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MH17 – The Flying Lusitania?

Pictures from impact Malaysia Airlines MH17, the plane crashed on 16:20, Thursday, July 17, 2014, in Ukrainian rebel held territory, near the village of Hrabove in Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine, about 40 km (25 mi) from the Ukraine–Russia border.

This post does not pretend to give the final answer about what happened to MH17. It is an attempt to make sense of what happened by selecting pointers towards pieces of information, in the hope that a coherent picture will emerge.

Who did it?


1. Ukrainians rebels
2. Ukrainian government
3. Russia
4. US mercenaries like Blackwater/Academi that were reported to be involved in the EuroMaidan/Nuland coup and overthrow of the legitimately democratically elected government. [Daily Mail] [Spiegel] [GlobalResearch] [DeepResource]
5. Bomb placed in the plane in Amsterdam by some foreign secret service. Amsterdam airport security is run by an Israeli security company called ICTS. ICTS, at least in 2001 owned Huntley-USA, the firm that ran ‘security’ at both 9/11 departure airports Boston and Newark. MH17… the Dutch 9/11? Just saying.

Cui bono?

Us & Ukrainian government only. Russia and Ukrainian rebels have zero interest in killing 300 mainly Dutch, Malaysian and other western nationals, unless they (the rebels) made a mistake and thought it was a plane of the Ukrainian military. They now are under pressure to prove that they did not do it.

Most likely scenarios

1. Ukrainian government staged a false flag operation to create the pretext for NATO involvement in the Ukraine and completely remove the Ukraine from the Russian sphere of influence and make it a western protectorate. Parallels with the ocean liner Lusitania emerge. The sinking of the Lusitania by Germany was used as a pretext by the US government to join the allies during WW1 (the Balfour deal was the real reason). 100 years later, British divers showed that the ship did indeed contain large amounts of contraband, as the Germans had claimed, making the ship a legitimate target for Germans submarines. The parallel here is that the MH17 crash could be used to instigate a confrontation between Washington and Moscow, as desired by Washington.

2. Ukrainian rebels made a mistake and thought that the plane, coming from the direction of Kiev, was a transport plane of Kiev military.

Support for false flag operation, staged by Kiev

1. The rebels did not need a sophisticated air traffic control center to identify the incoming plane MH17. Any Apple or Android smartphone provides apps like Flightradar24, that give accurate realtime information about any airliner, including position, origin, destination and carrier:

2. There is a Spanish national Carlos Buca ‘@spainbuca’…


…reportedly working for Ukrainian traffic control, who spilled the beans about what had happened, namely that MH17 was trailed and shot down by two Ukrainian fighter jets. De full text of the twitter feed is here and copied at the end of this post. This gist is: in the afternoon the Ukrainian military takes over flight control in Kiev (Borispol?). Carlos Buca probably has his smartphone at hand and twitters what is going on. He writes that MH17 has gone of the radar and that there was no communication with the plane about it. In despair Carlos writes that the plane is down and it should look like an attack by the rebels. Reports that he and others are threatened. Says that at any moment their phones can be taken… or break my head. Then he refers to ‘foreigners’ in the building (let us guess: Canadians? Norwegians?). Says that Ukrainian fighter jet escorted MH17 until 2 minutes before it disappeared from radar (that would be the time it takes for the plane to fall from the sky). Then suggests the action may the consequence of an internal power struggle between Poroshenko and Timoshenko.

[Spanish RT] – interview with alleged air traffic controller [English transcript]

[ETN Global Travel Industry News]

3. It was reported by Interfax that the Ukrainian secret service SBU confiscated recordings of communications between air traffic control and MH17. What do they have to hide? Hypothesis: perhaps air traffic control told the plane to change course and fly over rebel held territory, violating FAA regulations not to do so?

4. MH17 was diverted and was flying a different route, 200 km to the north compared to 10 similar flights in the days before, obviously on instructions of Ukrainian air traffic control:

5. There is a video about amateuristic Ukrainian fabricated ‘evidence’, dated a day before the crash, which shows that the fate of MH17 may have been sealed 24 hours in advance:

Support for attack, carried out by rebels

[] – Smoking Guns: Russian Separatists Shot Down Malaysian Flight MH17; Putin Must Be Held Responsible

There are mainly two ‘smoking guns’ here: a tweet, supposedly by Strelkov (sceptical comments here and here) and the telephone conversation between rebels and their commanders, the one with the timestamp of a day before the crash (see point 5 above). That’s meager.

