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This Is How a 200MW Solar Plant Looks Like


Location: Jin Chang, Gansu Province, China
Power production: 300 million kWh/year
Investment: $300 million (RMB1.8 billion)
Size: 11,416 acres
Status: completed and connected to the grid

[] – JinkoSolar Partners with Jinchuan Group to Complete and Connect the First Phase of China’s Largest 200 MW PV Plant

Cassandra Pat Buchanan on the Future of the US


Patrick Buchanan has been passing his message for decades now, so nothing new here. But repeating ad nauseam that 2+2=4 does not necessarily make this statement untrue.

In 1961, John F. Kennedy said the United States, beaten into space by Nikita Khrushchev’s Soviet Union, would put a man on the moon and return him to earth within the decade. In July 1969, President Nixon, on the deck of the carrier Hornet, welcomed home Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins of Apollo 11. What ever became of that America? What ever became of that can-do nation? What has happened to us?

…Since the mid-1970s, the real wages of working Americans have stagnated as we have run uninterrupted trade deficits totaling more than $10 trillion. Under Obama the national debt has surpassed the Gross Domestic Product. Our manufacturing base has been hollowed out with Detroit as Exhibit A. We outsource our future by borrowing from China to buy from China. We borrow from Japan and Europe to defend Japan and Europe, though World War II has been over for 70 years. FedEx tracks with precision millions of packages a day. But the U.S. government cannot locate and send back 12 million illegal aliens.

…Yet our infrastructure is crumbling, U.S. children fall lower and lower in international competition, and the racial divide in academic performances has never closed, despite an investment of trillions in education over half a century. Even Joe Biden calls LaGuardia a “Third World” airport.

…”Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,” wrote the poet Yeats. Clare Luce put is another way. In this world, she said, there are two kinds of people — optimists and pessimists. “The pessimists are better informed.”

We of course completely agree with the diagnosis of the old conservative warhorse, except for the pessimism part. After all, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. The death of America, after the death of the USSR, would mean that history is going to be reversed. In 1945 two huge Anglo-Soviet concrete slabs fell on Europe. These slabs soon will be both removed and the termination of modernity can begin. On a global level, the geopolitical cards are going to be dealt anew, leading to the formation of Greater Europe (Paris-Berlin-Moscow) in a multi-polar world, with Greater Europe (+ Euro-American annex) and China as the two leading political entities, containing each other.


US ‘dissident’ Buchanan is seriously questioning if the US will make it until 2025, as a super power and even worries about the territorial integrity of the US state.

If the US will fall, so will the West. From a European neo-Gaullist perspective (our perspective), that moment can’t happen fast enough, so at least Europe can be saved from the destruction of European civilization by the disastrous policies of the globalists/marxists, inevitably leading to the Islamization/Third-worldization of Europe. America is gone and can’t be saved (not in its present shape). The marxists ruined Russia until nothing was left of it. In a similar fashion, the cultural marxists of the Frankfurter Schule ruined America, in a manner that is even more irreversible then the ruin of the USSR. You can throw off a useless economic system like communism, but you can’t reverse decades of mass immigration. Secession then is the only remaining option.

In hindsight, Soviet dissident Andrei Amalrik was five years of the mark when in 1970 he made his prediction of the fall of the USSR in a not too distant future, if you take the fall of the Berlin Wall as the collapse date, or seven years if the final disintegration of the USSR is your point or reference, or minus four years if the rise of Solidarnosc in Poland is seen as the first real crack in the Soviet system. Referring to Pat Buchanan, we seriously doubt if the US will make it until 2025. The date of the fall and disintegration of America will go hand in hand with the date on which the world (spearheaded by China) will dump the dollar.

EU Offers to Guarantee Gas Deliveries to Ukraine


Earlier this week, Russia and Ukraine agreed on the price ($385/1000m3) of Russian gas deliveries for the coming winter. That’s settled then. Oh wait, Ukraine has no money. No worries, there is still the EU, we mean, the European tax payer. EU Energy Commissioner Gunther Oettinger suggested that if the Ukrainian gas company Naftogaz could not pay for the gas, the EU could buy the gas and resell it to Ukraine, obviously against soft conditions. Another suggestion could be that Russia will subtract the price of gas deliveries to Ukraine from the transfer fees it is paying to Ukraine for the right to transfer gas to Europe, through Ukraine. Europe is Russia’s most important source of income. Gazprom is lukewarm about the idea of the EU playing the cavalier, probably because in this way, Russia is loosing political leverage over Ukraine. Therefor Gazprom points at existing contracts that supposedly forbid reselling practices.

