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Fort McPherson, Canada, Permafrost & Climate Change

A team of the Dutch national news NOS traveled to the northern tip of Canada (68 degrees Northern latitude), that is Fort McPherson, to report about the visible effects of climate change. Note that both men are dressed in shirts (18-20 degrees Celsius), the environment is surprisingly green and there is no snow or ice and instead lots of mosquitoes. In the old days winter temperatures of minus 30-40C were normal, nowadays minus 20C is the new normal.

[] – Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories

Fort McPherson, Northern Territories, Canada

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Europe Leading the Way in Reducing Greenhouse Gases

Between 1990 and 2014 Europe reduced emissions of greenhouse gases with 23%, yet at the same time increased its real term GDP with 46%.


How to Green the World’s Deserts and Reverse Climate Change | Allan Savory

Youtube text: “”Desertification is a fancy word for land that is turning to desert,” begins Allan Savory in this quietly powerful talk. And terrifyingly, it’s happening to about two-thirds of the world’s grasslands, accelerating climate change and causing traditional grazing societies to descend into social chaos. Savory has devoted his life to stopping it. He now believes — and his work so far shows — that a surprising factor can protect grasslands and even reclaim degraded land that was once desert.

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[deepresource] – Land Life Company – Desert Reforestation With a Cocoon

Big Money Wants G20 to Adhere to Paris Accords


Money talks. Coinciding with the current G20 Summit, which is not a coincidence, nearly 400 global investors, worth a combined $22 trillion, have urged G20 leaders in an open letter to stick to the Paris Climate Accords and implement it swiftly.

[] – Nearly 400 global investors urge G20 to stand by Paris Agreement
[] – Letter From Global Investors to Governments of the G20 Nations

‘Finger in the Dike’ Latest – Holland Struggles With Rising Sea Levels

“The beauty of waterland”. Drone pictures of Uitdam, 12 km north of Amsterdam. Note at [1:32] that the water level on the right side of the dike is higher than the houses on the left side of the dike.

Sigh of relief in Uitdam, the Netherlands. A commission has deemed it unnecessary to tear down the old picturesque dike in order to replace it with something more solid.

Yet, the entire dike between Hoorn and Durgerdam, protecting 1.2 million citizens, has been rejected from a safety point of view and will need to be reinforced. The people of Uitdam have demanded that this will not come at the cost of the village scenery. Price tag: twice as high as in the earlier plans. To be continued.

[Google Maps] – Uitdam
[] – De Markermeerdijk bij Uitdam hoeft niet te worden verplaatst.

[source] Hansje Brinker’s children’s tale


[] – Hans Brinker, or The Silver Skates

Prof. Olaf Schuiling has a Solution for the CO2 Problem

2009 Shell subsidized olivine test in Brennels/Flevoland [Google Maps]

Olaf Schuiling (1932) is an emeritus professor in geosciences at the university of Utrecht in the Netherlands. He has a background in petro-science and geology and has spent some time at Princeton as a NATO research fellow. Between 1972-1997 he was professor in geochemistry and experimental petrology in Utrecht.

Prof. Olaf Schuiling’s main claim to fame is that he believes that he has the solution for global warming, caused by increasing concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere, due to burning of fossil fuel: olivine:

This month, Schuiling has published his new book Olivijn, de steen der wijzen (Olivine, the stone of wisdom). Schuiling especially targets the idea of sequestring CO2 in the earth. Olivine will provide the solution for a fraction of the cost. One kilo olivine can bind 1.25 kilo CO2.

Schuiling wants to use the abundantly present mineral olivine (Mg2SiO4/Fe2SiO4) to reabsorb CO2 from the atmosphere. The idea is to grind olivine and let it react with water and CO2 from the atmosphere. The resulting bicarbonate dissolved in water will flow to the sea, where it will settle out as limestone and coral.

Schuiling proposes to pulverize an olivine mountain of 7 km3/year and spread the powder over land and beaches. When the olivine has done its work it can be plowed under and as such enhance the fertility of poor soil. Huge olivine reserves exist in China, India en Brasil. Cost 10-15 euro per ton olivine. Sequestering CO2 like was proposed and cancelled in the Netherlands in contrast costs 70-100 euro/ton CO2.

Olivine is relatively equally distributed over the earth’s crust, so there is no need for large transportation effort. All it takes is deposit a layer of 3.5 mm olivine powder on an area of 2 million km2, that’s four times France, every year, to neutralize that year’s global CO2 emissions.

Schuiling is participating in the Al Gore/Richard Branson VirginEarth Challenge, a contest for offering a solution to CO2-sourced climate change and has made it to the final 11:

[] – Virgin Earth Challenge: How Goes It?

