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TU Eindhoven Presents 1 liter/500 km Car

TU/ecomotive auto door studenten TU/e
Student of the University of Technology Eindhoven (TUE) in the Netherlands, developed an electric car with an efficiency of 500 km per liter gasoline equivalent on the occasion of the upcoming Shell Eco Marathon. Weight 200 kg and with maximum speed of 60 kmh intended for city use. Batteries 12 kg, range 90 km. Motor in wheel.


FlyKly Smart Wheel

Youtube text: Published on Oct 19, 2013 – Lightweight and highly efficient all-in-one design pedal assist that fits on practically any bicycle. Move through busy city streets in no time and spare your energy with the help of Smart Wheel, a pedal assist that encases an ultra-thin electric motor and intelligent electronics within a robust housing, neatly fitted onto the spokes of a bicycle rim. It fits practically any bicycle frame and helps you use your bike more efficiently and comfortably, when and where you need it.


Phasing Out Oil According To Shell

According to a recent Shell energy scenario study [pdf] solar will be the dominant source of energy in 2070. Another expectation is that passenger vehicles will be nearly oil-free by that time as well and could be replaced by a hydrogen infrastructure and electricity.


E-bike Enorm V2 Custom Cruiser

Range 100 km, motor 0.25 kW, 30Ah battery, 48V circuit, $5200.


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