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William Bullitt, the Architect of World War 2

William-BullittWilliam C. Bullitt, crypto-communist and driving force behind the US diplomatic recognition of the human slaughterhouse USSR as a first act of government of the Roosevelt administration. US ambassador to Moscow between 1933 and 1936 and US ambassador to Paris between 1936 and 1940. Right-hand man and confidant of Roosevelt. The Victorya Nuland of the thirties.

The history you were taught in school and promoted by the media and Hollywood until today is plain wrong and serves the interests of the US financial oligarchy only. The official story is that the notoriously noble allies, such as the US, USSR, Britain + empire, France + empire, Poland, Yugoslavia, Greece, Norway, Holland, Belgium single-handedly, without help from outside and all by themselves (albeit outnumbering the Germans 6:1, a detail really) defeated evil Germany. End good, all good.

The reality was that by 1933, the US and USSR were resp. economy #1 (US a staggering 29% global GDP) and #2 (USSR 13% global GDP). The world in 1939 was nevertheless still dominated by the European empires of Britain, France, Holland, Spain, Portugal and Belgium, a state of affairs that had emerged since the Europeans began to explore the planet in grand style since 1400:

World_1914_empires_colonies_territoryEuropean empires 1914

But the emerging globalist powers US and USSR were determined to change that situation and take the place of Europe. And the only way to achieve that was war.

The political incorrect truth is that by the beginning of the 20th century, both the US and Russia had been taken over by a tribe of which William Bullitt was a prominent member. Landmark events: 1913, founding of the Federal Reserve in America and ‘Russian’ revolution of 1917 (confirmation by Vladimir Putin).

Key pillars of their political power were: Wall Street in the US (it still is) and the Marxist ideology in the USSR. And the tribe was determined to conquer the world using an alliance between “ZOG-USA” and “ZOG-USSR”. Target: Europe.

And that opportunity arose in 1933, when lefty Roosevelt and his entourage of Stalin lovers, including our William Bullitt, got hold of the presidential office. And what was the first thing the Roosevelt government did?

As Soviet ambassador Litvonov says in the video of what the aim is: “real friendship and peaceful cooperation between the two largest republics in the world”. That did not include peaceful cooperation with other countries, certainly not those countries which defended themselves most vigorously against communism: Germany and Italy. Litvonov and Bullitt, both shown in the video and members of the same ethnic group, were the key figures in linking the emerging globalist powers USA and USSR together to prepare for the largest slaughter in history: WW2. The European world was to be destroyed to pave the way for the rule of their ethnic group.

Who was William Bullitt?


[] – Reading Eagle, December 14, 1941

So Bullitt already sympathized with killing field USSR from the early days of the revolution, hardening accusations by European right-wingers (like Hitler) that there never had been a ‘Russian’ revolution, but that in reality the Soviet government had been run by the tribe during the first two decades after the revolution.

US ambassador William Bullitt arrives in Moscow after he crafted the US diplomatic recognition of the USSR.

Which was precisely the rationale behind the deportations: to prevent that Europe would suffer the same fate as Russia had suffered, where millions and millions perished under communism before the war and and a fate that possibly America could suffer in the near future, if the European mother civilization doesn’t intervene and liberates its somewhat problematic son and troublemaker America.

William Christian Bullitt. This is how an unbearably arrogant pr**k looks like. Despite his name, there is nothing Christian about him. He will advocate the Gulag, the bombing of every German city, making up horror stories in Nuremberg, just as long his tribe will get a hold of power. Killing JFK, flying planes into buildings on 9/11, plotting for war against Iraq, Libya, Syria, the overthrow of dozens of regimes, like the one in Kiev and likely the downing of MH17… nothing is too crazy for these people and their unbroken will for power.

[] – William Christian Bullitt, Jr.


Chamberlain accuses ‘world Jews’ of having pushed Britain into war with Germany, a war he would have liked to prevent. What was the key element in bringing war about in Europe? The British and French (empty) ‘guarantee’ for Poland. Once that guarantee was in place, early 1939 under American pressure, all the American diplomats needed to do to destroy and conquer Europe was to encourage useful idiot Poland to not give in to any reasonable German demands, like giving back the German town of Danzig to Germany. The Polish government felt emboldened by the (empty) promises of support by the Americans, French and British and began to persecute the Germans, forced to live in Versailles-Poland, with the aim to cleanse Poland from Germans and conquer Eastern Prussia. In 1945 the Poles would finally achieve their criminal aim, backed by the Alllies, and ethnically cleansed 14 millions of Germans from lands that had been German for centuries, an operation were millions got killed. The situation in Western Poland in 1939 was almost identical to the one in Ukraine-2014, where a Russian minority got targeted by the Ukrainian majority, after a western backed nationalist violent coup in Kiev, again emboldened by (empty verbal) support from the Americans, who merely like to use the Ukraine to foment conflict between the West and Russia.

