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FIFA Geopolitics

Official emblem of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia unveiled[source]

Presentation of the logo for the Soccer World Championship 2018, to be held in Russia. According to the FIFA the Crimea is Russian. Picture meanwhile has been deleted and FIFA apologized.

What Happened During The Maidan Standoff?

File photo of smoke rising above burning barricades at Independence Square during anti-government protests in Kiev[source]

The University of Ottawa investigated what happened during the critical days on Maidan square in Kiev, February 2014, in particular, the killing of more than 100 protesters by snipers on February 20, 2014. The Kiev Poroshenko junta blamed that snipers from Yanukovych were responsible for the massacre, and this interpretation was accepted by the western governments.

The University of Ottowa released a report on its findings on October 1, 2014 in which it comes to a different conclusion:

Analysis of a large amount of evidence in this study suggests that certain elements of the Maidan opposition, including its extremist far right wing, were involved in this massacre in order to seize power and that the government investigation was falsified for this reason

[] – The “Snipers’ Massacre” on the Maidan in Ukraine (29p)

[] – Maidan Massacre – Prize-Winning US Documentary: West Implicated in January Massacre Which Started Ukraine Crisis

Freedom House NGO


Freedom House is a so-called NGO (non-governmental organisation). Here is how these people, who have ab-so-lu-te-ly nothing to do with any government whatsoever (otherwise it would not be a NGO, you silly), view the world:


The green areas, those are the good guys (the free guys), the rest are the good guys-of-the-future, after Freedom House has accomplished its mission, that is. The yellow guys, like Ukraine, Turkey and Libya are almost good, but the dull grey areas (apparently they resisted the temptation to draw the traffic light metaphor to its final conclusion and paint these areas red) have still a long way to go. But fortunately there is the Freedom House NGO around to lead the way straight into freedom (and the US global empire, but we digress).

[] – Freedom House

Here is a list of the supporters of that club:

[] – US State Department, Dutch Foreign Office, Anglo countries, protestant countries in NW-Europe, like the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway and companies and NSA stooges like Facebook & Google.

The joint is run by a David J. Kramer. According to his wikipedia page:

David J. Kramer was educated at Tufts University, receiving his B.A. in Soviet Studies and Political Science, and then at Harvard University, receiving his M.A. in Soviet Studies. He later moved to Washington, D.C. and became a Senior Fellow at the Project for the New American Century, Associate Director of the Russian and Eurasian Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and Assistant Director of Russian and Eurasian Studies at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Kramer then joined the United States Department of State as Executive Director of the United States Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy. He next served as Special Advisor to the Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs, before becoming a professional staff member for the Policy Planning Staff. From July 2005 to March 2008, he was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs. In 2008, President of the United States George W. Bush nominated Kramer as Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, and, after Senate confirmation, he held this office from March 21, 2008 to January 20, 2009. Kramer left his position as a Senior Transatlantic Fellow at the German Marshall Fund to became executive director of Freedom House on October 4, 2010. In February 2013, Kramer caused controversy at the North American Invitational Model United Nations, when Kramer’s opening keynote speech incited a walkout of 300 Chinese visitors.

Let’s cut the crap. All these crypto-communist clubs like Freedom House, National Endowment for Democracy and Amnesty International are controlled by the US State Department and thinly veiled members of the US version of the Soviet controlled Comintern of a century ago, with the equal aim to infiltrate and overthrow any country refusing to be a member of the globalist borderless world. The US constitutes the second and last attempt to implement the communist dream of one world, but its opponents are numerous:

  • Rising star China, the coming economic giant and factory of the world
  • Consolidating Russia, nuclear armed to the teeth and politically leading the BRICS
  • European Right, scratching the surface from underneath (#1 Marine le Pen) and all Russia-oriented
  • Traditional European politicians: former German chancellor Helmut Schmidt, former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, former French PM Dominique de Villepin (showing up in Sotchi last week), former Austrian PM Wolfgang Schuessel (also Valdai guest)
  • American constitutionalist Right (Paleo’s, Libertarians, Tea Party, ‘fly over country’)
  • The World of Islam

All these entities have one thing in common: they are anti-American (or anti-Washington rather), meaning anti-communist, anti-globalist, anti-left and pro-multipolar world.

