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Germany’s Unstoppable Renewable Energy Revolution


Total installed renewable energy base in Germany: 70 GW, or the equivalent of 70 standard big power stations.
Annual growth rate 2013-2014:
Wind: 31%
Solar: 74%

Share renewable energy to date: 25%

2025: 40-45%
2035: 55-60%
2050: 80%


Ukraine, Birth of a Nation

Youtube text: “A brilliant historical documentary film in 4 parts about the history of Ukraine, made by film producer Jerzy Hoffman, covers 4 chronological divisions from early times to the present. Highly informative, fast-paced and colorful, the film is a first of its’ kind! “A professionally-made, interesting, generally balanced and informative documentary film that covers all of Ukrainian history; It contains rare film footage, good cinematography and Hoffman’s perceptive summaries of distinct historical periods.”

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Europe’s Dependency on Russian Gas






Russia Warns Europe for Interruptions Natural Gas Deliveries

40% of Gazprom’s gas deliveries to Europa run through the Ukraine. Russia now threatens to cut back these deliveries because of the backlogs the Ukraine has in paying gas bills. This could have repercussions for Europe as well, since Russia could see itself forced to halt deliveries through the Ukraine to prevent the Ukraine from tapping. Russia has recently increased prices for the Ukraine after the later began to sail an anti-Russian course. Total Ukrainian debt: 2.2 billion dollar.


Germany Quietly Leaving the West

European geopolitical developments as observed from an American-libertarian angle. The author Jack Douglas describes how Germany is quietly moving away from American dependency and is moving towards Russia: Germany and Russia have very complementary economies. Russia has vast natural resources that Germany needs and vast and growing military forces, including nuclear defenses. Germany has vast scientific, technological, engineering, educational strengths Russia needs. This is a growing, natural alliance of interests.

Germany is making pro-forma anti-Russian noises these day over the Ukrainian stand-off, but rest assured that quiet German diplomacy will ensure that no real harm will be done to German-Russian relations. In reality German dependence on Russian gas has increased considerable recently.


This year could also see the breakup of NATO and even the EU. Washington’s reckless coup in Ukraine and threat of sanctions against Russia have pushed its NATO puppet states onto dangerous ground. Washington misjudged the reaction in Ukraine to its overthrow of the elected democratic government and imposition of a stooge government. Crimea quickly departed Ukraine and rejoined Russia. Other former Russian territories in Ukraine might soon follow.

With Washington out on a limb issuing threats hand over fist, Washington is pushing Europe into two highly undesirable confrontations. Europeans do not want a war with Russia over Washington’s coup in Kiev, and Europeans understand that any real sanctions on Russia, if observed, would do far more damage to Europeans. Within the EU, growing economic inequality among the countries, high unemployment, and stringent economic austerity imposed on poorer members have produced enormous strains. Europeans are in no mood to bear the brunt of a Washington-orchestrated conflict with Russia. While Washington presents Europe with war and sacrifice, Russia and China offer trade and friendship. Washington will do its best to keep European politicians bought-and-paid-for and in line with Washington’s policies, but the downside for Europe of going along with Washington is now much larger.

[] – Is the US or the World Coming to an End?

German interests become clear from this map, showing brand new pipelines, circumventing a number of other older ones through Ukraine/Poland.

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Driven Kilometers in the Netherlands

Total number of driven passenger car kilometers in the Netherlands.

[] – detailed government statistics regarding passenger car transport in the Netherlands

Similar US data.

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Russia Wants War


Commercials Preparing Holland for a Renewable Energy Future

Feel-good adds, preparing the Netherlands for a ‘duurzame’ (sustainable) energy future.

100% Electricity from Wind for all Dutch Households by 2023

Not really out of the blue, but yesterday the Dutch government has decided upon 11 locations for on land generation of 6.0 GW electricity from wind in the Netherlands before 2020. Add another 4.4 GW offshore wind planned until 2023 and all Dutch households would be provided by wind based electricity within 10 years. This would be the per capita equivalent of the US announcing new 202 GW capacity from wind before 2023.


Russians Thanking Americans for Crimea

Hilarious, Russian nationalist citizens lining up in front of the US embassy, thanking American embassy personnel on their way to work for paying $5 billion to give the Crimea back to Russia. We wonder if the каравай tasted all that well that morning.

Popular joke in Russia these days: “Israeli President Peres asks the Russian President: -Vladimir, are you of Jewish ancestry? -Putin: What makes you think so, Shimon? -Peres: You made the US pay five billion dollars to deliver Crimea to Russia. Even for a Jew, that is audacious!”

Talking about the US: thank you for the Crimea!

German-Russian Gas Trade to be Increased

A few days ago we reported negatively about announcements made by German chancellor Angela Merkel about a radical change in Germany’s energy policy in an effort to decrease the German dependency on Russian oil and gas. However, according to new information, the German government has decided to give the nod to new joint Russian-German gas projects worth billions. Maybe all the anti-Russian talk was perhaps intended to appease the Americans, where in reality business-as-usual reigns in all things German-Russian energy and trade relations? We hope so.

[] – Energie-Importe: Merkel winkt neue Gasprojekte mit Russland durch

Paul Craig Roberts: Ukraine, Neocons & Armageddon

Merkel Quo Vadis

Kanadischer Premierminister besucht Deutschland[source]
According to der Spiegel, Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced that Germany is considering a complete overhaul of it’s energy policy. Against the clear warnings of the three previous German chancellors Schmidt, Kohl and Schroeder, Merkel has demanded a reduction of the dependency on fossil fuel imports from Russia, in response to the events in the Ukraine and Crimea, after Canada’s prime minister Harper has offered to replace Russian fossil fuel with that his own. As if he could. The US government can congratulate itself in another ‘mission accomplished’. After the US organized a violent overthrow of the democratically elected government in the Ukraine, prompting Russia to take back the Crimea and it’s only warm water port Sevastopol, in full compliance with a clear majority of the Crimean population, the US managed to drive a wedge between Europe and Russia. EU-Russian commercial relations are ten times as big as those between the US and Russia. The idea that Canada can replace Russian deliveries in any significant way is preposterous and Merkel’s advisers no doubt know this. Merkel is in danger of losing all the credit she built up during her skillful handling of the euro crisis. What Europe should have done was solving the Ukrainian problem together with Russia, leaving the Americans out. Instead, the EU kept the US in the driver’s seat, inflicting incredible damage to Europe and it’s economy. If this story turns out to become reality, Merkel will be the one who reverses the traditional German Ost-Politik, that began under Chancellor Willy Brandt.

