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Multi-Ethnic Societies Don’t Work and End Genocidal

[] – Todesschütze von Ferguson würde wieder schießen (Wilson would shoot again [German])
[] – Tod von Michael Brown: Die Verhörprotokolle des Todesschützen (Wilson interrogation protocols [German])

St. Louis County Prosecutor's Office photo shows Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson photo taken shortly after August 9, 2014 shooting of Michael Brown, presented to the grand jury
Wilson and his hematoma. This Brown fella attacked Wilson, said that he (Wilson) did not have the guts to shoot and begon to hit and grab for Wilson’s gun. He was shot six times, because that was the number necessary to put him out of business. We feel sorry for the Good Lawd, who is stuck with Brown now.

P.S. we are pleasantly surprised that the US judicial system did not bow for blackmail (pun intended). We almost feel sorry for the media, now that their pets are turning against them (just kidding, we are not sorry at all). The rioters just need an ‘excuse’ to plunder and loot, that’s what they prefer to do by nature. From here it is a count down to the blowing up of the US. Europe needs to prepare for a military intervention when that happens and organize a reserve for the Euro’s, somewhere in the middle and make the USA history, just like its twin brother the USSR. When that milestone is achieved we are going to rewrite the entire history of the 20th century (WW1, communism, banking, WW2, JFK murder, 9/11, for starters).

End good, all good.

Russia Financing Front National

Marine le Pen in Moscow on June 19, 2013.

The French far right’s cosiness with Vladimir Putin’s Russia is back in the spotlight as Marine Le Pen’s party confirms it borrowed nine million euros from a Russian lender, saying “no one else will give us a cent”… France’s far-right National Front (FN) said Sunday it had borrowed the money from Moscow-based First Czech Russian Bank (FRCB)…

She has made no secret of her respect for President Vladimir Putin, repeatedly slamming EU leaders for stoking a “new Cold War” with Russia…

She has been particularly critical of French President François Hollande’s decision to suspend delivery of two Mistral-class warships to Moscow, accusing the government of bowing to pressure from the US…

Last month, a report by the Nouvel Observateur claimed FN leaders had made frequent contact with the Russian ambassador in Paris, Alexander Orlov. “The Kremlin is now betting on the National Front,” wrote the French weekly. “It deems the party capable of seizing power in France and changing the course of European history in Moscow’s favour.”

[] – France’s cash-strapped far right turns to Russian lender

Other potential contacts could be the AfD (Alexander Gauland) in Germany, UKIP in Britain and Jobbik (Gabor Vona) in Hungary.

[] – Putin und die Populisten: Das rechte Netz des Kreml

[] – Achtung, Frau Merkel (interview June 2014, in German)

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Breaking: Russian Politicians Seen Distributing Cookies in Ferguson!


The Second American Revolution

‘First salute’ by the Dutch-Caribbean port of St. Eustatius on November 16, 1776 in response to a salute given by the American vessel Andrew Doria. It was the first formal recognition of the United States as an independent nation, in casu by the Dutch Republic.

[] – The First Salute: A View of the American Revolution

Although we greatly admire Mel Gibson as an actor, historian and wine connoisseur, he clearly was pushing it a little when Hollywood myth factory attempted to portray the events of the ‘American Revolution’ in a most favorable heroic light, for the Americans that is. Here an implausible scene where ‘Patriot‘ Mel Gibson and his two toddlers are taking on a gang of twenty or so British professional killers and finish them off in less than three minutes:

Well, well, well. The Jewish-American historian Barbara Tuchman has shown that in reality European colonialists aka ‘Americans’, merely played a supporting role in the ‘American revolution’ (rebellion is a better word) and the otherwise brilliant actions of George Washington were hardly more than a side-show in a drama that essentially was a continuation of a European power struggle on North-American soil, in casu between the French and the Dutch versus the British and their German-Hessian mercenaries.

Barbara Tuchman.

Let’s first collect a few statistics to put everything in perspective:

Population 1776 (million):

France 23
Britain 11
Netherlands 2
Anti-British Colonialists 2
Pro-British Colonialists 0.5

Conclusion: the Europeans had a vastly larger population base than the European colonialists in North America, not to mention taxation, professional armies, world wide empires, navies and commercial fleets. On top of that, not all colonialists supported the drive for independence, particularly not those of British descent.

Killed in action:

French 13,894
Colonialists 4,435-6,824
British 1,240
Germans mercenaries 1,200

That’s quite a revealing statistic: up to three times more French died during the ‘American revolution’ than Americans! We guess it is yet another example of foreigners doing work Americans refuse to do.