Evaluation: what is lacking is an evaluation of the energy cost to mine, grind and disperse olivine. As far as we are concerned it seems to make more sense to get away from using fossil fuel poison first, as proposed for instance by the European Union renewable energy policy. It doesn’t make sense to ‘mop with the tap wide open’, so to speak. As a measure of last resort this kind of megalomaniac-sounding scheme could be considered to reduce atmospheric CO2 levels after the transition has been accomplished.

At [4:18] Richard Branson

[] – Olivine
[] – Olaf Schuiling
[] – Smart Stones
[] – Let the Earth save the Earth
[] – Groot plan voor de planeet
[] – Een paar km3 olivijn om het klimaat in de hand te houden
[] – Emeritus hoogleraar gelooft nog steeds in olivijn, een steen die CO2 slurpt
[] – Olivijn, de steen der wijzen

Climate Activists Block Coal Transhipment in Amsterdam Harbor

A group of climate activists named “Code Rood” (“Code Red”) has infiltrated the grounds of the OBA company in Amsterdam to protest the unrestricted use of coal. Amsterdam is the world’s largest petrol and Europe’s second coal harbor. “Code Rood” justified its actions by pointing at a judicial decision of two years ago stating the government is responsible of protecting its citizens against climate change (“Urgenda case”).

According to “Code Rood” nothing has happened since.

The Urgenda Foundation pushes for The Netherlands fossil free as early as 2030, not the EU goal of 2050.

[] – Urgenda Foundation
[deepresource] – Netherlands Sustainable by 2030
[] – Klimaatactivisten leggen kolenoverslag in Amsterdamse haven stil

[] – OBA Bulk Terminal Amsterdam
[Google Maps] – OBA Bulk Terminal Amsterdam

Americans Are Back in Love With SUVs and Pickups

[source] Dieselgate – cartoon with US pickup-truck driver telling a German motorist: “You should be ashamed of yourselves”

The manipulated CO2-emissions by Volkswagen-engineers was a fraud and should be prosecuted. It is just… well… are Americans really the ones to cast the first stone? Annual carbon dioxide emissions [tonnes] per capita:

USA 18
Saudi-Arabia 17
Russia 12
Japan 9
Germany 9
UK 8
Italy 7
China 6
France 6
Nigeria 0

[] – List of countries by carbon dioxide emissions per capita

Bloomberg reports that now the US economy is picking up steam again, the Americans are returning to their SUVs, pickup-trucks and vans. The US abandoning the Paris accords also sends the wrong signal. The US remains the only great power not to have an official renewable energy policy/vision, although a lot of state level initiatives do occur. If for instance Texas were a country, it would be the fourth wind power in the world. Many leftists like to blame president Trump for this, ignoring that a Clinton administration and deep state darling would not have made a jota difference, but instead would have ensured the US would be at war with Russia by now. In this respect the Trump administration is the lesser evil.

Volkswagen was forced to settle with US justice at the astronomical amount of $14.7 billion for a fleet of 500,000 cars involved. This amounts to the insane sum of $30,000 per car. This has nothing to do with justice but everything with US industrial cannibalism. A criminal act exercised by a predator country that itself couldn’t care less about the environment.

Despite the settlement, the US justice department has announced that it has issued arrest warrants against VW managers. They don’t know when to stop, now do they?

[] – Americans Are Back in Love With SUVs and Pickups

[] – eport: US issues arrest warrants for former VW executives
[] – Interpol Seeks Five Ex-VW Managers Over Emissions Fraud
[] – Warum die USA fünf VW-Manager fassen wollen
[] – USA schreiben VW-Manager weltweit zur Fahndung aus
[] – USA fahnden weltweit nach VW-Mitarbeitern

Macron – Make Our Planet Great Again

US Withdraws from Paris Agreement on Climate Change

US president Trump has announced yesterday that he will withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate agreement. European leaders immediately condemned the move and excluded the possibility of renegotiation.

[] – Paris Agreement
[] – Paris kann nicht neu verhandelt werden

Share CO2 emissions:

Country Global % CO2 Population in million
China 29.5 1350
USA 14.3 330
EU 9.6 500
India 6.8 1500
Russia 4.9 150


Interesting to note how comparatively little energy the EU needs to generate a GDP comparable to that of the US and China and generate the following external exports (not counting inner trade):

Entity Export in trillion $
EU 2.7
China 2.0
USA 1.5


Entity GDP (nominal) trillion $ (UN)
USA 18.0
EU 16.8
China 11.2


Entity GDP (PPP) in trillion $ (CIA)
China 21.3
EU 19.2
USA 18.6


The decision by Trump to cling on to fossil technologies, gives Europe the excellent opportunity to get a decisive head start over the US in all matters of energy production of the 21st century, with large geopolitical repercussions.

[source] CO2 emissions for three years flat now.

There Are Also Advantages to Climate Change

[source] Northern Quebec

A new study suggests the world’s plants capture an extra 28 billion tons of carbon each year.