Who are these ‘world Jews’ Chamberlain was talking about? We will elaborate on that later when we discuss Winston Churchill, but one of the most prominent was no doubt William Bullitt.

[source] Bullitt and daughter, he had with a Louise Bryant, a hardcore USSR groupie and feminist (goes hand in hand). Birds of a feather flock together. Bullitt divorced her when he found out she preferred a woman over him.

On 25 April 1939, four months before the outbreak of war, Bullitt called American newspaper columnist Karl von Wiegand, chief European correspondent of the International News Service, to the U.S. embassy in Paris and told him:


From: The War Around us by Wolfgang Peter May [google]

Straight from the horse’s mouth:

War in Europe has been decided upon.

That was four months before the Germans invaded Poland to come to the aid of their beleaguered countrymen, forced to live in Versailles-Poland.

[BBC news reel] – British report about the German refugee crisis

‘Hundreds of thousand’ German refugees arrived from Poland in Germany proper in August 1939, which prompted the invasion of the Germans. In 1945, 14 million Germans would be expelled from their homes by the Poles, who finally managed to carry out the ethnic-cleansing program they already intended to carry out in 1939, emboldened as they felt by the Americans, British and French. Today, Ukrainians try to do the same thing in Donbass and throw out Russians, which Russian covert support could prevent. Vladimir Putin knows history very well and so far managed to avoid giving the US a pretext to escalate the conflict.

And this was how the Americans perceived how they could manage to get the war started: over Poland:

Poland has the assurance of the support of Britain and France, and will yield to no demands from Germany. America will be in the war soon after Britain and France enter it.

Decided upon by who?

Answer: Roosevelt, Stalin and paid British traitor (albeit with American mother) Winston Churchill.

Stalin? Yes, we already know that from the revelations of Finnish author Erkki Hautamaki:

[deepresource] – Greece Wants WW2 Reparations From Germany

Hautamaki learned from the Mannerheim Files that war had been decided upon in April 1939, exactly as Bullitt had hinted to von Wiegand.

But it can be easily deducted as well that the Soviets were in on the scheme to destroy Europe, using Poland (and Britain and France) as useful idiots. How? By realizing that the Soviets were not punished for taking the eastern half of Poland, three weeks after the Germans invaded from the West. Poland was never the issue, the country was gladly handed over to the loving care of Stalin after the war. Poland was used by the US and USSR to get the war started, a war they alone desired to greatly expand their spheres of influence. Obviously they could not admit that openly afterwards, so they set up their little Stalinist show trial in Nuremberg to distort the truth, the one we are still stuck with today.

So why this famous Ribbentrop-Molotov non-aggression agreement of August 1939? Viktor Suvorov had it exactly right: Stalin knew that Hitler needed to act in Poland, to help the Germans living there and save them from ethnic cleansing and persecution by the Poles. Stalin offered the illusion to Hitler that he had at least his back free in the East and could avoid a two-front war. It was a lie and a trap. Stalin wanted to get the war started as well. He wanted Hitler to walk into the trap, the Americans and Soviets had designed for the Europeans. When Bullitt hinted to Wiegand in April 1939 that ‘war had been decided upon’, he meant to say: decided by the US, USSR and the war party in Britain (Churchill, Cooper, Eden, Halifax, Vansittard and many others, but not the royals, not Chamberlain and obviously not the British population nor the American population, who for 80% were isolationalist).

[deepresource] – The Chief Culprit, Viktor Suvorov

But the American elite had different plans…

They knew precisely about the comparative strength of the parties involved and that an alliance with the USSR could catapult the US into planetary pole position and that prospect was too tempting. Half a year before Roosevelt managed the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor, the US elite began to mentally prepare its population for the war:

[deepresource] – The American Century

The Americans and Soviets succeeded in their aim to destroy Europe and divide the loot between them. Meanwhile Russia got rid of communism, as well as the US parachuted oligarchs after 1991, thanks to Vladimir Putin. No wonder the Anglos hate him, because he managed to escape from the NWO and succeeded to build an alliance with China, India, Pakistan, Brasil, Iran and perhaps Turkey, that is strong enough to withstand the Anglo lead western assault against Eurasia.

