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The Ukraine to Become EU’s Hydrogen valley

There is a fascinating solution in the works for the simmering controversial pipeline project North Stream 2. Poland is against it, as it historically dislikes any form of cooperation between its two mighty neighbors Germany and Russia. The Ukraine is also against NS2, but for different reasons, because it fears to lose out on a lot of transfer fees for transporting Russian fossil fuel to Europe over its soil via huge pipelines:

Yours faithfully once stood personally under such an impressive pipeline near Poltava.

Nevertheless, a way out of this dilemma is offering itself on a silver platter: how about using the existing pipeline, connecting the Ukraine and the EU for transport of hydrogen, produced on Ukrainian soil and territorial Black Sea waters?

Nine western European countries, among them Italy, Spain and the UK, are cooperating in a scheme to set up a pan-European dedicated transport infrastructure, called the European Hydrogen Backbone. The Ukraine would love to join and become a major European hydrogen province and upgrade the existing fossil fuel pipeline infrastructure, that could be obsolete soon due to NS2 coming online, to be able to carry hydrogen and transport it into the European Hydrogen Backbone.

To be continued.

[] – Ukraine Hydrogen Valley
[] – Ukraine ready for pipeline switch to fuel Europe’s hydrogen drive
[] – Gas infrastructure companies present European Hydrogen Backbone

European Hydrogen Backbone (Gasunie)

HBO Chernobyl

Donald Sadoway

[] – Donald Sadoway

He is a noted expert on batteries and has done significant research on how to improve the performance and longevity of portable power sources. In parallel, he is an expert on the extraction of metals from their ores and the inventor of molten oxide electrolysis, which has the potential to produce crude steel without the use of carbon reductant thereby totally eliminating greenhouse gas emissions… As a researcher, Sadoway has focused on environmental ways to extract metals from their ores, as well as producing more efficient batteries. His research has often been driven by the desire to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while improving quality and lowering costs. He is the co-inventor of a solid polymer electrolyte. This material, used in his “sLimcell” has the capability of allowing batteries to offer twice as much power per kilogram as is possible in current lithium ion batteries…. In August 2006, a team that he led demonstrated the feasibility of extracting iron from its ore through molten oxide electrolysis. When powered exclusively by renewable electricity, this technique has the potential to eliminate the carbon dioxide emissions that are generated through traditional methods… In 2009, Sadoway disclosed the liquid metal battery comprising liquid layers of magnesium and antimony separated by a layer of molten salt[8] that could be used for stationary energy storage. Research on this concept was being funded by ARPA-E and the French energy company Total S.A. Experimental data showed a 69% DC-to-DC storage efficiency with good storage capacity and relatively low leakage current (self discharge). In 2010, with funding from Bill Gates and Total S.A., Sadoway and two others, David Bradwell and Luis Ortiz, co-founded a company called the Liquid Metal Battery Corporation (now Ambri) in order to scale up and commercialize the technology.

Read more…

790 GW Renewable Energy Potential SE-Europe


The report underscores that SEE possesses vast technical renewable energy potential – equal to some 740 GW.” This renewable energy potential is dominated by wind and solar. “The region’s wind energy (532 GW) and solar PV (120 GW) potential is largely untapped, and 127 GW of this overall renewable energy potential could be implemented in a cost-competitive way today.”

[] – Cost-competitive renewable power generation: Potential across South East Europe (pdf 124p)
[] – 790 Gigawatts of Cost-Cutting Renewable Energy Potential in South East Europe

Ukraine Shut Off From Gas

Max. temperatures Ukraine, November 25, 2015: 3 degrees Celcius = 37 degrees Fahrenheit

Russia has decided to halt gas deliveries to Ukraine. Reason: Ukraine is too far behind with its payments. But the recent sabotage of electricity cables into Crimea could also play a role.

Poor Ukrainians. In their cold homes they now have a lot of time to contemplate if that Euro-Maidan circus was really worth it. Russia has gas, Europe doesn’t. And Nuland-USA is only interested in Ukraine in as much it can be used to generate conflict with Russia, just like Poland in 1939 was used by the US to generate conflict with Germany. Perhaps you Ukrainians can keep yourselves warm by waving the EU-flag in your freezing living room.