But America’s worst enemy is time. In ten years time the US will be a third world country due to demographic developments and unable to implement anything at all. Yesterday we witnessed yet another US failure, the launch of a missile to bring supplies to the ISS:

Fortunately the Russians are able to provide backup capacity to keep the ISS crew supplied. This accident is anecdotal evidence of the decline of America.

The strategy of the ‘multi-polarists’ must be to not provoke the US and ignore US provocations, like in Ukraine and wait for the inevitable financial collapse and following disintegration of the US, in perfect symmetry like what happened with that other globalist/communist bully USSR in 1991.

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Abrams Tank With ISIS Flag


Apparently these ISIS warriors passed the ‘moderate Muslim’ certification test. Alternatively they stole the Abrams tank. Location unclear.

France Defies Sanctions


France may hand over the first of two Mistral helicopter carriers to Russia on November 14, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said. He announced that Moscow had received an invitation to take delivery at France’s Saint-Nazaire shipyards… On that day, Vladivostok – the first of two Mistral-class helicopter carrier ships – should be handed over to Russia. The Deputy PM also assumed the second carrier, the Sevastopol, would also be in dock… French shipbuilders in the Saint Nazaire shipyard have said, according to RIA Novosti, that the helicopter carriers are ready for delivery.

[] – France to hand over first Mistral helicopter carrier on Nov 14 – Russia

[] – France backs off sending Mistral warship to Russia in $1.7 billion deal

Editor: well WaPo, that obviously is not going to happen. There is nothing left but calling the French ‘cheese surrender monkeys again’. That’ll teach ‘em!

UPDATE Oct 30, 2014:
[] – France says delivery of warships to Russia still on hold

Editor: the French will likely hand over the ships in a ‘faits-accompli’ manner, preventing that ‘allies’ will attempt to block the deal.

Hyper-efficient Volkswagens

This is the worlds most fuel efficient car in 2013 (133 km/liter; 313 MPG), the Volkswagen 313 MPG XL1.
Weight: 771 kg.
Top speed: 160 km/h, 100 mph

Obviously this car is the horror for oil companies and many suspect that that is the real reason why these kind of cars are not allowed in the US, the cartel and 1% Nirvana.

[] – Volkswagen’s New 300 MPG Car Not Allowed In America Because It Is Too Efficient
[] – article debunks claims that XL1 is not allowed on US roads because of Big Oil conspiracy.


Hybrid diesel/electricity
Efficiency: 110 km/l, 256.8 mpg
Price: 22200 euro, 28000 $
E-Range: 50 km, 31 mile

[] – VW twin up!
[] – Volkswagen Up Twin Drive concept review

Editor: the standard car is based on an outdated concept. Just position yourself next to a busy road and watch the cars passing by, to verify that the average occupation rate of the standard 5-seater car is ca. 1.25, meaning that 3.75 chairs are superfluous. So why not design a 1 or 2-person car, like the XL1 above?

China Invests in Russian Solar Panel Production


Who: Solar Systems, subsidiary of China’s Amur Sirius
Where: Tatarstan
How much: $1 billion investment volume for 100 MW/year panel production

Russian law requires that panels sold in Russia are to be produced in Russia.

[] – China expected to invest $1bn in Russian solar energy

Unique Communications Breakthrough in Ukraine

Interview with Igor Bezler, who is one of the pro-Russian leaders, with three TV crews. None of the three videos have subtitles (yet). All quotes are from the Vineysaker blog, see link below.

Something fantastically interesting has happened in Novorussia: two senior Novorussian commanders, Igor Bezler and Alexei Mozgovoi have attempted to communicate with those Ukrainians who are on the other side… this apparently began when Igor Bezler agreed to be interviewed by three TV crews at the same time: a Russian one, a Novorussian one, and a Ukrainian one. The big news here was, of course, that a Ukrainian journalist was given access to the city of Gorlovka, currently surrounded by Ukrainian forces, and that she got to speak with the local people, including combatants and then that she was given access to Bezler himself. Since all the journalists were more or less openly accusing each other of “filtering the truth” all parties agreed that the full recording, unedited, would be made available on YouTube.

