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Let’s Get Concrete


Here is a seemingly dull statistic that can be easily overlooked, but behind these figures hides a reality that will soon make itself felt. America is not exactly afraid of concrete. All these ugly soulless unimaginative American parvenu cities are constructed of glass, steel, concrete and nothing else.

Yet, in merely three years time, the Chinese have used more concrete than the US in the entire 20th century. Can you understand what is brewing here? Can you understand how stupid it is to play these silly games with Russia over Ukraine? America is a spend force. In ten years time the US seaboard cities will be jungles, Ferguson’s write large, not to be taken seriously. What really needs to be taken seriously is China!

Helmut Schmidt had it right, yesterday, when he said that Russia’s real concern is China. China is going to be the real one and only super power in a decade or so.

And we are adding that China should be our European concern as well. Everything points towards a rapprochement between Europe and Russia. Not to start a cold war with China, but to at least balance it.

[] – China Used More Concrete In 3 Years Than The U.S. Used In The Entire 20th Century


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