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William Bullitt, the Architect of World War 2

William-BullittWilliam C. Bullitt, crypto-communist and driving force behind the US diplomatic recognition of the human slaughterhouse USSR as a first act of government of the Roosevelt administration, US ambassador to Moscow between 1933 and 1936 and US ambassador to Paris between 1936 and 1940. Right-hand man and confidant of Roosevelt. The Victorya Nuland of the thirties.

The history you were taught in school and promoted by the media and Hollywood is plain wrong and serves the interests of the US elite only. The official story is that the notoriously noble allies, such as the US, USSR, Britain + empire, France + empire, Poland, Yugoslavia, Greece, Norway, Holland, Belgium single-handedly, without help from outside and all by themselves (albeit outnumbering the Germans 6:1, a detail really) defeated evil Germany. End good, all good.

The reality was that by 1933, the US and USSR were resp. economy #1 (US a staggering 29% global GDP) and #2 (USSR 13% global GDP). The world in 1939 was nevertheless still dominated by the European empires of Britain, France, Holland, Spain, Portugal and Belgium, a state of affairs that had emerged since the Europeans began to explore the planet in grand style since 1400. But the US and USSR were determined to change that situation and take the place of Europe. And the only way to achieve that was war.

The political incorrect truth is that by the beginning of the 20th century, both the US (1913, founding of the Federal Reserve) and Russia (‘Russian’ revolution of 1917) had been taken over by a tribe of which William Bullitt was a prominent member. Key resp. pillars of power in the US was (and still is) Wall Street and the Marxist ideology in the USSR. And the tribe was determined to conquer the world using an alliance between “ZOG-USA” and “ZOG-USSR”. Target: Europe.

And that opportunity arose in 1933, when lefty Roosevelt and his entourage of Stalin lovers, including our William Bullitt, got hold of the presidential office. And what was the first thing the Roosevelt government did?

As Soviet ambassador Litvonov says in the video of what the aim is: “real friendship and peaceful cooperation between the two largest republics in the world”. Litvonov and Bullitt, both shown in the video and members of the same ethnic group, were the key figures in linking the emerging globalist powers USA and USSR together to prepare for the largest slaughter in history: WW2. The European world was to be destroyed to pave the way for the rule of their ethnic.

Who was William Bullitt?


[] – Reading Eagle, December 14, 1941

So Bullitt already sympathized with killing field USSR from the early days of the revolution, hardening accusations by European right-wingers (like Hitler) that there never had been a ‘Russian’ revolution, but that in reality the Soviet government had been run by the tribe during the first two decades after the revolution.

US ambassador William Bullitt arrives in Moscow after he crafted the US diplomatic recognition of the USSR.

Which was precisely the rationale behind the deportations: to prevent that Europe would suffer the same fate as Russia had suffered, where millions and millions perished under communism before the war and and a fate that possibly America could suffer in the near future, if the European mother civilization doesn’t intervene and liberates its somewhat problematic son and troublemaker America.

William Christian Bullitt. This is how an unbearably arrogant pr**k looks like. Despite his name, there is nothing Christian about him. He will advocate the Gulag, the bombing of every German city, making up horror stories in Nuremberg, just as long his tribe will get a hold of power. Killing JFK, flying planes into buildings on 9/11, plotting for war against Iraq, Libya, Syria, the overthrow of dozens of regimes, like the one in Kiev and likely the downing of MH17… nothing is too crazy for these people and their unbroken will for power.

[] – William Christian Bullitt, Jr.


Chamberlain accuses ‘world Jews’ of having pushed Britain into war with Germany, a war he would have liked to prevent. What was the key element in bringing war about in Europe? The British and French (empty) ‘guarantee’ for Poland. Once that guarantee was in place, early 1939 under American pressure, all the American diplomats needed to do to destroy and conquer Europe was to encourage useful idiot Poland to not give in to any reasonable German demands, like giving back the German town of Danzig to Germany. The Polish government felt emboldened by the (empty) promises of support by the Americans, French and British and began to persecute the Germans, forced to live in Versailles-Poland, with the aim to cleanse Poland from Germans and conquer Eastern Prussia. In 1945 the Poles would finally achieve their criminal aim, backed by the Alllies, and ethnically cleansed 14 millions of Germans from lands that had been German for centuries, an operation were millions got killed. The situation in Western Poland in 1939 was almost identical to the one in Ukraine-2014, where a Russian minority got targeted by the Ukrainian majority, after a western backed nationalist violent coup in Kiev, again emboldened by (empty verbal) support from the Americans, who merely like to use the Ukraine to foment conflict between the West and Russia.