US blame game

It is important to note that the Americans were very quick to blame Russia, without a shred of proof, just like they were quick to blame bin Laden for 9/11, where we have yet to wait for a first trial, which will never come.

[] – A Julia Ioffe from The New Republic insists without proof that the Russia backed separatists.

Brookings Institution President Strobe Talbott has sensationally blamed Russia for shooting down a Malaysia Airlines plane which was hit by a missile over Ukraine, killing all 295 people on board, based on a probably fake tweet:

Donetsk separatist boss Strelkov, Kremlin’s proxy in war, says he ordered shootdown thinking plane was Ukrainian
— Strobe Talbott (@strobetalbott) July 17, 2014

[] – Sanctions and Airliners — Paul Craig Roberts
The appearance of a Washington operation is present. All the warmongers were ready on cue. US Vice President Joe Biden declared that the airliner was “blown out of the sky.” It was “not an accident.” Why would a person without an agenda be so declarative prior to having any information?

Senator John McCain jumped on the supposition that there were US citizens aboard to call for punitive actions against Russia before the passenger list and the cause of the airliner’s fate are known.

It is 9/11 all over again, the US blaming the desired scape goat without proof. This incident smells like yet another false flag attack.

U.S. Vice President Biden says Malaysia Airlines jet was shot down, “not an accident, blown out of the sky”

A Dutch passenger, Cor Pan, took a photo of the plane from the departures lounge of Amsterdam airport. He captioned the image: “If it disappears, this is what it looks like”, refering to the missing Malayan plane that went missing months ago. This is the photo he took.

[] – 10 questions Russia wants Ukraine to answer

[] – Questions over why Malaysian plane flew over Ukrainian warzone

The truth about the Lusithania came out almost hundred years after the fact. Let’s hope that the truth about MH17 will emerge much quicker.

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Geopolitical Realism

Excellent video explaining why Russia under no circumstance should intervene in the Ukraine. That’s precisely what Washington wants, to create the pretext for war in Europe. Let the West handle basket case Ukraine all by itself. The EU is not really interested in accepting the Ukraine as a member and will not keep that country afloat. When the winter begins, the Ukraine will find out the hard way that it has been used by the West as a useful idiot to create conflict, with the aim of weakening Russia. It could very well be that the Nuland sponsored Maidan revolution will end the same way as the Soros sponsored 2004 ‘Orange revolution’: nowhere. Expect the Ukraine begging for fuel from Russia by the end of this year. The West can’t and won’t deliver. Yes Wladimir, it is hard, but you are best advised to sit it out. And the Russophiles from Donbass are best advised to avoid direct confrontation with the Kiev-army and instead use the same partisan hit-and-run tactics as was successfully applied by Afghans and Iraqis, in order to enforce federalization of the Ukraine. It is either that or break-up. Currently the Russophiles still want to remain within the Ukraine, but if too much blood shed has occurred, that outcome will ever become less likely.

Click on subtitles (bottom right) to see, well, subtitles.

Vom Winde Gedreht

German documentary about the construction of an offshore windpark in the Northsea.

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Istanbul Global Jihadist Hub

Largest German and leftist online magazine Der Spiegel reports about Istanbul as a major recruiting ground for ISIS Jihadists. More revealing is the naiv world view western media circles as well as western politicians have about the developments in the Middle-East. By calling ISIS a ‘terrorist organisation’ they ignore the truly revolutionary potential of this movement, that was enabled by the US invasion of Iraq, that destroyed the secular fabric of that country and unleashed the forces of Sunni fundamentalism. But Der Spiegel is even more naiv about the intentions of Turkey. First the magazine concludes that Erdogan wanted to see former friend Assad removed from power, without asking *why* Erdogan would want that. Here is the reason: Erdogan wants to eradicate the last bastion of secular power, so Erdogan’s Turkey can take over the entire Middle-East and restore a situation that existed for centuries, namely Turkey being the epicenter of the Istanbul Caliphate. Turkey will not publicly admit it, but secretly it loves ISIS, that does the dirty work for Turkey, to create the conditions so Turkey can finish the job, perhaps even with consent of desperate westerners. Turkey, according to some rankings, has the sixth army in the world and the potential to take over the Middle-East (Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Saudi-Arabia).