So why were the Europeans heavily involved in the American revolution in the first place? Not because the Dutch and most certainly not the French couldn’t wait to get their first Hamburger served. No, it was because the British were getting a little too powerful in the world to the taste of the French and the Dutch. Depriving Britain of a large colony was a rational strategy to give the British a ‘haircut’, so to speak, after the British had won huge territorial gains in North-America during the Seven Years War (1756-1763), although first world war would have been a more suitable name (as proposed by Winston Churchill), considering the extent of the globally dispersed battle arenas:

Seven Years War Arena: a true world war with Britain and France as two major opponents.

Before Seven Years War

After Seven Years War

The upshot of the Seven Years War was that Britain was the winner and France the loser, with the latter losing North-American territories to the former. The British now controlled all of North America east of the Mississippi up to the Arctic. The French were not amused and did not forget.

European support for the colonialist’ uprising in the early seventies began with the Dutch though, who were instrumental in delivering weapons to the colonialists via the Caribbean island of Sint Eustatius, to get the uprising started.

Dutch guns used during the American Revolution.

America at the time was never seen as a competitor, America at the time was a European play-thingy. It would take one and a half century before the Europeans started to realize that America could not longer be ignored, but instead had become the home of the largest number of Europeans within the confinement of a single tax farm and hence as the largest economy on earth by the end of the 19th century:

Extremely rich source of information: 2000 years of history expressed in terms of GDP. From this picture it can be easily distilled that at the time of the American Revolution, the weight of the US dwarfed in comparison to the Europeans. As a little aside, this graph also reveals that the GDP of Germany in 1939 in its turn was dwarfed by the combined GDP of USA, USSR, UK and France, making short shrift with the self-serving allied Nuremberg lie that ‘Germany wanted to conquer the world’, where in reality the US and USSR wanted to conquer the world, conspired together since 1933 and finally did conquer the world, but we digress.

American Revolution Timeline

1758-xx-xx – George Washington elected to Virginia House of Burgesses
1763-02-10 – End Seven Years’ War
1767-07-02 – Townshends Acts
1769-05-11 – Thomas Jefferson elected to Virginia House of Burgesses
1770-03-05 – Boston Massacre
1773-12-16 – Boston Tea Party
1774-09-05 – First Continental Congress meets
1775-04-19 – Battles of Lexington and Concord
1775-06-14 – Creation of the Continental Army
1775-06-22 – Congress issues continental currency
1776-07-04 – Declaration of Independence
1776-11-16 – First Salute St. Eustatius: Dutch recognition of the US
1777-10-17 – Battle of Saratoga, first American victory and turning point of the war
1778-02-06 – The United States and France sign the Treaty of Alliance
1779-04-12 – Anti-British Treaty of Aranjuez between Spain and France
1779-06-21 – Spain declares war on Britain
1780-12-xx – Beginning 4th Anglo-Dutch War
1781-02-03 – British capture St. Eustatius
1781-10-19 – Surrender of Yorktown
1783-09-03 – Treaty of Paris
1784-xx-xx – End 4th Anglo-Dutch War. Holland abdicates as a great power

A selection from comments/review section, probably mostly written by American readers:

1. Despite what Disney would have us believe, the Americans didn’t rally to fighting or winning this war. Congress was as slow, and often made as little sense then as it seems to do from time to time now – Washington was a miracle worker for somehow keeping an army on the field at all. The American Revolution was won by French and Dutch money, and mainly the French military (yes it was fought by many brave Americans too, but there was too much apathy, too much self-interest, and there were too few in number to ever WIN it). Through the story of Rodney, the reader is given a unique perspective from which to witness the incredible mismanagement of the war by the British, insight into those self-destructive practices and entrenched egos that characterized monarchy, and just how close this war was to being lost and how easily it could have turned out differently… All in all, another treasure from Barbara Tuchman.

2. There are five outstanding strengths to this work:

  1. Tuchman documents the incredible fragility of the American troops and leadership,held together by the personality and determination and true cunning of George Washington. Many times the revolution was almost lost except for Washington’s efforts to retreat and frustrate the British armies until he was able to strike on his own terms.
  2. the role of the Dutch in assisting the American colonies is fully documented and appreciated. The Dutch supplied the colonies with weapons, traded through the Carribean. Tuchman makes the case that the revolution would have been lost without Dutch efforts on our behalf.
  3. the tremendous role of the French in the success of the American revolution is further documented.
  4. Tuchman carefully and strategically places the story of the American revolution within the context of world affairs at the time, giving more meaning to the actions of the British and the colonist as well as their allies.

