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Solar Downdraft Wind Tower Planned in Arizona


The concept of a solar wind tower is not new. The German government, who else, was the first to finance a project and a small-scale experimental model of a solar draft tower was built near Manzanares, Ciudad Real, near Madrid, Spain, completed as early as in 1981/1982, see picture above. The demonstration project operated successfully for eight years before it was ‘decommissioned’, which sounds better than “after the 195m tower collapsed in 1989″. Output: a meager 50 kW, which is the equivalent of a small winturbine, with 20m rotor diameter and 30 m tower. Peanuts.
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Russia Could Ditch US Dollar in 2-3 Years


According to Andrey Kostin, head of Russia’s second-biggest bank VTB, two to three years should be enough for Russia to switch to international settlements to the ruble.



People like Ron Paul and Paul Craig Roberts will be Europe’s natural allies after the coming crash of the global financial system and subsequent balkanisation of the US, when local war lords will emerge everywhere, prompting Europe to return to North-American soil for the first time since the Treaty of Paris 1783 and intervene on behalf of the Constitutionalists, to help carving out a Constitutionalist Euro-American homeland, probably not explicit Euro-American (just like the Republican Party is not explicit Euro-American), but de facto, strongly allied to Paris-Berlin-Moscow.

[] – Ron Paul Thinks There Should Be More Secessionist Movements in the U.S.

[] – Scottish Referendum Gives Reasons to be Hopeful

Support for secession is also growing in America. According to a recent poll, one in four Americans would support their state seceding from the federal government. Movements and organizations advocating that state governments secede from the federal government, that local governments secede from state governments, or that local governments secede from both the federal and state governments, are springing up around the country. This year, over one million Californians signed a ballot access petition in support of splitting California into six states. While the proposal did not meet the requirements necessary to appear on the ballot, the effort to split California continues to gain support.

Americans who embrace secession are acting in a grand American tradition. The Declaration of Independence was written to justify secession from Britain. Supporters of liberty should cheer the growth in support for secession, as it is the ultimate rejection of centralized government and the ideologies of Keynesianism, welfarism, and militarism.

Origin Foreign Jihadis


Paul Craig Roberts Explains ISIS

Bought Journalism

We have been calling the German #1 magazine Der Spiegel a ‘mouth piece for the US State Department’ for some time now, based on observations from the outside. Now an insider Udo Ulfkotte has written a book, giving detailed information from the inside. The German press actually IS bought by CIA with the purpose to manipulate the news. Currently #7 bestseller on

Ulfkotte mentions names:

„Bild“-Chefredakteur Kai Diekmann, Ex-Verteidigungsminister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, ZDF-Star und Top-Verdiener Claus Kleber, Alexander Graf Lambsdorff… Sabine Christiansen und Ulrich Wickert

[] – Gekaufte Journalisten
[] – Gekaufte Journalisten – Udo Ulfkotte über Korruption und Manipulation der Medien
[wikipedia] – Udo Ulfkotte
[] – Paul Craig Roberts picked the news up and is not really surprised.


Recent large scale demonstrations in Germany and Switzerland against warmongering mass media. We now know why the media are so anti-Russia: because they are all bought by the CIA.

Claus Cleber, ZDF: CIA agent
Editor: this is the worst character in the entire German landscape

Sabine Christiansen, ARD: CIA agent

B wie Bart: Kai Diekmann folgte dem Trend
Kai Diekman, Bild: CIA agent

After Ukraine, is China Next?


E-mails have been leaked to the media pointing at a connection between Hong Kong media mogul Jimmy Lai Chee-ying and US neocons, implicating that the latter might have had a hand in the ongoing democracy protests, implicating that the same plotters who were responsible for the destruction of Iraq, Libya and Syria, as well as the Nuland fascist coup in Kiev, are now attempting to destabilize China. The documents suggest that Lai had regular contacts with US politicians.

[] – Speculation mounts over Lai’s reported meeting with Wolfowitz
[] – Jimmy Lai’s ‘close ties with US right-wing politicians’ revealed in leaked email trove

UK’s First Floating Solar Field

Britain has built its first floating solar field. Obvious advantage for overcrowded Britain: no wasting of valuable farmland. Additional advantage: thanks to cooling effect of water, higher yield.