This video and the one below are two parts of an interview with pro-Russian seperatist Aleksei Mozgovoy.

Alexei Mozgovoi agreed to a videoconference with not only Ukrainian journalists, but with actual field commanders of the Ukrainian military. To see Mozgovoi and the Ukrainians speak directly to each other was absolutely amazing… Also, these are very complex videos. There are discussions, some short moments of yelling and interrupting, there is cross-talk and there are even two songs. This is complex, very emotional stuff, very hard to convey in a translated text… important point: while the original idea apparently had been to have combatants talking to combatants, the Ukrainian side only had a few commanders and a few activists. The Novorussian side was composed of actual soldiers. Apparently, the Ukrainian side did not feel comfortable putting their foot-soldiers on the spot.

First and foremost, it was amazing to see how much both sides fully agreed upon. Both sides agreed that this war was useless and only benefited the enemies of the Ukraine. Both sides expressed contempt, disgust and even hatred for the politicians in power and the oligarchs who rule over Banderastan today. Both sides also agree that Yanukovich was a scumbag and that the Maidan protests were absolutely legitimate but that the original protests had been hijacked by enemies of the Ukraine. Both sides also agreed that this war had to be stopped.

These were mainly regular Ukrainian military speaking to Novorussian military and Ukrainian activists speaking to Mozgovoi. There were also some real disagreements… The Ukrainian position was this (paraphrase – not real quote): “the Maidan was legitimate and correct but you – the Novorussians – took up arms and you thereby created a crisis which the illegitimate junta used and which prevented us from defending our political goals. We don’t want our country to further break up and what you are doing is exactly that. Also, we know that the Russian “Polite Armed Men in Green” are fighting on your side and many of you are not representing true Ukrainian interests, but Russian interests. Stop fighting and join the political process to clean our country from the crazies”.

To which Mozgovoi replied (paraphrase – not real quote): “we did not choose to fight, you came to our land and you are killing our people. If you really want to clean Kiev from the Nazi scum, then don’t stand between us and Kiev and let us pass – we will take care of them no problem. You are taking orders from Nazis and oligarchs and you are doing nothing to stop them from killing our people. If we were to lay down our arms, we would all be massacred… One interesting thing was that when the Ukrainians accused the Novorussians of doing Russia’s bidding, Mozgovoi replied that the Ukrainians were pawns of the CIA and, amazingly, the Ukrainians pretty much agreed that the CIA was running the show. As for Mozgovoi, he did not deny that Russia was helping. Both sides were expressing frustration that they could not unite their forces and jointly get rid of the oligarchs and Nazis.… In another rather surreal moment, a Novorussian solider took out a guitar and sang a song about the war. The Ukrainians were clearly moved… From the Novorussian point of view, the Ukrainians were also part of the “Russian cultural realm” (as opposed to state or nationality) albeit with a different accent and a different history. The Ukrainians insisted that they were a different nationality, albeit one with strong ties to the “Russian cultural realm”… it was quite amazing to see enemies talking to each other in a very friendly manner… Both Bezler and Mozgovoi looked very, very good. The latter especially surprised me by explicitly stating that his goal was regime change in Kiev and not just the separation of Novorussia which he clearly sees as a only temporary solution and as a necessary self-defense measure. Clearly, both Bezler and Mozgovoi are first and foremost anti-Nazis and both of them see that there is not “Novorussian solution”. Mozgovoi explicitly stated that he think that both sides could live together if the Ukrainians got rid of their Nazis and oligarchs... both sides have much more in common than what separates them!