Who are these ‘world Jews’ Chamberlain was talking about? We will elaborate on that later when we discuss Winston Churchill, but one of the most prominent was no doubt William Bullitt.

[source] Bullitt and daughter, he had with a Louise Bryant, a hardcore USSR groupie and feminist (goes hand in hand). Birds of a feather flock together. Bullitt divorced her when he found out she preferred a woman over him.

On 25 April 1939, four months before the outbreak of war, Bullitt called American newspaper columnist Karl von Wiegand, chief European correspondent of the International News Service, to the U.S. embassy in Paris and told him:


From: The War Around us by Wolfgang Peter May [google]

Straight from the horse’s mouth:

War in Europe has been decided upon.

That was four months before the Germans invaded Poland to come to the aid of their beleaguered countrymen, forced to live in Versailles-Poland.

[BBC news reel] – British report about the German refugee crisis

‘Hundreds of thousand’ German refugees arrived from Poland in Germany proper in August 1939, which prompted the invasion of the Germans. In 1945, 14 million Germans would be expelled from their homes by the Poles, who finally managed to carry out the ethnic-cleansing program they already intended to carry out in 1939, emboldened as they felt by the Americans, British and French. Today, Ukrainians try to do the same thing in Donbass and throw out Russians, which Russian covert support could prevent. Vladimir Putin knows history very well and so far managed to avoid giving the US a pretext to escalate the conflict.

And this was how the Americans perceived how they could manage to get the war started: over Poland:

Poland has the assurance of the support of Britain and France, and will yield to no demands from Germany. America will be in the war soon after Britain and France enter it.

Decided upon by who?

Answer: Roosevelt, Stalin and paid British traitor (albeit with American mother) Winston Churchill.

Stalin? Yes, we already know that from the revelations of Finnish author Erkki Hautamaki:

[deepresource] – Greece Wants WW2 Reparations From Germany

Hautamaki learned from the Mannerheim Files that war had been decided upon in April 1939.

But it can be easily deducted as well that the Soviets were in on the scheme to destroy Europe, using Poland (and Britain and France) as useful idiots. How? By realizing that the Soviets were not punished for taking the eastern half of Poland, three weeks after the Germans invaded from the West. Poland was never the issue, the country was gladly handed over to the loving care of Stalin after the war. Poland was used by the US and USSR to get the war started, a war they alone desired to greatly expand their spheres of influence. Obviously they could not admit that openly afterwards, so they set up their little Stalinist show trial in Nuremberg to distort the truth, the one we are still stuck with today.

So why this famous Ribbentrop-Molotov non-aggression agreement of August 1939? Viktor Suvorov had it exactly right: Stalin knew that Hitler needed to act in Poland, to help the Germans living there and save them from ethnic cleansing and persecution by the Poles. Stalin offered the illusion to Hitler that he had at least his back free in the East and could avoid a two-front war. It was a lie and a trap. Stalin wanted to get the war started as well. He wanted Hitler to walk into the trap, the Americans and Soviets had designed for the Europeans. When Bullitt hinted to Wiegand in April 1939 that ‘war had been decided upon’, he meant to say: decided by the US, USSR and the war party in Britain (Churchill, Cooper, Eden, Halifax, Vansittard and many others, but not the royals, not Chamberlain and obviously not the British population nor the American population, who for 80% were isolationalist).

[deepresource] – The Chief Culprit, Viktor Suvorov

But the American elite had different plans…

They knew precisely about the comparative strength of the parties involved and that an alliance with the USSR could catapult the US into planetary pole position and that prospect was too tempting. Half a year before Roosevelt managed the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor, the US elite began to mentally prepare its population for the war:

[deepresource] – The American Century

The Americans and Soviets succeeded in their aim to destroy Europe and divide the loot between them. Meanwhile Russia got rid of communism, as well as the US parachuted oligarchs after 1991, thanks to Vladimir Putin. No wonder the Anglos hate him, because he managed to escape from the NWO and succeeded to build an alliance with China, India, Pakistan, Brasil, Iran and perhaps Turkey, that is strong enough to withstand the Anglo lead western assault against Eurasia.