Location: Wargrave, Berkshire
Size: 800 solar panels, 200 kW
Cost: £250,000
Payback time: six years
Lifetime: 30 years
Developer: Ciel & Terre, France

[] – UK’s first floating solar field produces 200kw of power
[] – First floating solar farm built in UK


Floating solar system diagram[source]
Artist impression

Rasmussen Takes a Hike

NATO Secretary General Rasmussen addresses a news conference during a NATO foreign ministers meeting in Brussels
One of the most irritating Atlanticists, although the competition is stiff, is the Danish secretary-general of NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who after five years of service is leaving his post, not one minute too early. Rasmussen will be remembered as the one who tried to expand his organisation at the cost of the taxpayer and worse, by creating an artificial conflict between the West and Russia over Ukraine. NATO does not have a right to exist if there are no adversaries, so a new one needed to be created to keep NATO welfare bums afloat: Putin’s Russia. NATO should have been abandoned in 1989, hand in hand with the evaporating Warsaw Pact, NATO’s raison d’être. Unfortunately that did not happen and now it functions as a tool to terrorize small countries on behalf of the US. In an interview Rasmussen promotes the usual western lie that Russia had acted aggressively, where in reality his organisation NATO had been involved for years in systematic covert attempts to draw Ukraine from the traditional Russian sphere of influence into the Western camp. After the CIA had taken over Kiev via the fascist Nuland coup, Russia had little choice but to at least prevent Sevastopol, Russia’s only warm water port, from becoming a NATO stronghold. There never was a Russian invasion of Crimea, beyond the 25,000 troop levels, already present in accordance with a long term lease-agreement with Kiev. The Crimeans saw their chance of realizing their decades old dream of leaving hated Ukraine and return to the Russian motherland and needed zero stimulation to organize a referendum, the outcome of which not even the West doubted. So Rasmussen is lying through his teeth when he claims that Russia acted aggressively. Instead It was the West that acted aggressively. And covered up, if not was fully complicit, in downing MH17, the flying Lusitania.

The main accusation against Rasmussen and the other Euro-fools showing up at Maidan/Kiev at the wrong moment is that they betrayed European interests by alienating Russia, an essential supplier of fossil fuel and other resources to Europe, as well as an important market for European industry. The importance of European-Russian relations dwarfs any potential and probably illusory gain the EU might have by drawing basket case Ukraine in its sphere of influence. Rasmussen and co. are typical 1968-liberals with a suit and water carriers for the US global empire. Their shelf life is about equal to that of those eastern European communist leaders and Moscow water carriers in the eighties.


Baby-boomer empty suit Rasmussen, posing together with criminals, to celebrate the destruction of one of Africa’s best organized and wealthy countries Libya on orders or Washington, outsourced to Europe, NATO and local Jihadists, after some political preparation by ‘French’ neocons Nicolas Sarkozy and Bernard Henri Levy. And if Washington wants something, Rasmussen obeys. Libya needed to be destroyed because it refused to be integrated into Washington’s world empire. Thanks to Rasmussen, Libya today is a miserable ruin of competing war lords and in the end of the day perfect material to be integrated into an archaic fundamentalist Caliphate.

Russian expansionism, where?

Russian and Chinese Strategy in one Graph

Russia ($465B) and China ($4T) have too many dollars and are not really interested in granting the US the privilege of owning the global reserve currency much longer. The rational thing to do is to buy up as many hard assets as you can before refusing to accept the dollar for your products any longer.

China stopped reporting its gold reserves after 2009, but indications are that China is agressively hording gold as well.

[] – China quietly builds gold reserve (2009)

N.B. These figures supposedly representing Chinese gold reserves have a large degree of uncertainty, but it is certain that China has too many dollars it eagerly wants to swap for gold before getting real serious about ‘de-dollarization’.

Reserve Currency Status
List of historical de facto reserve currencies. The prominent role of the dollar is rapidly approaching the end, just like its predecessors did at some point.