For more, read original article of the saker:

[vineyardsaker] – Something very, very interesting has happened in Novorussia

Editor: very positive indeed! It is important that both parties realize that the war is fought in the interest of foreigners, not of the Ukrainians. One is reminded of the WW1 football truce, when the allied and German soldiers at Christmas were fraternizing, until the higher-ups intervened so the war could continue. Obviously the Americans will hate this development; in their eyes the sole purpose of Ukraine is to foment conflict with Russia. Putin will love it, because Ukrainian reconciliation would mean reconciliation between the EU and Russia and lifting of sanctions. It also illustrates that apart from Crimea, most Ukrainians from the east would prefer to stay within the Ukraine, if it can be done on their conditions, rather than merge with Russia. This would imply bilingualism, federal state structure, but capital Kiev, one currency, one federal parliament and president, one face to the outside world.

Global Financial Reset Will Be Dramatic

[] – Disorderly Reset Coming-Dollar Goes to Zero-Egon von Greyerz

Turkey’s Search for Imperial Grandeur

New presidential palace in Ankara.

What does a new presidential palace (Ak Saray – White Palace) say about the ambitions of the resident president? Erdogan already announced that he does not want to be merely a ceremonial president, what was hitherto customary. But does the size of a palace ($350 million, area 200,000 m2, 1,000 rooms), say anything about territorial ambitions?

Questions, questions, questions.


For comparisson, here is the old presidential ‘palace’, dating from 1935:


[] – Erdoğan’s plans for PM complex signal de facto presidential system

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Visualization of US Decline


The bottom 90 percent of the US population are poorer today than they were in 1987.

While the Federal Reserve has already told us that the median households is worth less now than it was in 1989 — that’s the household right in the middle — it turns out that everybody but the richest 10 percent of Americans are worst off. That includes the poor, the entire middle class, and even what we would consider much of the upper class.

The one-percenters in contrast, tripled their income in the same period. The rise of the oligarch did not just happen in Russia.


The top 1% has about double the amount of wealth as the bottom 90%. Democracy you say? Revolutions have broken out in history for less.

Editor: don’t expect the political correct Washington Post to give the most important reason for the decline: mass immigration from third world countries. After the fall of the dollar and if the country stays together, a big if, the average income will probably be below that of present day Russia. And then there is peak oil.

Swiss Gold Referendum


Of all the countries in the western world, Switzerland is the only country we are willing to call a real democracy. Representative democracy is not a democracy at all, but an exercise to make the sheeple walk to the voting boot every four years and elect system certified candidates, after which the Jacobin deep state structures continue business as usual, until the next election. Repeat cycle. The US is by far the worst in this respect, where it is virtually impossible for new political forces to break into the system. The US are just as democratic as North-Korea, but it must be said that it is the glorious Constitution that makes all the difference between the US and North-Korea. Still.

Back to Switzerland. In 2014 that country will have 9 referendums, some of which are prompted by public initiative. Referendums on very real issues, like abortion, immigration, railways, minimum wage, health care, pedophiles. Now THAT is a real democracy, where US merely uses its own fake democracy as a vile pretext to ‘bring democracy’ to the rest of the world, even if they already had a democracy, like Ukraine, with the aim to ‘integrate’ these countries into its soft totalitarian bankster empire.

Switzerland is a good example that you can have a top-of-the-bill high standards country, not based on ‘expert rule’, but on a responsible, well-educated population. On November 30, Switzerland will have yet another three referendums, one about about gold. This is a referendum American gold bug libertarians can only dream about. The referendum is about yes/no for an increased role for gold:

  1. Bring back gold to Switzerland (from the US)
  2. Stop selling gold
  3. At least 20% of financial assets backed by gold

Poor Swiss. They could be very disappointed when they request the British and Canadians to send them back their gold, because in all likelihood they will get the same answer as the Germans got recently from the NY Fed: get a token 5 tons now and the rest, ummm… later. Honest. Sure thing. In reality most of the gold is probably already in Asia, away from Anglosphere.

Referendum in Glarus

Referendum in Appenzell

“Je direkter die Demokratie, desto zufriedener die Menschen.”
The more direct the democracy, the more content the people.