A wonderful product, great scholarship, very readable, this is a total historic winner.

3. I’ve read all of Ms. Tuchman’s books, and this might be her best. Certainly as good as “The Proud Tower.” Many Americans don’t care much about the history of the Revolutionary War, and I had never thought before reading this book about aid to the Rebellion from Holland, of all places. We tend not to remember that Holland was one of the foremost mercantile nations, with an enormous empire. We tend not to think about questions like, “Where did Americans get the weapons and ammunition they needed for the Revolution?”

4. Tuchman explains French intervention in the war rather prosaically. Rather than suffering a monarchical affinity to liberty, equality, and democracy, France intervened because of a centuries old, deep seated hostility to Britain, to disrupt the sugar trade and, more immediately, to redress losses suffered in the Seven Years’ War.
As an American it was at first disorienting, and then refreshing, to view the American Revolution from a European perspective.

5. So was the American a true Revolution? Probably not. Better to be described as the American Rebellion, its successful outcome was decisive in spreading the great hopes of change nurtured by the European Enlightenment, but in the end – like the Dutch – it contented with the reaffirmation of offended rights never proposing officially a brave new man like the French, Russian and Chinese Revolutions.
Very interesting is also the glance cast on the parallel history of the two rebellions: the likeness of William the Silent with Washington, the nature of defensive war, the uneven weight of the forces (both Dutch and Colonies were forced to fight against the strongest superpower of their age), the intestine war (Flanders vs. Holland, American Tories vs. Rebels), the resemblance of the Dutch Act of Rejection and the Declaration of Independence, the actual outcome in the model of federal government.

6. The key to understanding the American Revolution is that of an early national liberation struggle that like all such struggles was desperately in need of arms. And like all such struggles the rebels were not particular about where they got them. This, in the final analysis, is the importance of the first salute- that is the recognition of the colonials to belligerent status by the Dutch in the West Indies where the American rebels could get arms and ammunition.

So why are we bringing up this piece of history?

Answer: because what happened during the American Revolution could very well serve as a template for events in a not too distant future, namely the return of continental Europeans to North-American soil, to once again liberate Americans from an oppressive regime.

American troops have been active on European soil twice in the 20th century. There is absolutely no reason why European troops could not be active on north-American soil in the beginning of the 21st century. Once the Paris-Berlin-Moscow confederation/military alliance of 700 million or so is in place, Europe gets unprecedented options for these kind of operations.

And we Europeans should not forget about our own interest in this. If we do nothing, this is going to be the world of the future:

Orwell’s 1984: Anglosphere = totalitarian Oceania (pink), Euro-Siberia (purple), Caliphate (yellow), Confucianism (green).

The mortal danger exists of a potential Anglo-Chinese alliance, which would leave Euro-Siberia surrounded and we would have more or less the situation of 1941 back, with continental Europe surrounded by an Anglo-Soviet alliance, with known disastrous consequences (for Europe).

From a European perpective it is much better to draw at least a constitutionalist part of the US to our side and as such ‘neutralize America’. Here is a recent map of potential secessionist movements within the US:

American states with secession movements, with a staggering 25% support, with considerable upward potential when the situation in the US deteriorates. Texas could be the first to secede and provide a convenient landing place for European logistical support.

The map shows that potential for a ‘liberated constitutionalist strip’ exists between the Gulf of Mexico and Canada, effectively splitting the US in the middle. With the Latino majority states, like California, New Mexico and Arizona returning to Mexico, leaving only NYC and DC to the neocons to play ‘benevolent empire’ with, good luck with that. Game, set and match European civilization. A European Commonwealth of ca. 800 million is more than enough to balance a rising China of 1300 million and provide for a very stable security architecture for the rest of the 21st century.

In this scenario, Euro-Americans will get a choice: 1) do you want to live in a totalitarian third world USA, threatening the rest of the world or 2) do you define yourself as Europeans after all and as such soldier on as a secessionist sovereign state within a ‘European commonwealth’, together with Canada and protected/guaranteed by Europe (now including Russia).

So when could this scenario being played out? Answer: when the world dumps the dollar at the latest and the US government will be broke. That’s when the massive social unrest and looting will begin on a continental scale. Large parts of the US one big Ferguson.

Ferguson during the past 24 hours.

That’s when the Euro’s decide to have enough, grab for their guns and attempt to secede, which DC and its third world proletariat will try to prevent. That will be the moment for Europe to side with the secessionists and begin to support them, exactly like how Russia supported the Donbass insurgency with material support and freelance fighters and perhaps eventually with regular troops.