[] – Konflikt mit Russland: Merkel stellt komplette Energiepolitik in Frage
[] – Stephen Harper, Angela Merkel condemn Vladimir Putin’s Ukraine actions

Update: the SPD minister of economic affairs, Sigmar Gabriel has declared that there is no alternative for Russian gas. Thank god, finally some sense from the German government.

Schmidt Backs Putin

Former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt (95) defends the behavior of the Russians concerning the Crimea and the Ukraine, distancing himself from Washington and their spineless European sock-puppets. Schmidt puts most of the blame on the West for creating a dangerous situation in the Ukraine and denounces the idea of sanctions as ‘rubbisch’ (‘Dummes Zeug’), not in the least because these could backfire. According to Schmidt, Russia should remain a member of the G8. Earlier, the two other German political heavyweights Kohl and Schroeder had expressed similar concerns.
It is becoming ever less likely that Germany will participate in any meaningful sanctions against Russia. German-Russian relations just improved considerably.


India Ready to Pay Iranian Oil in Euro

New Delhi, March 23: India is likely to grant Iran’s request to be paid fully in euros for oil, against the current practice of partial payment in rupees… Reports quoting Mohsen Qamsari, director for international affairs of the National Iranian Oil Company, said, “Indians are interested in increasing oil imports from Iran and we welcome this matter in the event that it would be possible for us to receive payments in euros in our accounts.”


Tymoshenko: 8 Million Russians in Ukraine to be Nuked

Anyone who still has illusions about the true nature of the new regime in Kiev should listen to this sound track. Fascinating detail: the are conversing in Russian. Again, the Russian secret service caught their opponents at a most embarrassing moment.

Новороссия – Newrussia

New article by the Russian-Jewish author Israel Shamir about the recent developments in the Ukraine/Crimea. Interesting quoates from that article:

He is a cool cucumber, Mr Putin. Everybody, including this writer, thought he was too nonchalant about Ukraine’s collapse… The marines Russia had based in Crimea by virtue of an international agreement (just as the US has marines in Bahrain)… The poll’s results were spectacular: 96% of the votes were for joining Russia; the level of participation was unusually high – over 84%. Not only ethnic Russians, but ethnic Ukrainians and Tatars voted for reunification with Russia as well… But Putin justified the Russian proverb: the Russians take time to saddle their horses, but they ride awfully fast… The vast St George Hall applauded Putin as never before, almost as loudly and intensely as the US Congress had applauded Netanyahu… Historians have compared the event with the restoration of Russian sovereignty over Crimea in 1870, almost twenty years after the Crimean War had ended with Russia’s defeat, when severe limitations on Russian rights in Crimea were imposed by victorious France and Britain… The US Neocons’ role in the Kiev coup was clarified by two independent exposures… The second exposé was an interview with Alexander Yakimenko, the head of Ukrainian Secret Services (SBU) who had escaped to Russia like his president. Yakimenko accused Andriy Parubiy, the present security czar, of making a deal with the Americans. On American instructions, he delivered weapons and brought snipers who killed some 70 persons within few hours. They killed the riot police and the protesters as well. The US Neocon-led conspiracy in Kiev was aimed against the European attempt to reach a compromise with President Yanukovych, said the SBU chief. They almost agreed on all points, but Ms Nuland wanted to derail the agreement, and so she did – with the help of a few snipers… While Crimea was a walkover, the Russians are far from being home and dry. Now, the confrontation moved to the Eastern and South-Eastern provinces of mainland Ukraine, called Novorossia (New Russia) before the Communist Revolution of 1917… Who fights whom over there? It is a great error to consider the conflict a tribal one, between Russians and Ukrainians. Good old Pat Buchanan made this error saying that “Vladimir Putin is a blood-and-soil, altar-and-throne ethno-nationalist who sees himself as Protector of Russia and looks on Russians abroad the way Israelis look upon Jews abroad, as people whose security is his legitimate concern.” Nothing could be farther away from truth: perhaps only the outlandish claim that Putin is keen on restoring the Russian Empire can compete. Putin is not an empire-builder at all (to great regret of Russia’s communists and nationalists). Even his quick takeover of Crimea was an action forced upon him by the strong-willed people of Crimea and by the brazen aggression of the Kiev regime. I have it on a good authority that Putin hoped he would not have to make this decision. But when he decided he acted. The ethno-nationalist assertion of Buchanan is even more misleading. Ethno-nationalists of Russia are Putin’s enemies; they support the Ukrainian ethno-nationalists and march together with Jewish liberals on Moscow street demos. Ethno-nationalism is as foreign to Russians as it is foreign to the English. You can expect to meet a Welsh or Scots nationalist, but an English nationalist is an unnatural rarity… Putin is a proponent and advocate of non-nationalist Russian world. What is the Russian world? Russians populate their own vast universe embracing many ethnic units of various background, from Mongols and Karels to Jews and Tatars. Until 1991, they populated an even greater land mass (called the Soviet Union, and before that, the Russian Empire) where Russian was the lingua franca and the language of daily usage for majority of citizens. Russians could amass this huge empire because they did not discriminate and did not hog the blanket. Russians are amazingly non-tribal, to an extent unknown in smaller East European countries, but similar to other great Eastern Imperial nations, the Han Chinese and the Turks before the advent of Young Turks and Ataturk… Before 1991, the Russians promoted a universalist humanist world-view; nationalism was practically banned, and first of all, Russian nationalism. No one was persecuted or discriminated because of his ethnic origin (yes, Jews complained, but they always complain). Though Russia ceased to be Soviet, it retained its universalism… If one wants to compare with Israel, as Pat Buchanan did, it is the republics, such as Ukraine, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Estonia do follow Israeli model of discriminating and persecuting their “ethnic minorities”, while Russia follows the West European model of equality… Putin defends all Russian-speakers, all ethnic minorities, such as Gagauz or Abkhaz, not only ethnic Russians. He defends the Russian World, all those russophones who want and need his protection. This Russian World definitely includes many, perhaps majority of people in the Ukraine, ethnic Russians, Jews, small ethnic groups and ethnic Ukrainians, in Novorossia and in Kiev… Solzhenitsyn wrote: “Even ethnic-Ukrainians do not use and do not know Ukrainian. In order to promote its use, the Ukrainian government bans Russian schools, forbids Russian TV, even librarians are not allowed to speak Russian with their readers. This anti-Russian position of Ukraine is exactly what the US wants in order to weaken Russia.“ Putin in his speech on Crimea stressed that he wants to secure the Russian world – everywhere in the Ukraine. In Novorossia the need is acute, for there are daily confrontations between the people and the gangs sent by the Kiev regime. While Putin does not yet want (as opposed to Solzhenitsyn and against general Russian feeling) to take over Novorossia, he may be forced to it, as he was in Crimea. There is a way to avoid this major shift: the Ukraine must rejoin the Russian world. While keeping its independence, Ukraine must grant full equality to its Russian language speakers. They should be able to have Russian-language schools, newspapers, TV, be entitled to use Russian everywhere. Anti-Russian propaganda must cease. And fantasies of joining NATO, too. The majority of people of Ukraine would probably agree with Putin, irrespective of their ethnicity. Indeed, in the Crimean referendum, Ukrainians and Tatars voted en masse together with Russians. This is a positive sign: there will be no ethnic strife in the Ukraine’s East, despite US efforts to the contrary. The decision time is coming up fast: some experts presume that by end of May the Ukrainian crisis will be behind us.