Now it is continental European payback time in the spirit of the French general Charles de Gaulle and his vision of Europe of the Fatherlands (“Paris-Berlin-Moscow”). History will return to the US like a boomerang. What the US and USSR did to Europe between 1939-1945, can Greater Europe and China do to America, using again secret diplomacy. No, we are not going to bomb every American city; after all we Europeans are not Americans. Besides, the poor black folk currently living in these cities wouldn’t know by which truck they were hit.

No, it is much smarter to let the Straussian US leadership work for European interest for a change and continue to promote mass immigration, inevitably bringing US society to a breaking point (some of the smarter Americans already understand that mass immigration no longer serves the interest of the US elite). In parallel, remove the dollar from all economic transactions in Eurasia (China, Russia and India are working on that as we speak), reducing the economic and financial leverage of Washington and increase ethnic tensions in the US. And quietly hint to China that Europe won’t defend Australia, giving China the opportunity to double its territory on the cheap, provided it will confront the US in the South China sea, just like America gave Eastern Europe to Stalin in 1945.

What Europe should wait for is the US equivalent of Slaviansk/Ukraine-2014: a European-American insurgency, we Europeans should support and reverse 1776 and as such offer a substantial part of Euro-America to live European rather than third world lives. Within a European framework or ‘culture circle’, economically, culturally and technological dominated by Paris-Berlin-Moscow. The alternative is the Gulag on American soil. Take your pick, Euro-America.


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Hybrid Solar

panel-thermoSolar thermal-electric hybrid

volther-powertherm-180wConventional thermal solar collector

In densely packed cities in overcrowded north-western Europe, space is the real scarce commodity, more than money. The consequence is that if this scarce (roof) space is used for solar energy, preference is usually given to solar panels over thermal solar collectors. In fact, when we visited the 2014 Munich Intersolar exhibition, there were hardly any producers of solar thermal collectors present.

It is premature however to write-off thermal solar completely. If sun rays hit a solar panel, ca. 15% is converted into electricity and the rest is lost in heating up the panel, which degrades performance. The idea of hybrid solar is to use the same (scarce) surface for both electricity and heat:

A solar hybrid panel has two energy outlets: one for electricity and one for hot fluid, utilizing nearly all solar energy.


[] – Photovoltaic Thermal PVT
[] – Solartherm Hybrid PV
[] – Volther Hybrid PV-T Panels
[] – Volther PowerVolt PV-T Hybrid Collector

hybrid-solar[source] Robust two-edged sword

Stella Lux

Solarteam Eindhoven, a club of students from the Technical University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands, has presented the successor of the ‘Stella’ solar car that won the Solar Challenge 2013 in Australia: the Stella Lux. In Oktober the Stella Lux will participate in the 2015 edition, 3000 km from Darwin to Adelaide. Improvements: more comfortable, more solar cells, increasing range from 750 to 1000 km (on a sunny day + fully charged batteries). A few key facts:

  • Development effort: more than 20 student year
  • Participation cost Solar Challenge 2015 Australia: 100,000 euro (donate here / premium)
  • Less aerodynamic drag due to a ‘tunnel’ under the car
  • Improved interior
  • Maximum speed: 125 kmh
  • Solar roof: 5.8 m2
  • Electrical storage capacity: 15 kWh (City Smart: 17.6 kWh)
  • Dimensions: 4,52m long, 1,75m width, 1,12m height
  • Weight: 375 kg (carbon fiber)
  • Obviously you never have to visit a petrol station ever again. An Australian pensioner wit modest income, who happens to owns a solar car, can spend the rest of his life driving if he wanted to. Since operational cost is near zero, expect congestion of solar cars to be a distinct possibility in the future.

graph_range_1The average commuting distance in countries like Holland and Germany is ca. 40 km/day. That means that almost all year round these types of cars can be utilized without extra charge from the grid. It is enough to have the car parked in an open space to get the batteries sufficiently charged for these kind of relative short trips.

Solar cars like the Stella Lux require far less maintenance than the diesel/gasoline powered standard car; electric motors can run for decades.

[] – Stella Lux, The energy positive family car
[] – Stella Lux sees the light and it’s going to surprise the world
[] – Solarmobil Stella Lux: Schnell, bequem, 100 Prozent öko
[] – Opvolger van gezinsauto op zonne-energie Stella heet Stella Lux


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Global Solar On Track With 52 GW New Installation in 2015


In the first quarter of 2015, more than 12GW of solar installations were added globally, according to EnergyTrend’s research. The forecasted 52GW annual demand is likely to be achieved, and installations in China, USA and Japan will represent up to 63% of the global installing capacity.