The John Adams of the future second American Revolution (Alex Jones?) should establish diplomatic relations with European nationalist parties now, as well as Putin-Russia. He should ask for talks with Marine le Pen first and make sure he gets a handshake captured on camera. Next he should try to do the same with a high-ranking Russian officials of Putin’s United Russia party.

[] – The Second American Revolution. Very serious topic hidden in a humorist message.

Europe’s natural allies: Ron Paul, Paul Craig Roberts, Pat Buchanan, Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, Richard Snowden, Lew Rockwell and many others.

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Why Europe is Miles Ahead of America

Europe is slowly but surely winning the battle against political correctness. Here a recent sophisticated debate (not a shouting match) on national television between Marine le Pen of the Front National, currently the largest party in France and Manuel Valls, prime minister of the governing Socialist party. subject: immigration. In 2014 continental Europe, immigration is no longer a taboo subject and can be openly discussed.

Currently within the western world, the French are the best in defending the interests of the indigenous people, where Euro-Americans have zero representation and as a consequence are toast. Europe has much better chances to survive than America, that in all likelihood will disintegrate before 2025.

[] – ‘The Second American Revolution’. Disintegration of America packaged as a joke.

All Quiet From the Eastern Front

Recent video footage of how modern war really is. Again this conflict is the direct result of western meddling in Ukraine and would not have happened if the US/NATO/EU would not have attempted to steal Ukraine from the Russian sphere of influence to add it to their fake multicultural world empire. It won’t be long until similar war scenes will begin to occur in America and western Europe, as a result of disastrous immigration policies over the past decades.


Dutch Secret Service – Ukrainian Claims Terrorist Attack Bogus

Koning beëdigt minister Koenders (POOL)[source]
Koenders (left) inaugurated by king Willem-Alexander, after he succeeded Frans Timmermans, who successfully slimed himself into a posh job in Brussels, after his tear-jerker show in the Security Council, prematurely suggesting that Russia and separatists were responsible for the downing of MH17 and falsely blaming separatists for indecent behavior. Timmermans is one of the most reliable lapdogs the Americans have in Europe and willing to cover up every bogus story the Ukrainians come up with.

The Dutch secret services have rejected Ukrainian claims that Dutch foreign minister Bert Koenders was ever a target of a ‘terrorist attack’ on November 8 in Kharkov. The evidence presented by their Ukrainian SBU colleagues is not convincing. The Dutch strongly suspect that the ‘witness’, who claimed to be send by the Russians was bogus and war propaganda.

It is interesting that Elsevier links this bogus event to the MH17 disaster, although they don’t go as far to claim that Kiev did it, merely that everything Ukraine says should be taken cum grano salis.

[] – Geheime diensten: geen bewijs voor aanslag op Koenders

Russia’s Foreign Exchange Reserves Decline


Editor: for Russia it is a good idea to dump a substantial part of its $ reserves, while these dollars still have value.

[] – Russia losing $140 billion/year from sanctions and low oil prices

Editor: Russia has exactly three years to flush the dollars from its economic system.

ISS – The New Russia


[] – New international crew delivered safely to ISS

SolarStratos – Solar-Powered Flight to Stratosphere

[] – Solar-powered mission to edge of space is on

Hungary, Yet Another Enemy of the NWO

Hungary’s PM Viktor Orban

Of all the peoples of eastern Europe, the Hungarians were probably the most courageous in attempting to resist the Soviet nightmare. The Hungarians can’t be fooled, they recognize a totalitarian system when they see one. The Hungarians understand that Putin-Russia is not the USSR, but they seem to have second thoughts about the true intentions of the club they recently joined: the EU.

The trouble with Hungary: they refuse to cooperate in the new cold war, the US-EU axis has instigated against Russia. The West is not amused and could contemplate yet another color-coded revolution in Budapest and attempt regime change.

Orbans’ cardinal sin is his deepening relationship with Russia and his defiance of Washington in signing an agreement with Gazprom for bringing the Russian South Stream gas pipeline into the EU via Hungary.

Orban was once the darling of the neocons, but after Orbans opposition period [2004-2010], when he returned to power, he had become another man. His national conservative Fidesz party had scored a monster victory of 68%, enabling Orban to put through profound changes in the Constitution. In general the NWO hates nationalism, be it Hungarian, German, French or Dutch, unless it can be instrumentalized against a bigger enemy (read: Russia), like in Ukraine.

Now Orban is seen as the Hungarian Putin. Orban is going to construct South-Stream pipeline (together with Austria) and has agreed on several other energy deals with Russia. Apart from this, Hungary has cut its ties with the IMF, after it paid off the last debt, meaning the IMF (read: Washington) can no longer interfere in Hungary’s internal affairs.