[] – Dschihadisten aus der Türkei: Verführung zum “Heiligen Krieg” (Turkish Jihadists: temptation of holy war)

The Muslim Caliphate - Egypt in Turmoil - Muslim Brotherhood

World Dumps Dollar


Oil major Total’s chief executive said on Saturday the euro should have a bigger role in international trade although it was not possible to do without the U.S. dollar.

[] – Total CEO calls for bigger euro role in oil payments

Bank of France Governor Christian Noyer said the U.S. investigation into BNP Paribas SA (BNP)’s dealings with sanctioned nations may encourage companies to stop using dollars in international transactions.

“We could say that companies would have maximum interest to do the most possible transactions in other currencies,” Noyer, who is also a member of the European Central Bank’s Governing Council, said yesterday on BFM television. “Trade between China and Europe — do it in euros, do it in renminbi, stop doing it in dollars. This is an affair that will leave marks.”

Noyer’s remarks are the strongest yet from French authorities protesting the size of the possible fine BNP Paribas may face in the matter. U.S. investigators are said to seek more than $10 billion in fines, a guilty plea and the suspension of dollar-clearing operations to settle the probe into France’s biggest bank’s dealing in countries including Iran and Sudan.


China designated a clearing bank in Seoul for yuan transactions in South Korea on Friday, coinciding with a visit by President Xi Jinping, as Beijing promotes greater use of its currency overseas, AFP reports.

[] – Beijing, Seoul agree to direct trade in national currencies

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[] – By “Punishing” France, The US Just Accelerated The Demise Of The Dollar

[] – Russia Holds “De-Dollarization Meeting”: China, Iran Willing To Drop USD From Bilateral Trade

[] – The almighty dollar is in peril as the global ‘de-dollarization’ trend accelerates

[] – Dumping the Dollar: Russian oil firm Gazprom Neft says Asian buyers willing to use euros

Dr. Kenneth Deffeyes on Peak Oil

Talk by Dr. Kenneth Deffeyes at the occasion of the Rep. Roscoe G. Bartlett’s 2005 Energy Conference. Deffeyes is one of the early writers about peak oil.

[] – Hubbert’s Peak: The Impending World Oil Shortage (2001)

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Caliphate (Re)created

Abolished in 1924, the Caliphate is back. This is a development of global significance, comparable to the 1917 Petersburg regime change that set the world on fire between East-Berlin and Beijing until 1991. The Caliphate is not just a wild fantasy of ‘Islamic terrorists’, as the west likes to portray it, it is a cornerstone of the Islamic thought, a focal point of Muslim hope of return to global greatness. It was the Caliphate that besieged Vienna in 1529 and 1683. It was the Caliphate that occupied Al-Andalus aka Spain until 1492 (Caliphate of Cordoba). The irony is that ISIS to a large extent is an offshoot of US attempt of world conquest and the desire for a New American Century (PNAC). Washington was so focused on hurting Russia (and China), that it tried to instrumentalise these Jihadis for regime in Damascus, an ally of Russia, just like Washington used the Al-Qaida Jihadis to get rid of the Soviets in Afghanistan. The first time it was a success, the second time a farce. While attempting to accomplish regime change in Moscow, just like Washington organized in Kiev, with the aim of splintering and abolish Russia, so the Washington bankster regime can rule supreme and enforce the abolition of nations worldwide and create a world state, with Washington and/or Jerusalem as it’s capital, Washington created yet another adversary to defeat on a long list: Russia, China, European nationalists, Caliphate, Shiíte empire, American Constitutionalists.

Victoria Nuland and John Kerry against the rest of the world. Pass the popcorn, good luck with that, Washington!

Paul Craig Roberts Advocates Greater Europe

June 24, 2014. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is trying to save the world from war. We should all help him… Putin has placed his future and that of his country on a bet that Russian diplomacy can prevail over Washington’s bribes, threats, blackmail, and coercion. Putin is appealing to Western Europeans. Putin is saying, “I am not the problem. Russia is not the problem. We are reasonable. We are ignoring Washington’s provocations. We want to work things out and to find a peaceful solution.”