Next week a final agreement is expected between all parties involved.

[] – Ukraine’s multi-billion dollar gas debt: Who pays?

US Ruling Class Delusions

InbodyNews_Beschloss george-friedman

The US ruling class has done everything wrong since 2000. In fact, it has made so many mistakes that it won’t be able to recover from the consequences. What are these mistakes?

  1. Trumpeting its over-ambitious intentions from the roofs: Program for the New American Century (PNAC), causing a large chunk of the world to mobilize against itself. The founding of SCO (2001) and the BRICS (2009) was a direct result of the provocative behavior of the US at the end of the nineties. A de facto Russian-Chinese alliance was the result. The US led West cannot hope to subjugate the entire Eurasian land mass plus an emerging Caliphate.
  2. Planning and executing 9/11, three months before the developed world started to post on forums and began to write blogs, a very stupid thing to do. 9/11 hangs like a sword of Damocles over the US ruling elite and could lead to an anti-government uprising. 9/11 is still very alive and won’t go away.
  3. Iraq invasion. Rather than adding Iraq as another meek ally to the US global empire, the US effectively handed over the country involuntary to the Iranian sphere of influence, free of charge, at a price tag (for the US taxpayer) of 3-6 trillion $, depending on who you ask.
  4. Syria uprising. By destabilizing the Assad regime, the US created a power vacuum on a piece of territory, large enough to serve as critical mass for the coming Sunni Caliphate. Rather than integrating Iraq and Syria into the NWO, the US is now running the risk of losing the entire Middle East (plus oil) to the forces of Sunni fundamentalism (“a second Iran”).

Nevertheless, below you will find two links to gentlemen, who beg to differ and optimistically prognosticate that the US will be able to continue its role, adopted in 1945, deep into the future.

[] – Morris Beschloss: Why USA Will Remain World’s Dominant Economic Power

Morris Beschloss (picture on the left) is certain: yes, China will indeed surpass the US in GDP, but in his view GDP is not a good measure of global economic superiority. Beschloss believes that China “will not be destined to overcome the solidity of the U.S.’s overall economic power center” for four reasons:

  1. Abundance of resources: fossil fuel, arable land, dynamic corporate culture
  2. Fast growing population and superb US skills in integrating these people
  3. Freedom of expression
  4. $81 trillion assets, not including resources in the ground

Our comments:

Perhaps Beschloss should intensively study this graph:


…and become impressed (intimidated?) with the speed with which China is overtaking the rest. There are no signs that China is losing momentum. In reality, looking at the graph, China is rapidly approaching the posh airliner USA from under through the clouds, like a shabby Ukrainian fighter jet.

Furthermore it is interesting that Beschloss seems to assume that the US has Europe in its pocket. Although he is excused to think so for the short term, the European behavior during the Iraq invasion in 2003 should have been a warning signal, namely that the two most important European powers, France and Germany, could side with Russia. And they could do it again.

Ad-1: Regarding resources: arable land? The US is not very efficient in producing food. Holland, Germany and France each individually can export comparable amounts of agricultural products with far less land and people. Yes China is in a difficult position regarding food, but not Europe. The US needs to import most of its oil and this is not going to change in the future, regardless of all the happy talk about ‘oil glut’ thanks to fracking, which represents merely a dent in the entire energy budget, resources like oil, gas and coal are not the future but will deplete. The future is renewable energy and precisely in this field is the US lagging behind compared to the other power centers Europe and China. Historic examples of the British empire and the US itself has shown that the political entity that knows how to apply a new energy source first (Britain-coal and US-oil), will be the next top dog. This won’t be different at the end of the oil age. The entity who first recognizes that renewable energy is the future and gets serious about it, will be the top dog of the 21st century. These entities are Europe and China. The US basically has no renewable energy policy on the federal level at all. Fossil fuel is quasi in the DNA of US society. The US rise went hand in hand with the exploitation of oil and will go down with it.