In another wonderful move:

In addition, echoing Iceland, the State Attorney General brought charges against the country’s three previous prime ministers because of the criminal amount of debt into which they plunged the nation. That’s a precedent that surely causes cold sweat in some capitals of the EU or Washington and Wall Street.

[] – William Engdahl: Hungary’s Viktor Orban: Washington’s New Enemy Image
[] – Hungary’s Dangerous Slide (the NWO responds)

The End of Patience

Das Ende der Geduld (The End of Patience). Complete film, German only, no subs.

The first German channel ARD showed a film last week about a controversial theme: youth criminality. Controversial, because if you investigate a little, one soon discovers that this form of criminality is mostly perpetrated by children of (Muslim) immigrants.

The film is about a strong female leftist judge, Kirsten Heisig, who is transfered to the migrant hell hole Neukölln in Berlin. This is the kind of stuff that makes people vote for the extreme right. It shows a world where Muslim conquerors are universally preying on their white victims.

Little detail: the story is non-fiction, and tells a real tale about a real person. Initially one has to admire the perseverance of the judge Heisig, to keep on believing that somehow this mess can be solved after all, but halfway the film, after horrible pictures of a gang raped girl, the viewer is losing patience with the judge and her ideals.

At the end of the film, after the next disaster, apparently even the judge has enough and walks into a forest, followed by a little Muslim f*cker. The film leaves it open whether the judge committed suicide (the official reading) or that she was killed by the Muslims. If you research a little on the web, you will find that the ‘suicide’ could very well be a cover up, for the sake of political correctness.

Remarkable is not the story in itself; anybody who wishes to know and is open for this kind of information, already knew. Remarkable is that the ARD is broadcasting this at all. Perhaps it is to be seen as a writing on the wall. And Germany is by far not the worst in Europe. Tellingly, Heisig at some point makes a working visit to her tough-talking colleagues of the judiciary of Rotterdam-Holland. The even more leftist German male colleague of Heisig accompanying her, at some point whispers ‘Sieg Heil’ to Heisig. The Netherlands is worse than Germany and already had the Fortuyn-and van Gogh murder behind it and anti-immigrant party PVV as the largest party (28 seats in the polls), where Germany is still held prisoner by its past (or rather: the false ideas of that past imposed by the allies).

[] – Kirsten Heisig search. Message: Neukölln is everywhere.

This reminds us of the recent reports of no less than 1400 girls systematically repeatedly gang raped in a British town of Rotherham. Obviously this is only the tip of the iceberg, because the 1968 baby boomer lefties, currently busy running Europe into the ground with their fake ideals (backed-up by the US) are desperately trying to cover these things up.

For an example from the Netherlands, see this fragment from the Dutch talk show Pauw & Witteman, where Dutch lefties are confronted with Islamic reality, the hard way. It is almost hilarious, almost. Because in reality, with the current shifting demographics, a disaster is pre-programmed and the only interesting question is, where the inevitable armed clashes are going to happen first: Britain, France or Holland?

Original ARD link (Germany only) [video]

Audio book (German)
[part 1]
[part 2]

Germany Split in the Middle

Cold warriors. Cover of next week’s Spiegel

Now on the first German channel ARD, a discussion about Putin’s interview last week:

Four guests, two pro and two anti-Putin.


Gabriele Krone-Schmalz

With an academic background in Eastern European history, political science, and Slavic studies, Krone-Schmalz holds a doctorate in history and political science. Since 1976, she has worked primarily for various radio and television broadcasts of the West German broadcasting company Westdeutscher Rundfunk. Krone-Schmalz worked at the Moscow studio of ARD broadcasting from 1987 to 1992. Between 1992 and 1997, she hosted the world culture programming of the ARD. Since then, she has been self-employed as a freelance journalist. Krone-Schmalz is also known for her involvement with the philanthropic work on behalf of orphans in Saint Petersburg. She is the author of several books on Russia, with titles like “What is happening in Russia?”, “You have to believe in Russia”, “Russia won’t go under”, “Russian soul, from Pushkin to Jerofejew”. In 2008 she was awarded with the prestigious Pushkin Medal of the Russian Federation.[

“In the first period of Putin there have been so many signals from Russia that they wanted a West orientation and cooperation”

Mathias Platzeck

Matthias Platzeck (born 29 December 1953) is a German politician. He was Minister-President of Brandenburg from 2002 to 2013 and party chairman of the SPD from November 2005 to April 2006. On July 29, 2013 he announced that he would resign from his office in August for health reasons.