Washington is saying: “Russia is a threat. Putin is the new Hitler. Russia is the enemy. NATO and the US must begin a military buildup against the Russian Threat, rush troops and jet fighters to Eastern European NATO bases on Russia’s frontier. G-8 meetings must be held without Russia. Economic sanctions must be put on Russia regardless of the damage the sanctions do to Europe.” And so forth.

Putin knows that the UK is a complete vassal puppet state, that Cameron is just as bought-and-paid-for as Blair before him. Putin’s hope for diplomacy over force rests on Germany and France. Both countries face Europe’s budget and employment woes, and both countries have significant economic relations with Russia. German business interests are a counterweight to the weak Merkel government’s subservience to Washington. Washington has stupidly angered the French by trying to steal $10 billion from France’s largest bank. This theft, if successful, will destroy France’s largest bank and deliver France to Wall Street.

If desire for national sovereignty still exists in the German or French governments, one or both could give the finger to Washington and publicly declare that they are unwilling for their country to be drawn into conflict with Russia for the sake of Washington’s Empire and the financial hegemony of American banks.

Putin is betting on this outcome. If his bet is a bad one and Europe fails not only Russia but itself and the rest of the world by accommodating Washington’s drive for world hegemony, Russia and China will have to submit to Washington’s hegemony or be prepared for war.


ISIS Five-Year Plan

Five-Year Plan ISIS
(Just kidding)

Polish FM Sikorski: US-Polish Ties Worthless

More bad news for the US global empire, after the rise of ISIS in Mesopotamia, formerly known as Iraq. Europe’s staunchest US ally after Britain, Polish foreign minister Radek Sikorski, has uttered in private less than diplomatic language about the US-Polish relationship: Sikorski viewed “Poland’s alliance with America as “worthless”… the alliance with Washington “is complete bullshit. We’ll get into a conflict with the Germans and the Russians and we’ll think that everything is super because we gave the Americans a blowjob. Losers. Complete losers.”” These views are remarkable as Sikorski, at least until recently, was a strong pro-western/anglo politician and is even married with US neocon Anne Applebaum, a sort of Victorya Nuland and since 2013 equipped with a Polish passport. We are somewhat skeptical about the durability prospects of Sikorski’s marriage. What is interesting is that Sikorski obviously judges that the US led West is risking to lose the battle of the US intended regime change in Russia and that Poland could end up being the sucker between Germany and Russia, just like in 1939, when Poland volunteered to initiate the German-Polish conflict over Danzig and ended up being a communist vassal state of Soviet-Russia. Poland seems to have learned from history that it is better to have good relations with your neighbours, rather than playing the useful idiot for an unreliable far-away ‘ally’. Welcome home in Europe, mr. Sikorski!

[] – Poland leak: Radek Sikorski scorns ‘worthless’ US ties
[] – Sikorski in hot water

German Gold **NOT** to be Repatriated from FED Vaults

More proof that Germany (and the rest of the EU) is merely a US colony, a situation that needs to end, was given this week after reports that despite German request, no repatriation of German gold from US vaults is going to happen after all. Currently, German gold is stored in New York (45%), Frankfurt (31%), London (13%) and Paris (11%). This announcement increased rumors that the gold is no longer in the possession of the Fed in the first place.

“The Americans are taking good care of our gold,” Norbert Barthle, the budget spokesman for Merkel’s Christian Democratic bloc in parliament, said in an interview. “Objectively, there’s absolutely no reason for mistrust.”
Several months after it was revealed that Germany was able to only recover a miserable 5 tons of its gold in all of 2013 (under 10% of the 84 tons it was scheduled to repatriate), Germany appears to have given up entirely in its attempt to recover gold which simply is not there, and as Michael Krieger reports, citing Bloomberg, has decided to keep “it” (by “it” we don’t mean the gold since that clearly has not been at the Fed for decades, but merely the paper promises of ownership: for more see China’s gold rehypothecation scandal and how the unwind works) at the NY Fed after all. That is to say, in the “safe hands” of former Goldmanite Bill Dudley.