Ad-2: Promoting unlimited immigration will increase ethnic tensions (see the Trayvon Martin farce, Ferguson, flash mobs and the knockout game phenomenon) that can and will explode on the very moment the world will dump the dollar and it will be clear for everybody to see that the US won’t achieve its desired global empire, it has been working towards for a century. The result will be the same as everywhere else (Yugoslavia, USSR, Iraq, Syria): Balkanization. Already a staggering 25% of the population wishes to secede from the union. Expect this number to vastly increase in the near future. Importing one million mostly unskilled labor from the third world every year is not a good idea at all and will add to the growing under class and frequenters of soup kitchens and not many ‘rocket scientists’ will be found among them. Come to think of it: does the US still have a space program? Where are the new space shuttles? The new Apollo program? The truth is that the US is no longer able to put a man in orbit. Today only Russia can and perhaps China. And more down to earth: Europe, Japan and China have a high speed rail network. China will begin to build a network in Russia. USA? Nothing. According to Paul Craig Roberts the US will be a third world country by 2024. That’s merely a decade from now. Third world countries have no space program, no high speed rail network, are not innovative, are poor and have high crime rates. It is likely that considering the ethnic composition of the US of the future, after the fall of the dollar, average income will be vastly lower than in Europe and even lower than in Russia. Expect that millions of Euro-Americans will try to leave the US, if secession will fail, and repatriate ‘home’ to Euro-Siberia.

Ad-3: Uh-huh. The US ranks a meager 46 on the international freedom of press ranking. Not sure what freedom of expression has to do with economic power.

Ad-4: the “US is so rich” meme, $81 trillion, no less. Beschloss apparently forgets to include the debt (still rapidly on the increase), both explicit debt (100+ % GDP) plus unfunded liabilities (implicit debt). The sad truth is that if the US government wants to keep its society on exactly the same level as it is today, meaning the same total income, the same infrastructure condition, the same handouts, the same pensions, the same military, etc., etc… for the foreseeable future, the US lacks 13.4 times its own GDP or a staggering 222 trillion dollar, see interview with Lawrence Kotlikoff here. Something has got to give. The truth is that most Americans will never receive a substantial pension in the future.


This graph was published by the German, but very US-friendly newspaper die Welt. It shows that of all western countries, the US is by far in the worst financial shape, unlike Germany and Italy, that have no serious financial problems at all. Europe still has a potent industry, corresponding export surplus, has more or less balanced budgets and does not try to conquer the world with a very expensive military with little returns.


But hey, even German magazine and US State Department mouth piece der Spiegel was preparing us for a financial collapse, earlier this month.

[] – George Friedman: The Next 100 Years

George Friedman is running the geopolitical magazine Stratfor. And he wrote a book about the next 100 years, summary here. His forecasts:

  1. There is going to be a second cold war between US and Russia. The US will manage to create a Polish-led anti Russian coalition with the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania.
  2. Russia and China will fall apart.
  3. Between 2020-2030 three powers will rise in Eurasia: Turkey (neo-Ottoman empire, including Arabia and Islamic republics Caucasus), Japan and Poland (rerun Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth).
  4. Western nations will begin to compete for immigrants to combat demographic decline.
  5. Around there will be WW3, between the US, China, Britain, India & Polish Bloc against the Turkish-Japanese alliance. Happily the US is going to win this war, casualties will be limited to 50,000 killed. Poland will become hegemonic in Europe.
  6. America will remain top dog for the rest of the century. By the end of the 21st century, Mexico will dominate north America.

Our comments:

Both Friedman and Beschloss pass the same message of wishful-thinking regarding their own club: the US will be fine and remain ‘on top’, far into the future. Or so they think.

Point 1, 2, 4 and 6 are program, packaged as ‘prediction’. That the US indeed wants to revive the Cold War is more than obvious from their behavior since the EuroMaidan revolution. That US backed NGO’s try to destabilize notably Russia from within, is also clear. But at the same time, Wladimir Putin’s approval ratings are sky-high, unlike those of Barack Obama. Yes, there is some trouble in Hong-Kong, but that newly acquired city state is not representative for the rest of China. Both Russians and Chinese greatly appreciate their increased standing in the world and there are no signs that the resp. populations have a desire to ‘rock the boat’. Both China and Russia are dominated by a single ethnicity, unlike America and that is precisely the reason why the US and not Russia or China is going to disintegrate. We agree with the prediction that the Ottoman empire could rise again and that such an empire will keep the West at a distance. Just like Beschloss, Friedman completely ignores Europe, the largest integrated and most advanced economy on earth. They think they have the EU in their pocket until kingdom comes, a risky assumption. We prefer to ignore the insane idea of a revival of Poland as a large European state, or coalitions with global reach like between Turkey and Japan. We foresee that Japan will become a de facto Chinese satellite, just like Canada is a US satellite. Poland will probably not repeat the mistakes from 1939 when it greatly overestimated itself and relied on alliances with far away ‘friends’, like Britain and the US. The recent obscenities uttered by Polish FM Sikorski, could be seen as an indication that Poland has learned its lesson. Regarding point 4: it is exactly the reckless promotion of mass immigration that eventually will contribute to the demise of the US as a unified state. Demography is destiny. Euro-Americans are invited to enjoy the prospect of becoming citizens of a third world country. In all likelihood they won’t accept that proposition and they will start to behave like the people in Donbass and decide to vote with their feet (and their guns). Now it is 25% of the population that wants to secede; after the fall of the dollar, that could become a Euro-American majority position. You really think that ISIS can’t happen to the US? Think again. In the end, the US will disintegrate, just like that other globalist bully disintegrated, the USSR.