Alternatively you could of course make a U-turn and kick Porky out of office and make up with Russia again. You can still associate with Europe, Mother Russia won’t mind, as long as NATO is kept out. Oh and Crimea is gone for ever.

ukrainian-gas-reservesUkrainian gas reserves, slightly less than 400 m3/capita

[] – Gazprom: Russland stoppt Gasversorgung der Ukraine
[] – Russia Halts Natural Gas Supplies to Ukraine as Payments End

More on Turk Stream


The announcement by Vladimir Putin to cancel the construction of South-Stream has sent shock waves across the internet commentariat.

[] – Neue Konzernstrategie: Gazprom wendet sich von Europa ab
Gazprom chairman Miller has said that no new pipelines to Europe will be built and that Europe needs to arrange itself with Turkey. Gazprom has abandoned its old business model of concentrating on supplying to end consumers on the European market. From now on Europeans should take responsibility for their own pipelines. Miller accuses the EU commission for this change of course and openly admits that Turkey can use its future control of gas flows to Europe for ‘geopolitical power poker’. Miller clearly wants to rub it in. Miller confirms that the aim of the new pipeline to Turkey will be to completely sideline the Ukraine as transit country. Biggest loser will be Bulgaria. As a consequence of obeying the demands of John McCain, Bulgaria looses 6000 jobs, access to gas and transit fees, that will all go to Turkey. In the end all transit through Ukraine is planned to stop, meaning that the smaller pipeline through Ukraine and Romania to Bulgaria will cease to transport gas as well (see map above). It is obvious that this farce did not do much good for EU prestige in Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Croatia and Serbia, to put it mildly.

Editor: usually Russians don’t bluff and stick to their words, unlike the Europeans, who have been enjoying relatively easy prosperity for too long. It is unlikely that the decision not to built South Stream is going to be reversed any time soon and perhaps even never.

[] – Westliche South-Stream-Partner überrumpelt vom Projekt-Stopp
Clear signs that the European partners of Russia, involved in the construction of South Stream, were taken by surprise by the Russian decision to no longer let itself be humiliated by Brussels. Nobody was consulted in advance. Not the German company Wintershall, who stated that it was confused about the behavior of the EU commission and that it was unable to discern a clear course of the commission, nor the Dutch offshore company Allseas, that was to construct the pipeline.

Editor: it is not difficult to discern the true course of the EU commission: Washington said no to the pipeline and that what is it, end of story. The corrupt cretins from Brussels do not represent the best interests of the European public but those of Washington and Wallstreet only. It is time for that to stop, to face the true enemy of Europe and deal them a blow at the right moment.


[] – William Engdahl, Putin Pipeline Moves and EU stupidity
Engdahl summarizes Putin’s attitude: he wanted to construct the pipeline, the EU refused, so the pipeline is not going to be built. Engdahl states the obvious, namely that the EU is the loser and not Russia and that Washington is the real culprit, combined with Europe’s cowardliness.

Editor: Europe’s true feelings became quickly apparent when within a few days time Juncker, Hollande and now Gabriel all espressed their wish that the pipeline should be build. They implicitly admitted that they had overplayed their hand. Too late. All the pipelines through Ukraine are going to be phased out, leaving all of South-Eastern Europe at the mercy of Russia and Turkey.

The West snatched Ukraine from the sphere of influence of Russia (for as long as it lasts) but Russia snatched Turkey from the sphere of influence of the West by this genial pipeline move. It won’t be long until it will become clear even to Brussels who gained and who lost. Ukraine is a useless corrupt economic black hole. Turkey in contrast is the coming power in the Middle East and will soon expand its tentacles over Saudi-Arabia and the rest of the Arabian oil provinces, thanks to ISIS. It is likely that Turkey will gradually gravitate towards the East and sooner or later become member of SCO. That would mean that Europe will be completely dependent for its fossil fuel on and consequently at the mercy of the SCO-alliance, thanks to the satanic Americans and their world domination schemes, who pushed us Europeans into a useless Ukraine adventure at the cost of a catastrophic deterioration of our geo-strategic position.

