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IKEA to Expand Solar Panel Sales to 8 Other Nations From UK

In the UK, IKEA has a 3.4 kW system on offer for £5,700 (€7.260 or $9,326) including installation.

IKEA said that it would expand its offer of residential solar panels, sold in its British stores since 2013, in partnership with the British unit of Chinese clean energy generator Hanergy Holding Group Ltd.

The solar offer would expand to the Netherlands in October and Switzerland in December, and to stores in another six nations within 18 months. IKEA did not name those countries.

[] – IKEA to widen solar panel sales to eight new nations from UK
[] – Ikea boosts solar power outlook with £5,700 home system

US Hybris in Action

Europe is member of the wrong club.

Rich & Poor Countries

Orange is below, blue is above global average GDP/capita.

Note that within Euro-Siberia, Ukraine is the only country below world’s average.

The New Sad Life of Mikheil Saakashvili

Mikheil Saakashvili, the former president of Georgia, in his new home Brooklyn.



On a positive note, it can’t be excluded that Saakashvili will be kept company by none less that Poroshenko next year.

[] – Ukraine Is On The Brink Of Total Economic Collapse


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What Became of Germany’s Solar Industry?

Solar World stock price

Germany kick-started the solar energy revolution, but lost the market of solar panels to the Chinese. Solarworld is the only remaining German big player that survived the producer massacre. Bosch, Siemens, Q Cells, Solon, Solar Millennium, Sovello, Conergy, Odersun either sold their activities, withdrew or went bust. The boom was enabled by lavish subsidies from the German government, so lavish that firms failed to to build competitive structures. And now that the global market finally takes off, German solar industry is nearly dead. Merely 5000 jobs remain, where China produces 60% of all modules. A few bright spots remain though:

Solarwatt – modules, inverters, carports and other niches
Manz – production lines for solar modules
Wacker-Chemie – high-grade silicon

[] – Konkurrenz mit China: Was wurde aus… Deutschlands Solarindustrie?
[] – Germany’s Solar Industry Is Imploding

Chinese Navy Presence in the Gulf for the First Time in History

According to AP:

And now, as AP reports, for the first time in history, China has docked a Navy Destroyer in the Southern Iranian port of Bandar-Abbas – right across the Straits of Hormuz from ‘US stronghold-for-now’ Bahrain and UAE.

Editor: the US now pays 75% of NATO’s bill. There have been voices in Europe for decades that Europe should have its own defense pillar within NATO. An embryonic organisation called Western European Union (WEU) did exist, but never really got off the ground. The US always discouraged such a development (so the US could continue to dominate Europe). But with the end of the American era in sight, Europe now needs to get really serious about its own defense and build a credible organisation that can operate outside NATO and can establish links with Russia. NATO itself needs to be restructured on a two-pillar and strictly defensive basis: if American or European homelands are invaded or bombed, mutual solidarity kicks in, but that’s it. All sorts of imperial adventures, like US navy operating in the Black Sea or near the Chinese coast and incidents resulting from that, should not automatically result in solidarity. Furthermore, Europe should talk with Russia to get these silly sanctions out of the way. Accept that the Crimea is Russian (again), exclude NATO-membership of Ukraine for a very long time to come, but respect territorial integrity of that country. And resume building South-Stream immediately.

[] – The PetroYuan Cometh: China Docks Navy Destroyer In Iran’s Strait Of Hormuz Port
[] – Chinese Destroyer Docks in Iran, First Such Visit

Farage Supports Putin

After the last EU elections UKIP emerged as the largest party in Britain, just like Marine le Pen’s Front National did in France. Both Nigel Farage and Marine le Pen have expressed support for Vladimir Putin. Farage did so in relation to the threat of the emerging fundamentalist Caliphate, Marine le Pen from a classic Gaullist reflex of keeping distance from Anglosphere.

Meanwhile the fools in Brussels…


…are risking the future of their EU by refusing to provide real leadership and tell the Americans to take a hike on the Ukraine issue. Instead they prefer to cowardly hide behind America’s back and let them decide about Europe’s best interests, where in reality the US attitude towards Europe is best described by Nuland’s “f*** the EU”. We have to admit that over the past 9 months we have been very unpleasantly surprised by the absolute lack of spine with our current ‘leaders’ in Europe. We call them fools because they blindly follow the US in their insane covert war against Russia, but in the process put Europe’s lucrative trade relations with Russia as well as uninterrupted supply of fossil fuel at great risk.