The IMF maintains lists of gold reserves per country based on reportings of the individual countries. Many ‘conspiracy theorists’ assume that these figures are deceptive and that the US hardly has any gold left at all. Worse, since the US holds much gold from other countries, first and foremost of Germany, and refuses to send it back, the suspicion is that the US wasted their gold as well. If China and the US swap places, the list would probably be more realistic.

Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby has 15 years’ experience as an international derivatives broker. There are hundreds of trillions in derivatives spread around at the major global banks. There is no public market, no standards, and no guarantees. If someone miscalculates by a small amount, Kirby says the whole system could crash. Kirby explains, “You’ve got one bank in Germany that’s got a derivatives book that is 20 times the size of Germany’s GDP . . . . Germans have seen their currency go to zero. Germans know this can happen because it’s happened to them. Americans don’t think this can happen to them. Americans think they can print money until the cows come home and that they can control anything by printing more money. You can’t solve a problem of indebtedness by continuing to print money. This is fraud on the highest, highest order. This is not going to end well. What they are doing is bluffing with the future of humanity. They are bluffing with the future of mankind.”

Kirby goes on to predict, “Ultimately, we are going to get to a place where we will have no more choices. It will blow up. We are seeing cracks in the foundation of this fraud. . . . Gold and silver is your life insurance policy, and it isn’t going to come into its own until this current system breaks. I think we’re close to the current system breaking. . . . The way America is printing dollars, the dollar will absolutely go to zero.”

World Map Redrawn

…with area of each country proportional to cumulative wealth of that country. If the low countries would re-unite, they would push Canada out of the G-8.

Wladimir Putin and Gerhard Schröder


Future historians will have a difficult job deciding whether Gerhard Schröder’s role in international politics was more important during or after his chancellorship (1998-2005). As a chancellor of Germany he co-initiated the North-Stream pipeline project, a geopolitical fait accompli of the highest order, maintained good relations with Jacques Chirac, with whom he kept Germany and France out of Iraq, a masterstroke in hindsight. And he developed a very cordial relationship with Vladimir Putin. The only flaw Schröder has is his silly insistence that Turkey should be part of Europe, but that is not going to happen anyway.


Currently however, he is at least as important in exercising damage control behind the screens in Russian-German relations, inflicted by the treacherous Atlanticist oriented media and many European politicians. He is probably the most important factor in preventing the Russian leadership to sink in despair, straight into the arms of China, where Russia not really wants to be.

Media creep Beckmann criticizes former chancellor Gerhard Schröder for his friendship with wladimir Putin. Schröder does not cave in.
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Deputy Defense Minister of Russia – Dmitry Rogozin

Dmitri Rogozin, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, Head of the Military-Industrial Commission, Special Envoy of the President is one of the most interesting and influential representatives of the “Eurasian Sovereignists” and the man who, one day, could succeed Vladimir Putin. Rogozin is absolutely hated by the Atlantic Sovereignists and by the AngloZionist Empire. This interview is important because it shows what Russia is really doing while keeping up the pretense of “partnership” with the AngloZionist Empire: preparing for war while hoping that it can be avoided. In this interview, Rogozin speaks to a domestic audience in one of the most popular shows on Russian TV. You will now see the Russia which the MSM never shows you and the one which frightens the Empire so much.


First European Reentry Space Vehicle to be Launched Soon

After the decommissioning of the Space Shuttle program, the Russians with their Soyuz program are the only ones able to bring a space vehicle back to earth. This is due to change per November 18, when ESA will launch her IXV on board of a Vega rocket.

IXV Parameters:
Size: 5 meter
Weight: 2 ton
Max. altitude: 420 km
Max. velocity: 28,000 kmh (Mach 20)

IXV will not land but will be picked-up from the Pacific.
Purpose flight: testing heat shield.

[] – ESA’s spaceplane set for flight
[] – IXV is klaar voor eerste re-entry

New Thin Film Solar Efficiency Record of 21.7%


For the first time the efficiency of thin film solar cells exceeds the efficiency of market-dominating multi-crystalline silicon solar cells. This achievement was presented earlier this month by the Zentrum für Sonnenenergie‐und Wasserstoff‐Forschung (ZSW) in Stuttgart, Germany. The ZSW took the record back from a Swedish group and Fraunhofer Institute.