There is only one way out of this mess and that is to for France and Germany to break with Washington and become member of SCO and tell the Americans to leave Europe.



Terrible lack of grandeur and charisma. Juncker, Merkel and Hollande failed to lead Europe into independence from the US

Postcards From Pripyat, Chernobyl

Drone pictures of the abandoned city of Pripjat, near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.


William Engdahl On the Recent Gas Deal

Paul Craig Roberts on Russian-Ukraine Gas Deal

PCR sees Russia as a loser of the deal, because Russia is not guaranteed to be paid, so it can be forced to cut gas deliveries to Ukraine in the middle of the winter, making it vulnerable to anti-Russian western propaganda and demonization.

Russian-Ukrainian Gas Compromise

Guenther Oettinger, Alexander Novak, Yuriy Prodan

It was the last deed of Günther Oettinger as EU energy commissioner, when he mediated an agreement between Russia and Ukraine concerning Russian gas deliveries to Ukraine during the coming winter. Deal details:

  • Price $378 until 31.12.2014 and $365 afterwards
  • Debt servicing: $1,45B before the end of next week and $1.64B before the end of this year. Gazprom chef Miller had demanded $5B.

Russia had insisted that the EU would guarantee Ukrainian payments after the association agreement between the EU and Ukraine. After all, according to Putin: “in Russia it is customary for the gentleman to pay for the diner when he invites a lady to a restaurant”.

As a result, Russian energy deliveries to the EU seem to be ensured for the coming winter, as there is no need for Ukraine to illegally tap from the transit-pipelines to keep its citizens from freezing. There is some hope that the agreement could contribute to a general atmosphere of detente between the EU and Russia. The agreement is very good for Ukraine and good for the EU and Russia and bad for the US, whose interest it is to keep the EU and Russia as divided as possible.


EU Offers to Guarantee Gas Deliveries to Ukraine


Earlier this week, Russia and Ukraine agreed on the price ($385/1000m3) of Russian gas deliveries for the coming winter. That’s settled then. Oh wait, Ukraine has no money. No worries, there is still the EU, we mean, the European tax payer. EU Energy Commissioner Gunther Oettinger suggested that if the Ukrainian gas company Naftogaz could not pay for the gas, the EU could buy the gas and resell it to Ukraine, obviously against soft conditions. Another suggestion could be that Russia will subtract the price of gas deliveries to Ukraine from the transfer fees it is paying to Ukraine for the right to transfer gas to Europe, through Ukraine. Europe is Russia’s most important source of income. Gazprom is lukewarm about the idea of the EU playing the cavalier, probably because in this way, Russia is loosing political leverage over Ukraine. Therefor Gazprom points at existing contracts that supposedly forbid reselling practices.

Next week a final agreement is expected between all parties involved.

[] – Ukraine’s multi-billion dollar gas debt: Who pays?

Russian-Ukrainian Gas Deal

Ukraine pipeline[source]

Ukrainian president Poroshenko has confirmed that natural gas supply from Russia has been secured for the coming winter, after an agreement was reached over the price: $385/1000m3. On top of that Ukraine will repay a part of its outstanding gas debts.


Editor: it means that Ukraine has caved in 100% to Russian demands. The alternative would have been Ukrainians freezing in their homes. Ukraine could have had gas for $269, as negotiated under ousted president Yanokovich, but after EuroMaidan and the CIA-sponsored coup, Ukraine went west. Well then, don’t expect a discount.

It Could be a Cold Winter in Europe


Milan came, Milan went. Despite declarations from politicians about agreement over ‘parameters’, there is no real solution for the gas crisis in Ukraine. Meanwhile in Moscow, the first snow has fallen. Perhaps in a week or so, Ukraine will follow.