Platzeck recently pleaded that the West should recognize Russian Crimea.
“Putin is the best we can expect from Russia.”
“Do we seriously want to challenge a nuclear super power?” (big applause from public)
“Steinmeier is a blessing for this time” (big applause from public)


Alexander Graf Lambsdorf

Alexander Sebastian Léonce von der Wenge Lambsdorff, also styled Alexander-Graf Lambsdorff (born 5 November 1966 at Cologne) is a German politician (and former diplomat) of aristocratic descent, who since 2004, has represented the Free Democratic Party of Germany as a Member of the European Parliament. Alexander Lambsdorff (or Count Lambsdorff) was elected Leader of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats Group in the European Parliament in 2014.

“Crimea should be regulated at the end of the process.”
Lambsdorf has become hardliner since a few months only

Wolf Biermann

Karl Wolf Biermann (born 15 November 1936) is a German singer-songwriter and former East German dissident. He is perhaps best known for the 1968 song “Ermutigung” and his expatriation from East Germany in 1976.

“Putin should go”
“Despises Putin, but does not want to see the Russian government to implode”
“Sanctions are worthless, you can’t remove a ‘dictatorship’ with sanctions”
“No, I am not 83, I am”
“Biermann admits that he is inclined to project his DDR experiences on Russia… keeps calling Putin a dictator, not a democrat… Has only one enemy he is afraid off, not NATO but his own people… thinks Putin can be toppled in a heat beat by his own people.”

Discussion focusses on international law & geopolitics.

[] – Lik to the show, but perhaps not in your country (German language only)

Loud public applause when Platzeck says that we need a security architecture WITH Russia.

In general, most of the applause of the public goes to pro-Putin guests.

Youtube version will be posted here, when available (search for Jauch on youtube).

Retrospect – The First European Declaration of Independence from the US

French president Chirac’s foreign minister Dominique de Villepine representing ‘Old Europe‘ and his anti-Iraq invasion speech in the Security Council, 2003. It is absolutely no coincidence that de Villepine showed up at the Valdai conference, last month, to support Putin.

Putin, Schroeder & Chirac and Iraq/2003: the first green shoots of the coming Paris-Berlin-Moscow confederation.


Steinmeier Against EU & NATO Membership Ukraine

Ukraine wants to be a NATO member and the US has no problems with that, but Germany’s foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier clearly has. Even an EU-membership is not on the agenda, not even in the long term. Steinmeier is against offering Ukraine any perspective whatsoever of any western institutional membership. Steinmeier added that continued dialog with Moscow is of extreme importance and that ‘sharp rethoric’ should be avoided.

Editor: the Kremlin must love Steinmeier, Kiev probably doesn’t. Btw, with every passing day we would love to see Steinmeier taking over from Merkel. Merkel announced that she will retreat at the end of this legislature, but nothing could stop her from retreating now and handing her chancellorship over to Steinmeier, leaving the current grand coalition in place. Wishful thinking, we know.

[] – Steinmeier gegen Nato-Mitgliedschaft der Ukraine
[] – German foreign minister speaks out against Ukraine joining NATO

Putin Considers Running for President Again in 2018

Vladimir Putin openly admitted that ‘perhaps’ he might nominate himself again as presidential candidate in 2018. Putin however ruled out being a president for life. This will probably mean that Putin will be president until 2024. The end of his political life could very well coincide with the end of the United States.

Editor: Putin’s goal in political life is to park Russia in a Greater European confederation. Once that objective has been achieved, he can step down. The Americans know very well what Putin wants, but they want to keep the Euro-bitch for themselves. But before we neo-Gaullists can bring Europe (now including Russia) back to the top of the global political pecking order, we first have to deal with the Atlanticist 1968 crypto-communist baby-boomer generation and remove them from power, in perfect symmetry with the downfall of their Eastern European colleagues in 1989.

[] – Präsidentschaftskandidatur 2018: Putin ziert sich

Der Spiegel is Lying Again


Again, US State Department mouth piece der Spiegel peddles the lie that Russia ‘annexed’ Crimea, evoking the false image that Russia invaded Crimea with massive force, occupied all strategic locations and incorporated the territory into the Russian empire, against the will of a heroically resisting local population.

In reality, Crimea has always felt Russian, not a single shot was fired and there were never more Russian troops in Crimea as was agreed upon in a treaty between Kiev and Moscow.

But most important: the Crimeans voted overwhelmingly for a merger with Russia, and nobody really doubted that the elections were fair, not even the West. That’s the end of story: Crimea voluntarily merged with Russia, period.