Now it is continental European payback time in the spirit of the French general Charles de Gaulle and his vision of Europe of the Fatherlands (“Paris-Berlin-Moscow”). History will return to the US like a boomerang. What the US and USSR did to Europe between 1939-1945, can Greater Europe and China do to America, using again secret diplomacy. No, we are not going to bomb every American city; after all we Europeans are not Americans. Besides, the poor black folk currently living in these cities wouldn’t know by which truck they were hit.

No, it is much smarter to let the Straussian US leadership work for European interest for a change and continue to promote mass immigration, inevitably bringing US society to a breaking point (some of the smarter Americans already understand that mass immigration no longer serves the interest of the US elite). In parallel, remove the dollar from all economic transactions in Eurasia (China, Russia and India are working on that as we speak), reducing the economic and financial leverage of Washington and increase ethnic tensions in the US. And quietly hint to China that Europe won’t defend Australia, giving China the opportunity to double its territory on the cheap, provided it will confront the US in the South China sea, just like America gave Eastern Europe to Stalin in 1945.

What Europe should wait for is the US equivalent of Slaviansk/Ukraine-2014: a European-American insurgency, we Europeans should support and reverse 1776 and as such offer a substantial part of Euro-America to live European rather than third world lives. Within a European framework or ‘culture circle’, economically, culturally and technological dominated by Paris-Berlin-Moscow. The alternative is the Gulag on American soil. Take your pick, Euro-America.


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Dick Cheney During 9/11

Feet on the desk. Dick Cheney with a relaxed attitude watching the burning WTC towers.

The Whitehouse has released pictures, showing high-ranking US government officials during 9/11. In our view, Cheney knew in advance what was going to happen and issued the stand-down order to ensure that the Mossad/CIA operation could proceed uninterruptedly.

[] – So erlebte Dick Cheney 9/11
[deepresource] – Richard Gage speaks in Delft

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Egon Bahr Urges Europe to Restore Relations With Russia

Prof Dr h c Egon Bahr Bundesminister a D SPD in der ZDF Talkshow maybrit illner am 20 11 20

  • Egon Bahr was the architect of Ostpolitik – the famous and wildly praised policy of rapprochment between western and eastern Germany in the 1970s – he is a big deal in Germany

  • He and the last Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev – who ended the original Cold War with Ronald Reagan – met in Moscow and called for a new German-Russian rapprochment – Ostpolik 2.0

[] – Elder German Statesmen Urge Berlin to Restore Russia Relations
[] – Egon Bahr

Editor: did you hear that, Bundesmutti?

Chinese to Build 130 Million Megacity Jing-Jin-Ji


In its latest undertaking, the Chinese government has announced plans to make Beijing (current population: 20 million) the center of an 82,000 square mile megacity called Jing-Jin-Ji that will eventually have 130 million inhabitants. That will make it more populated than Japan by roughly 3 million people.

Editor: but in the West nobody seems to realize what’s brewing in China.

Oh and never forget folks: Russia is the enemy and the only serious threat.
[This sponsored message was offered for free by the US State Department]


[] – China is building a megacity that will be larger than all of Japan
[] – China plant 130-Millionen-Megacity

Hybrid Solar

panel-thermoSolar thermal-electric hybrid

volther-powertherm-180wConventional thermal solar collector

In densely packed cities in overcrowded north-western Europe, space is the real scarce commodity, more than money. The consequence is that if this scarce (roof) space is used for solar energy, preference is usually given to solar panels over thermal solar collectors. In fact, when we visited the 2014 Munich Intersolar exhibition, there were hardly any producers of solar thermal collectors present.

It is premature however to write-off thermal solar completely. If sun rays hit a solar panel, ca. 15% is converted into electricity and the rest is lost in heating up the panel, which degrades performance. The idea of hybrid solar is to use the same (scarce) surface for both electricity and heat:

A solar hybrid panel has two energy outlets: one for electricity and one for hot fluid, utilizing nearly all solar energy.