[] – Neuer Dünnschichtsolar-Bestwert mit 21,7 Prozent Wirkungsgrad
[] – New CIGS Solar Cell Record — 21.7% CIGS Cell Conversion Efficiency Achieved At ZSW

Perovskite Solar Cell Produces Hydrogen at 12.3% Efficiency

Hydrogen and oxygen bubbles.

Solar panels are on the march worldwide. One of the disadvantages of solar power however is its intermittent character, making storage an essential ingredient of every solar based energy system. Researchers of the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (epfl) have presented a new Perovskite solar cell able to split water and produce hydrogen at an acceptable efficiency of 12.3%. Hope exists that this efficiency could increase to 20% by applying semi-conductors. This could breathe new life into the moribund hydrogen economy. As things stand now large scale hydro storage is the most attractive proposition backing up a large scale renewable energy system.

[] – Billig-Zelle verwandelt Licht in Wasserstoff
[] – Water photolysis at 12.3% efficiency via perovskite photovoltaics and Earth-abundant catalysts
[wikipedia] – Michael Grätzel
[] – Perovskite Solar Cells Beat New Records (In The Lab)

Note that Lausanne combined perovskite solar cells with electrochemistry.


Over the last five years, perovskites have been found to rival the efficiency and cost of silicon in converting sunlight to electricity.

US Military Assets Used Against ISIS


Why is the US Still in Afghanistan?

The pretext for the US being in Afghanistan in the first place, pumped into the heads of the uninformed newspaper reader and television watcher, had to do with this set of keywords: {9/11, bin Laden, Tora Bora, terrorism}. OK, when you have dried your eyes after a good laugh, it is time to concentrate on the real reason why the US would care to keep pumping billions into this desert. According to Eric Margolis:

So why does Washington keep pumping billions into Afghanistan, which has no oil? Because, in keeping with imperial logic and strategy, it remains the best pipeline route to export the oil riches of the Caspian Basin south to Karachi on the Arabian Sea. And because Afghanistan overwatches Central Asia, where China is increasingly active.

Margolis should have added: Afghanistan is the best way bringing Caspian oil riches to world markets, circumventing Russia.

Let’s face it, the modern world is based on fossil fuel. No fossil fuel, no modern world. Fossil fuel = power. One barrel of oil represents the equivalent of ca. eight man years of hard physical labor. Please let this sink in: you have to work on the gallows for a year to generate the energy equivalent of merely two buckets of oil:


The world consumes ca. 80 million barrels of oil per day or 29 billion per year. That is the equivalent of 234 billion (uneven distributed) virtual slave laborers, working for 7 billion people, day in, day out. The Americans consume 20 billion barrel per day, meaning 47 billion virtual slaves, working for 0.3 billion Americans, or 157 virtual Friday‘s / Uncle Tom‘s per American.

Translating over-all energy use (oil, gas, coal, nuclear, renewable) into kg oil equivalent/capita you get, according to the Worldbank:

Iceland 16,905
Canada 7,474
US 7,056
Russia 4,559
Germany 3,825
Ukraine 2,485
China 1,717
Senegal 260

Conclusions from the list above: Iceland is a cold country, industrial super power Germany is extremely energy efficient and coming super power China still has a long way to go, before it can provide its citizens with Russians levels of wealth, let alone western standards (forget about the Shanghai facade).

Once we have a grasp of the importance of fossil fuel to keep comfortable modern life going (for Westerners), the next question is: “where is all that fossil fuel located?“. The answer can be found in a study (page 9) by the Germany army (2010):


They come up with a map that says that 70-74% of all gas and oil reserves are located in a “strategic ellipse“, encompassing the Middle East, Caspian Basin and western Russia. Afghanistan is located in that ellipse. The only way for the US to control the flow of oil and gas from the Caspian Basin onto world markets, other than via SCO-member/associate Russia & Iran, is via US occupied Afghanistan and longtime ally Pakistan.

That’s all you need to know about the real relationship between the US and Afghanistan.

[] – Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline

It also explains the turmoil in Iraq, Libya and Syria. Oil and nothing but oil. And it also explains the level of panic in Washington as a result of the rise of its own brainchild ISIS…


…because ISIS has the potential of taking over the red area (Saudi-Arabia) in the Bundeswehr map, dramatically changing the entire geopolitical landscape.