The 20th century was the Anglo-Soviet century, it was the century of ‘progress’, the century of economic expansion, the oil century. But the 20th century is over, no matter how much Friedman and Beschloss would like to see their century continued into the next, but there will be no second American century. The resource depletion problem cluster is completely absent from the considerations of both gentlemen. Palestine could be reabsorbed by a reemerging Ottoman empire. Fossil fuel based progress and economic expansion, like we have known since the end of French revolution are over. The 21st century will be a century of contraction. Mass long distance transport is going to decline and perhaps disappear altogether. The world will become bigger again and archaic. ISIS fundamentalism is not a passing phenomenon, but will become the norm.

1300 million Chinese and 750 million Europeans with an higher average IQ than 330 million Americans. Are you sure it is a good idea to challenge them? Beschloss and Friedman and their merry band of self-styled Exceptionalists, a third world country in statu nascendi that wants to rule the world. Good luck with that. Beschloss and Friedman are voices from a time gone by. Mind the step on your way out, gentlemen.

MH-17: The Untold Story

Youtube text: 22 October 2014 – Three months after Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was violently brought down from the skies over Ukraine, there are still no definitive answers to what caused the tragedy. Civil conflict in the area prevented international experts from conducting a full and thorough investigation. The wreckage should have been collected and scrupulously re-assembled to identify all the damage, but this standard investigative procedure was never carried out. Until that’s done, evidence can only be gleaned from pictures of the debris, the flight recorders or black boxes and eye-witnesses’ testimonies. This may be enough to help build a picture of what really happened to the aircraft, whether a rocket fired from the ground or gunfire from a military jet.

Editor: brand new documentary from RT on MH17.

2:15 – eyewitness declaring that after the crash a plane was flying away.
8:01 – another eyewitness reporting about another plane and shooting (‘2 pops’) and a big explosion.
8:27 – ‘a small military aircraft in the sky with silver underside’… I’m 100% sure there was another aircraft.
11:50 – Haisenko says that several sources have updated their data and reduced the maximum flight altitude of a SU-25 substantially downwards. 14,600 meters should be possible.
12:07 – Russian air force commander-in-chief (Vladimir Mikhailov) testifies that a SU-25 can quickly climb to an altitude of 9200-9600 meters and stay there for half an hour, provided the pilot has an oxygen mask. Mikhailov says that he personally flew at that altitude. He says that an SU-25 could have downed the MH17 with an air-2-air missile or using its weapon.
13:15 – The armaments and 30 mm gun in particular of a SU-25 (NATO: frog-foot) are shown in detail. Fire range 300-2000 m. Russian air force carries out a test attack against old scrap planes.
14:52 – test results shown (entry holes).
15:11 – Exit holes are shown at other side of plane.
19:32 – why it is implausible that a Buk was fired: kilometers high vapor contrail would have been visible.
19:48 – There was hardly any wind that day.
20:18 – The vapor trail should have been visible for up to 10 minutes.

Australian Jihadi Declares War On Anglosphere

Why are these ISIS chaps so interesting, if not fascinating and the absolute horror for the ruling elites of the West? Because they refuse to play the role these western globalist elites had in store for them. In the minds of the West, the idea was to ‘integrate’ these folks into a globalist system. People from the third world were to be treated as saints, as holy cows… errr, we mean to say as under-privileged and victims of all the wrongs in the past, like slavery and colonialism. And the elite would find themselves in a permanent ‘Albert Schweitzer doogooder mode’ on taxpayer’s expense, exactly where you want to be as a cultural Marxist (=secular Christian). And if there were natives in western lands protesting against colonization and displacement, these protesters could be denounced as ‘racists’ and thus silenced.