Next, der Spiegel describes the events in Kiev and never addresses the issue that a democratically elected government was violently overthrown by a CIA supported coup. It is Chile-Allende all over again. Der Spiegel claims that ‘NATO and EU saw their interests threatened’, ignoring that the West never had in an interest in Ukraine in the first place, but that they used the partly orchestrated Kiev-Maidan uprising to snatch Ukraine away from the traditional Russian sphere of influence. It was a pure act of aggression from the side of the West and it was correctly interpreted this way in Moscow. The merger with Crimea, backed and legitimized entirely by elections, was a purely defensive measure, and act of damage limitation, to at least keep Sevastopol as European-Russia’s only warm water port.

The lying bitches of der Spiegel mention that Russia ‘invaded Crimea’ but completely ignore that elections took place [2:12]. The ‘invasion of Crimea’ by Russia is used as a pretext for western sanctions. That’s how western propaganda works: lying, lying & lying. In eastern Germany there was ‘Neues Deutschland’, a 100% mouth piece of the Soviet occupied Kremlin.

Today, der Spiegel is to Washington mutatis mutandis what Neues Deutschland was vis-à-vis Moscow.

At [4:03] they lie that ‘Russian convoys’ crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border, which is true, but rather than depicting white trucks with humanitarian aid, the liars of der Spiegel show brown army trucks with armed men, for which no proof exists.

At [5:13] yet another lie, namely that the Maidan-protesters were ‘fighting for freedom’, which is BS. They wanted first and foremost better material conditions and to combat corruption, not more ‘freedom’. They hoped that they could duplicate the fate of Poland, that substantially increased its wealth by becoming a member of the EU. But a fate of country should be decided upon by elections (like in Crimea) and not by a violent neo-Nazi mob at Maidan-square, transported in busses from Lvov, paid for by the US/CIA/Soros (just like the Orange revolution, ten years earlier).

[] – Ein Jahr nach Beginn der Krise: Wie der Krieg in die Ukraine kam


[deepresource] – John Mearsheimer on Why the Ukraine Crisis Is the West’s Fault
[deepresource] – Kissinger – US Ukraine Policy ‘Fatal Mistake’
[deepresource] – William Pfaff on Ukraine and Putin
[deepresource] – Dmitri Orlov on the Ukraine
[deepresource] – German Breakthrough Over Ukraine
[deepresource] – Former German Defense Secretary Speaks Out Against The West

Lavrov: The West Wants Regime Change in Russia

The Russian government shows signs that it has enough of the West. Russia accuses the West that it pursues regime-change in Moscow. Lavrow has given up hope that normal relations with the West (read: Europe) is possible. Russia feels humiliated by the western punks.

[] – Russlands Außenminister Lawrow: “Der Westen will einen Regimewechsel”

Editor: dear mr. Lavrov, you are completely justified in feeling humiliated by the West. We could of course say that it was the US who instigated it all, at the very moment that Europe has no leaders at all.

Typical European leader; ‘soft-power‘ zombie

The 2nd greatest post-war European leader Helmut Schmidt (Charles de Gaulle was the greatest) was right when he said that he was deeply worried about the abysmal quality of the ‘leaders’ in Europe:

[] – Altkanzler Helmut Schmidt beklagt Führungskrise der EU: “Die schlimmste Situation seit 60 Jahren!”

But obviously, European cowardliness is no excuse. Yes, you are right, the US-led West wants to destroy Russia, so please take your precautions that the West will not succeed in this and bring yourself into safety in a temporary alliance with China and wait until the West auto-destructs, as Russia is the last hope of the European race.

But please keep in mind that not everything is bleak. The political right is growing rapidly in Europe, in all countries, in response to the Islamization threat, that will grow with every passing year. And the political right is Russia-oriented. Nobody trusts America. Perhaps Marine le Pen will succeed in becoming president of France and break the Atlanticist status quo, can’t happen soon enough. Or perhaps we will have an SPD-Linke-Gruene government under Gabriel or Steinmeier, who are much more pro-Russia than the CDU. Give up on Europe, but only for the moment.


This is Putin’s real dream (and ours): Russian, German and French Europeans taking fate into their own hands and ‘conspire’ against US world domination schemes by refusing to support the US and their ill-fated Iraq safari. This European cooperation turned out to be a gigantic success for Europe: the US were financially weakened to the tune of $3-6 trillion, which was a contributing factor to the Lehman crash of 2008; the US unleashed the forces of fundamentalist Islam (Caliphate) and substantially reduced US influence in the Middle-East; it was the same cooperation that led to the construction of the North-Stream pipeline between Russia and Germany. Unfortunately, Schroeder and Chirac have been replaced by the two losers Merkel and Hollande, who don’t have enough spine to resist the US and give them the finger they so richly deserve. Putin has not given up entirely on Europe, because he hopes that France and Germany could again be led by strong leaders. Candidates? Marine le Pen? Frank-Walter Steinmeier? Gerhard Schroeder perhaps again? Dominique de Villepin (who demonstratively showed up at the Valdai conference, obviously to support Putin?)