[] – Nigel Farage: Vladimir Putin is the world leader I most admire
[] – Why I admire Putin
[] – Nigel Farage: I admire Vladimir Putin
[] – Stop opposing Vladmir Putin in Ukraine and join forces to defeat Islamic terrorists

Flames of War – ISIS The Movie

N.B. NSA-annex Google/YouTube is very censor-happy, so expect this video to be deleted any moment. But the video can be found elsewhere easily by searching for ‘Flames of War ISIS’. [mirror]

ISIS is the best proof that Francis Fukuyama’s thesis about ‘The end of history‘ is absolute bunk. The rise of China and reassertion of Russian power are two others. And don’t get us started about Europe’s potential. History is not about to end, instead it is going to reawaken from hibernation, that started at the end of the Cold War and ended when it became clear for everybody to see that America failed to realize its geostrategic objective to incorporate Iraq into its world empire. Now the cards are going to be radically dealt anew. The biggest loser is going to the US, that will be stripped of its fantasies of being able to rule the entire world. American Exceptionalism, the New World Order or whatever you want to call it, are going to bite the dust. And Europe has to really pay attention that it is not going to fall into the abyss as well by hanging on too long to our former colony-turned-overlord and our Atlanticist Faith.

Here is George Orwell’s vision as formulated in “1984” of how the future world would look like politically:


Our prediction is that the emerging multi-polar world order will have a lot of resemblance with Orwell’s geopolitical vision. Orwell foresaw Paris-Berlin-Moscow (purple, Christian). It foresaw the rise of China (green, Confucian) and that Japan will be a Chinese satellite. Orwell spoke of the ‘disputed territories’ (yellow, Islam/Caliphate). And of course Anglosphere (pink, Judaism).

What Orwell in 1948 did not foresee was that Turkey would lose its secular/Kemalist character, that Ataturk’s revolution could be reversed, as is happening as we speak and that Turkey could emerge as the de facto leader of Islam and capital of the Sunni Caliphate/neo-Ottoman Empire. Today, ISIS is functioning as the ice-breaker towards the Caliphate. That’s why Turkey is very reluctant to support Western military action against ISIS and the reason why ISIS gets covert support from many sources, ranging from Jordan, Turkey, Qatar to Saudi-Arabia. What ISIS is doing is getting rid of Shi’ite stronghold Syria and carve out as much territory as possible from Shi’ite dominated Iraq, so eventually Turkey can step in and take over from ISIS.

Another possible deviation from Orwell’s vision could be that North-Americans of European descent will refuse to live in a third world country and corresponding standards and can motivate themselves to secede from Straussian-run Washington, so that balkanized Euro-American territories (red states/fly-over country) can join a global European Commonwealth, centered around Paris-Berlin-Moscow: Greater Europe, Euro-Siberia, The North, Boreas, Imperium Europa or whatever you want to call it.


If not, living in the next USSR will be the fate of the Americans (and British), just like Orwell predicted. The NSA and Homeland Security are ready. In that case Scotland might really come to regret that it rejected the opportunity of independence from Anglosphere.

Poor America, all of a sudden it faces three major stumbling blocks on the road towards global empire: China, Russia and the Caliphate in statu nascendi. China is rapidly approaching the US like a shabby Ukrainian fighter jet, penetrating the clouds on it’s way to down a higher flying posh passenger plane, in order to ‘de-americanize‘ the world:


Meanwhile we Europeans should in public continue to play America’s bitch for a little longer, but in secret conspire with the Russians about how the world should look like after the End of the American Era and patiently wait for the Chinese-American confrontation to occur.

Missile Hitting the Pentagon

We don’t know if these pictures are real or doctored. What we do know is that no passenger plane crashed into the Pentagon on 11 September, 2001.


Here is an older video, showing the Pentagon from a different angle. The explosion is clear, but where is the airplane? A cruise missile like in the pictures above would explain why:

Putin Confirms Ambition Paris-Berlin-Moscow Alliance

Interview beginning of June, 2014, president Vladimir Putin had with French media representatives on the eve of the D-Day commemorations in Normandy, France. On 16:39 Putin says:

Francois Mitterrand spoke of a European confederation with Russia as a member. I think this opportunity still exists. We will have it in the future.