This was the supposedly winning formula with which notably America hoped to create the conditions to achieve the final goal: global government in a world where nations would gradually be abolished. But then the unexpected happened: the ‘victims’ and ‘under-priviliged’ refused to go along, turned out to have a cultural/religious identity of their own and were too proud to be portrayed as a victim. These people despise the West and industrial life in the cubicle and the idea to lose control over their women.

These Jihadis are going to achieve something that no native anti-immigrant party can ever hope to achieve: these folks are making themselves impossible and drive home the point that integration, the mantra of the liberal elite, is a pipe dream. If they succeed in establishing an anti-Western Sunni fundamentalist state in Mesopotamima/Syria, Muslims in the West can no longer be portrayed by western elites, like they could be portrayed in the past, as it becomes ever more clear that the Muslims have designs on the liberal elite itself and that they begin to challenge the elite. Within the European context this would mean that western European elites are going to fail with their multicultural model of society, just like their colleagues in eastern Europe did in 1989 with their communist model of society.

The West will attempt to portray these people as ‘extremists’ or ‘terrorists’ and insist that ‘moderate Muslims’ do exist. That’s a lie, but that myth can be kept alive by pointing at the majority of Muslims, who do not fight in the Middle East and lead their inconspicuous lives in the West. But the decisive point is where the true loyalties lie with these so-called ‘moderate Muslims’. And there can be no doubt that a majority of these ‘moderates’ secretly sympathize with their more heroic brothers in the Middle East.

The general rule is that history is made by a small but determined minority, if necessary ready to kill and that the silent majority simply waits to see who will win and change sides if that is politically opportune. In 1917 there were only a few thousand members of the Bolshevik party in Russia, when they took over from the government that had lost the war against Germany. A civil war followed and five years later the Reds had defeated the Whites and could begin an expansion that would eventually, after WW2, comprise the larger part of Eurasia.

A similar development could very well happen again, not secular this time, but religious and again with globalist intent. The estimated 100,000 and counting black-dressed angry young ISIS warriors could very well be enough to conquer the entire Middle-East, south of Turkey plus Maghreb and become the globally acknowledged center of the Ummah. The liberal multicultural globalist model, as promoted by the US and slavishly followed by their European satraps, could very well meet its Waterloo in the Middle-East.

Two centuries of secular progress were enabled by fossil fuel abundance and culminated into two competing versions of the globalist dream: the American and the Soviet Dream. Slightly paraphrasing chairman Mao: “human rights grow out of a barrel of oil

Archaic religious reaction will be the consequence of a world running out of fossil fuel. Iran-1979 and Mesopotamia-2014 are a small sign of things to come. Disintegration and fundamentalism are going to be the global norm.

At the dawn of the age of progress, Karl Marx said that “religion is opium for the masses“. Now, at the end of the age of progress, many will say: “pass me that opium pipe“.

Peak Gold Now?

Youtube text: On behalf of Matterhorn Asset Management, financial journalist Lars Schall talked with exploration geologist and mining entrepreneur Keith Barron. They’ve discussed, inter alia: the challenges for gold mining companies; the effects of a downward rigged gold price on Third World countries; the “inevitability” of a gold price at 5000 USD per ounce in the future; and Barron’s support for the Swiss gold initiative.

*Peak Gold = a moment in time that gold mining peaks

[] – “I believe we’ve seen Peak Gold”, Keith Barron PhD

Country ranking by gold production 2013

Until 1985 the equation was: “gold = South-Africa”. Now China is the largest producer.
China and Russia are still able to increase production, the others are in decline, so the idea of ‘peak gold’ is not far fetched.

[] – List of countries by gold production (2013)

Editor: Keith Barron is an exploration geologist with over 27 years experience in the mining sector. He thinks that the world has reached the maximum gold production level (“peak gold”). Additionally he believes that the US in particular is not honest about its real gold stockpile and that most has been leased or sold.

Christophe de Margerie Dies in Plane Crash

On Monday, Christophe de Margerie, CEO of French oil company Total died in a plane crash in Russia. De Margerie was befriended with Wladimir Putin, believed that oil should not necessarily be paid in dollars and most strikingly: he thought that peak oil was a rapidly approaching reality. On top of that, de Margerie was adamant against EU sanctions, because they would drive the Russians into the arms of China. Total is one of the biggest investors in Russia. By 2020, the company wants to have double its business there.

