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Lightyear Solar Car Raises €40 mln and Considers IPO

This “Dutch Tesla” offers more than a Tesla, namely an annual ca. 12,000 km “free”, autonomous range, based on solar energy, sourced from cells glued to the car. In territories like North-Australia or Arizona, this car could be used for (almost) all year round, plug-in-free car miles, which suffices for daily activities like commuting and shopping.

The company Lightyear, that owns the prototype and has 130 employees, has received access to 40 million of funding, which suffices to start production of 1500 vehicles per year. The major selling point of this car is that it reduces plug-in sessions and daily ritual fights over scarce charging stations.

[] – Lightyear raises 40 million in capital for Helmond solar car and is considering an IPO
[] – With €40 million in its pocket, Lightyear is exploring the possibility of going public
[] – Lightyear haalt 40 miljoen kapitaal op voor Helmondse zonneauto: ‘Hartstikke blij dat productie is zeker gesteld’
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