[] – Israel Shamir: Crimea: Putin’s Triumph. Now the Confrontation Moves East to “New Russia”

Ich, Putin

Gepubliceerd op 25 mei 2013 – Er ist der wichtigste Mann Russlands. Zweimal war er bereits Präsident, zweimal Ministerpräsident des größten Landes der Erde. Und jetzt kandidiert er zum dritten Mal für das höchste Amt des Staates.

“Ich muss so sein, wie es mein Volk von mir verlangt”, sagt der bald 60-jährige Politiker in der ARD-Dokumentation “Ich, Putin – Ein Portrait”. Der mehrfach preisgekrönte Fernsehautor Hubert Seipel begleitete Wladimir Putin über Wochen in Russland. Er führte mehrere Interviews mit dem russischen Ministerpräsidenten – auch über die Gründe der skeptischen Haltung westlicher Politiker ihm gegenüber. Für Putin nur eine Fortsetzung des Kalten Krieges: “Es ist die Angst vor unserer Größe und vor unseren Atomwaffen, aber das ist altes Denken.” Seipel war nicht nur dabei, wenn Putin beim Judo Gegner schultert oder seine Leibwächter beim Eishockeyspielen herausfordert. Er beobachtete einen der mächtigsten Politiker der Welt in seinem wohl schwierigsten Wahlkampf.

Denn sein Volk verlangt offenbar zunehmend weniger nach Wladimir Wladimirowitsch Putin aus Petersburg, als dieser wahrhaben will. Offenkundige Fälschungen bei der letzten Parlamentswahl im vergangenen Dezember und die massive Korruption im Lande treiben erstmals tausende von Putin-Gegnern auf die Straßen. Es ist der Anfang einer politischen Auseinandersetzung um das, was in einer russischen Zivil-Gesellschaft in Zukunft geht – und was nicht.

Wer ist der Mann, der Russland wie kaum ein anderer nach dem Fall der Sowjetunion seinen Stempel aufdrückte? Wie reagiert der ehemalige KGB-Agent, der in den 80er Jahren in der einstigen DDR stationiert war und später in Moskau innerhalb von nur vier Jahren vom gehobenen Sachbearbeiter erst zum Geheimdienstchef, dann zum Ministerpräsident und schließlich zum Präsidenten aufstieg, auf die neue Herausforderung? Der Mann, “der ein Spezialist für den Umgang mit Menschen ist”, wie ihn sein Jugendfreund Sergej Rodulgin beschreibt, der jahrzehntelang in voller Härte gegen das abtrünnige Tschetschenien einen blutigen Krieg führen ließ, um “den Zerfall Russlands in ein zweites Jugoslawien zu verhindern”, wie Putin argumentiert? Und der mit seinem autoritären Stil den Rohstoff-Giganten Russland nach den Wirren der Jelzin-Jahre zu einem verhältnismäßig stabilen Land mit steigendem Wohlstand gemacht hat?

“Putin steht noch mit einem Bein in der alten Sowjetunion und mit dem anderen in der Neuzeit”, kritisiert der amerikanische Präsident Barack Obama den russischen Ministerpräsidenten. Für Putins Freund Alexei Kudrin, den langjährigen Finanzminister und Weggefährten, entwickelt sich derzeit eine neue politische Konkurrenz, die sich nicht mehr mit “mangelnder Transparenz und fehlenden demokratischen Prinzipien abspeisen lässt. Die Menschen vergleichen nicht mehr mit dem, was früher war, sondern mit dem, was heute sein soll.” Seipel interviewte neben Wladimir Putin auch Weggefährten und Oppositionelle. Einigkeit herrscht in einem Punkt: Der Machtmensch Putin ahnt, dass er so nicht mehr weiterregieren kann. Nur wie weit er die Zügel lockern muss, um politisch zu überleben, weiß er noch nicht.

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Ukraine Snatched Away by the West from Russian Sphere of Influence

Mission accomplished in Brussels, after the successful but illegal coup in Kiev, orchestrated by the US lead West. Without any democratic legitimization, a partnership-pact between the EU and the Ukraine was signed yesterday, the same treaty that ousted president Yanukovych had refused to sign, which triggered the massive unrest in Kiev. The pact is mostly a symbolic gesture with little of substance, but it should signal the beginning of an era of increased cooperation. However, it remains to be seen if the entire Ukraine really wants to become part of the West/Europe. The truth will come out at the next general election. Prediction: the outcome will probably not deviate too much from the usual 50/50 balance. This haphazard accord with the EU does not mean much in that light, other than that it will flame the fire of separatism in the eastern Ukraine.