Considering tha above it is not strange that a lot of people have speculated that sinister forces could have been responsible for his death. Although we are not afraid of a good conspiracy theory, this time we are not inclined to chime in, until a good exposé of dubious circumstances will have surfaced. After all…


[] – Moustachioed Dealmaker Predicted Peak Oil

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Roland Dumas – le 11-Septembre, je n’y crois pas !

This is an older video, but we were not aware of it before. Here is French former foreign minister Roland Dumas, revealing that he does not believe the official 9/11 story either. He is not the only one. Other very senior European politicians have expressed doubts about the true interpretation of events and the silly 19 Arabs with box-cutters baloney. But there were others, like British and German cabinet ministers Michael Meacher and Andreas von Buelow. But most important, the Italian former president and terrorism and secret service expert Francesco Cossiga, who declared in the largest Italian newspaper that 9/11 had been a CIA/Mossad co-production, a few months before his death, while suffering from terminal cancer:

«Da ambienti vicini a Palazzo Chigi, centro nevralgico di direzione dell’intelligence italiana, si fa notare che la non autenticità del video è testimoniata dal fatto che Osama Bin Laden in esso ‘confessa’ che Al Qaeda sarebbe stato l’autore dell’attentato dell’11 settembre alle due torri in New York, mentre tutti gli ambienti democratici d’America e d’Europa, con in prima linea quelli del centrosinistra italiano, sanno ormai bene che il disastroso attentato è stato pianificato e realizzato dalla Cia americana e dal Mossad con l’aiuto del mondo sionista per mettere sotto accusa i Paesi arabi e per indurre le potenze occidentali ad intervenire sia in Iraq sia in Afghanistan.

Translation: CIA and Mossad did 9/11 to create the pretext for invading Iraq and Afghanistan.

So we have French, British, German and Italian officials of the highest rank declaring 9/11 to be a hoax. And typically, they all came out of the closet at old age, when their careers were already over.

Building 7 was not hit by an airplane, yet collapsed in its own footprint in perfect symmetry as the result of a controlled demolition. Reason: Flight F93 did not show up to crash into the building, because it had been shot down by a local commander, after a fighter pilot had observed that all passengers and crew on the plane were dead and the plane had become a remote controlled flying bomb. Silverstein had no other choice but to ‘pull’ the building, to prevent investigators to discover that the building had been wired for destruction.

Syrian Secular Beauty – Enjoy it While it Lasts

Anti-war song by Syrian women. Expect these kind of women to be dressed in a Burkina soon, provided they won’t be beheaded first (if they were living in Syria, they don’t, they live in Sweden). Thanks to the destabilization efforts of Anglosphere in its futile drive towards world hegemony.


The Next Generation 7.5MW Windturbines

The next generation 7.5 MW wind turbines in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, northern Germany. 140-Megawatt-Windpark located near Grapzow (Kreis Mecklenburgische Seenplatte). Part of the electricity production is used for hydrogen production.

[] – 7.5 Megawatt Wind Turbines(!) & Power-to-Gas Pilot Project In Germany
[] – Windpark mit größter Wasserstoffspeicheranlage am Netz
Google Maps – Grapzow
[] – Windpark Werder/Kessin

BND MH17 Intelligence Report: Hot Air


CIA to BND: “jump!”
BND to CIA: “how high?”

Intelligence services are there to provide services to the government, not to the public. They should provide information to the government and generate dis-info for public consumption, if the policies of the government require to do so. The second link below contains a clip from the German News (ARD). Partial transcript:

Frage: Was sind das genau für Belege, die da präsentiert wurden?

Rainald Becker: Ja, das ist das Wichtigste. Es sind eben Belege. Es sind keine Beweise. Der Bundesnachrichtendienst legt Wert auf die Feststellung, dass der BND-Präsident –, dass Gerhard Schindler eine Reihe von Plausibilitäten, nämlich diese Belege vorgelegt hat, die einen bestimmten Schluss sehr, sehr nahe legen.

Das Ganze hat ja schon am 8. Oktober stattgefunden. Also der Schluss liegt sehr nahe: Es waren die pro-russischen Separatisten.

The reporter from Berlin begins with admitting that the documents presented are not evidence. Nevertheless, he finishes his contribution by saying that ‘in all likelyhood, it were the separatists’.