[] – Antarctic Ice Reveals Earth’s Accelerating Plant Growth

Last year, all the world’s nations combined pumped nearly 38.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the air from the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and oil, according to new international calculations on global emissions published Sunday in the journal Nature Climate Change.

So, although the net effect is 10 billion CO2 extra in the atmosphere every year, most CO2 is absorbed in new vegetation, resulting in a much greener planet. If the average temperature increase can be confined to 1-2 degrees Celcius, resulting in considerable reduced fossil fuel consumption for space heating, the discussion can now start if perhaps the advantages offset the disadvantages.

May the best argument win.

[] – Carbon dioxide emissions rise to 2.4 million pounds per second

Matt Ridley on Global Warming vs Global Greening

Matt Ridley lecture for the Royal Society of London. Topic “Global Lukewarming”. Ridley admits btw that he has financial interests in coal. Ridley admits that global warming is a fact but challenges that catastrophic significance of the phenomenon. Claims that simulation models exaggerate global warming and that there was merely 0.5 degree Celsius global warming in half a century and that real catastrophic climate change is at least a century from now.

Interesting is the remark that the correlation between the level of CO2 and corresponding global warming is of a logarithmic nature and per definition can’t cause severe global warming and that in order for 1 degree Celsius increase to materialize, you need a doubling of the CO2 level, implying that the worst temperature increase is already behind us.

Ridley begins his talk by remarking that there is a huge advantage to increased CO2 levels, namely the greening of the earth as extra CO2 functions as a fertilizer.

Ridley does acknowledge that real environmental problems do exist: over-fishing, ocean acidification, hunting, deforestation.

[] – Carbon Dioxide Fertilization Greening Earth, Study Finds

North Pole: 0 Degree Celcius


It is winter at he North Pole and dark 24/24. Yet the temperature is 0 degree Celcius, more than 30 degrees higher than normal.

[] – Sturm “Frank”: Bojen am Nordpol melden extremen Wärmeschub

Warmest December Ever in the Netherlands

ANP-Amsterdam-warm-december-weerrecord-_0Amsterdam, Rokin, this week: lunch outside on a terrace. As we type these lines, outside 16 degrees Celcius (61 Fahrenheit), one week before Christmas. Jokes about people with winter tires and those who planned a skying vacation. An exceptional large number of people suffer from hay fever due to the pollen in the air.


[] – Weerrecords sneuvelen: warmste 17 december ooit

Netherlands – Warmest November Ever


Warmest November 7 ever: 19 degrees Celsius (66 F). People are mowing their lawn, butterflies in abundance.

[] – Opnieuw weerrecord gebroken: het was warm vandaag
[] – Deutschland: Längste November-Warmphase seit Beginn der Messungen

Global Warming in the Netherlands – NOT

max-temp-nl[] The maximum temperatures during 1988-2015 were indeed higher than 1952-1988, but not higher than 1910-1948.

We don’t have strong opinions about climate change / global warming, neither for nor against. We simply haven’t paid enough time to study the subject to form an opinion. But in the case of tiny Holland we are not yet convinced that global warming is real.

Arctic Methane Emergency

Published March 22, 2015

Global warming is causing CO2 levels to hit 400 ppm, a level humans have never seen. Droughts are spreading and Miami is reporting that the ocean is backing up in the drains.

With all of the global warming a new threat has emerged, the release of methane gas, trapped in methane hydrates on ocean floors. It’s release is often referred to as the ‘methane bomb’.

The last time a ‘methane bomb’ went off on earth, 80% of life on earth vanished (about 250 million years ago).

There are only two ways to curtail such an event that I know of:

1. Plant trees, a lot of trees, especially in the melting permafrost.

2. A not so nice scenario: nuke a volcano which would spread dust in the upper atmosphere, thereby cooling off the earth enough to halt the release of methane hydrates. it is inherently dangerous to do so though. It could cause an ice age, the alternative is, of course, to fry.

Nasa Climate Study Warns of Unprecedented North American Drought

[] – Nasa climate study warns of unprecedented North American drought

European Oil Majors Favor Carbon Tax


Quite a breakthrough:

For large companies such as Shell, BP and Statoil to join forces and unequivocally state, as they now have, that a price on carbon should be a “key element” of climate policy frameworks is a refreshing boost to pre-Paris United Nations climate talks.

Editor: we are in favor of a carbon tax. This increases the price of fossil fuel and gives a competitive boost to wind and solar methods of energy generation, that are the future anyway. There is no need to wait with massive introduction of solar and wind until the last fossil fuel has been burned. Leave fossil before fossil leaves us.

[] – The good, the bad and the ugly when oil giants shift to natural gas

Polar Bear Eats Dolphin (Climate Refugee?)


Observed and recorded for the first time in history.

Location: Svalbard, Barentszee

[] – IJsbeer eet dolfijn: schuld van klimaatverandering

europe-svalbardSvalbard (green)

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