[] – New Ukraine province in play as ethnic Russians push new secession referendum
There you go, Kherson Oblast wants to follow the Crimean example. Expect an avalange of other Oblastst in the south-east to follow.
Interesting detail: Kherson Oblast can be accessed from the Crimea, if push comes to shove.

Typical picture from Kherson Oblast. Maybe the reader will understand where the inspiration for the colors of the Ukrainian flag has it’s origin.

Reader Ukrainian Situation


[] – Israel Shamir: Crimea: Putin’s Triumph. Now the Confrontation Moves East to “New Russia”
Alexander Yakimenko, the head of Ukrainian Secret Services (SBU) who had escaped to Russia like his president. Yakimenko accused Andriy Parubiy, the present security czar, of making a deal with the Americans. On American instructions, he delivered weapons and brought snipers who killed some 70 persons within few hours. They killed the riot police and the protesters as well. The US Neocon-led conspiracy in Kiev was aimed against the European attempt to reach a compromise with President Yanukovych, said the SBU chief. They almost agreed on all points, but Ms Nuland wanted to derail the agreement, and so she did – with the help of a few snipers… Who fights whom over there? It is a great error to consider the conflict a tribal one, between Russians and Ukrainians… Putin is a proponent and advocate of non-nationalist Russian world… Russians are amazingly non-tribal… Putin defends all Russian-speakers, all ethnic minorities, such as Gagauz or Abkhaz, not only ethnic Russians. He defends the Russian World, all those russophones who want and need his protection. This Russian World definitely includes many, perhaps majority of people in the Ukraine, ethnic Russians, Jews, small ethnic groups and ethnic Ukrainians, in Novorossia and in Kiev… there will be no ethnic strife in the Ukraine’s East, despite US efforts to the contrary. The decision time is coming up fast: some experts presume that by end of May the Ukrainian crisis will be behind us.

[] – Philip Giraldi: Simple Stuff About Ukraine
Alexander Yakimenko, the head of Ukrainian Secret Services (SBU) who had escaped to Russia like his president. Yakimenko accused Andriy Parubiy, the present security czar, of making a deal with the Americans. On American instructions, he delivered weapons and brought snipers who killed some 70 persons within few hours. They killed the riot police and the protesters as well

[] – Pat Buchanan: Is Putin the Irrational One?
Now that Putin has taken Crimea without firing a shot, and 95 percent of a Crimean electorate voted Sunday to reunite with Russia, do his decisions still appear irrational? Was it not predictable that Russia, a great power that had just seen its neighbor yanked out of Russia’s orbit by a U.S.-backed coup in Kiev, would move to protect a strategic position on the Black Sea she has held for two centuries?

[] – Former U.S. Ambassador to USSR: Let Russia Take Crimea.
Surprisingly mild judgment: accept Russian Crimea, federal structure for the Ukraine, official bilingual, keep NATO out. The fact is, like it or not, Ukraine is almost certainly better off without Crimea than with it. Nothing weakens a nation more than holding territory whose residents prefer to belong to another country. We could not agree more.

[] – Putin Triumphs in Ukraine.
Unfortunately, clueless and pernicious claims concerning Russia were also made by Secretary of State John Kerry. He demonstrated that he too lives in another dimension by discussing Russian actions (when Russian military personnel were likely moving around Crimea) as a ninteenth-century policy in the twenty-first century. He easily forgot that the U.S. has been engaging in exactly such policy all the time, both in the twentieth and the twenty-first centuries. People are obviously turning schizophrenic: they judge some actions by one set of criteria, while they totally forget their own such as American actions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

[] – JOHN J. MEARSHEIMER: Getting Ukraine Wrong.
The White House view, widely shared by Beltway insiders, is that the United States bears no responsibility for causing the current crisis. In their eyes, it’s all President Vladimir V. Putin’s fault — and his motives are illegitimate. This is wrong. Washington played a key role in precipitating this dangerous situation, and Mr. Putin’s behavior is motivated by the same geopolitical considerations that influence all great powers, including the United States.

[] – Putin is making the West’s Cold Warriors look like fools. The Spectator choses the side of Russia.

[] – How Cold War-Hungry Neocons Stage Managed RT Anchor Liz Wahl’s Resignation

The Economist, 22 March 2014[source]

Europe Plays With Fire

According to German magazine der Spiegel today, there are increasingly signs that China is positioning itself behind Russia in the latter’s stand-off with the West over the Ukraine. Behind the scenes, Russia and China are planning the formation of a strategic military and political alliance, that could dramatically change the global balance of power. The West is pushing Russia into the arms of China and this is extremely bad news, first and foremost for Europe, that has commercial ties with Russia, ten times as big as those between US and Russia. On top of that, Europe is very dependent on oil & gas from the East.
After the US orchestrated coup in Kiev, Russia no longer had a choice than to make this move, although it had signaled in the very recent past that in it’s strategic outlook it had strong preferences for Europe. But the behavior of the US and their alarmingly weak European allies, seems to have sabotaged that option. Russia observed that both the actions of the US in Syria and in the Ukraine were a direct intentional attack against Russian interests and Russia could no longer ignore these signals. America can laugh, Europe should weep. Consider: a country like Germany imports 50% of it’s oil and 39% of it’s natural gas from the east. If the US get’s it’s way and escalates the conflict between the West and Russia over the Ukraine and implements real sanctions against Russia, Russia can simply retaliate by shutting down the pipelines and much of the economy in Europe, the largest in the world, will come to a standstill. Nothing and nobody can replace that loss of fuel. The Ukraine and Poland get 100% of their fuel from Russia, another clear indicator that when push comes to shove, Russia has an enormous leverage over the Ukraine, since Russia not only controls the pipelines, but also every other means of delivery, meaning via the Black Sea. It remains to be seen if European ‘leaders’ realize that Europe is much more vulnerable than Russia, certainly if Russia and China do indeed engage in a deep strategic relationship:
1) Russia can sell most, if not all of the fuel it produces, to China
2) China in exchange can export of lot of it’s production to Russia, rather than to the US for free (in exchange for green paper)

Europe is the only political entity in history that as far as we know, has been colonized by a former colony. European interests however are increasingly in Eurasia. Europe should realize it is simply a member of the wrong club and should seriously consider an exit from the West, NATO and AIPAC-dominated Washington, after secret diplomatic consultations with Moscow and Beijing first.