[] – Dünne Suppe: BND präsentiert „Plausibilitäten“ statt Beweise zu MH17
(Thin soup: BND presents ‘plausibilities’ rather than evidence)

[] – “Es waren pro-russische Separatisten” (ARD)


The most significant aspect of the story, as usual, is not the value of government provided info, but the forum reactions of the public. The vast majority is highly skeptical and is inclined to take all the information cum grano salis. The western governments have a serious credibility problem, that could have devastating consequences in the long run. By adopting the present stance regarding MH17, the western governments are digging themselves into an ever deeper hole. Rule #1 for governments in general in the present day information age: don’t lie. With the internet around we are living in an almost completely transparent world, with seven billion Sherlock Holmes’ wannabees.

Fresh Kurdish Fighters for Kobani

The fresh reserves for Kobani. Now the opportunity is there to fight, rather than watch.

*UPDATE* – the Kurds in the picture have to remain spectators. Only Peshmerga Kurds from north Iraq will be allowed by the Turks to join the battle in Kobani, not ‘Turkish’ Kurds.

Erdogan must hate it, but apparently he finally had to cave in to international and local pressure to at least let Turkish Iraqi Kurds help their fellow tribesmen to resist ISIS in beleaguered Kobani. This could very well mean the beginning of the end of the ISIS assault on that town. And more worryingly for Turkey, the beginning of a Kurdish state on Syrian soil, that could easily merger with their kin in Iraq. And guess who is next? Poor Erdogan. Wanted to add a Syrian Sunni vassal state to his sphere of influence. Instead he now has to worry about the territorial integrity of his own state.

[] – Turkey to let Iraq Kurds join Kobane fight

The Kurdish dream and Erdogan’s nightmare: an independent Kurdistan

SolaRoad Finally Launched


It is almost two years ago that we reported on an innovative renewable energy project in Holland: SolaRoad. Now that project is finally implemented as a world first.

Photo-voltaic electricity generation requires quit a lot of space. In a very densely populated country like the Netherlands [484/km2], space needs to be treated economically. An example of this principle is: leave wheat production (22 $ cent/kg) to North-Americans and their endless empty plains and instead dominate niche world markets with something more colorful, that brings several dollar per kilo biomass and adds beauty to your landscape as a bonus:

[flower fields of Holland]

Solar panels, same story. The conventional approach of solar panels is to place panels on a roof and combine electricity generation with the protection function against wind, rain and cold. But there is a new possibility of dual use of the scarce space resource: roads. The idea behind Solaroad is to combine the transportation function of a road with the possibility of photo-voltaic electricity generation.

Potential Holland: 450 km2 road. Assuming a yield of 130 kWh/m2/year, as well as a reduction of 30% due to sub-optimal placement of the road panels (not optimal directed towards the sun), this theoretically could result in a maximum electricity production of the Dutch road system of 45 billion kWh/year. An average Dutch household consumes 3500 kWh/year. Distribution of these 45 billion kWh over 7 million Dutch households results in 6430 kWh/household. In other words, the Dutch road system alone could provide enough energy to power all Dutch homes and additionally generate a lot of surplus energy that could be used for transportation and industry.

And reserve the scarce fields for cows, vegetables and flowers, rather than solar panels. Although Holland is one of the smallest countries in the world, it is nevertheless the second largest agricultural exporter, not too far behind the US (240 times as big as Holland) and before Germany and France. Solaroad could help create the conditions for Holland to stay in the upper regions of the global agricultural production pecking order.

[] – Niederlande bauen ersten Solarradweg der Welt

SolaRoad Dutch language video.

The idea is picked up elsewhere as well

The idea has been promoted for years by the American couple Julie und Scott Brusaw. Now it is happening in the Netherlands for the first time.


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Storage For Less Than $100/kWh


Large investment banks keep reporting about technological progress made in the realm of batteries. That large institutions like UBS, HSBC and Citigroup are paying attention to developments in this field should be an indication that something real is going on; after all, these folks consider themselves as too expensive to waste time on topics that does not promise revenue.

Last week, Citigroup claimed a threshold of $230/kWh would be sufficient to put fossil fuel out of business (in combination with renewable energy generation, like wind and solar). Now UBS has produced a report, stating that $230/kWh could actually be achieved within two to three years and that $100/kWh could be possible in the long term.

As a consequence, the market for storage is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. UBS: between 2014-2020 with a factor 50. These batteries could be used to bridge the gap between renewable energy production from solar panels during the day and consumption in the evening, lessening the dependency on the grid.