[] – Switzerland Gold Referendum A Healthy Conversation – Ron Paul

The Secret Saudi-US Deal on Syria

Well known Arab saying: “My father rode a camel, I drive a car, my son flys a jet plane, his son will ride a camel”

William Engdahl says that there is a new and secret agreement between the US and Saudi-Arabia with the aim to flood global markets with cheap oil, with the purpose to hurt the economies of Russia and Iran. These rumors were heard from other sources as well and it would indeed be a very Washington-thing to do; never a dull day with these people.

It is strange indeed, the sudden collapse of the oil price by 20%, without a comparable collapse of demand. Is peak oil cancelled? Not so fast. What is happening according to Engdahl is that Saudi-Arabia (on instigation of its imperial overlord USA) is selling oil to China for 50-60$/barrel instead of 100$. The implication of course is that the US is trying to drive a wedge between China and Russia and divert oil income away from Russia in order to destabilize it and provoke regime change, so some US sponsored Khodorkovsky type can take over and Russia can be added to the US global empire, just like Poroshenko-Yatsenyuk Ukraine. And send in tens of millions of Africans, like they did with Europa and north-America, to eradicate nationalism and prepare for a unified global borderless state, an absolute horror for Europeans. That’s the long term US-UK bankster aim: first rape all Russia’s friends, like Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Iran; then Russia itself is next and finally the US will have a little fun with China. But in the short term, according to Saudi oil consultant Rashid Abanmy, the aim is:

to put pressure on Iran on her nuclear program, and on Russia to end her support for Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

According to Engdahl, this is not a very smart US tactic (but when was the last time the US did something smart?), because it will fail to achieve the desired effect. Both China and Russia are actively working on lessening their dependence on the West and the dollar. This latest move will hasten the demise of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

Kerry and Abdallah meeting on September 11, 2014.

There a deal was hammered out which saw Saudi support for the Syrian airstrikes against ISIS on condition Washington backed the Saudis in toppling Assad, a firm ally of Russia and de facto of Iran and an obstacle to Saudi and UAE plans to control the emerging EU natural gas market and destroy Russia’s lucrative EU trade.

Next Engdahl summarizes the theory of two competing pipeline projects: Iran-Iraq-Syria and Qatar-Saudi-Arabia-Jordan-Lebanon. The Shi’ite versus the Sunni pipeline projects, so to speak. It was the pipeline scheming that ignited the civil war:

In 2009 Qatar approached Bashar al-Assad to propose construction of a gas pipeline from Qatar’s north Field through Syria on to Turkey and to the EU. Assad refused, citing Syria’s long friendly relations with Russia and Gazprom. That refusal combined with the Iran-Iraq-Syria gas pipeline agreement in 2011 ignited the full-scale Saudi and Qatari assault on Assad’s power, financing al Qaeda terrorists, recruits of Jihadist fanatics willing to kill Alawite and Shi’ite “infidels” for $100 a month and a Kalishnikov.


Editor: the most important thing to note is that both Russia and China know they are under attack and that if Russia would ‘fold’, China would be next. It is in China’s utmost interest to back Russia through thick and thin. Another point of interest is to initiate secret diplomacy between Russia/China and Turkey, who should be given the green light to carve up the Middle East between herself and Iran along ethnic-religious lines and liquidate Saudi-Arabia in the process and eliminate US influence from the Middle-East completely, except from geopolitical useless (resource-less) Egypt.

P.S. we disagree with Engdahl on the issue of ISIS. He seems to suggest that ISIS is still a tool of the US, but while that may have been the case until one year ago, all the signs are that this group is pursuing an agenda of its own and is currently functioning as a de facto proxy of Turkey and bulldozer for the coming Sunni caliphate.

The Collapse of the German Language in Science

British World War One Propaganda

Today it is taken for granted that English is the language of science. BBC:

“If you look around the world in 1900, and someone told you, ‘Guess what the universal language of science will be in the year 2000′, you would first of all laugh at them. It was obvious that no one language would be the language of science, but a mixture of French, German and English would be the right answer,” says Princeton University’s Rosengarten professor of modern and contemporary history Michael Gordin. “So the story of the 20th Century is not so much the rise of English as the serial collapse of German as the up-and-coming language of scientific communication,” Gordin says.