[] – Scathing attack by Paul Craig Roberts against Obama and ‘lickspittle Merkel’.
[] – Furious Kerry calls Netanyahu to complain about Israeli defense minister’s remarks
According to State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki, Kerry “protested” the remarks by Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon, who criticized the United States for projecting a feeble image throughout its foreign policy agenda, from the negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program to the escalating tensions in Ukraine.

Congratulations Russia!

Russia is back as a great power. In an dignified ceremony in the Kremlin, president Wladimir Putin accepted the request of the people of the Crimea to become member again of the Russian Federation. The crypto-communist West, aspiring to establish a world empire, reacted foaming at the mouth and accused Russia of ‘annexing’ the Crimea, but who cares what the West thinks. Today was a victory for the multi-polar world order.

[transcript in German]

Russia Suspended from G8

Fabius Laurent[source]
Laurent Fabius, hardcore NWO proponent, announced that Russia is suspended from the G8, a decision no doubt taken in close consultation between Fabius, Nuland and Kerry. Excellent news! Let’s break down all the institutions, cementing Western hegemony. The West is a globalist usurper, the sarcophagus of European civilization and can’t be abandoned quickly enough. Hopefully Germany, France and Italy will follow soon.

Here Greg Hunter and his guest Jim Sinclair about the many options president Wladimir Putin has to defend himself against western agression [summary].

If push comes to shove…






Roughly speaking, about four out of every six people in Ukraine are ethnic Ukrainian and speak the Ukrainian language. Another one in six is ethnic Russian and speaks Russian. The last one-in-six is ethnic Ukrainian but speaks Russian.

Historical developments on present day Ukrainian territory. Note that the western part centered around Lvov was never part of Russia for most of the time. It is that part of the country that governs the Ukraine today, without democratic legitimacy. After the elections, if any, it is likely that the old 50/50 situation will reemerge.

Michail Gorbatschev Embraces Results Crimea Referendum

Notoriously good guy Michail Gorbatschev has embraced the outcome of the Crimean referendum, making it difficult for western warmongers to make a case for conflict with Russia. Meanwhile, in Kiev-Ukraine/Banderastan, the putschist Arseniy Yatsenyuk (‘Yats’), handpicked by his handlers [1:15] Nuland and Kerry, has ordered a partial mobilization of Ukrainian forces. Let’s face it: the US State Department now controls Kiev-Ukraine and will use this control to foment conflict with Russia. Meanwhile, The EU and US have implemented sanctions to punish the Crimeans for openly saying how they would like to see their own future, without consulting Washington and Brussels. Crimeans have yet a lot to learn about western democracy, which basically boils down to voting for the right answer.

Solar Energy Storage Using Bionic Leafs

Berkeley came up with a new bionic leaf that can convert energy from sunlight into an energy-dense fuel, imitating the photosynthetic process of plants.


China: Wind Power Surpasses Nuclear



Wind Turbine Market Leaders



EU Members: 2012 Renewable Energy Reality vs. 2020 Commitments



The Organisations Behind Arseniy Yatsenyuk

One of the leading putschists in the Ukraine is self-styled ‘prime minister’ Arseniy Yatsenyuk, or ‘Yats’ for short, as his neocon buddies affectionately prefer to call him. The website of his organization is here:


A previous version of their website was taken down, but a copy could be retrieved and is shown above. It shows the organisations behind and true nature of the armed coup d’etat in the Ukraine:

* Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation (A Project of the ‘German’ Marshall Fund, chairman Guido Goldman)
* Chatham House
* NATO Information and Documentation Centre (In 2008 NATO secretary general Jaap de Hoop Scheffer paid a visit to Arseniy Yatsenyuk and his Foundation.)
* State Department of the United States of America (remember Victoria Nuland?)
* NED National Endowment for Democracy, a neocon front group.
* Swedbank (CEO Michael Wolf of New York)

Not difficult to see why the old version was taken down: to hide the foreign parties behind the coup. President Putin was entirely correct in viewing the events in the Ukraine during his Olympic Games in Sotchi, as an intentional frontal assault against his interests and sphere of influence.

Meet Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the new puppet of the West.


Diplomacy Is a Four Letter Word – The Neocon Triumph
by Philip Giraldi, February 18, 2014

Paul Craig Roberts – U.S. Definitely Wants War in Ukraine

Summary of Paul Craig Roberts’ statements here:


Ukraine – One Country Too Many

Democracy Grim Reaper Ukraine[source]
Let’s face it, the US wants to conquer the world. The euphemism is New World Order, but in reality it is a ‘Straussian elite’, centered around the bankster axis London-New York, that has set it sights on the entire planet, no less. And has done so for a century. It began to ally itself with world communism under Roosevelt as early as 1933, to destroy the European mother civilization. The true history of that period has yet to be written, as victors history doesn’t count. After the war in 1945, Stalin was not prepared to go along with US globalist views, so he became the next target. In 1991, with the demise of the USSR, the US could enjoy it’s ‘Unipolar Moment‘, as defined by the Straussian Charles Krauthammer. The leading Washington think tanks in 1997 came up with a plan, the Program for the New American Century (PNAC), that should pave the way for a large number of regime changes all over the planet, notably in the Middle East. In 2001 a certain bin Laden was so kind to provide the pretext for the program to be kicked off, if you want to believe that story, and since that day one attack followed another. Hand in hand with the ‘War on Terrorism’ came a frontal attack against the constitutional guaranteed liberties in the US homeland itself.

Victoria Nuland, the vulgar Straussian parvenu face of the New World Order.

European satraps for Washington, with the charisma of a door knob.

Imagine the outrage if president Vladimir Putin would have invested $5B in regime change in the UK. But this is exactly what the US has done in the Ukraine. Listen to Nuland crying victory after successfully fomenting revolution in the Ukraine by the US Neo-Comintern.

