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German Army Predicts Global Collapse In Ten Years

Food security according to leaked report German army peak-oil study group:

Source pic as well as summery report:
[Spiegel – summary in German/English]

P.S. 23-11-2012: full report in English here [mirror]. Interesting note on page 68: “Implications for Germany: In view of the dominant role these countries play in German imports, stable and reliable supply relationships with the “northern dimension” of the Strategic Ellipse, in particular with Russia, will continue to play a central role in shaping German energy relations.“. In other words expect Germany to turn eastwards, where the remaining resources are.

Core concept Bundeswher study: “strategic ellipse“, that is territory with 74% planetary conventional oil and 70% dito gas.

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One thought on “German Army Predicts Global Collapse In Ten Years

  1. Sudhir Jatar on said:

    This is a very realistic study although inclined towards being pessimistic.
    The study could have taken into account the fact that the immediate cause for worry is peaking of conventional crude oil. There is still unconventional oil, which could last up to the year 2084. However, this does not dilute the adverse effects of peak oil described in German Army study because unconventional oil costs are high and its production has deleterious effect on environment.
    Important points so far not brought out in any other study are the effects on social relationships, loss of confidence in government and the ‘tipping point’ effect under which the normal methods to tackle crisis would no longer work.
    An excellent study. Thanks

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