The BBC investigates why English became the language of choice and identifies World War One as the cause. We agree.

Gordin’s upcoming book, Scientific Babel, explores the history of language and science. He says that English was far from the dominant scientific language in 1900. The dominant language was German

“The first major shock to the system of basically having a third of science published in English, a third in French and a third in German – although it fluctuated based on field, and Latin still held out in some places – was World War One, which had two major impacts,” Gordin says.

After World War One, Belgian, French and British scientists organised a boycott of scientists from Germany and Austria. They were blocked from conferences and weren’t able to publish in Western European journals.

The BBC uses veiled language, but the real reason of course was that the British and their French, Russian and Belgian sidekicks had instigated World War One for the British purpose of destroying all things German, including the international influence of the German language.


Continental Europe was destroyed, enabling for a short period of two decades the continuation of British supremacy within the European state system, until Britain in its turn was used by the US as the useful idiot to bring World War Two about in 1939.

It is interesting to speculate about the lingua franca of the 21st century used in Euro-Siberia, after the coming collapse and Balkanization of the US. Will English continue to prevail? A mixture of German, Russian and French perhaps (no lingua franca at all)? Esperanto? Or could it be that the elites of continental Europe will revert to the language of the magnificent Roman Empire: Latin, a language still being taught in Europe?


[] – How English beat German as language of science
[deepresource] – Britain Masterminded WW1

EIA Projections US Oil Production Until 2040 and Post Carbon Institute Review

Oil projections for US production from all sources according to the EIA.

Breakdown sources Light Tight Oil

‘Most likely’ production scenario according to the Post Carbon Institute compared with EIA findings.

The Post Carbon Institute critically examines the findings of the EIA report about “Light Tight Oil projections”.

[] – Full report (315p): “Drilling Deeper” [pdf]

Editor: the days that we take everything the Post Carbon Institute says for granted are over. Three years ago we started this blog in the expectation that ‘peak oil’ would start to bite soon. It did not, at least not in terms of supply contraction. Ten years ago, after an imprudent diet of Richard Heinberg literature we proclaimed to everybody who wanted to hear that ‘in ten years time Joe Sickpack would not drive a car any longer’. That was obviously wrong. Although there are signs that we approaching ‘peak car’ in terms of car ownership and miles driven, at least in the West (young westerners no longer have car ownership as a high priority), many roads are still congested. It is obvious that the practice of fracking does indeed provide a substantial ‘delay of execution’ of peak oil and hence of the old industrial society with at least a decade. But there are other reasons why peak oil watching and barrel counting has become less prominent on our agenda. It seems that peak oil is not going to be the ‘next big thing’ in the coming years. Financial and geopolitical developments are more interesting. Interesting as in catastrophic.

  • Countdown towards US financial collapse, hand in hand with the ‘dedollarization’ of the world
  • Possibility of US elites attempting the ‘flight forward’ into a police state and/or WW3 in order to stay in power
  • The relentless rise of China
  • The possibility that France could be the first to break the western status quo and move towards Russia
  • On a positive note, all the technological preconditions for a ‘solar economy’ are already fulfilled. From now on it is a matter of investment decisions. Peak oil, yawn.

Edward Snowden Interview


Fascinating in depth interview in Moscow with one of the true heroes of our time. He is one of the reasons to not entirely give up on America. Hopefully one day he will be able to return home and drive from the airport straight into the White House as an interim president.

There’s definitely a deep state. Trust me, I’ve been there.

The New York Times and The Guardian came out and said, “Hey, clemency for Snowden.” But for me, the key—and I’ve said this from the beginning: it’s not about me. I don’t care if I get clemency. I don’t care what happens to me. I don’t care if I end up in jail or Guantánamo or whatever, kicked out of a plane with two gunshots in the face. I did what I did because I believe it is the right thing to do, and I will continue to do that.

…the US administration does not want me to return.