If it is up to Washington, the Crimea is going to function as the new Danzig in an effort to start WW3 by the West or at least a cold war. Russian president Vladimir Putin knows all too well he is going to be saddled with a conflict he can’t avoid. Fortunately for him, he can fall back on the rising might of 1300 million Chinese, the endless strategic depth of the Russian and Chinese motherland, the super sonic missiles, making the entire Anglo fleets obsolete. And in the short term, the most important weapon of all: the oil & gas weapon, that can be used to bring Europe on it’s knees and forcing it to reconsider the strategic value of a continued western alliance, basically a left-over of WW2, that outlived itself in 1989.

Blue-print for a well-planned disaster, Yugoslavia writ-large.

Meet the western funded ultra-nationalist opposition called the ПРАВЫЙ СЕКТОР (Right Sector), that managed to overthrow a legitimately elected government in the Ukraine.

“The Arsonist”. Globalist western media engage in a Putin demonization campaign in the overdrive.

Meanwhile, meet the people the West claims it has embraced: the Ukrainian nationalists:
At 1:45, one of the leaders of the ‘Right Sector’ calls for a great Ukrainian, a great European reconquista and at 1:59 he calls for a ‘revival of Europe’ (not America)! The western elite should be very careful that they don’t make the same mistake as they did in Iraq/Syria, namely unleashing the forces of fundamentalist Islam. Now they could run the risk of unleashing the forces of European nationalism. The Jihadists in Syria use the West to establish the Khaliphate. In similar fashion, the Ukrainian nationalists use the West to found a Ukrainian ethno-state. The post-WW2 Western grand strategy is in terminal decline.

Who the West really likes[source]
Who the West really likes.

The role of the western NGO’s in instigating war in the Ukraine.

[] – Moscow Inverses Roles in Kiev. Quote: “The revolution in Maidan Square masks an extremely classic coup. In the presence of US “diplomats”, the Rada has violated the constitution which it repealed without a referendum. It dismissed the President without debate or trial and bestowed legislative and executive powers upon Oleksandr Turchinov, the former head of the secret services. The new dictator appointed Arseniy Yatsenyuk as Prime Minister, which corresponds, miraculously, to the wishes expressed in advance by Victoria Nuland.

[guardian] – The Ukraine crisis: John Kerry and Nato must calm down and back off

[] – Further Thoughts on Russia, by Peter Hitchins. Quote: “I ask again, what Washington would do if, in a moment of national weakness, the lands the USA seized from Mexico by force in 1848 seceded, and Russian politicians came to Albuquerque to give their open support for rallies supporting an alliance between the new state and Moscow? Or what we would think and do, if Russian politicians turned up in Belfast, Cardiff or Edinburgh, openly supporting those who wanted those parts of the country to break away from London’s control?

[theamericanconservative] – Bill Lind: Russia’s Right Turn; Moscow has reclaimed its 19th-century conservative role. Quote: “Under President Vladimir Putin, Russia is emerging once more as the leading conservative power. When Putin came to power following the chaotic Yeltsin years, there was a real possibility the Russian state itself would disintegrate. Putin’s greatest achievement, and the reason for his popularity within the country, is that he saved and strengthened the Russian state instead. Blinded by their worship of the clay god “Democracy,” Washington elites cannot perceive the importance of what Putin did, but conservatives should.

[globalresearch] – Satire: Independence of Scotland from a Crimean Perspective

[globalresearch] – Former member of the Reagan government, Paul Craig Roberts, trashes the motivations of the West: “It is astonishing that the only leadership the world has comes from Russia, China, and three or four countries in South America. The Western world no longer has diplomatic capability. Instead, the Western world relies on propaganda, threats, force, and schemes to overthrow governments that it first demonizes. Putin also knows that only Europe can prevent this final devastation. Therefore, Putin does not make provocative statements or take strong actions. He hopes that Europe will notice his reasonable behavior in contrast with the reckless behavior of Washington and realize that Europe and NATO must cease enabling Washington’s pursuit of hegemony, a pursuit that is driving the world to its destruction… By taking this humane and rational approach, Putin has established himself as the true leader of the world. Washington counters Putin’s leadership with demonization. Putin’s leadership frustrates Washington and makes Putin a candidate for assassination.“. Our comments: the West is something that needs to be abolished. It is a leftover of the Anglo-Soviet onslaught against Europe during WW2, the true history of which still needs to be written. Hopefully Europe can generate a de Gaulle or Putin itself, but should not wait too long with that.

Other sources:

[globalresearch] – America’s Advancing Empire: Putsch, Pillage and Duplicity
[globalresearch] – Target: Ukraine – How Foreign Intervention is Tearing the Country Apart
[] – Kiev snipers hired by Maidan coalition: Leaked call
[] – Former German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder supports Wladimir Putin.
[counterpunch] – The Ukrainian Pendulum (about the Americans Blackwater mercenaries deployed in the Ukraine)
[boilingfrogspost] – US and EU Are Paying Ukrainian Rioters & Protesters
[boilingfrogspost] – The Rape of Ukraine: Phase Two Begins

“Antiamericanism”, somewhere in the south of the Netherlands… ;)

Rob Kirby About the Coming Crash of the World Financial System

Greg Hunter’s USAWatchDog is the gathering place of the world’s leading Cassandra’s, both from the official world, as well as the internet underground. According to Rob Kirby, the real US financial power brokers are not so much the Fed, but instead the Exchange Stabilization Fund. Kirby denies that as a consequence of the operations of the ESF there is such a thing as a free market at all. Kirby thinks that at the very moment the West will no longer be able to deliver physical gold to China, the latter will pull the plug from the world financial system.

[] – Presenting The Exchange Stabilization Fund In 5 Parts: Is This The Real “Plunge Protection Team”?
[] – The Exchange Stabilization Fund is the most powerful financial entity on the planet

Solar Panels Energy Payback Time

The energy payback time (EPBT) is the time an energy source needs to function before it has generated the energy that was required to manufacture and install said energy source in the first place. The Fraunhofer Institute produced some interesting graphs showing that the EPBT for solar panels is remarkable low, even less than a year for southern European locations. Encouraging is that the EPBT has come down considerably over the past years. Currently solar panels exist with a EPBT of 6 months. For an economic lifetime of 30 years, this implies an EROEI of 60, which is spectacular.