As we have said before, Vladimir Putin is the Charles de Gaulle of the 21st century.

Moi je dis qu’il faut faire l’Europe avec pour base un accord entre Français et Allemands. (…) Une fois l’Europe faite sur ces bases (…), alors, on pourra se tourner vers la Russie. Alors, on pourra essayer, une bonne fois pour toutes, de faire l’Europe tout entière avec la Russie aussi, dut-elle changer son régime. Voilà le programme des vrais Européens. Voilà le mien”.
Charles de Gaulle (1949)


Scottish Dependence Continues

scotland-independence[Monica Burns]
Scotland said no after all with a clear margin of 55-45. The Scots did not have the guts to ascend to a long list of successful smaller European nations like Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway or the Netherlands, all with a clear identity and who always show up on the top of the feel-good lists ranking income, social safety nets, low crime, high environmental standards, etc. Using the remaining oil wealth Scotland certainly had the potential to become a winner. But a relationship of 307 years apparently was too difficult to break, even if that relationship resulted from a Scottish elite that had screwed up and sought refuge with England, against the will of the Scottish population. The Scottish elite had maneuvered itself into financial disaster (key word Darien scheme) and the English offered to bail them out in return for a British union. Sadly it looks like that the Bravehearts have died out. In hindsight, the fact that an Australian played the role should have been an omen. No guts, no glory.


[] – 8 Reasons Why Scots Voted ‘No’ to Independence

Kisielice-Poland Independent From Grid

Over the past few years Kisielice (or Freystadt as it was known in former West-Prussia) has undertaken determined steps to become independent from the national electricity grid. And succeeded. Most electricity comes from 52 wind turbines, total capacity 94,5MW. Furthermore a central heating network was built around a 6 MW biomass boiler plant, fueled by locally harvested straw. Kisielice is still an early bird in Poland, which still uses coal for 90% of its electricity generation, but as the saying goes: “once one, come all“”.


German Former Ambassador to NATO Tries to Mend Relations With Russia

Germany is very unhappy with the current state of affairs of Russian-German relations. Since the days of chancellor Willy Brandt, Germany has consistently striven for better relations between USSR/Russia and Germany (“Ostpolitik“). Joachim Bitterlich was close confidant of Helmut Kohl in the realm of foreign policy and German ambassador to NATO. Bitterlich is a heavy weight. He says what Germany really thinks. This interview is in line with a similar interview RT had with German former Defense Secretary Wimmer. Germany (and France) are biding their time to escape from Anglosphere at the right moment. That moment will come with the inevitable confrontation between China and the US in the coming years, when China will take over the role of the US:


An alliance between Russia and the EU plus European parts of a balkanized US will be the only planetary force able to contain China.

Reconstruction MH17 Crash by Russian Union of Engineers

The Dutch recently released a report that said nothing about who was responsible for the tragedy, as was to be expected with new Western colony Ukraine having veto power over its contents. The report ruled out technical causes and came to the conclusion that the plane was brought down by ‘high energy objects’ (shrapnel? bullits?).

Earlier the Russian Union of Engineers produced a report (on 15/08/2014).

About the authors of the report:

A group of experts from the Russian Union of engineers was convened to analyze the situation, including reserve officers with experience in the use of anti-aircraft missile systems, as well as pilots having experience with aircraft weapons.

The Russians accept that the plane was brought down by means of anti-aircraft weapons (missiles and/or cannon). The Russians proceed by investigating two possible scenarios:
1) Buk missile, as was initially promoted by the West (politics and media), but later quietly dropped
2) Air-to-air rocket-cannon fire.

The Russians admit that in general it is very well possible to down a passenger plane like the MH17 with a Buk missile with a hit probability of 0.8-0.95. However, the launch of a Buk is accompanied by a lot of noise between 100-3000m as well as a powerful explosion at the launch site. Furthermore, there is a trail of exhaust up until the clouds and will remain in the air for up to 10 minutes:


Finally, there is an explosion with a known signature in the air at the point of impact:


The 40-50 kg warhead would explode 50-100 m from the target and shrapnel could penetrate the plane, but not break it up. If the hydraulic system would have been damaged, resulting in loss of control over the airplane, the pilots would have been able to inform flight control about the situation, but nothing like that seems to have happened.