There are even a few who still honestly believe I sold information to Putin—like personally, in exchange for asylum.

[] – Edward Snowden: A ‘Nation’ Interview

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German Industry at Disadvantage due to High Electricity Prices


RT reports that big German production companies have decided to no longer expand in Germany due to high energy prices.

“German industry is at increasing disadvantage owing to the growing energy price disadvantage that it faces. Average industrial electricity prices in Germany have risen approximately 60 percent since 2007, while prices in the United States and in China have increased less than 10 percent,” market research firm IHS wrote in a study published earlier this year.

[] – Germany goes green, forces energy companies abroad

RT sells German renewable transition efforts as ‘greening of the economy’, as if the environment is the largest concern, where in reality fossil fuel depletion is the real motivation. Germany is gaining long term energy security at the cost of higher energy prices in the short term.

No Progress With Official MH17 Investigation

Der Spiegel had an interview with Dutch public prosecutor Fred Westerbeke in the MH17 case, who denies that any progress whatsoever has been achieved so far. He confirms that only two credible scenarios remain: Buk or fighter jet (Ukrainian air-force), although he claims that the former scenario is ‘more likely’. Westerbeke denies that the recent report by the German intelligence agency BND has provided any breakthrough; the BND claimed without proof that separatists were responsible. The US still has not responded to requests for providing satellite data (editor: and likely never will). Tellingly, Westerbeke prepares us that he needs at least until the end of next year, or even longer, to arrive at final conclusions.

[] – Chefermittler Westerbeke: “Wissen die Russen womöglich mehr?”

Editor: the game being played here is so obvious that it beggars belief that some people are still falling for it. Westerbeke is playing for time. He hopes that in a year or so nobody really cares that much anymore. Perhaps there will be major international developments overshadowing the tragedy in Donbass. The German intelligence agency BND is paid to lie for political purposes, if necessary. Westerbeke however is a jurist, whose career is centered around finding the truth in crime cases. Westerbeke probably knows the truth, but is instructed by politics to cover it up. The only way out for him and maintain professional integrity is to postpone judgment.

And again, the real reason for the cover up is that Ukraine, that is being transferred as we speak from the sphere of influence of Russia straight into the West…


…screwed up big time, by failing to down ‘the Flying Lusitania‘ MH17 in one single blow, making the Buk-scenario difficult to enforce. The whole purpose of the US-Ukrainian MH17 operation was to create an international scandal and demonize Russia in order to lubricate the Ukrainian geopolitical transition, just like the provoked sinking of the Lusitania by a German submarine during WW1 was used to create the pretext for demonization of and US war entry against Germany. The Germans were perfectly entitled to sink the ship, because it carried large quantities of contraband. The downing of MH17 false flag had exactly the same purpose as the engineered Lusitania incident: to initiate major geopolitical change.

Segregated Baghdad & Green Zone – Military Implications

Baghdad 2003. Most areas were mixed in Saddam’s secular run Iraq

Baghdad 2008: five years after the dictator was removed, most neighborhoods were ethnically cleansed… because the dictator was removed.
Isn’t multiculturalism beautiful?! All you need is a dictator like Saddam, Tito or Stalin to make it work. What’s not to like.
The Green Zone is in the middle (yellow), on the west bank of the Tigris and the airport is bottom left, both connected by a Sunni area, giving ISIS warriors coming from Anbar province the opportunity to sneak into the center of Baghdad without meeting Shia opposition and go after the Green Zone and score major prestige points by defeating the remaining Americans in direct combat and destroy the embassy.

[musingsoniraq] – Baghdad maps

Interesting feature: the famous Green Zone, home of the US ‘embassy‘ (larger than the Vatican) is situated between a Sunni area and the Tigris west bank. The fear is that ISIS warriors could enter the city from the west and make short shrift of the remaining Americans in the Green Zone. Another interesting feature is that the Baghdad international airport is situated to the West of Baghdad, also in Sunni territory:


Perhaps you have been wondering why ISIS would advance on a majority Shia city like Baghdad of 7.2 million in the first place? Almost impossible to conquer and besides, Iran would not allow the fall of Baghdad to happen. Is the ISIS leadership stupid? No. Perhaps their aim is to radically cleans the Shia areas on the west bank, provoking a similar drive to make the Shia cleanse the Sunnis living on the east bank and use the Tigris as a demarcation line. Or alternatively, they merely would like to kick the Americans out of Baghdad (=Iraq) and if ISIS limits itself to this goal only, they could possibly even count on tacit Iranian support. There is nothing an average Iranian, or most Muslims for that matter, loves more than a beheaded American.