[] – Photovoltaic Thermal PVT
[] – Solartherm Hybrid PV
[] – Volther Hybrid PV-T Panels
[] – Volther PowerVolt PV-T Hybrid Collector

hybrid-solar[source] Robust two-edged sword

Stella Lux

Solarteam Eindhoven, a club of students from the Technical University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands, has presented the successor of the ‘Stella’ solar car that won the Solar Challenge 2013 in Australia: the Stella Lux. In Oktober the Stella Lux will participate in the 2015 edition, 3000 km from Darwin to Adelaide. Improvements: more comfortable, more solar cells, increasing range from 750 to 1000 km (on a sunny day + fully charged batteries). A few key facts:

  • Development effort: more than 20 student year
  • Participation cost Solar Challenge 2015 Australia: 100,000 euro (donate here / premium)
  • Less aerodynamic drag due to a ‘tunnel’ under the car
  • Improved interior
  • Maximum speed: 125 kmh
  • Solar roof: 5.8 m2
  • Electrical storage capacity: 15 kWh (City Smart: 17.6 kWh)
  • Dimensions: 4,52m long, 1,75m width, 1,12m height
  • Weight: 375 kg (carbon fiber)
  • Obviously you never have to visit a petrol station ever again. An Australian pensioner wit modest income, who happens to owns a solar car, can spend the rest of his life driving if he wanted to. Since operational cost is near zero, expect congestion of solar cars to be a distinct possibility in the future.

graph_range_1The average commuting distance in countries like Holland and Germany is ca. 40 km/day. That means that almost all year round these types of cars can be utilized without extra charge from the grid. It is enough to have the car parked in an open space to get the batteries sufficiently charged for these kind of relative short trips.

Solar cars like the Stella Lux require far less maintenance than the diesel/gasoline powered standard car; electric motors can run for decades.

[] – Stella Lux, The energy positive family car
[] – Stella Lux sees the light and it’s going to surprise the world
[] – Solarmobil Stella Lux: Schnell, bequem, 100 Prozent öko
[] – Opvolger van gezinsauto op zonne-energie Stella heet Stella Lux


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MH17 Crash as it Happened

Published July 17 2015 – ( MH17 – UNPUBLISHED MATERIAL. They´ve been the first at murder scene: Inhabitants of Hrabove, East Ukraine. While perpetrators are escaping, people on-site start to understand what has happened. Civil airliner mit 298 people on board has crashed on their fields. All of them are dead. Witnesses are ready to speak with journalists – meeting with disappointment. Especially Western journalists care for scandals and demonizing the rebels. However Western media have to dissociate afterwards for the false stories of “teddy bear triumph picture” or the “stolen wedding ring” … cheating was too obvious. But behaviour of “reporters” left marks. When I was there trust of people came back only after weeks of meetings. Then again they spoke very openly about everything what happened on July 17th 2014 … and gave a lot of material to me for which I´m still searching the right platform. )

[] – Nieuwe videobeelden dorpsbewoners pal na crash #MH17

Hungary Joins New Silk Road

Mackinder_mapThe Geographical Pivot of History. Halford Mackinder’s world map of geopolitics

William Engdahl reports about Hungarian intentions to link itself to the Eurasian railway network:

On June 9 during a meeting with Hungarian president, Viktor Orban, China’s Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, formally signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work out the details of incorporating Hungary into China’s Silk Road Economic Belt and Maritime Silk Road. It is now very clear that the project is a well-planned geopolitical and economic strategy of China to outflank the US Naval encirclement of China, President Obama’s infamous “Asia Pivot” by firming land routes across Eurasia and thereby creating the world’s largest integrated market.

Viktor Orban is a little bit of a dissident in Europe: maintains good relations with Russia and opposes sanctions, builds a fence against invaders from the South and refuses to take in quotas of ‘refugees’, that Brussels uses to destroy Europe. In 2015 it is a very good idea to keep a healthy distance to the sell-outs of European civilization and US satraps in Brussels.

The Chinese New Silk Road grand strategy is a prudent design to nullify the power of Anglo navies by simply avoiding maritime traffic wherever possible. China landed a magnificent coup recently when it pulled a reverse Ukraine and drew Pakistan away from western into its own orbit and used that occasion to setup a China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), linking China to the fossil fuel resources of Iran over land.

The fact that all European countries (even Britain) were eager to join the AIIB, is a good sign that the process of turning towards Asia overland is an irreversible process.

The founder of geopolitics, Halford Mackinder, understood early on that once a large part of Eurasia would be united, it would automatically become the dominant force on the planet. That happened after 2000, with Putin taking up office in Russia and the illegal US invasion of Iraq. That triggered the founding of SCO and the BRICS. And as long as the US fails to drive a wedge between Russian and China, Eurasian dominance in world affairs is guaranteed and Europe needs to pay attention that it doesn’t miss the boat by hanging too long to the ‘alliance’ with US.

SCO_Map2SCO map. Eurasian magnet. Hungary is the first European nation to turn East. Once Germany follows, it is game over for the NWO, as is well recognized in Washington.