A summary of the state of affairs: the Russians since June insist on a gas price of $485/1000 m3, but offer a discount of $100, provided the Ukraine first pays the outstanding gas bills. And from now on, considering the behavior of the Ukrainians in the past, the Russians will only deliver new gas on a pre-paid basis. The Ukrainians reject this and demand that the “just price” should be $269 (past and present), as negotiated by ousted president Yanukovitch in December. But that price was from a time when Ukraine was still in Russian orbit and Russia’s friend. Currently it is a western colony and now market prices prevail. Under pressure from the Europeans, they offered to pay the outstanding debt on a temporary $320 basis, until a final agreement would have been reached. The Ukrainians however insist that this kind of money paid would be for gas delivered, not payments on outstanding debt. The Russians declined and went home.

So what’s next? Temperatures will fall and Ukraine is going to suffer. Not difficult to predict what the Ukrainian government will do next: illegally tap, just like they did in 2009, forcing the Russians to shut of deliveries, intended for Europe, but passing through Ukraine. And since the Eurofools, on orders of Washington, halted the construction of South-Stream, (after all, we don’t want to be too dependent on Russia, now don’t we?) as a result, Europe is now dependent on Ukraine.

Guess what’s going to happen next? Europe is forced to foot the Ukrainian bill, that’s what’s going to happen. And isn’t that fair? After all, the pathetic eurofools who did show up on Euro-Maidan…

Brussels conquers Maidan. In the insane asylum, everybody thinks he is a Napoleon.

… as water-carriers for the US global empire, did they not proclaim that they would show solidarity with the protesters? Well then, pay, you suckers, at the expense of the European tax payers. What the eurofools achieved was, that instead of adding another huge territory (larger than France) to their EU empire on the cheap, they imported a total economic basket case, with a population, four times that of Greece, in far worse economic condition, but with huge expectations. Good luck with that. And on top of that they ruined relations with Russia. The satanic DC mafia can’t stop laughing. We don’t like to say it, but it remains to be seen if the EU construct can survive the errors made in the recent past.

[] – Deadlock and Gas Talks in Milan

Syria, Ukraine & Natural Gas


Pepe Escobar explains the origin of the conflict in Syria from a competition between Qatar and Iran about who could build a pipeline for European markets, sourced from the largest gasfield in the world, Pars, partitioned between Qatar and Iran. Syria had preference for a pipeline Iran-Iraq-Syria-Mediterranean, so Iran could sell gas from Iran, where Qatar insisted on a pipeline Qatar-Syria-Turkey, so Qatar could sell gas from Qatar. Obviously, Turkey and Iran’s arch-enemy Washington backed Qatar. If Syria had its way, the EU could be provided with gas for 45% from Russia & Iran, which meant tight European integration into Eurasia, which was unacceptable for the strategists in Washington. So the plan was to overthrow Assad and install a moderate Muslim Brotherhood sort of regime, which would have enabled the Qatar-Turkey ‘Sunny’ pipeline. As things stand now however, neither of both pipelines are going to be build any time soon.


Escobar is much less convincing when he suggests that the Ukrainian fracking potential was the determining factor in the conflict. He even suggests that ethnic cleansing is the undeclared goal, so fracking can commence unhindered. It is unlikely that Europe would support regime change in Ukraine to get fracking started and at the same time jeopardize the far greater volumes of fossil fuel from Russia than Ukraine can ever hope to offer. Realistically, the regime change was prepared years in advance, long before the fracking craze began in the US. In truth it was all about weakening Russia by stealing an ancient satellite from Moscow and mostly initiated by Washington. The EU empire builders were indeed also eyeing Ukraine and were willing to exploit the Maidan demonstrations for a rapprochement Brussels-Kiev, if it could be achieved ‘on the cheap’, without antagonizing Russia too much. But as things stand now, particularly Germany has second thoughts and would like to dump the Ukrainian project altogether.


Yats Wants Gas From Russia


“Ukraine needs to purchase additional five billion cubic meters of gas from Russia for the forthcoming winter season“, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said Friday.

Can Ukraine now survive without Russian gas? No, it can’t. How much Russian gas do we need to buy? About 5 billion cubic meters,” he said in an interview with Ukrainian TV channels.

He said that three-party gas talks, involving Ukraine, Russia and the European Union, are scheduled to take place next month.

I hope there will be some final stage to these talks,” he said.

He added that Kiev had reserved $3.1 billion for gas purchases in the National Bank of Ukraine.