The UK is currently the largest market in Europe, German market is ‘saturated’, France obliges builders of new homes to provide for solar capacity.

[] – Solar Installation in the First Quarter of 2015 Exceeded 12GW, Globally


Yearly EU Wind Energy Report

Just out: the yearly EU wind energy report. Highlights:

  • Increase global wind capacity over the last 20 years: from 3 GW to 370 GW
  • European share: 130 GW
  • Leading European countries: Denmark, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Romania and Germany, generating between 10-40% electricity from wind
  • By 2020, at least 12% from EU electricity will come from wind
  • European manufactures produced 43.5% of the 52 GW new global installed capacity
  • Levelised cost of EU onshore wind in 2012: 4.5-9.7 euro cent/kWh. Offshore: 9-15 euro cent/kWh.

[full report] – 2014 JRC wind status report. pdf, 92p

[] – The technology, market and economic aspects of wind energy

Wafer-Thin Silicon Discs on Leading Edge of German R&D

The German Fraunhofer Institute continues to make progress in reducing the cost of wafer used to produce solar cells.

Roughly a third of the costs for a silicon solar module is accrued before production of the wafer even starts… Holding a wafer-thin silicon disc between his two index fingers, Schönfelder explained that it is the industry standard, roughly 180 micrometres thin. He said that his research project is about producing even thinner silicon wafers, as well as reducing the breakage rate… Fraunhofer’s DiaCell project… DiaCell refers to the name of the diamond wire saw involved in the research… Reducing costs for the entire value chain is the mission of the DiaCell research project… This sawing gap created by the wire cutting process is incredibly expensive, representing a nearly 50% material loss… another research effort is developing wafer-splitting strategies to produce zero material loss. Instead of sawing the wafer into slices, with wafer splitting, a special polymer is glued to both sides of the wafer. When in a frozen state, the special polymer layer contracts, developing a strong enough force to split the wafer into slices.

[] – Wafer-Thin Silicon Discs on Leading Edge of German R&D
[] – Highly coveted in the solar industry: wafer-thin silicon discs

Smart Hydro Power

The most visible application of hydro power are dams that artificially create large volumes of water, the potential energy of which can be converted into kinetic energy of water, descending in pipes.

The German engineering company Smart Hydro Power specializes in generating electricity from flowing, rather than from falling water, eliminating the need for dams.

[] – Smart Hydro Power Turbine
[] – Smart Hydro Power GmbH

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Denmark – 116% Electricity Demand Met by Wind

denmark-wind[source] Denmark: 75% onshore, 25% offshore
Last Thursday the wind conditions in Denmark were such that 116% of the wind energy demand could be met in the evening.


Denmark’s wind energy infrastructure wasn’t even producing (3.77GW) what it could (4.8GW). Excess electricity was exported to Germany, Sweden and Norway.

Denmark aims to generate 50% of its electricity needs by 2020, but could reach that target even earlier: installation of new capacity adds 18% per year.

Editor: other countries like Sweden, Norway and Canada have even higher rates of renewable energy production, but they achieved that with relative easy means: hydro-power thanks to mountainous terrain, where Denmark is completely flat. Denmark is one of the most successful implementer’s of renewable energy in the world.

[] – Wind power generates 140% of Denmark’s electricity demand

[] – live, minute-to-minute electricity situation in Denmark

Voices From the Hades


[] – Athen will ganz schnell neu verhandeln –> Athens wants rapid negotiations.

Editor: Europe should have no hurry at all to speak with the OXI-morons. Europe has clearly stated that a ‘no’ means a Grexit. Athens should begin printing drachma. We will send some food aid and that’s it. We advice the king size army of Greece to standby and maintain order. Or perhaps take over government in case things get out of control, as they possibly will when the lights literally go out. Expect Angela Merkel and others to become the focal point of Greek hate. Today already a German camera team was stoned, apparently a habit there in the eastern Mediterranean. Thankfulness is a quality of noble people, not of the Greeks. The more you give them, the more they hate you.

Reactions from German convatives:

Scharfe Reaktionen aus der Union: “Die EU ist kein Wünsch-dir-was-Verein, in dem die einen die Spielregeln individuell bestimmen, und die anderen das Ganze bezahlen”, twittert CDU-Vizechefin Julia Klöckner. Die CSU setzt nach: “Gute Nacht, Griechenland. Ihr geht jetzt einen ganz schweren Weg.” Generalsekretär Andreas Scheuer spricht vom “linken Erpresser und Volksbelüger” Tsipras. Beim verbalen Zündeln nehmen sich deutsche und griechische Politiker nichts.