More than a century ago, Mackinder understood the importance of transcontinental railway lines when he said:

True that the Trans-Siberian Railway is still a single and precarious line of communication, but the century will not be old before all Asia is covered with Railways. The spaces within the Russian Empire and Mongolia (read Mongolia and China today-w.e.) are so vast, and their potentialities in population, wheat, cotton, fuel and metals so incalculably great, that it is inevitable that a vast economic world, more or less apart, will there develop inaccessible to oceanic commerce.

Prophetic words. The US navy will gradually become useless as a tool to ‘project power’, a drain on fiscal resources. Meanwhile China is investing in Hungary, Serbia and Romania, countries at the eastern periphery of the EU and relatively easy to acquire influence.

[] – Mackinder Reincarnates–Now Hungary Joins Silk Road

MH-17 Downed By Georgian SU-25 Jets?


New theory proposed by the Dutch blogger Erik Toonen: MH-17 could have been shot down by Georgian SU-25 fighter jets, while flying home from Dnepropetrovsk to Tbilisi/Georgia, after having participated in NATO exercise Sea Breeze.

Georgia is a country that would like to become a NATO-member and that owns SU-25 fighter jets, that have been upgraded in Israel in order to adhere to NATO standards.

Erik Toonen accepts that the recent Russian research by Albert Naryshkin, concluding that MH-17 was attacked by an Israeli made Python-4/5 missile, explains much better what happened to MH-17 than a R-60 missile. Georgia does own a number of these missiles.

SU-25-missilesSU-25 with Python (left) and R-60 missile mounted.

Operation Sea-Breeze ended on July 17, that fateful day. Erik Toonen claims to know with certainty that two Georgian SU-25 made a stopover in Dnepropetrovsk, officially for refueling, but also for new A2A weapons to be mounted as well as 23 mm canons. Toonen says he can’t prove that Python missiles were stored at Dnepropetrovsk, but he is working on it. The upgraded Georgian SU-25’s are the only ones with a pressurized cabin, eliminating western arguments that a SU-25 couldn’t have downed the MH-17 because these planes can’t reach the required altitude.

Motive? Toonen points at Ihor Kolomoyskyi as the one who gave the order to shoot down MH-17. A possible motive are the resources of Donbass, including shale oil and gas and the Burisma Holdings Ltd, owned by Kolomoyskyi. But you can’t exploit resources if the region is in the hands of the separatists. Both Kolomoyskyi and the US have invested billions in the region and want return on investment. Kolomoyskyi has his private army and the US wants to militarily support Kiev, against the will of the EU (f*ck the EU, remember?).

Kolomoyskyi has a plan. He owns Buk-missiles which he stations near the front at Shakhtarsk, days before July 17. According to Toonen had it been the intention to down a passenger plane with a Buk. The videos of a Buk installation had been prepared in advance and even mistakenly posted on the web one day too early. The entire operation was planned by Svyatoslav Oliynik, the righthand man of Kolomoyskyi.

The entire operation was planned by Svyatoslav Oliynik, the righthand man of Ihor Kolomoyskyi. He has the privilige to inform his boss op 17 juli that MH17 is downed by a A2A-missile. I know this because Svyatoslav Oliynik was chatting on 17 juli with Valery Geletey (minister of Defense from 14 October 2014), Borislav Bereza (member of the Rada, extremely Jewish and good friend of Kolomoyskyi) and Anatoly Gricenko (memeber of the SBU and presidential candidate in 2014). Svyatoslav clearly explains that Ihor is terribly angry that MH17 was downed in the wrong manner and that all preparations were worthless (the videos). He also says that he doesn’t know how to tell this to Pjotr (Petro Poroshenko), because he will skin them alive.

(editor: here is another revealing chat from the same period)

The intention was a false flag Buk-operation, to be blamed on the rebels. Motive? NATO expansion for the US and resources in Donbass for Kolomoyskyi. Toonen suggests that the US was in on the operation in advance.

Why Georgian SU-25’s? Because Michail Saakasjvili had enough influence with the Georgian military to get the job done and he is anxious to see Georgia become a NATO member. He could have been rewarded for this action with his post in Odessa.

Editor: we do not embrace or reject this story. The Georgian angle is interesting because of the upgraded SU-25, the Georgian NATO membership motive and possible Python damage pattern. But where does pilot Vladislav Voloshin fit in the story, who returned to his base?