Large-scale anti Fed & NATO demonstrations in Germany

Austria Defies Washington and Their Brussels Lapdogs

Russian president Wladimir Putin received a warm welcome in Austria yesterday by Austrian president and social-democrat Heinz Fisher. Fisher bluntly defied the orders of EU US-satraps and expressed his support for the South-Stream pipeline, the construction of which had come to a temporarily halt after US senators like McCain had ordered that the pipeline was undesirable (for American geopolitical interests that is and keep Europe under the American thumb, but he did not say that too loud). Fisher stated the obvious when he said: “Europe needs Russian gas. Europe will need more Russian gas in future because European gas production is falling… I think the European Union understands this, too.“. Gazprom and Austrian OMV agreed to split the 200 million euro cost of the 50 km Austrian stretch of the 2,446 km, $40 billion long South Stream pipeline,

[] – UPDATE 3-Austria signs Russian pipeline deal, hosts rare Putin visit
[] – Putin Scores Another Historic Victory: Austria Signs South Stream Pipeline Deal In Defiance Of Europe

The Predictions of Faud Hussein


From 2013 to 2016, Hussein says the Islamic movement will have shifted the balance of power in the Middle East away from the West and Israel, and the Islamists will be supported by new allies such as China. In this environment a new caliphate will be established. The sixth phase, lasting until 2020, is that of “Total Confrontation”, when an Islamic army and newly formed caliphate will defeat the non-believers in a global conflict. Following this, a final phase will be that of the caliphate’s “definitive victory”.

[] – The Future of Terrorism: What al-Qaida Really Wants (2005)

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Former US Ambassador to Iraq Hill About “The Development”

Christopher Hill thinks that partition of Iraq is inevitable. Opines that removing Assad is no longer strictly necessary. Justifies the killing of Saddam because… ‘he attacked his neighbours‘ (encouraged and supported by the US, even with gassing of Iranians, but Hill ‘forgets’ to mention that little detail, the hypocrasy of these Washington types is unparalleled). In between RT shows a quote by historian William Blum that since WW2 the US has overthrown 55 governments. Then the typical American multiculturalist that he is suggests that a president is needed who can bring together the communities of Iraq. The anchorwoman then suggest that maybe Saddam & Assad was/is better than types like Baghdadi, currently marching towards Bagdad (what’s in a name). Hill suggests that the US and countries like Russia should get together to see how 1000 years of ethnic animosity could be solved, ignoring that the possibility of a divorce is much more rational way ‘to go forward’ (‘going forward’ is an expression Hill uses at least ten times in the interview). Then Hill suggests that Turkey should play a role in solving this crisis, as if Erdogan-Turkey has any intention of doing anything about this.

Who Loves/Hates Who in the Middle-East

Instructive chart showing all parties involved in the present day turmoil in the Middle-East.



[] – Patrick Cockburn disucsses the situation in Iraq

[] – Robert Fisk says that Saudi-Arabia does infact bankroll ISIS, in contrast to what is suggested in the graph above

Mosul Falls to the Caliphate

More bad news for the Washington aspired New World Order global empire: the 2nd largest city in Iraq Mosul (informally the capital of Sunni Iraq) bordering Kurdistan, has fallen to radical Islamist’s of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant/Syria (ISIL / ISIS). Baghdad is losing control over large parts of the country, the Wall-street Journal talks of a ‘strategic disaster’, for good reason: everything is going wrong these days for the global empire apologists. What we see unfolding for our eyes are the birth pangs of the multi-polar world order that will result from the clash of civilizations, as prophesied by Samuel Huntington. Gone are the days of Turks and Kurds being ethnic adversaries, they both have bigger fish to fry now: the re-establishment of the Sunni Caliphate, ranging from Istanbul to Damascus, Mosul, Amman, Riyadh, Cairo and Tripolis, neighbouring a Shi’ite caliphate, centered around the Tehran-Baghdad axis. The Sunni Kurds will enjoy semi-autonomy and the Caliphate will be run by the Turks, everybody happy. We are going to miss good old solid secular dictator Saddam; by removing him, in one blow, the Americans kick-started no less than two potential caliphate’s with less than friendly feelings towards the US and Europe. Mission accomplished. Consider Iraq history.


[] – Sunni Militants Drive Iraqi Army Out of Mosul
[] – The Fall of Mosul, a strategic disaster
[] – Turkey, Iraqi Kurdistan Seal 50-Year Energy Deal
[] – Turkey’s Changing Relations with Iraq: Kurdistan Up, Baghdad Down

The potential Shia empire Tehran-Baghdad, linked to Russia and China.