[] – Photovoltaics Report, November 2013 (pdf, 42p)

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Chinese Trade Rising

For all countries in red, China is the number one trading partner; for countries in orange second.

Rare Earths Infographic

Rare earths are an essential ingredient for many modern achievements, like cell phones, computers and wind turbines. There are signs that supplies of these rare earths are depleting rapidly, see infographic (click picture below (twice) to enlarge:)
Sustainable Technology v2


Largest Land-based Wind Turbine Order from Iowa

Siemens is to build five large wind parks in Iowa/USA, turnover $1B, 448 2.3 MW Turbines, 1.05 GW. This is the largest order for land-based wind energy ever, to be completed in 2015. Weather conditions are such that already wind power can compete with the booming shale business. Total installed US wind capacity by the end of 2012: 60 GW, with 13 GW built in 2012 alone. Iowa is one of the leading wind regions of the US, with 25% of the electricity coming from wind.


Helmut Schmidt Meets Wladimir Putin

Germany’s grand old man and former chancellor Helmut Schmidt paid Moscow a ‘farewell visit’ yesterday (Schmidt will be 95 by the end of this month). Indirectly he supported Putin by sharply criticizing the behavior of EU-politicians in general, but no doubt hinting at the current EU-Russia-Ukraine stand-off, even to the extent that Putin felt himself urged to come to the defense of said politicians. After all Putin still needs to do business with them in the future. Big business.


US analyst and CFR member Charles Kupchan, most known for his book ‘The End of the American Era (2002)‘, showing that he is not deluded by unrealistic views concerning US ‘exceptionalism’, observed yesterday: ‘Ukraine shouldn’t be made to choose between Russia and Europe‘ and that is exactly right. In our view the EU should pass the message to Moscow that in return for letting the Ukraine function as a bridge between Brussels and Moscow, the EU should declare that no missile shield is going to be build in Europe. In his 2002 book Kupchan wrote: “The Europeans are … making a choice that will inevitably give Europe more geopolitical clout—at the expense of American primacy. … And the impetus will come not just from Europe’s new ambition, which will gather slowly, but also from America’s domestic politics and its schizophrenic reaction to the rise of Europe.“. And this is exactly what we see unfolding before our eyes these days.


Putin in his yearly Russian equivalent of the State of the Union Address, was rather modest in his outlook. Indirectly hinting at the US, Putin said that Russia had no ambitions of becoming a super power. Our interpretation: ever since he rose to power in 2000 Putin has made clear remarks about the desirability of a rapprochement between the EU and Russia. The chances for that to happen are better than ever.


EU-Ukraine Trade Deal After All?

It seems that the protesters in Kiev did get return on their efforts after all. The BBC reports that according to EU foreign policy chief Baroness Catherine Ashton, Ukrainian president Yanukovych is willing to sign an agreement with the EU, opening the door to closer Ukrainian-EU ties.



PV Global Market Outlook 2013-2017

European PV power map

The European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) represents members active along the whole solar PV value chain: from silicon, cells and module production to systems development and PV electricity generation as well as marketing and sales. The EPIA produced the Global Market Outlook for Photovoltaics until 2017 and contains a number of interesting maps and graphs:


Evolution of global PV cumulative installed capacity 2000-2012 (MW)

Evolution of global PV annual installations 2000-2012 (MW)

Global PV power map

Evolution of European new grid-connected PV capacities 2000-2012 (MW)

Evolution of European PV cumulative installed capacity 2000-2012 (MW)

European PV market split in 2012

European PV market segmentation in 2012

European annual PV market scenarios until 2017 – Business-as-Usual and Policy-Driven

PV potential in the EU 27 until 2020 vs. 2012 reality

Pro-EU Demonstrations in Ukraine Continue

Iconic picture from Kiev, Ukraine: piano with Ukrainian flag (yellow keyboard + blue lid) and blue EU symbols painted on the front of the piano. No doubt, Brussels bureaucrats can’t believe their eyes with this display of so much affection for their organization, which becomes less of a mystery once you realize that the average income in the Ukraine is less than $4,000 nominally or $7,400 in PPP (purchasing power parity or in real terms), that is per year. The Ukrainians hope to replicate the economic development pattern that occurred in countries like Poland and Baltic states, once they became member of the EU. Full EU membership is still far away, but it is obvious that large parts of the Ukraine are ready for Europe. And once the American influence in world affairs will wane and the Chinese power will continue to rise, Russia will follow.

Estimates range between 100,000 and 500,000 attendees, depending on who you ask. Not in doubt however is that the weather was cold.

And there goes Lenin, 22 years overdue, but better late than never, good riddance to him. It illustrates btw the right wing/nationalist character of the protests.

Ukraine Protest
Even the most pronounced face of Ukrainian nationalism, the Cossacks, seem to approve of the rapprochement between Kiev and the Brussels bureaucrats, the latter being the types with one leg in globalism. Fascinating combination.

The Reversal of Turkey’s Grand Strategy

The modernist secular Kemalist nationalist Turkish Republic is dead. While officially the Turkish EU membership bid is still on the table, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has once again confirmed recently that Ankara would drop the bid in case of an invitation for full membership to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). In other words, EU membership has become second choice and hence is de facto passé.

[] – Turkish PM Erdoğan to Putin: Take us to Shanghai
[] – Our new foreign policy target: The ‘Shanghai Five’
[] – Turkey Renews Plea to Join Shanghai Cooperation Organization
[] – Turkey’s Marginal Theocracy
[] – China welcomes Turkish bid for SCO membership
[] – The End of Turkey’s Europeanization?
[] – Is Turkey Leaving the West?

Other pointers towards a changing Turkish attitude are Kurdistan and Syria. The decades old Turkish-Kurdish conflict, starting in 1974, only had a meaning within the context of Turkish and Kurdish nationalism. Now there are sign that the conflict is evaporating before our eyes:
[] – Kurds Forge a Risky Oil Deal With Turkey
Picture showing Kurdish and Turkish leaders Barzani and Erdogan partying together.