[] – 18-07-2015, MH17: Een jaar later
[] – 20-02-2015, MH17: Toch een SU-25 betrokken?
[] – 26-02-2015, De man achter MH17: Ihor Kolomoyskyi?

Right Sektor Targeting Poroshenko?

Very martial Right Sektor Ukrainian nationalist propaganda video

First a few statements before we give our opinion about the Right Sektor.

  • We are strongly pro-Russia. We see it as a sovereign European nation (because it is ‘Aryan’ and of Christian heritage) and now that communism failed, we no longer see Russia as a threat to Europe. Russia is the Orthodox branch of European civilization. We hope that Russia survives the 21st century in its present shape. It will always remain a little more ‘authoritarian’ than Europe, so be it. And we wouldn’t mind if the Czar would return.
  • Ukraine is a pain in the neck. It is used by the US to drive a wedge between Russia and Europe, a relationship that got too cosy in the eyes of Washington, notably under Schroeder and Chirac.

Having said that, we don’t chime in with the usual ‘Nazi’ demonization baloney, based on the Anglo-Soviet self-serving Nuremberg lies. We need to acknowledge the immense suffering Ukraine was subjected to during the Soviet era (Holomodor), so we have some understanding for Ukrainian anti-Russian feelings. We do want to see a sovereign Ukraine with strong ties with both Europe and Russia, embedded in a future Greater European confederation. We don’t want to see Ukraine as a launch pad for NATO missiles. Ukraine should never become member of NATO (in fact we want to see NATO abolished), we don’t want Ukraine to become member of the EU. In fact in the long term we want to replace the EU with a lighter ‘Europe of the Fatherlands’confederation model a la Charles de Gaulle, including Russia and Ukraine.

Having said that, we wouldn’t mind at all if broadsword Dmitri Yarosh would topple Poroshenko and bring rump-Ukraine (Lvov-Vinnitsa-Kiev) into the hands of the Ukrainian people, rather than US-linked oligarchs. Because if he did, Ukraine would be cut-off from NATO aid and as such stop being a time bomb under European-Russian relations. The Right-Sektor was used by the Maidan puppeteers as the useful idiot to get rid of Yanukovych, but now they are an expendable item within Ukrainian politics for Poroshenko & co. It remains to be seen if the Right Sektor will let themselves being sidelined by Kiev. In fact we hope they won’t. A split between Kiev and the Right Sektor would be a God send present. Poroshenko/Yatsenyuk are a bigger problem for Russia and Europe than Yarosh will ever be. The latter can very well be contained militarily by Russian support for Donbass. Let Crimea and Donbass return to Russia, because the population clearly wants that. We are not sure about Kharkov, Odessa and Dnepropetrovsk and have our doubts about the viability of the ‘Novo-Rossia’ concept.

[] – You Know, He May Be Right: Yarosh Demands Poroshenko’s Resignation
[] – Poroshenko Takes Aim at Right Sector With Armed Groups Clampdown

Life in Donbass – Cannes Film Festival Short Film

Published 18 jul. 2015 – “Humans live here” is a film made by two Moscow students who went to war and tried to show people all that they had seen and heard there. The film narrates an armed conflict in Donbass which affected civilians first of all. The real people became principal characters: an artist, a ballet dancer, doctors and teachers, children and participants of resistance. They answer the question of what was the reason for shooting attacks of schools and child care centers, residential blocks and playgrounds. This is not only a story of war, it is rather about war theater and its reasons, a story of war in a place where humans live.

Wesley Clark Wants to Bring the Gulag to America (and Europe)

Wesley Clark, the butcher of Serbia, wants to put those Americans in concentration camps for decades, who will be identified in advance to be ‘most likely radicalized’, who need to be ‘cut off at the beginning’, meaning before someone gets violent and hasn’t broken the law. Thought crimes are enough.

He suggests that he means Muslims living in the US, but he intentionally avoids explicitly naming them, because in reality he wants to keep all options open and throw the entire opposition into jail if necessary, just like his group did to Russia, when they had that hapless country into a stranglehold, between 1917-1938, until Joe Stalin sidelined them, which lead to the estrangement between USA and USSR, after they together destroyed Europe and divided the loot between them.

Again, the US is the next USSR. Democracy in America is fake, it never really existed, but life in the US was fairly reasonable because of the constitution, a leftover of the European heritage of the United States, notably Holland. But the US elite, of which Wesley Clark is a prominent member, is determined to destroy the European character of America and replace it with a globalized multiculti third world population, where the Euro’s will be used to get the work done and taxes paid but nothing else. It won’t be their country anymore. That would be ‘racist’ and we are all glad we are not like that.