The catastrophic geostrategic mistake the US made in its covert war against/over Russia’s proxies Afghanistan in the eighties, and now Iran, Syria and Ukraine is, that the US underestimated/did-not-foresee the rise of Sunni fundamentalism (“Caliphate”) by removing semi-secular dictators Karmal (remember him?), Saddam, Mubarak, Qaddafi and Assad. The US hoped to exploit 50$/day Jihadis (al-Qaida in Afghanistan and ‘moderate’ insurgents in Syria) for their own strategic purposes, ignoring that these rent-a-terrorist types had an agenda of their own. What the US got was the Taliban and ISIS. And every Muslim worldwide secretly loves this development, including Turkish president Erdogan and many high-ranking people in Saudi-Arabia and other Gulf states. And these people could pose a mortal threat for the ‘Davos people‘, currently on top in most (still) Western-aligned Muslim states, the sort of people who will applaud Obama in the UN, regardless of what he says. The short-lived breakthrough of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt could be a small sign of things to come. The early 21st century Jihadist could become the reactionary religious-fundamentalist equivalent of the early 20th century secular Bolsheviks. The latter set the brunt of Eurasia on fire for more than half a century. The Jihadis could mobilize a large part of the Ummah of 1.6 billion people, from Morocco to Indonesia.

You still want to treat Russia as an enemy, you Western fools?

N.B. The Bundeswehr study is from 2010. Since 2012 the rise of fracking has changed the picture significantly and the US should be colored at least green in the map.

For The Moment US Targets ISIS Only

According to the German intelligence agency Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), has the Syrian government been provided by information concerning the whereabouts of ISIS militants, for the purpose of targeted air strikes by the Syrian air-force.

Chas Freeman, former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia, told the newspaper that a de facto truce with Assad was probable, though it was unlikely that Western government would offer public support to the Assad regime.


Unsubsidized Renewables Increasingly Rival Fossil Fuels

Both Fraunhofer Institute (2013)and Lazard have presented studies showing that electricity from unsubsidized renewable sources is beginning to rival traditional fossil fuel sources. The graph above shows the situation in Germany, concentrating on PV-solar, wind and biomass and compare these with brown coal, coal and gas. The conclusions are rosy, to say the least. A few highlights from the report:

By 2030 the LCOE of PV power plants will sink to the range of 5-9 Eurocent/kWh.

PV utility-scale power plants in Southern Germany will drop considerably below the average LCOE for all fossil fuel power plants by 2030.

Onshore wind power will however continue to improve and the LCOE at locations with favorable wind conditions will reach parity with that of brown coal power plants 2020 at the latest.

Offshore wind power still has (Compared with onshore wind power) great potential for reducing costs. Through 2030, the generation costs depending on location and wind conditions will drop to values between 0.096 and 0.151 Euro/kWh.

LCOE = “common levelized cost of energy” –> The cost of electricity (typically cents/kWh, euro/kWh, euro or $/MWh) generated by different sources is a calculation of the cost of generating electricity at the point of connection to a load or electricity grid. It includes the initial capital, discount rate, as well as the costs of continuous operation, fuel, and maintenance. This type of calculation assists policy makers, researchers and others to guide discussions and decision making. [wikipedia]

[] – Levelized Cost of Electricity Renewable Energy Technologies (Nov 2013)

Lazard has carried out similar research related to the US and came to similar conclusions: renewable energy sources can begin to substitute conventional fossil fuel. In a matter of five years to cost of photovoltaics has come down dramatically.

[] – New Cost Analysis Shows Unsubsidized Renewables Increasingly Rival Fossil Fuels

Turkey Wants to Create ‘Safe Zone’ in Syria

Turkey has offered to create a ‘humanitarian safe zone’ in Syria. Turkey has found a formula to give the impression of helping the anti-ISIS operation in Syria, yet at the same time quietly pursue its own interest: creating a pretext for military presence in Syria. Turkey does not mind if ISIS gets destroyed, as long as Assad will be removed from power, so Turkey can step into the power vacuum and replace ISIS.


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