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Future Electric Grids



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Ocean Grids Around Europe

Youtube text: Several European countries have policies to encourage the development of renewable energy sources. This is identified in, for example, the European green paper Energy strategy for a sustainable, competitive and secure energy supply (March 2006).

In the transition towards a European sustainable energy system for the future and to reduce the dependency of imported primary energy sources such as oil and gas, the development of offshore wind power is an essential element. EWEA assumes that almost 120,000 MW offshore wind power will be realised in the next two decades, amounting to 10% of the installed generating capacity. Apart from offshore wind energy, other offshore renewable energy sources such as wave energy, tidal energy and some experimental technologies of offshore energy have been considered.

Recent blackouts within Europe have shown that there is a need for increased European co-ordination regarding the transmission of electricity including aspects related to interconnections. In the EU technology platform Smart Grids, attention is paid to the networks of the future to ensure that they can accommodate and facilitate large amounts of renewable energy, both distributed and concentrated.

Following the European Smart Grids line of thinking, Airtricity has proposed a European offshore super grid (HVDC based on Voltage Source Converter technology), combining the grid integration of offshore wind farms with an interconnection grid between countries at sea. One could extend the role of this grid and connect all “ocean power” to it. The supergrid could then be part of the European backbone to connect and transmit bulk renewable power from remote generation sites, even as far as North Africa (Desertec).

The goal of this webinar is to discuss “Ocean Grids”, grids at sea, at a conceptual level. The idea behind Ocean Grids is to provide an offshore backbone for the mainland transmission networks on one hand, and connection points for offshore wind power stations on the other hand. This will include offshore wind energy and other potential energy sources at sea.

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Germany Plans €60bn Energy Investment

A raft of new offshore wind farms and hydroelectric power plants are in the offing, after German energy companies and investors yesterday confirmed they are preparing to plough up to €60bn into overhauling the country’s power infrastructure, following the government’s pledge to phase out nuclear reactors… plans are underway to build or modernise 84 power stations with a combined capacity of 42GW… Confirmation that 23 offshore wind projects and 10 hydro pumped storage projects are being planned… the report also reveals that energy firms are planning 29 gas-fired power plants and a further 17 coal-fired facilities.


Telekom moves into energy market

Resource depletion might be bad news for consumers, but that does not mean that there aren’t opportunities for companies in the energy market. On the contrary. Deutsche Telekom was already able to deliver kilobytes to your mobile phone, now it plans to deliver kilojoules to your doorstep as well. Telekom suffers from declining income from its phone devision so it is now looking for different fields to operate in. Read more…

Smart Grids

So what’s a smart grid anyway? Compare it to the internet where one can hook up all sorts of devices that can communicate with each other and exchange data. Replace ‘data’ with ‘electrons’ and we have the idea of a smart grid. Read more…


Something is happening in Europe in response to the immanent energy crisis: Desertec. A project aiming at generating electricity by thermal solar power in the Sahara desert.
Planned capacity: 2 Gigawatt.
Startdate construction: 2014
Startdate production: 2016
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