On June 16, Russian gas giant Gazprom introduced a prepayment system for gas deliveries to Ukraine amid a dispute with Kiev over its $4.5 billion gas debt. The European Commission and Gazprom anticipate problems in winter, when Kiev is likely to run out of its own gas reserves. …

[] – Kiev Says Ukraine Needs 5 Bln Cubic Meters of Russian Gas for Winter

Editor: we predict that a possible delivery of the desired amount of gas will come with an additional non-financial price tag, if the gas will be delivered at all. We also predict that Russia will deliver fuel to Donbass at fire sale prices, giving the rest of the Ukraine something to think about. Like: “what again is the value of being a member of the western sphere of influence if we are freezing in our homes?

Ukraine Wants to Block Oil & Gas Transit to Europe

We could not begin to describe our luck when we learned that Ukrainian coup-plotter and sock puppet of the US State Department, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, has threatened that he could block oil & gas transit to Europe. Go for it, Yats! If you do it, president Putin does not need to do it, so your miserable country will get the full blame for the economic disaster that would result of it for (notably Eastern) Europe. Obviously Yatsenyuk has said this as a mouthpiece for Washington, that would love to see Russia deprived of a large chunk of its income and to see (Eastern) European industry crippled. Currently, Europe gets 30% of its gas from Russia, with 50% via Ukraine. But this amount of gas is very unevenly distributed over European countries and Eastern European countries would be hardest hit, see map above for details. Bulgaria already sees the writing on the wall and decided to ignore the Washington/Brussels ukase and gave the green light to South-Stream anyway. Talking about ignoring US proxy EU, that’s always a good idea. The EU had its chance and blew it on the very moment it started to support the US instigated Maidan coup, aimed at hurting both Europe and Russia.

Spineless European dummies playing Maidan revolutionaries in the hope to add basket-case Ukraine to their EU empire and ruining relations with Russia in the process. Europe has no credible leadership..

The EU has betrayed Europe and refused or was unable to provide real leadership and preferred to hide behind Washington’s back and outsourced the guardianship of Europe’s best interests to that party that could not care less about European best interests (“Fuck the EU”). So now Europe gets what it deserves. It has smashed the windows of the only reliable gas station Europe had: Russia. So don’t be surprised if the owner of the gas station has second thoughts about delivering fuel to the window smashers.

The European president, is this beta male cute or what? Pull the cord and it will start to shine.

Russia does not need to sell fuel to Europe, regardless of how much the Europeans like think that Russia has no options but to sell to Europe. The world is running out of fossil fuel fast and is unprepared for the dire consequences, so Russia will always be able to sell its fuel to the highest bidder. Every barrel of oil that Russia does not sell now, it can sell in the future against a higher price. And now that Jihadis are paving the way for the coming Caliphate, supply of fossil fuel from the Middle East to Europe gets more uncertain with every passing day. This is a good time for Russia to bridge the coming inevitable economic downturn, for both Europe and Russia, and dump a large part of its excess dollar reserves, while it still has value, to those dummies who have yet to understand that the days of the dollar are numbered. The West has no military options either. Even if the West were able to mobilize an army and invade the Ukraine, a big if, this army would be nuked with tactical weapons the very moment it would dare to cross the Russian border. But the European population can’t be mobilized for a war against Russia over the Ukraine. And besides, Europe hardly has an army worth speaking of, a state of affairs that urgently needs to change after the West has been liquidated and that moment is not far off.

But again, if Ukraine wants to do Russia the favor of halting fuel transits over its territory, please go ahead and deprive European ‘leaders’ of the opportunity to blame Russia and instead has a difficult new job of having to explain to the European population why Ukraine is so important as an ally, to the tune that Europe will sit in the dark and the industry will be in a state of depression because of lack of fuel from Russia. Then the value of being a member of the West will become plain to see for all: namely zero.

EU-Russian trade effectively destroyed by Washington’s adventurism in Ukraine. Who is the enemy again?



McCain Visits Bulgaria

US war mongering government to EU: “shoot yourself in the foot“. And the EU spineless satrap bureaucrats obey orders and shoot themselves in the foot. Brussels ordered Bulgaria to immediately halt work on the South-Stream pipeline, an obvious hit against Russia on orders of Washington, that is determined to start a war, cold or hot, with Russia on European soil.