Furthermore the plane was downed at broad daylight, over a heavily populated area with many people having telephone-camera’s at their disposal who would have recorded the launch of a Buk from different angles, exactly like happened with the meteor over Chelyabinsk [large compilation here], and would subsequently have been posted on the internet (forums, twitter, youtube). Nothing of the sort happened. Eyewitnesses merely reported explosions and bodies falling from the sky.

Regarding the second option, the Russian engineers observe that there were many eyewitnesses who saw a military plane (some even two):

The Russian Defense ministry has reported during their MH17 press conference…

… that:

on the 17th of July, Russian Air traffic control tracked an aeroplane, potentially an SU-25, of the Ukrainian Air force, climbing towards the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777. The distance between the two aircraft did not exceed 3—4 km. It must be noted that, in line with its specifications, the SU-25 is capable of briefly reaching heights in excess of 10 thousand metres. Standard equipment includes R60 Air to Air missiles. These missiles are capable of engaging and destroying targets to a range of up to 10km with a 100% hit ratio up to 8 km. Accordingly it is not necessary for the aeroplane to closely approach the target – It will be sufficient to simply ensure that the distance to the target falls within the guaranteed limits of the missile.

[Editor: as far as we know the presence of a fighter plane was never denied by the West, just ignored]

The Russians bring in another fighter plane candidate, apart from SU-25:

An SU-25 and MIG-29 appear identical on radar, insofar as they have similar sized reflective surfaces. The practical surface ceiling of a MIG-29 is 18013 m, thus the height at which the Malaysian airliner was travelling (10100 m) can be easily reached. The MIG-29 has two engines generating high thrust which allows the plane to reach speeds of up to 2000kmh.

The Union of Engineers conclude that the second scenario could very well have taken place:

Thus, according to the analysts from the Russian Union of Engineers, we have the complete destruction of the Boeing 777 as [a result of] missile systems using “air-to-air” close-combat missiles as well as a 30-mm aircraft cannon or an SPPU-22 container with GSh-23L 23-mm dual-barrel guns. At the same time, when firing on a target, a laser range finder can be used, or a laser sight, that allows for significantly improved accuracy. This is indicated by the pattern of damage and the dispersal of the fragments: there are round holes, which are typically produced as a result of gun shots, and discontinuous holes characteristic of flechette rockets.

Furthermore, the damage as shown below…


…is not characteristic for a Buk, but more commonly associated with aircraft cannon shells of the GSH or SPPU type. The lite weight warheads R60 (3.5 kg, SU-25) or R-73 (5 kg, MIG-29) are heat seeking devices with little power and designed to kill an engine.

The picture of the entry and exit holes in the cockpit of the Boeing 777 are fully consistent with the passage through the flight of shells from the 20-30 mm caliber guns found on military aircraft. This confirms the second version of what brought down the Boeing.

The Russian Union of Engineers conclude:

An unidentified combat aircraft (presumably a Su-25 or MiG -29), which was a tier below, on a collision course, in the cloud layer, sharply gained altitude and suddenly appeared out of the clouds in front of the civilian aircraft and opened fire on the cockpit, firing from a 30 mm caliber cannon or smaller. The pilot of a fighter jet can do this while in “free hunting” mode (using onboard radar) or with the help of navigational guidance using airspace situation data from ground-based radar.
As a result of multiple hits from shells there was damage to the cockpit, which suddenly depressurized, resulting in instant death for the crew due to mechanical influences and decompression. The attack was sudden and lasted a fraction of a second; in such circumstances the crew could not sound any alarm as the flight had been proceeding in regular mode and no attack was expected… The pilot of the unidentified combat aircraft maneuvered to the rear of the Boeing 777. After that, the unidentified plane remained on the combat course, the pilot provided a target tracking aircraft equipment, took aim and launched his R-60 or R-73 missiles. The result was a loss of cabin pressure, the aircraft control system was destroyed, the autopilot failed, the aircraft lost the ability to maintain its level flight path, and went into a tailspin. The resulting overload led to mechanical failure of the airframe at high altitudes… Ukraine, the Netherlands, Belgium and Australia signed an agreement on August 8 providing that information about the crash investigation would be disclosed only upon the consent of all parties… “The results will be announced at the conclusion of the investigation and with the consent of all parties that have executed the agreement.”