RT Interviews Marine le Pen (again)

We are pleased to learn that RussiaToday has anchorwomen fluent in French and we predict that these skills will be in increased demand in the coming years, as France (and the rest of Europe) will prepare to loosen it’s membership of the EU, NATO and the West and turn to Moscow, as the Europeans become sick and tired of Washington’s imposed flavor of communism/one-worldism: multiculturalism and the Islamisation that comes with it. Naturally Marine le Pen is received with great warmth as she is correctly perceived as the ally of Russia of the future.

IEA: End US Shale Boom In Sight

The Guardian reports that the International Energy Agency (IEA) has backpedaled on it’s earlier claims (2012) that the US would surpass Saudi-Arabia as the largest oil producer by 2020 and would become a net exporter by 2030. Now the IEA says that US tight oil production will peak in 2020 and decline after 2025. Now IEA chief economist Fatih Birol says: In Europe we are facing the risk of the lights going off. This is not a joke.

Our take: we are not surprised, otherwise we would not run this blog. The ‘professional energy watchers’ at the IEA are merely over-paid well-fare bums. How could these people be mistaken so much and radically change their minds in less than 2 years? As Richard Heinberg says: leave fossil fuel before fossil fuel leaves us!

[] – US shale boom is over, energy revolution needed to avert blackouts
[] – Europe at risk of blackouts, warns IEA
[] – IEA chief: Only a decade left in US shale oil boom

McCain Visits Bulgaria

US war mongering government to EU: “shoot yourself in the foot“. And the EU spineless satrap bureaucrats obey orders and shoot themselves in the foot. Brussels ordered Bulgaria to immediately halt work on the South-Stream pipeline, an obvious hit against Russia on orders of Washington, that is determined to start a war, cold or hot, with Russia on European soil.


Bulgaria btw is for the full 100% dependent on Russia for natural gas deliveries. The BBC schmucks noted: “Bulgaria has previously said it is being targeted by Brussels as a means of retaliating against Russia over the situation in Ukraine”.


At least they got that right. So Bulgaria, why listen to Brussels and commit economic suicide? Here an overview of European fossil fuel dependency on Russia:


Meanwhile, another spineless US satrap wannabee, the candy bar prez of the Ukraine, Poroshenko, has announced his maximalist positions regarding Novorossia, no doubt on orders of Washington, to create as much blood shed among Russophiles in south-eastern Ukraine to force Putin to intervene in the Ukraine:

Very good source for day-to-day intepretation of events in the Ukraine:

This is precisely the scheme with which Germany was suckered into WW2, when the allies secretly gave the Poles cart-blanche to go after the Germans forced to live in Versailles-Poland. In reality it was the refugee-crisis that prompted the German invasion (read for instance: 1939 – The War That Had Many Fathers, by Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof), an interpretation of events that Russia reluctantly seems to be willing to support. War is much closer than many people realize in the west. At least another cold war, but possibly even worse than that. War would mean that Europe will be cut off from Russian fossil fuel, with devastating effect for eastern Europe, but also for Germany. Again, it is time for us Europeans to break up the west and turn to Russia and send the Americans packing. The US are a dying empire. According to Paul Craig Roberts, a member of the former Reagan administration, the US will be a third world country by 2023.

But unfortunately it looks like that the US war machine doesn’t want to die peacefully like the USSR did in 1991.

Average IQ-map of the world, clearly indicating a shift towards Eurasia.


America destroyed itself through mass-immigration from the third world. The days that America could put a man on the moon are long gone. Europe is clearly member of the wrong club. After the death of the Rothschildt-Goldman-Sachs empire (Anglosphere), initiated by the dumping of the dollar by the BRICS and the rest of the world, the world will become multi-polar, with Greater Europe (Paris-Berlin-Moscow) and China the leading political entities. China will retake Taiwan and possibly Australia and double it’s territory and solve it’s overpopulation problem. And Greater Europe of 700 million will protect European enclaves of 200 million in the balkanized north-America of the future.



[] – Bulgaria halts Russia’s South Stream gas pipeline project
[] – No changes to South Stream gas pipeline– Serbian Prime Minister

Inside the US Federal Reserve

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