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Vattenfall Offers Hydrogen Cluster in OSW Bid

In the coming Autumn, the bidding will be opened for building Hollandse Kust West offshore wind park. Vattenfalls stands out in that they offer to feed the 45 MW output of Kavel VII (parcel 7) into electrolysers, mounted in the three wind turbine towers. In this way, expensive cabling can be left out completely. The hydrogen will be brought onshore via a pipeline.

Vattenfall has previous experience with hydrogen generation at sea in Scotland, with a single turbine.

[] – Vattenfall wil in Nederland eerste waterstofcluster ter wereld bouwen

Urban Renewables – Solar Panels vs Wind Turbines

YouTube text:

Does small wind energy or backyard wind turbines make sense? Why do we see so much rooftop solar, but so little rooftop wind?

00:00 Intro – Rooftop solar’s domination in the urban renewables sector
00:38 Why don’t we see more rooftop wind turbines?
01:38 Quality of solar resources – Solar irradiation in different places around the world
02:40 Quality of wind resources – Urban wind effects, wind shear effects, available power in wind
04:53 Available wind power in Kolding vs Canberra
05:40 Other points of comparison – Benefits gained from a rural location, noise and vibration issues, maintenance required
07:47 Applications for urban wind technologies – Off-grid properties, high-wind speed locations, rural farms, non-utility and aesthetic purposes, backyard engineering or DIY
09:54 Outro
10:11 Thanks to Brilliant for sponsoring this video!

In this video I’ll take you through the science and engineering reasons why rooftop solar is much easier than small wind, and show that the same wind turbine on a roof is likely to generate *less than 10%* of the energy a turbine of the same size would generate in a nearby wind farm.

And, because I know most of you found this video because you already know you want to do a DIY wind energy project (they’re fun!) or have an off-grid project that needs wind energy to diversify your energy, I have included some resources (Hugh Piggott’s great books on DIY wind energy and certified small wind turbines if you want to buy one).

2022 Share Solar & Wind Dutch Electricity 33%, up from 25%

The Competition for Building the Largest Wind Turbine

106 GW Wind Expected to be Installed in 2022

Updated 21 GW Dutch Offshore Wind Plans Until 2030

The original, pre-Ukraine war, 11 GW Dutch offshore wind plans are indicated in light-blue. In orange, the 10 GW extra offshore wind parks.

Back in May, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, and Germany set a target of developing at least 65 GW of offshore wind capacity by 2030, and at least 150 GW by 2050.

The annual Dutch electricity consumption is for years fairly stable at 120 billion kWh or 13.7 GW on average 24/7/365. For a 100% renewable energy base, you need double that amount, or 27.4 GW continuously. With a capacity factory of 0.5 for offshore wind, that would amount to 54.8 GW name plate offshore wind.

[] – The Netherlands Sets Tendering Timelines for 13.4 GW of Offshore Wind

The Challenges of a Wind Turbine on Your Home

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We’ve seen wind turbines popping up everywhere in the last few years for grid scale renewable energy installations. Solar panels for home has been a disruptive technology, but what if we could scale down wind turbines and install them on our home? In theory it sounds like a good idea to diversify our home power generation, but does it make sense to install micro wind turbines on your home vs. just installing solar panels? Let’s see if we can come to a decision on this.

North Sea to Become World’s Largest Green Power Plant

Signing ceremony in Esbjerg today

Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and Belgium signed several agreements today in Esbjerg, Denmark, related to a newly decided massive expansion of wind energy plans. This is about 150 GW wind capacity in the North Sea until 2050, subsea interconnectors, energy islands to collect and distribute electricity to the EU and the production of hydrogen.

Nothing is being decided that hadn’t already been identified as potential. It is just that events in Ukraine has hardened the resolve to realize that potential, no ifs or buts. From now on, it’s all systems go. It’s unclear, however, how this joint 150 GW is going to be distributed over the 4 cooperating countries.

Additionally, the ambition is to phase out Russian fossil fuel completely by 2027 from the EU.

[] – 150 GW target set by Four EU Countries for 2050
[] – Four countries pledge tenfold rise in EU offshore wind power capacity
[] – Noordzeelanden gaan capaciteit windparken vertienvoudigen

Previous posts regarding intentions North Sea wind:

[deepresource] – Overview Dutch Offshore Wind Effort until 2030 and Beyond

March 2021: Dutch plans 11 GW by 2030. A consortium estimates that eventually, 60 GW will be installed in the Dutch part of the North Sea.

[deepresource] – Green Light for Extra New Dutch Offshore Wind Parks

March 2022: the Netherlands plans to double its ambition, 21 GW by 2030.

[deepresource] – Denmark Approves 10 GW Energy Island in North Sea (Feb 2021)

InterSolar Munich 2022

German language video

Overview of one of the largest renewable energy fairs in the world, the InterSolar 2022 in Munich.

[] – Official site
[] – InterSolar

Offshore Wind Power Without a Tower and Noise

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In the future, Ampyx Power’s commercial system can supply more than 2000 households with green electricity. TKI Wind op Zee supports Ampyx Power in their journey towards a multi-megawatt system.

[deepresource] – Ampyx Kite Power
[deepresource] – E.ON to Invest Millions in Energy Kites
[] – Company site

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