Full report Russian Union of Engineers:
[Russian original]
[English translation]

[] – Malaysian Flight MH17 Crash Analysis, by The Russian Union of Engineers
[] – Rapport: Zo schoot Oekraïense jet MH17 neer

Editor: we agree completely with what the Russian Union of Engineers brings forward. The behavior of the West speaks volumes: they are embarrassed and try to cover up the case. It is obvious and embarrassing that the Dutch government is so completely in the pockets of the Americans that the former willingly helps to cover up the deaths of 200 of their own compatriots.

The Lies of Der Spiegel

“The World President”, that’s how the crypto-communist Der Spiegel would like to have it.

We see the ‘German’ Magazine Der Spiegel as nothing but a mouth-piece of the US State Department and as such representing American, not German interests. It is much the same as with Neues Deutschland representing the interests of Moscow during the days of communism. Neues Deutschland was the national newspaper of the now defunct GDR. After the fall of communism Neues Deutschland sank away in oblivion and just faded away. It won’t be different with Der Spiegel after the crash of the American Era.

Below a few examples of how propaganda organ Der Spiegel manipulates the news. We will regularly update this post and bump it to the top.

- Ukraine-Konflikt: Putin drohte mit Einmarsch in Riga und Warschau
Article caption reads: “Putin threatened to invade Riga and Warsaw”. If you read the article it turns out that supposedly Putin has said: “I could invade Riga or Warsaw”. Of course he could, but that does not mean he is seriously contemplating it. America can blow up the world. That does not mean it will. But the headline is manipulated to the extent that Putin is seriously threatening to invade Eastern Europe. Conclusion: we need to increase NATO spending.

- Directly after the downing of MH17, Der Spiegel started a campaign of accusing Putin of the tragedy without a shred of proof and thus contributed in a significant manner to the sanctions regime that followed, all in the interest of the US, not Europe. Than, weeks later, Der Spiegel had to admit that there was no proof that ‘Putin’ did it, ignoring the evidence that it was indeed Kiev that downed the plane.

- The West hijacked the Maidan revolution after years of preceding infiltration and finally succeeded in ousting a democratically elected government. And then Der Spiegel blames Putin for the resulting mess:

spiegel-putin-cover putin-spiegel-brandstifer

Designing the Ultimate Solar Hot Air Collector

We can’t say for certain when the oil age will end. It looks as if the ASPO crowd of 200x was too pessimistic and that perhaps even a ‘third carbon age‘ might be in the cards, for better or worse. Nevertheless, some day there will be no fossil fuel available or too expensive to heat your home. Than it is nice to know that there are alternatives for those living in the northern hemisphere. A few indicators first. An average electric heater can consume, say 2000 Watt. High above the atmosphere the sun radiates a whopping 1367 Watt/m2. In other words, a two m2 window worth of extraterrestrial sunshine would suffice to heat your living room. However, the atmosphere absorbs a lot. In the Sahara at the equator at 12:00, there is still ca. 1050 Watt/m2 left, but in the middle of the winter in NW-Europe merely 150-300 Watt/m2 remain, during the day that is. With a solar hot air collector efficiency of 60% and an average irradiation of 200 Watt/m2 you would need something like 16 m2 collector area to replace your 2000 Watt electric heater and have at least the living room heated. Fortunately, such a hot air collector is relatively easy to built, even by amateurs, as the video shows. So if you have a blank wall or garden with a fence more or less directed towards the south, go for it!

Video notes:

Unit conversions:
1 cubic feet = 28.3 liter
60 degrees Fahrenheit = 15.6 degrees Celcius
32 square foot = 2.97 m2
1000 BTU = 1.055 MJ
1000 BTU/h = 2932 Watt
40 CFM = 1.1 m3/minute

[wikipedia] – Polyisocyanurate (Polyiso)
[] – Super TUFF-R
[] – Tuftex

Optimum airflow: ca. 3 cubic feet of air per minute = 85 liter/minute
Optimum collector output temperature: 120 degrees Fahrenheit = 50 degrees Celcius


Here is another video referenced in the video above with construction details:

Major Arab Allies to the US Fund ISIS

What is so difficult to understand that the Caliphate is the corner stone of Islamic thinking? All Muslims want the Caliphate, otherwise they would not be Muslims. The Caliphate could mean a renaissance of Islamic culture and power, rather than being a sad European/American colony. So it is absolutely no surprise that several ‘major Arab allies’ are covertly funding ISIS.