And then there is Syria. Erdogan has sided with the US supported rebels, just like Morsi did until he was ousted by the Egyptian military. Erdogan wants to see Assad go and it is not difficult to see why: here is a massive potential for increasing Turkey’s sphere of influence southwards once the Syrian secular regime under Assad will be gone. Basically the sky would be the limit. Once the US would retreat from the Middle-East, for instance after a financial crash, Turkey would be the most natural candidate to fill the void, probably with approval of Saudi-Arabia and Qatar, both of which are seeking the downfall of Assad as well.

Turkish intentions are obvious. Sultan-in-waiting Erdogan has bigger fish to fry than being merely the guardian of the Turkish nation. How about becoming the guardian of Sunni Islam?

[] – Timothy Garton Ash, Turkey’s neo-Ottoman game plan

This map shows why Turkey (and Morsi’s Egypt for that matter) supports the overthrow of Assad: the ill-fated US invasion of Iraq, that was opposed for very good reason by Saudi-Arabia, has created a Shi’ite continuum, ranging from Tehran, via Baghdad and Damascus all the way to the Mediterranean, separating the political, industrial and above all military gravitas of the Sunni world, that is Turkey, from a major source of ‘Sunni income’, namely the oil and gas fields of Saudi-Arabia, Qatar and other Gulf states. Saudi-Arabia fears Iran for the simple reason that although Saudi-Arabia is majority Sunni, the Shi’ite minority lives precisely in those areas where most of the oil & gas reserves are located. The US invasion of Iraq unleashed Sunni-Shi’ite rivalry and later in Syria and now Saudi-Arabia has all the reason to fear that the Sunni-Shi’te conflict could spread out into Saudi-Arabia and other Gulf states like Bahrein. In that case Turkey, which has one of the largest armies in the world, could be a valuable ally and protector of Saudi-Arabia after the end of the American era.

Pax Americana/US global hegemony is on it’s last legs. A multi-polar world order is next. A neo-Ottoman empire could very well be one of the several independent poles within that ‘order’.

Where is the German Gold?

Germany has 700 ton or 50% of it’s gold stored in US vaults, probably not entirely voluntarily, but as a result of being a vanquished nation. The US even refuses Germany to check that it’s gold is there and tries to fob Germany off by promising that the gold will be repatriated in 2020. In all likelihood there is no gold, probably stored in Tel Aviv or dispersed over the planet in fractional borrowing schemes. And this not only applies to Germany but to all mainly European nations that got usurped in that US empire called the West, as a result of the Stalin-Roosevelt alliance. Anyone who owns paper gold certificates should consider the likelihood that he/she is a victim of a bankster fraud. If you don’t hold pure physical gold or silver, you don’t own it.

P.S. December 25, 2013 – Germany repatriated 37 ton, that is ca. 1% of it’s gold reserves []

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Great-Britain Is No Big Power

Well, everybody knows that Great-Britain, that anachronistically holds a permanent seat in the Security Council, is not a big power. Britain seized to be a great power after it had started a world war for the second time in a row, after Germany and Poland locked horns over the German town of Danzig. However, it is news that China rubs that common knowledge in at the very moment that the UK’s prime minister Cameron is paying China a visit. An editorial in a government-run Chinese newspaper described Britain as ‘a fallen power only good as a destination for tourism and studying’, adding that ‘Britain is merely a country of old Europe with a few decent football teams‘. This is not a slip of the tongue, but needs to be seen in line with the recent China’s state-run media call for the world to “de-Americanise“. China is basically telling Anglosphere that it’s time of global supremacy is over. Continental Europeans should take note of this and prepare for an economic, military and even political alliance with Russia in order to contain the rising power of China and consolidate the resources of Siberia. Wladimir Putin has repeatedly hinted to be open for such a drastic geopolitical realignment. Recent events in Kiev, this time not sponsored by George Soros, has shown that the Ukraine is eager to become European.


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Corruption – International Ranking



The Usefulness of Drones

Drones are associated with killing innocent civilians during Afghan and Pakistani weddings. There is however a more positive application of these devices, namely accurate and energy efficient delivery of not too heavy goods, without engaging expensive labor cost. Amazon has announced it’s intention of exploiting drones in a few years from now. But since their books can be transported over a wire, more interesting applications are conceivable, like transporting online ordered groceries or medicines to remote locations, eliminating the need for energy intensive transportation vans. The design shown in the video could be enhanced by adding self-inflatable balloons balancing gravity, so the drone batteries are drained for horizon thrust only. Currently the EU is busy installing the Galileo satellite navigation system, providing better than 1 meter accuracy for non-paying customers or even better than 1 cm for paying customers. This is enough to reliably navigate the drone to any desired location, like your backyard or flat roof or next to your agrounded car in need for repair. Your location aware smart phone can pin-point the desired delivery location.

[] – Online-Händler: Amazon will Mini-Drohnen einsetzen

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Die Energiewende – The Movie


Economic Center of Gravity A.D. 1-2025

Fascinating graph showing the global economic development between 1-2025 A.D. Turning point is 1950, when the westward trend was reversed sharply 180 degrees. Nevertheless, the center of economic gravity was always near the geographical center of Europe and this is unlikely to change any time soon.


Cold Fusion 2.0

In 1989 two of the world’s leading electrochemists, the Brit Fleischmann and American Frenchman Pons, shocked the world with their announcement that they had found a way to initiate a exogenous nuclear fusion reaction at room temperature. After initial world wide excitement, things calmed down. Cold fusion research however never really stopped and now an Italian inventor and entrepreneur Andrea Rossi claims to have developed a cold fusion or Low-Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) thermal power source. 1-megawatt cold fusion power plant now available, that is on pre-order – yours for just $1.5 million.

[] – 1-megawatt cold fusion power plant now available – yours for just $1.5 million
[] Finally! Independent Testing Of Rossi’s E-Cat Cold Fusion Device: Maybe The World Will Change After All
[] – Psstt! Want An E-Cat LENR Generator? For Free?
[] – Cold fusion

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Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945

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