Bulgaria btw is for the full 100% dependent on Russia for natural gas deliveries. The BBC schmucks noted: “Bulgaria has previously said it is being targeted by Brussels as a means of retaliating against Russia over the situation in Ukraine”.


At least they got that right. So Bulgaria, why listen to Brussels and commit economic suicide? Here an overview of European fossil fuel dependency on Russia:


Meanwhile, another spineless US satrap wannabee, the candy bar prez of the Ukraine, Poroshenko, has announced his maximalist positions regarding Novorossia, no doubt on orders of Washington, to create as much blood shed among Russophiles in south-eastern Ukraine to force Putin to intervene in the Ukraine:

Very good source for day-to-day intepretation of events in the Ukraine:

This is precisely the scheme with which Germany was suckered into WW2, when the allies secretly gave the Poles cart-blanche to go after the Germans forced to live in Versailles-Poland. In reality it was the refugee-crisis that prompted the German invasion (read for instance: 1939 – The War That Had Many Fathers, by Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof), an interpretation of events that Russia reluctantly seems to be willing to support. War is much closer than many people realize in the west. At least another cold war, but possibly even worse than that. War would mean that Europe will be cut off from Russian fossil fuel, with devastating effect for eastern Europe, but also for Germany. Again, it is time for us Europeans to break up the west and turn to Russia and send the Americans packing. The US are a dying empire. According to Paul Craig Roberts, a member of the former Reagan administration, the US will be a third world country by 2023.

But unfortunately it looks like that the US war machine doesn’t want to die peacefully like the USSR did in 1991.

Average IQ-map of the world, clearly indicating a shift towards Eurasia.


America destroyed itself through mass-immigration from the third world. The days that America could put a man on the moon are long gone. Europe is clearly member of the wrong club. After the death of the Rothschildt-Goldman-Sachs empire (Anglosphere), initiated by the dumping of the dollar by the BRICS and the rest of the world, the world will become multi-polar, with Greater Europe (Paris-Berlin-Moscow) and China the leading political entities. China will retake Taiwan and possibly Australia and double its territory and solve its overpopulation problem. And Greater Europe of 700 million will protect European enclaves of 200 million in the balkanized north-America of the future.



[] – Bulgaria halts Russia’s South Stream gas pipeline project
[] – No changes to South Stream gas pipeline– Serbian Prime Minister

The Crimean Fossil Dowry

Two Pentagon insiders make the case that the West screwed-up majestically with their sponsored Maidan-coup. The coup triggered the Crimeans to seek refuge in the Russian Federation. Under-reported so far is that they potentially took a considerable gift with them:


By absorbing the Crimea, Russia automatically gained control over a much larger area of the Black Sea for oil and gas exploration and exploitation, all at the expense of the Ukraine.

[] – Crimea: an EU-US-Exxon Screwup
[] – In Taking Crimea, Putin Gains a Sea of Fuel Reserves

Russia-China Gas Deal

Gas deal: $456 billion for 38 billion m3 over the next 30 years, starting in 2018. Price: 35-40 cent/m3. The US can be proud of itself. Through its clever maneuvering in the Ukraine, it has driven a wedge between Europe and Russia over the Crimean non-issue, leaving Russia little choice to prepare for the worst: opt for China as plan B. In that light it is of the utmost importance to tell the Americans to pack their bags and go home. America is not a friend, but a competitor and should be treated as such. Europe’s interests are first and foremost situated in Eurasia, that’s where the markets are, that’s where the resources are.



Perovo Solar Power Plant in Crimea, Ukraine… via 4-wheeler

Youtube text: Published on Sep 15, 2013 – Here’s a special video riding through a tiny portion of the 100 MW Perovo Solar Farm in Crimea, Ukraine… on the back of a 4-wheeler! Tons of fun. This utility-scale solar farm was developed by Activ Solar. It was the largest solar PV farm in the world when it was completed in 2011, but is now the 6th-largest solar PV farm in the world.

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