Potential applications:

  • Transportation (electric vehicles)
  • Utilities (swift response to sudden changes in demand)
  • Distributed storage (households with solar panels)

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Editor: news like this shows that the world does not really have an energy problem in the very long term; the solar economy is not an utopia. The real problem is how to arrive at the renewable energy Nirvana on time. All the indications are that we are simply too late for a smooth transition and that financial and subsequent economic collapse, armed conflicts and geopolitical upheavals will stand in the way. Brace yourself for a bumpy ride.

Russian-Ukrainian Gas Deal

Ukraine pipeline[source]

Ukrainian president Poroshenko has confirmed that natural gas supply from Russia has been secured for the coming winter, after an agreement was reached over the price: $385/1000m3. On top of that Ukraine will repay a part of its outstanding gas debts.


Editor: it means that Ukraine has caved in 100% to Russian demands. The alternative would have been Ukrainians freezing in their homes. Ukraine could have had gas for $269, as negotiated under ousted president Yanokovich, but after EuroMaidan and the CIA-sponsored coup, Ukraine went west. Well then, don’t expect a discount.

Hans-Christian Ströbele Denies BND Delivered Proof MH17


Yesterday we reported that the ‘German CIA’ (BND) hat briefed a commission of the German Bundestag on Oktober 8, that according to their information, Ukrainian separatists had shot down MH17. Here in Holland we receive German television, so we can confirm that to the credit of the ARD (“German BBC-1″), they reported in the 20:00pm news that parliamentarian Hans-Christian Ströbele (Green Party), who had been present at the briefing, had denied that the BND had delivered conclusive proof that Ukrainian separatists had downed MH17. It looks like that the Germans wanted to do the US a favor again. It is strange that it took the Germans three months to produce this kind of ‘evidence’. Even more strange is that the Americans until today refuse to present their satellite data. We are reminded of the revealing confession John Kerry made recently:

John Kerry: ‘This Little Thing Called the Internet … Makes It Much Harder to Govern’

Translation: it is becoming increasing difficult for politicians to manipulate the truth to their own advantage.


Flight MH17, here is the Ukrainian air force. You are about to crash. The US president is thanking you for your support of his geostrategic power politics. Please don’t take it personal. Goodbye.

German Intelligence: Separatists Downed MH17


German magazine der Spiegel reports that the German intelligence agency BND has come out to support the thesis that Ukrainian separatists were responsible for shooting down the MH17 Boeing with a Buk missile. Apparently the agency has briefed a parliamentary commission and provided a detailed analysis, supported by satellite images and photos. The briefing was done by BND president Gerhard Schindler on Oktober 8.


Editor: we remain loyal to our own interpretation of events, until the ‘detailed analysis’ will have been publicized (if ever) and the Russians had a chance to react. Interesting is that again most German commentators remain skeptical in regards of these BND ‘revelations’. The BND is little more than a branch of the CIA. Der Spiegel does not provide any details nor a time horizon for the release of these data. If the US can force the Europeans to impose sanctions against their will, as was revealed by US VP Joe Biden, then it should be possible to instruct organizations like the BND to publicly support the US interpretations of events.

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ISIS – the Face of Archaism

Three ‘European’ ISIS fighters, addressing the viewers in English, French and German. These people are familiar with European life, the comfort, the complexity, the abundance, the safety. Yet they do not feel attraction to that sort of life, the life in the cubicle, the television, the gadgets. These people make or mockery of the liberal idea that it is possible to ‘integrate’ them into modern life. These people are not modern and never will be. They have seen modernity from the inside and rejected it. In order to keep the myth alive that it possible to integrate perhaps not all, but most Muslims into the West, the concept of ‘moderate Muslim’ was invented, a fata morgana, pun intended. Like in every culture, people brave enough to be a warrior and ready to die for the cause, are a minority. But rest assured that the majority of young Muslims living in the West, even those of the third generation, or rather precisely those of the third generation, feel admiration for the people in the video, not to mention the Muslimas. For the modern western liberal establishment, these people are the horror, because they are the living proof that the Wests’ secular, liberal, progressive, emancipated, humanistic model of future society could fail.

Kobani Did Not Fall

ISIS is not invincible after all. Kurds are apparently a tougher nut to crack than Arabs. Mosul (1.8 million) fell in a matter of days, but Kobani (44,000) survived, against the expectations of many, including ours. ISIS fighters are reported to be in retreat, Kurds now hold 65-70% of the city, although the battle is not over yet. US airstrikes appear to have a share in this turn of events: ISIS no longer has vehicles, like tanks and trucks at its disposal. The danger is not over yet, but the Kurds seem to have seized the initiative.

[] – ISIS Retreats From Besieged Syrian City

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