Remember this iconic picture?


Saigon, April 1975. Operation ‘Frequent Wind‘ (Where do they get these names?). Third world country Vietnam kicks out the US. The only ‘strength’ the US has is air power. Did not work in Vietnam. Will not work in Mesopotamia. US Air power only works against 2nd generation armies of smaller countries, like that of Iraq during Desert Storm. But 2nd generation armies like that of the USSR or the US are powerless against 4th generation armies, armed with IED’s, Kalashnikov’s and the Koran. Al-Qaeda could defeat the USSR in Afghanistan, ISIS will defeat the US in Iraq. In the long term. The only hypothetical way for the US to defeat ISIS is to remove the Koran from the heads of the insurgents. In other words: won’t happen.

These 1975 scenes could be repeated, Baghdad 2015. Mission de-accomplished.

The difference between Saigon 1975 and Baghdad 2015 is that in 1975, the helicopter flights to evacuate the last few thousand Americans, merely needed to bridge ca. 40 km. The distance between Baghdad and Kuwait City however is 675 km. What do you want to do? Send in more troops? How? What if the airport falls first? We predict that Operation ‘Seldom Fart’ could be just as disastrous as the failed attempt to free the American hostages from Iran, 1981. But hey, fortunately the US can always send in Matt Damon, so what could possibly go wrong? That’ll teach ‘em!

[] – ISIS Continues to March on Baghdad
[] – Isis targets Baghdad with wave of car bombs and mortar attacks
[] – Are we ready for the fall of Baghdad?

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Massive Italian and German Protests Against Dispossession and Islamic Takeover Europe

Tens of thousands took to the streets in Italy to protest against massive invasion and colonization of their country.

Same story in Germany. Thousands of protesters in Cologne, with a little more grim undertone than in sunny Italy. Verdi versus Wagner, so to speak.

Expect the situation to deteriorate further in the coming years everywhere in aging Europe due to catastrophic demographics, permanent economic downturn, financial collapse in the US, rise of the Caliphate and ever larger waves of colonizers from the south, aided by treacherous Marxists at home. Current African population number: 1.1 billion. Within 35 years that number will have grown to 2.0 billion. Population western Europe now: 320 million. Average age Europe now: 41 and rising fast. Won’t be long until a ‘European Spring’ will arrive. Enjoy the final years of living under Pax Americana; if you want to make that trip around the world, do it now. In a few years time the world will look very different, especially in Europe. These are the final years of modernity. Fossil fuel supply from the Middle East is highly insecure. Non-existing supply from north-America a joke. Our only hope for survival during the coming energy transition decades is Russia, the same entity our Marxist-clowns-in-office are now harassing on behalf of their US overlords. But perhaps that is a necessary dialectic step towards 21st century stability: Paris-Berlin-Moscow on a neo-Gaullist basis, maneuvering between a US-oriented 1968 leftist baby-boomer elite on the way out, but still in charge and street level fascism.

P.S. We are not going to give the magnificent European civilization away to the third world, just because a few Marxist traitors insist we should. What we could do however, after the coming fall and balkanization of the US, is that Europeans and Chinese will sit around the table and take responsibility for sub-Saharan Africa, divide it and ‘adopt’ it. A sort of recolonization-lite, but only on invitation of and substantial backing by the Africans themselves.

[] – Come Back, Colonialism, All Is Forgiven

Rhodesia in better times

Rhodesia in better times

The best thing of course would be that Africans would take matters into their own hands, but don’t hold your breath. Unfortunately.

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