on admitting that there are no moderates in Syria to be taken seriously as a military force:

Question: In retrospect do u believe the United States should have acted earlier in Syria, and if not why is now the right moment?

Biden: The answer is ‘no’ for 2 reasons. One, the idea of identifying a moderate middle has been a chase America has been engaged in for a long time. We Americans think in every country in transition there is a Thomas Jefferson hiding beside some rock – or a James Madison beyond one sand dune. The fact of the matter is the ability to identify a moderate middle in Syria was – there was no moderate middle because the moderate middle are made up of shopkeepers, not soldiers – they are made up of people who in fact have ordinary elements of the middle class of that country. And what happened was – and history will record this because I’m finding that former administration officials, as soon as they leave write books which I think is inappropriate, but anyway, (laughs) no I’m serious – I do think it’s inappropriate at least, you know, give the guy a chance to get out of office. And what my constant cry was that our biggest problem is our allies… Where did all of this go? So now what’s happening? All of a sudden everybody’s awakened because this outfit called ISIL which was Al Qaeda in Iraq, which when they were essentially thrown out of Iraq, found open space in territory in eastern Syria, work with Al Nusra who we declared a terrorist group early on and we could not convince our colleagues to stop supplying them. So what happened? Now all of a sudden – I don’t want to be too facetious – but they had seen the Lord.

Editor: there is nothing surprising about the comments made by Biden for serious Syria watchers, obviously ignored by the Western press. What is surprising is the candidness by which he admits this common knowledge. It may be true that the US stopped supplying IS after they established a foothold in Western Iraq and Eastern Syria, but they certainly until today do not attack IS.

[] – Ol’ Joe Biden Rips Loose and Blows the Lid Off Who Armed ISIS

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