Arab allies Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Jordan have all provided funding, weapons and training for Islamic State militants.


Independence From UK Generally is a Good Idea

Especially white countries like Canada, Australia and New Zealand were much better off without London.


U.S. National Debt Surges $1 Trillion In Just 12 Months


Interesting is that the gold price lags behind. Many people think that the gold price is artificially suppressed:


Turkey, Another Defector of the New World Order

There can be little doubt about Turkish president Erdogan’s ‘secret’ ambition to restore the Ottoman empire and his cards look really good, thanks to the unimaginable stupidity of US AIPAC geo-strategists, who in 1996 formulated a policy of breathtaking brutality named “Clean Break“. The idea was to destroy all regimes in the Middle East the US did not like. And that policy has been implemented ever since, until this day. With disastrous consequences for the Middle Eastern populations involved. Well-functioning Libya has become a failed state, and Iraq and Syria are destroyed and history, with hundreds of thousands of people killed. Fortunately, Clean Break also came with disastrous geopolitical results for the US. Rather than adding these countries to the US global empire, the DC mafia managed to handover Baghdad plus Shi’ite territories to the sphere of influence of Iran, free of charge. Thank you very much, says Tehran. Then Syria. Syria is allied with both Iran and Russia. One of the several US motivations to destroy Syria was to weaken Russia and deprive Russia of it naval base in Tartus, located on the Mediterranean. Meanwhile, after more than three years of fighting, Assad is still bravely holding out against partly US-funded ‘moderate’ Jihadis. Here again the priceless picture of John ‘where-is-the-war’ McCain with upstart Caliph wannabe Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, together plotting how to overthrow Assad.


Two villains trying to exploit each other. The US hoped to overthrow Assad on the cheap by outsourcing the dirty work to 50$/day Jihadis from rent-a-terrorist temping agencies like Qatar, where the Jihadis hoped to use US weapons and other resources to overthrow Assad… not to install a US friendly liberal democracy but a nice fundamentalist Caliphate. So far the Jihadis are far better at exploiting the US than the other way around.

The level of panic in Washington becomes very clear from this interview Sean Hannity had with McCain, who at the end both conclude that ‘shock and awe’ is the only remaining option, as well as arming the ‘moderate rebels':

This is particularly interesting in the light of recent reports that ISIS and these ‘moderate rebels’ have agreed upon a cease-fire:

[] – ISIS strike deal with moderate Syrian rebels to stop fighting each other as military pressure grows and its oil money starts to dry up

So in all likelyhood, arming the rebels means arming ISIS.

Against this background, back to Turkey. Erdogan senses that the tide is turning in the Middle East and that US power is declining and that it won’t be long until China will openly challenge America, economically, financially and militarily:


The only reason why Erdogan supported the US/UK initiated uprising against Assad, was not to help adding Syria as another secular liberal democracy to the US global empire, but to step into the resulting power vacuum himself and add Syria to his own neo-Ottoman empire in statu nascendi. Erdogan knows that a Turkish run Caliphate collides with the US scheme of the New World Order, the vision of a border-less world without nations of 9 billion Obama-look-a-likes, all eating at MacDonalds, pay for the food in dollars and all listen to what CNN’s Wolf Blitzer-du-jour has to say about the holocaust. This world view has perhaps its attractions for the third world (Africa, India) and died-in-the-wool Western leftists, who never gave up on the communist dream of one world, but for the rest (Europe, Russia, China, Japan, Korea, Turkey and even American red states) it is a horror vision. For Erdogan however, there is a group of political entities that won’t fundamentally argue against a Caliphate, because they openly advocate a multi-polar world order: Russia and China. So it makes perfect sense for Erdogan to open up to Russia and China, who in their turn can use all the help they can get to defeat the NWO. And that is exactly what Erdogan is quietly doing. The Turkish fervor to join the EU has slowly evaporated. Erdogan has bigger fish to fry than becoming a secretly despised member of a dying liberal US-annex called the EU, namely becoming the de facto leader of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims. Russia, China and Islam have more than enough substance to defeat the buffoon once and for all.

Go for it, mr. Erdogan.


[] – Turkish PM Erdoğan to Putin: Take us to Shanghai
[] – Dollar adé: Erdoğan will eine Allianz mit Putin schließen (bye, bye dollar, Erdogan wants to start an alliance with Putin)

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