They all denounce Greece. CSU: “good night, Greece“. General-secretary Andreas Scheuer: “these people are leftist blackmailers and deceivers of the population“. CDU-vice chef Julia Klöckner: “the EU is not a wish something for yourself society and let others pay for it“.

Hear, hear.

Editor: if we were German or Dutch tourists, intending to go to Greece later this summer, we would try to cancel the holiday, as Schaeuble, Merkel and Dijsselbloem will be blamed for what comes next. You are sure you want to take the risk of being mugged, beaten up or taken hostage?

[] – Dijsselbloem hoopt op ‘eerlijke’ Griekse politici

Jeroen Dijsselbloem wrote a letter to his own party the PvdA, explaining the events and where he calls for ‘honest Greek politicians’. We have our little suspicion that the OXI-morons Tsipras and Varoufakis don’t quite measure up to the Dijsselbloem’s standards.

[] – Een euro zonder Griekenland is voor iedereen een opsteker

Syp Wynia: a euro without Greece is better for everybody.

Nord Stream 2.0

Discussion of the recent agreement between Gazprom and major European companies (E-ON, Royal Dutch Shell and others) about the construction of a second Nord Stream pipeline between Viborg and Greifswald. If the pipeline will be constructed, the pipeline through Ukraine won’t be needed any longer to supply Western Europe.

Editor: we obviously hope that Nord Stream 2.0 will be build, but companies signing a memorandum of understanding is not enough. There are still the enemies of Europe (US satraps Juncker, Merkel and Hollande) necessary for the signature. But indeed, the realization of Nord Stream 2.0 would be of even greater geopolitical significance than that of South Stream. Germany and Russia, with France as king maker, are essential to change the entire global geopolitical picture.

Oh and than this: did you know that already Nord Stream consists of two parallel pipelines, but that only one pipeline is allowed to be used by Brussels? In fact, building two more pipelines isn’t strictly necessary; it’s just to circumvent stupid bureaucratic rules.

nordstream2Opening ceremony of Nord Stream 1.0. Everything still hunky dory, because the US still hadn’t manage to drive a Ukrainian wedge between Europe and Russia. To be honest, we don’t see the gnomes Merkel & Hollande repeating the same gesture any time soon: too weak. It will take a SPD government to replace the useles careerist CDU Atlanticists to get things moving again between Germany and Russia.

UPDATE – the video claims that Brussels cannot obstruct Nord Stream 2.0 because the new pipelines will be constructed next to the two existing ones. We hope this is true.

[] – Putin Gobsmacks Uncle Sam … Again
[] – Gazprom’s Dangerous New Nord Stream Gas Pipeline to Germany

Belgian Offshore Storage Solution

Die Energie-Insel aus der Luft.

Die Energie-Insel aus der Luft.

Vom Strand aus gesehenView from the Belgian beach

The idea is not new: build a circular dike in the sea and pump water out of it with energy from wind turbines for storage purposes if there is no actual demand for energy, like during the night. Let water flow back in again, propelling turbines to generate energy on the moment that you need it.

In 1981 the Dutch engineer Lievense presented the plan for this type of storage, but that was 1981 (when we heard him present his plans at our university) and now is 2015, where the energy problem has become acute. Decision for a go ahead: this summer.

Key data:

Discharge capacity: 500 MW for four hours
Max. difference water levels: 30 meter

In Europe, the on-land hydro storage capacity has been largely exhausted. Exception: Norway and Iceland.

[] – Belgien plant “iLand” in der Nordsee
[] – Wo unser Strom in Zukunft herkommen wird
[] – Grid energy storage

plan-lievense[source] Original Plan Lievense

lievenseLuc Lievense

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Spectacular Short Payback Times Australian Solar Installations


[] – Payback Predictions For Solar + Storage In Australia

Samsung Doubles Battery Capacity


More substantial progress from the storage front. Samsung has achieved a whopping 1 kWh/kg. This is extremely good news for e-vehicle proponents (cars, bikes), who can double vehicle range without any added weight. We care more about 24 hour home storage cycles in combination with solar panels.

Innovation: new technology that enables Samsung to coat silicon battery cathodes with high crystal graphene. The bad news: no substantial cost reduction yet.

[] – Samsung Almost Doubles Li-Ion Battery Capacity

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