[] – Wesley Clark Calls for Interning “Disloyal” Americans

Kiev Not Interested in Minsk-2

The Minsk-2 peace agreement was hammered out between Russia, Germany and France. Peace in Ukraine is a Greater European interest. But not in the interest of the US, that wants to push Europe into a war with Russia. And Kiev’s leaders operate in the interest of Washington only.

MH17 Downed by Israeli Python A2A Missile?

RT reports:

A report on Malaysian Airlines MH17 air disaster in Ukraine last year by a group of old-hand aviation security experts maintains that the Boeing might have been downed by an Israeli Python air-to-air missile.

The gist is that the damage pattern leads to the conclusion that it couldn’t have been a ground-launched Buk, but a lighter warhead, equipped with a ‘radar-homing’ device:

MH-17-damageMH17 damage pattern

The missile that attacked MH17 had a passive radar homing head, which explains why the missile exploded so close to the cockpit. Under the radar-transparent nosecone of a Boeing 777-200 there is a surveillance radar station operable during the flight, so most likely the missile homed on to this radar as the target.

mh17-explosion-pointMH-17 – location where warhead exploded, 0.8-1.6 m from cockpit.

This would eliminate the idea that MH17 was shot at using a canon with 30 mm rounds. Hence the necessity that the US-25 should have been very close to MH-17 no longer exists; MH17 could have been downed from a greater distance with a A2A missile, which could help explain why MH17 was perhaps misidentified (Vladimir Putin doesn’t travel with Malaysian Airlines as far as we know).

Editor: so far we have been focused on discerning between two scenario’s:
a) western media + NATO asset Bellingcat promoted idea of a ground-launched Buk
b) SU-25 firing a R-60 missile + board cannon

The very fact that most damage was done in the cockpit area, made as tilt towards the second explanation. The potential use of an Israeli made Python changes the picture completely, eliminating the need to consider the use of a board cannon in order to solve the puzzle.

Google(“MH17 Python”) leads to this Dutch blog, that hypothesizes about a link between MH17 and an Israeli made Python as early as September 24, 2014:

[] – Evidence that MH17 was shot down by a surface to air missile

As stated, the damage could have just as well been done by an air-to-air missile which for various reasons would make much better sense. The wreckage shows only signs of battering at the cockpit, while a Buk SAM would have logically struck it at the center of the fuselage and filled the entire plane with punch holes. For example, the Israeli manufactured Python-5 air-to-air missile has a sophisticated guidance system which can have it strike any pre-determined part of a target.

[] – Israeli-made air-to-air missile may have downed MH17
[] – mirror

[] – Hoe schaakspeler Poetin het #MH17 spel wint

MH17 One Year Later

Published 17 jul. 2015 – Investigations into the downing of flight MH17 in eastern Ukraine are still inconclusive or incomplete a year on from the tragedy. However, this has not stopped the West and their media from apportioning blames, without facts and figures to back up their claims. The search for justice for the families of those killed on MH17 continues.

CrossTalking with Ray McGovern, Alexander Mercouris, and Patrick Henningsen.

Published 17 jul. 2015 – A year ago, Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was brought down over the territory of conflict-torn Ukraine. This tragedy shocked the world and affected families in many countries. Today, debris can still be found in the area around the crash and the investigation, shrouded in secrecy, still hasn’t reached a definitive conclusion. RTD talks to witnesses, experts and family members of MH17 passengers in a bid to understand whether the truth of what caused the tragedy will ever be established.

Italian Blockades Against African Invaders

Africa wants to take over Europe and is aided by a treacherous European Marxist ‘elite’ that carries out orders from Washington, that wants a world without nations and without borders, a world owned by the banksters of Manhattan and the City. Europe however has a too strong an identity to get itself erased from the ‘page of time’ and will fight. It wasn’t ready for communism in the thirties and it isn’t ready to disappear now, regardless of how much Anglosphere wants that to happen. Let them disappear all by themselves. It is time for an all-Eurasian coalition against the NWO, from Paris, Berlin and Moscow to Beijing.

Reserve Currency Status
Every top dog has a century, after which it has to go. Time for the US to pack its bags and for us to prepare for the Eurasian century.

iron_silk_roadGreater Europa and China as the two main pillars of the coming identitarian multi-polar world, trashing 20th century Anglo-Soviet globalist power dreams (NWO) once and for all.