[] – Western sanctions are aimed at regime change in Russia – Lavrov

UN ‘Anti-Nazism Glorification’ Vote


Russia proposed an ‘anti-Nazi glorification’ resolution in the UN. This obviously referred to the rampant use of Nazi symbols in Ukraine.


Result vote:

NO – 3 (USA, Canada, Ukraine)
YES – 115 (Russia isolated? lol)
ABSTAINED – 55 (Euro cowards, Britain, Australia, Turkey)

Russian diplomatic masterstroke, putting US hypocrisy at full display and magnificently showing that in reality Russia is not isolated at all, but instead the US is. Only Canada is backing the US and shitty useful idiot Ukraine, that is going to let itself being used to set the world on fire by the US, just like useful idiot Poland let itself being used in 1939 by the US, USSR, Britain and France, to set the world on fire. Not even Britain and the shirt-fronters down-under are willing to burn their fingers on this one. The US has made a career out of identifying ‘the Hitler of the month’ as a pretext to bomb and/or invade the corresponding hapless country. But now we have a country that seriously is using Nazi-symbols and hyper-nationalism and the US refuses to condemn it for reasons of pure political opportunism.

True, the US hates any political entity that asserts local autonomy, including hard-core nationalists and Islamic fundamentalists. But, since the only motivation Washington has is to try to press the entire world into their NWO world empire, they can’t resist the temptation of using seemingly harmless local nationalists and jihadis against the political entities, the US-led West is really after: Russia first and then China. That explains everything. If you are not on board with the US empire, sooner or later you are toast, like Germany, Vietnam, Argentina, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia, Syria, Iran, Donbass, etc., etc.

But we have seen that these US schemes can go terribly wrong. By subsidizing jihadis in Syria, the US now has released the fundamentalist genie from the Baath bottle. Similarly, the US could have released the White Power genie from the Ukrainian bottle, with pan-European potential.

[] – US, Canada & Ukraine vote against Russia’s anti-Nazism resolution at UN

Poroshenko Biden
Joe and Porky nosefronting. Biden now owns Kiev, but tells Russia not to interfere with the intentional ethnic cleansing of Donbass by some Azov batallion Nazis, led by a Jewish oligarch Kolomoisky (you really have to despair about the quality of Nazis these

Tellingly, the professional round-the-clock Nazi-hunters of der Spiegel US State Department propaganda-channel do not report on the vote at all. Too embarrassing.


[] – Ukrainian neo-Nazism threatens to spread across Europe – Russian diplomat

The US used the forces of Islamic fundamentalism to attempt to topple Assad and made these forces big in the process and created a new huge problem for the US. Similarly, by using the forces of the Ukrainian white power movement to attempt to smash the resistance of Donbass against Ukrainaization and ethnic cleansing, they could create a similar monster as Islamic fundamentalism.

Volkswagen XL1 review

Youtube text:

After nearly ten years in the making, the Volkswagen XL1 has arrived, and we were lucky enough to drive one in this video review.

Volkswagen had one thing in mind with the XL1 – to create a useable, everyday vehicle that would use just a single litre of fuel for every hundred kilometres it travelled. Three concept cars and thirteen years of development later, the Volkswagen XL1 has now become a production reality.

It boasts a stylish teardrop design, shaped by aerodynamics to create as little drag as possible. It sits just over a metre tall, which is lower than most sports cars, including a Porsche Boxster.

When the XL1 finally arrives in the UK, only around 20-30 cars will be on offer, with early estimates of the price tag coming in at around £100,000.

Volkswagen claim the car can achieve 313mpg, so to put this to the test, we drove the XL1 around a short loop in full electric mode. Astonishingly, we managed to achieve 403mpg – so it actually beat the figures stated by Volkswagen.

Okay, so, when we did drive the XL1 a little faster, that figure did fall to 196mpg. But it’s still efficient, and hardly going to break the bank. Overall, we were pretty impressed with the XL1 – the build quality of the interior was stunning, and it was hard not to be seduced by the cutting-edge technology on board.

Don’t worry, though; it’s going to be a while before the next Volkswagen Golf looks like an XL1.

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