[] – Straatblokkades tegen asielzoekers in Italië

New MH17 Footage Made Shortly After Crash

Very revealing (and graphic) footage, made shortly after the crash of MH17. The message of the video is obvious: a fighter jet took down MH17 and the rebels took down one of the the Sukhoi jets that took down MH17.

Could it be that this video was engineered, after the rebels realized that they took down the wrong plane? In theory yes, but it would require a great presence of mind to respond in that way. And besides, there are too many eye-witnesses (and radar pictures by the Russian military and never directly challenged by the US) that testified that there were indeed 1-2 fighter jets near the MH17.

Our tentative reconstruction of events: the governor of Dnepropetrovsk Kolomoisky (recently dumped by the Kiev regime, not difficult to figure out why) learned that Vladimir Putin was about to fly over eastern Ukraine and ordered two fighter jets to take Putin’s plane down and kill the greatest adversary of the NWO/US global empire, run by the ‘Kolomoisky’s of this world’. Putin, coming from Brasil, however changed his mind in the last minute, changed course to Rostov rather than Moscow, which saved his life. The Gods in the sky seem to like the man. The fighter pilot Vladislav Voloshin took MH17 to be Putin’s plane and took it down with a missile, possibly an Israeli made Python missile and returned to his base. Rebels took down the other fighter jet (perhaps with a Buk, but it remains strange that nobody detected a Buk launch contrail).

[] – ‘Was there a 2nd plane?’ New footage shows MH17 crash site minutes after Boeing downing
[] – ‘Was There a 2nd Plane?’ New Footage Shows MH17 Crash Site Minutes After Boeing Downing (mirror)


The happy days in America are over for good. As one of the last initiatives of government, the Obama administration is preparing legislation that will drastically alter the way of living in the US. Forced racial integration is next. The consequences of decades of mass immigration are now visible for everyone to see:

In effect, AFFH gives the federal government a lever to re-engineer nearly every American neighborhood — imposing a preferred racial and ethnic composition, densifying housing, transportation, and business development in suburb and city alike, and weakening or casting aside the authority of local governments over core responsibilities, from zoning to transportation to education. Not only the policy but the political implications are immense — at the presidential, congressional, state, and local levels.

All the signs are that the US will slowly turn into the next USSR. Forced integration comes first and than steadily increased pressure to intermarry. In the USSR the ethnic Russians were the dispossessed majority, in the present day America, the Europeans are the new dispossessed majority. Reason: the same people who ran the USSR, now run the US.

[] – Obama’s AFFH Rule Is Out
[] -Obama’s Endgame

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More Eyewitnesses for Downing MH17 by Fighter Jet

With English subs.

EU Summit Cancelled


The EU summit of heads of state has been cancelled by EU-president Donald Tusk. Immediate consequence: a decision (if any) is postponed indefinately, no funds will be send to Athens, putting extra pressure on Greece to introduce the drachma, even before the EU would reach a position.

This could be a deliberate EU strategy, after understanding that no consensus over a third bailout package is forthcoming, leaving the initiative to the Greek government and avoiding to be blamed for having to express an explicit ‘no’ to a bailout. A strategy we suggested earlier today.

The best way to go forward is:

  • Greek government reintroducing the drachma
  • Greek government confiscating euro accounts and swap them for drachma, so the Greek government has some euro’s to pay for foreign bills. The Greek population with money would thus be forced to finally pay some taxes.
  • The EU should reserve a few billion for humanitarian emergency aid, like food and medicine.
  • The EU, ECB and IMF should leave Greece alone for a year or so and give Greece the chance to stabilize and income levels will be in accordance to the economic strength of Greece, perhaps 20-40% less than in 2008.
  • After a Grexit has been carried through, a partial debt cut is inevitable.
  • Greece is a European country and as such welcome to come back to the euro at any time after the usual Maastricht criteria are met. Perhaps Wolfgang Schäuble was sincere when he suggested a return in five years time. The Baltic countries and Slovakia are examples of poor countries that are nevertheless members of the euro-zone. The key condition for euro-zone membership is solid government finance, not high income.
  • Greece will de facto become a dual currency country, like Switzerland, where customers can pay both in drachma and euro.

Let’s get it over with, the farce has lasted far too long.

[] – Ratspräsident Tusk sagt EU-Sondergipfel ab


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